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    Update to 1.5 version. Patch ported to Revision 1.
Submissions for User
TranslationsNewPhoenix Wright: Ace Attorney2017-11-29 04:56:31
ReviewsNewUtilities - Phoenix Wright Script Editor2017-10-13 11:22:42
CommunityEditpinet2017-10-09 09:11:02update PNG avatar image
HacksEditMore Super Mario Bras. 22016-11-21 19:04:33Updated version from 1.1b to 1.1d Log for MSMB2vs101d (08.2016 last release) - 5-Castle: water-lava glitch and Star Coin 1 fixed - 6-2: star coin 3 fixed - 6-3: star coin 3 fixed - 6-T2: star coin 2 fixed Log for MSMB2vs101c (08.2016) - 1-4: coin 1 red pipe: fixed - 2-T: coin 1 is coin 2: fixed - 3-T: coin 3 is coin 1: fixed - 3-A: dead-lock in path 3: fixed - 4-3: coin 3 is coin 2: fixed - 4-T: water-lava glitch: fixed - 8-Final Castle: princess's kiss: fixed - Credit Pictures: ok - Cannon Levels: star coins fixed - 8-T2: update member contribution: ok - title-screen: update build version: ok
HacksEditMore Super Mario Bras.2016-08-13 13:33:43Update version from 1.04b to 1.04c - boot screen - level previews - bug fixes - new levels - credit pics - quality control - minor adjustments
HacksEditMore Super Mario Bras.2016-07-31 06:15:47The last version (id 3569) was with invalid CRC check and was unabled to be patched. Update to (3570) (revision 3). This is the last time. Sorry for the mistake. Updating size in description too.
HacksEditMore Super Mario Bras.2016-07-29 16:48:47Update version 1.4a to 1.4b. Bug corretion, Expanded level pack: World 1-3 - water World 5-2 - water World 2-2 - vertical World 2-4 - other World 3-2 - vertical World 3-Cannon - water World 3-Ghost House - surface expanded pack World 4-2 - expanded with twhomps World 7-1 - expanded vertical area World 7-2 - simple bonus room World 8-3 - expansion pack Other minor adjustments.
ReviewsNewHacks - New Super Mario Bros. Deluxe!2016-06-12 11:44:11
HacksEditMore Super Mario Bras. 22016-06-12 09:06:03version update
HacksEditNSMB Hack Domain Infusion2016-06-10 04:56:17Bugfix, level 1.3., other minus adjustments.
CreditsNewHacks - NSMB Hack Domain Infusion2016-05-30 17:05:05
CreditsNewHacks - More Super Mario Bras. 22016-05-30 16:55:39
CommunityEditLuluca2016-05-28 02:38:51update profile.
HacksNewNSMB Hack Domain Infusion2016-05-26 09:26:06
HacksEditMore Super Mario Bras. 22016-04-21 10:23:47Update readme file.
HacksEditMore Super Mario Bras. 22016-04-04 20:39:30Update version 1.0 to 1.1a - W6-T2 –Brick Hole Tower- Fixed: deadlock in door nr.17 - W5-Castle -Ice Melted Castle- Fixed: glitch squeezed brick - other minor changes.
HacksEditMore Super Mario Bras. 22016-02-25 04:10:32link was broken
HacksEditMore Super Mario Bras.2016-02-25 04:08:25link was broken.
HacksEditMore Super Mario Bras.2016-02-25 03:06:38update link
HacksEditMore Super Mario Bras. 22016-02-25 03:03:46update link
HacksEditMore Super Mario Bras.2016-02-24 03:43:38update description
HacksNewMore Super Mario Bras. 22016-02-23 03:47:51
CreditsEditHacks - More Super Mario Bras.2016-01-26 02:32:25Add beta-test quality control manager
HacksEditMore Super Mario Bras.2016-01-26 02:28:39update version
HacksEditMore Super Mario Bras.2016-01-04 19:40:24Decreasing game difficult: update version 1.3h (world 8 hard version) to 1.4 (world 8 easy version).
HacksEditMore Super Mario Bras.2016-01-03 16:12:37Walkthrough link
CreditsNewHacks - More Super Mario Bras.2016-01-03 16:02:58
CommunityEditpinet2015-12-30 04:58:11completing personal data.
ReviewsNewHacks - Roll-chan 52015-12-29 16:04:58
HacksNewMore Super Mario Bras.2015-12-29 14:49:09
ReviewsNewHacks - New Super Mario Bros. 5: Clone Tag Team2015-12-27 18:10:34
ReviewsNewHacks - New Super Mario Advance + Take 22015-12-27 18:06:00
ReviewsNewHacks - New Super Mario Bros. - Origins2015-12-27 17:57:20
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