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TranslationsEditLast Armageddon2018-07-07 01:27:29Updated info about the translation patch. It's really really rough.
TranslationsEditRudra no Hihou2018-04-19 18:06:05There was an update to this patch made in 2015 that was never added to the site. The new patch also removed the header requirements present in the previous patch.
GamesEditRenegade2018-04-07 22:20:19Whoever wrote this meant "Renegade" because "Target Renegade" is the unofficial sequel that was not done by Technos and has nothing to do with Kunio.
CommunityEditReyVGM2017-07-05 14:20:35test
TranslationsEditSD Gundam: Dimension War2016-11-19 20:47:03Credits are not translated.
TranslationsEditSpace Squash2016-11-17 22:04:27There's still some Japanese left untranslated
TranslationsEditDragon Quest I+II2016-08-29 16:46:55Added untranslated info
TranslationsEditBS Super Mario USA2011-11-07 14:09:20
TranslationsEditWizardry: Bane of the Cosmic Forge2011-04-06 04:11:11
TranslationsEditMad City2010-10-14 17:42:15
TranslationsNewGanbare Goemon2010-03-23 14:55:58
TranslationsEditEgypt2009-11-14 19:29:45
TranslationsEditEgypt2009-11-11 02:28:52
TranslationsEditKonami World2009-10-24 07:59:02
TranslationsEditGryzor2009-10-14 23:06:30
TranslationsEditPolicenauts2009-08-25 07:13:56
TranslationsEditTime Zone2009-08-03 02:54:18
TranslationsEditGanbare Goemon2009-07-22 01:26:03
TranslationsEditWagyan Land 22009-07-13 21:22:56
TranslationsEditGameboy Wars 22008-10-22 06:24:41
TranslationsEditAdventures of Valecule2008-06-25 15:36:04
TranslationsEditShi Kin Jou2008-06-20 03:16:48
TranslationsEditGetsufuuma Densetsu2008-06-20 03:03:07
TranslationsEditVenus Wars2008-06-10 11:30:33