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HacksNoncompliantThe Legend of Zelda - Attack Helicopter Edition2016-07-04 14:20:25"Sprite-Only Hacks: Typically single or few sprite only hacks are considered incomplete and/or non-improvements, and will not be accepted (Think Naked Mario hacks). Extensively difficult or artistic sprite hacks however may be considered." This hack does nothing but replace Link's sprite with an attack helicopter and is expressly designed as an insult to another ROM hacker making "gender neutral" graphic hacks of various games, as evidenced by the review brigade on it. (Honestly, the gender neutral hacks probably fall afoul of this same rule, but they're not on the front page right now and this is.)
HacksEditPhantasy Star II Easy Mode2015-12-20 06:14:56Added ROM info.
HacksEditSpell Name Modernization Patch2015-12-20 06:14:37Added ROM info.
HacksNewMight and Magic Fixer2014-12-31 11:30:28
ReviewsNewHacks - Lufia II Fixxxer Deluxe2012-09-13 10:15:30
HacksNewPhantasy Star II Easy Mode2012-05-16 09:58:54
HacksEditSpell Name Modernization Patch2012-05-16 09:37:38Updated version
HacksNewSpell Name Modernization Patch2008-10-19 04:08:26
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