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    Swapped the primary and alternative names. The original Japanese title should be used first with the translated title used as an alternate. The original name of the rom has been made the primary name. Kinda odd that the Japanese title makes more sense than the supposed translated title, but I didn't make the names I just swapped them lol.
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    Just another name swap. The Japanese name is "Lipple Island" and I figure it should be the primary name and the translated name "Ripple Island" should be the alternative. :)
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    The given name for this game was a translated name. The original name attached to the rom file and found elsewhere as the name for this game was not included except in the translation notes of which rom to use. I have made the rom name the primary name and the translated one the "alternative" name. I do believe that should be how it is. :)
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    Expanded readme documentation.
Submissions for User
FontsEditRetro Block Font2017-12-23 01:43:30Added table file.
CreditsNewHacks - Snake's Revenge - Metal Gear Font2017-12-23 00:36:48
HacksEditSD Gundam G Next - Hack Rom Pack & Map Collection (J)2016-04-27 23:15:15Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditDD2 Enemy HP Recovery Bugfix2016-04-27 22:59:53Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditDD1 Deathblow Fix2016-04-27 22:26:00Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditEvil Overload2016-04-27 11:34:56Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditNuman Revolution2016-04-27 11:31:35Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditWarsong Graphics Hack2016-04-27 11:24:53Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditShinobi III Enhancement Hack2016-04-27 11:22:01Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditAmy Rose in Sonic the Hedgehog 22016-04-27 11:16:56Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic 2 Early Prototype Green Hill Zone Fix2016-04-27 11:07:18Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSuper Mario World Color Restoration2016-04-27 00:35:30Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSuper Mario Advance - Classic Toad Voice2016-04-27 00:32:21Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditPhantasy Star III Easy Edition2016-04-27 00:20:23Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditPhantasy Star III Alternate Font2016-04-27 00:09:24Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditPhantasy Star III Text Cleanup2016-04-27 00:07:33Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditDQ5 DS: Monster Trainer v1.02016-04-26 23:54:12Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditGo! Go! Cosmo Cops! Japanese language fix2016-04-26 23:48:49Public Maintenance - ROM INFO Disregard last submission.
HacksEditSonic 2: Sweet Relief2016-04-25 15:15:41Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditStrike Dash in Sonic 22016-04-25 14:59:07Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditStrange Mario Bros 12016-04-25 01:45:37uploaded fixed patch due to title screen error Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditMario's Moon Adventure2016-04-25 01:22:53uploaded fixed patch due to title screen error Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSMB3 Mario Patch2016-04-24 23:49:42Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSuper Spartan Bros.2016-04-24 23:47:11Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditTKB Super Mario Bros.2016-04-24 23:45:11Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditBLOCKER2016-04-24 23:43:09Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSMB Special for NES2016-04-24 23:41:07Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditFunny Princess2016-04-24 23:24:17Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
CommunityEditJink6402016-04-24 23:05:37Picture Change.
HacksEditMegaman in SMB12016-04-24 18:39:52Public Maintenance - ROM INFO.
HacksEditSuper Duper Mario Brothers2016-04-24 13:33:44Public Maintenance - ROM INFO.
HacksEditSuper Mario Bros HF2016-04-24 13:32:36Public Maintenance - ROM INFO.
HacksEditSMB Music Hacks2016-04-24 13:26:02Public Maintenance - ROM INFO.
HacksEditSuper Mario Xmas2016-04-24 13:22:03Public Maintenance - ROM INFO.
HacksEditExtra Mario Bros.2016-04-24 13:20:17Public Maintenance - ROM INFO.
HacksEditStrange Mario Brothers: The Lost Levels 2.02016-04-24 12:46:18Public Maintenance - ROM INFO.
HacksEditSuper Mario Annoyance2016-04-24 12:43:28Public Maintenance - ROM INFO.
HacksEditSMB - Mario In Zebes2016-04-24 12:41:02Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSuper Ninja Bros2016-04-24 12:37:26Public Maintenance - ROM INFO.
HacksEditSuper Mario Bros Mushroom Kingdom Chaos2016-04-24 12:27:25Public Maintenance - ROM INFO.
HacksEditSuper Mario Evolution (True)2016-04-24 01:22:27Public Maintenance - ROM INFO.
HacksEditMario Evolution2016-04-24 01:18:45Public Maintenance - ROM INFO.
HacksEditJustin And Friends2016-04-24 01:14:33Public Maintenance - ROM INFO.
HacksEditXXXX2016-04-24 01:05:16Public Maintenance - ROM INFO.
HacksEditLegend of Zelda: Curse From The Outskirts2016-04-24 00:30:35Public Maintenance - ROM INFO.
CommunityEditJink6402015-11-30 17:07:45picture change