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HacksEditMega Man X1 - Air Dash/Wall Jump QoL2019-03-28 13:43:02Bug fixed the Wall Jump patch as it was still allowing the jump without the Leg upgrade. Added a headered/unheadered version of each patch as well. Updated the ROM/ISO information as well.
HacksEditMega Man X1 - Air Dash/Wall Jump QoL2019-03-05 15:44:55Definitely the wrong patches! They contained the full ROM on accident via Header/Unheadered ROM. This new file file fixes it so it's just the small data changes.
HacksNewMega Man X1 - Air Dash/Wall Jump QoL2019-03-03 16:48:44
CreditsEditHacks - Mega Man X3 - Zero Project V4.0 (Base Mod)2018-08-06 18:37:24Updated to add Metalwario64 as the graphics contributor for some palette corrections and Zero's new GET WEAPON image.
NewsNewMega Man X3 - Zero Project V4.0 Complete2018-07-22 10:56:45
HacksNewMega Man X3 - Zero Project V4.0 (Base Mod)2018-07-22 09:47:03
HacksEditZero Project2017-01-02 10:48:30Fixed a couple more bugs that showed up. One being another minor dialogue bug and one with the new Ride Armor pad code in which if you 'backed out' of the menu, it'd prevent you from selecting a Ride Armor for the rest of the stage.
HacksEditZero Project2016-12-27 16:23:07Fixed numerous bugs and added a new feature.
HacksEditZero Project2015-10-02 15:57:05The CRC values and much of the other information on the ROM was EXTREMELY incorrect. Fixed it up so no more confusion on patching!
NewsNewMega Man X3 - Zero Project (3.0)2015-09-28 14:20:18
HacksEditZero Project2015-09-27 16:18:08Hack is completely redone from the ground up but with most of the same features. FAR less bugs, compatible with the actual SNES and other emulators without issues now, fixed animation errors, fixed dialogue errors, etc..
HacksNewDhaos New Voice Actor2014-09-21 14:29:00
ReviewsNewHacks - Chrono Trigger: Prophet's Guile2013-11-19 17:15:51
HacksEditSelectable Eyedol2013-06-20 22:20:22Misinformation on working ROM.
HacksNewSelectable Eyedol2013-06-11 02:51:59
ReviewsNewUtilities - Zsnes_8MB_emulator2012-12-23 09:28:26
HacksNewMega Man 7 - Boss Select Pre-Text2012-09-01 21:09:15
HelpAdsEditMega Man X3 (US)2012-07-25 18:16:44Fixed up a few issues, added more information.
HelpAdsNewMega Man X3 (US)2012-07-18 16:40:27
HacksEditFully Playable Zero2012-04-26 11:35:37Fixed numerous game freezing bugs.
ReviewsNewTranslations - Castlevania: Symphony of the Night2012-04-09 18:25:44
HacksEditFully Playable Zero2012-02-02 17:11:58
HacksEditFully Playable Zero2012-01-31 22:38:22
HacksNewFully Playable Zero2012-01-31 16:24:15
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