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    Changed the dash to a colon in the Alternate Title to comply with site guidelines.
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    New update from 21/20/2018: -Fixed Sonic's belly to be more closer to the original Classic Sonic design. -Now the year displayed in the Title Screen is 2018. -Improved Green Hill Zone hills to be closer to the Master System version. -Purple portal frames from Final Zone background fixed as well. Those things that I forgot to fix in the original release.
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    I am deleting my Facebook page, therefore erasing the link to it. Thank you. (+ added an ''n'' to the word labyrithesque)
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    Fixed a few errors on the readmes, which have been updated both on the package and RHDN's Readme file.
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HacksNewFancy Walking2012-09-21 03:37:21
HacksNewGenjioff - Apply directly to your relics!2012-01-06 19:59:55
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HacksEditThere can be only one!2010-05-05 01:35:29
HacksNewThere can be only one!2010-05-03 01:26:09
HacksEditEconomizer MP tweak2010-04-25 01:39:19
HacksEditUnhardcoded Tintinabar2010-04-18 23:51:40
UtilitiesEditFinal Fantasy III US Multi Editor (FF3usME)2010-04-14 16:37:16
HacksNewUnhardcoded Tintinabar2010-04-11 01:47:47
UtilitiesNewFF6LE2010-04-07 22:19:30
DocumentsEditStat growth2010-03-28 20:10:18
DocumentsNewStat growth2010-03-24 20:28:30
HacksEditBorder Crossing2010-02-10 03:09:44
HacksEditBorder Crossing2010-02-08 22:15:22
HacksEditBorder Crossing2010-02-08 22:15:11
HacksEditBorder Crossing2010-02-06 18:05:13
HacksNewBorder Crossing2010-02-05 23:55:10
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HacksEditAnchors Aweigh!2010-01-19 04:48:24
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HacksEditIgnore Defense no longer ignoring Safe and Shell2009-08-20 00:48:39
HacksNewFor What Ails Ya2009-07-09 01:30:23
HacksEditAnchors Aweigh!2009-07-09 01:25:31
HacksEditI condemn thee to hell!2009-06-19 16:31:50
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HacksEditCan't Lose for Winning2008-05-13 02:08:10
HacksNewCan't Lose for Winning2008-05-10 03:12:25
HacksEditAnchors Aweigh!2008-02-02 17:24:13
HacksNewSummon This!2008-01-19 17:35:04
HacksEditHoly Randomness Batman!2008-01-19 01:00:54
HacksEditIgnore Defense no longer ignoring Safe and Shell2008-01-19 00:22:39
HacksNewAnchors Aweigh!2007-09-29 03:04:24
HacksNewFix - Esper Battle Menu2007-08-30 02:49:39
HacksNewThe Elemental Display2007-06-11 14:42:50
HacksNewHoly Randomness Batman!2007-06-10 14:56:56
DocumentsNewFF2 Shop bytes2007-06-10 14:33:30
DocumentsNewFF2 Monster bytes2007-06-10 14:27:05
HacksNewBad Decoration2007-06-10 03:08:29
HacksNewIgnore Defense no longer ignoring Safe and Shell2007-06-10 03:03:40
HacksNewAlways an Esper2007-06-10 02:32:43
HacksNewOffering tweak2007-06-10 01:56:16
HacksNewNo Title Value Reported!2006-02-11 20:54:38