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Submissions for User
CreditsNewTranslations - Final Fantasy V2018-05-09 01:48:16
CreditsNewHacks - Smoke and Mirrors2018-05-09 01:45:56
HacksNewSmoke and Mirrors2018-05-08 14:40:47
HacksEditMultiple Events Fix2018-04-20 03:53:15Added the tenth (!!) event fix.
UtilitiesEditAdvanced Patch Conflict Finder2018-03-03 20:43:51Conflict reports saved to text file will now have conflicting patches marked with an asterisk.
HacksEditZombie/Tapir2018-03-03 01:46:25Added GBA patches and shrunk a few of the SNES/SFC patches.
HacksEditZombie/Rippler2018-03-03 01:44:58Fixed a loop bug that caused a status exchange to be neglected. Also shrunk some of the patches and added GBA patches.
UtilitiesEditAdvanced Patch Conflict Finder2018-02-27 11:34:51Fixed a critical bug that makes the program crash if only one conflict is found.
HacksNewLeveled Out2018-02-27 04:02:27
HacksEditChain of Command2018-02-27 03:33:50Added GBA patches. Please ignore the previous edit attempt on this hack entry; it has the wrong readme.
HacksEditChain of Command2018-02-26 20:35:17Added GBA patches.
UtilitiesEditHeaderizer2018-02-26 14:22:07Forgot to actually change the executable file on the last update.
UtilitiesEditAdvanced Patch Conflict Finder2018-02-26 13:44:28Fixed a minor bug in the save file chooser.
UtilitiesEditAdvanced Patch Conflict Finder2018-02-26 00:10:01Added detail of how many patches conflict in report.
HacksEditThrowback2018-02-25 06:10:08Added GBA port.
HacksEditHalf Knife2018-02-25 06:08:57Added damage overflow check, and added GBA patches.
HacksEditStone Cold2018-02-20 23:51:16Fixed a bad branch that caused a reported crash problem.
HacksEditStone Faced2018-02-07 01:08:32Added GBA port.
HacksEditKing's Robes2018-02-07 01:07:02Fixed a length error that made the patch unusable.
HacksEditCaravaggio2018-02-07 01:05:36Added GBA port.
UtilitiesEditHeaderizer2018-02-07 01:03:52Multiple bug fixes. Fixed a bug that prevented an error dialog from showing if a source file is inaccessible, added error handling for an inaccessible output file, and fixed a bug that made the "save file" dialog not allow a new file to be written.
UtilitiesNewAdvanced Patch Conflict Finder2018-02-07 00:59:07
HacksEditImp's Call2018-02-04 15:40:51Entry previously contained the wrong ZIP file to download. This is an attempt to correct the error.
HacksEditRock Bottom2018-02-04 14:02:17Added GBA patches.
HacksEditImp's Call2018-02-04 06:25:02Added GBA patches.
HacksEditHasty T-Rex2018-02-02 10:04:23Added GBA patches.
HacksEditKiller Life 32018-02-02 10:02:46Corrected version number; also added GBA patches.
HacksEditOff Death Row2018-01-29 07:06:54Added patches for GBA.
HacksEditImp's Retort2018-01-29 07:05:24Added patches for GBA.
HacksEditImp's Rage2018-01-29 07:03:33Added patches for GBA.
HacksEditItem/Magic Counter2018-01-29 00:50:54Added patches for GBA.
HacksEditDead Hare2018-01-29 00:48:33Added patches for GBA.
HacksEditStone Cold2018-01-25 14:09:05Renamed patch, rewrote to use no free space in SNES and SFC ROMs, and added GBA port.
HacksEditSoul Saved2018-01-15 21:39:51Shifted a function to accommodate an update to Dead in the Air. Also added GBA port.
HacksEditDead in the Air2018-01-15 21:38:40Fixed some indexing bugs that affected HP and MP bonuses from Espers on Level Up. Also added GBA port.
HacksEditSoul Saved2017-12-26 07:15:33Shifted a helper function in the "Dead in the Air" compatible patch; this shift was required to eliminate a conflict.
HacksEditNo X in Fight2017-12-26 07:13:39Added an option to change "Jump" to "X Jump" if Dragon Horn Relic is equipped.
HacksEditBanon Riding2017-12-26 07:11:13Fixed a neglected pointer that made the graphics for Locke in a soldier's uniform get messed up.
HacksEditSave Point Switch2017-11-21 07:12:24Finally managed to make a GBA port.
HacksEditMenu Malarky2017-11-17 10:32:10Fixed a bug that occurs when a map is loaded while NPCs are moving diagonally, causing NPC pointers to be placed in the wrong tiles, making them impassable.
HacksEditCaravaggio2017-11-02 04:45:39Fixed an error in the Control command code that made enemy commands %$@&! the game up.
HacksEditColor Wheel2017-10-15 23:09:47Two updates: one fixes a bad location byte that causes part of a function to be overwritten, and the other fixes a wrong instruction parameter that causes a bug whereby characters treated as enemies appear on the wrong side of the field.
HacksEditColor Wheel2017-10-15 13:22:49Fixed a crash bug caused by the Vanish status.
CreditsNewHacks - Color Wheel2017-10-06 12:36:15
HacksEditColor Wheel2017-10-06 12:34:01Fixed a minor bug that prevented a needed change in a specific case, plus various errors that caused all kinds of crazy behaviour.
HacksNewColor Wheel2017-10-05 08:41:49
CreditsNewHacks - Solar Wind2017-10-01 16:39:35
HacksNewSolar Wind2017-09-30 19:53:52
HacksEditMap Mishap2017-09-30 01:36:55Rewrote to not use free space, and added patches for GBA version. Also fixed some wrong locations in the SFC patches.
HacksEditMap Mishap2017-09-28 02:14:55Previous version should have been listed as 1.6; I don't know why it was listed as 1.3. Anyway, the change from 1.6 to 1.7 is that the Returners' Hideout fix had a bug that made it impossible to step off certain tiles; this is now fixed.
CreditsEditHacks - Caravaggio2017-09-25 02:28:07Assassin provided a fix for a minor bug that causes the Mimicked command to be erroneously overwritten.
HacksEditCaravaggio2017-09-25 02:25:47Fixed a minor bug that causes Enemy Roulette to replace Sketch as the Mimicked command.
CreditsNewHacks - Walk This Way2017-08-02 11:38:21
HacksNewWalk This Way2017-08-02 01:41:09
HacksEditMorph Mayhem2017-08-01 15:43:43Fixed a bug that caused party members fleeing from battle to run the wrong way.
HacksEditDead in the Air2017-08-01 15:42:50In the previous update, the headered patches had been updated, but not the headerless patches. This is now corrected.
HacksEditDead in the Air2017-07-31 23:44:26Added a fix for nonstandard battle endings that fail to update Morph and correct the inventory for unused items.
CreditsNewHacks - Trigger Happy2017-07-31 20:33:06
HacksEditMultiple Events Fix2017-07-31 19:49:14Added the ninth listed event fix.
HacksNewTrigger Happy2017-07-31 18:03:14
HacksEditPhoenix Chest2017-07-28 01:11:54Rewrote to use no free space, and added patches for GBA and PS1.
HacksEditGerad and Sabin2017-07-28 01:10:05Rewritten to use no free space, and also ported to GBA and PS1.
HacksEditBanon Riding2017-07-25 08:59:45Added "lite" patches for hackers that want to maintain manual changes to character sprites. Also fixed a location error in the SFC patches.
HacksEditShadow's Status2017-07-24 03:40:17Patch no longer uses free space, and has also been ported to GBA and PS1.
HacksEditShadow Copy2017-07-22 17:46:17Added patches for Advance version.
HacksEditKing's Robes2017-07-22 17:45:14Added patches for GBA version.
HacksEditBackwards Jump2017-07-20 05:20:50Added patches for GBA.
HacksEditOverhead2017-07-13 12:37:22Added patches for PlayStation.
HacksEditOff the Hook2017-07-13 12:36:15Added patches for PlayStation.
HacksEditCastle Party2017-07-13 12:35:11Added patches for PlayStation.
HacksEditBland Entrance2017-07-13 12:33:33Added patches for PlayStation.
HacksEditShadow Gone2017-07-13 12:31:58Added patches for PlayStation.
HacksEditReturner's Day Off2017-07-13 12:30:28Added patches for PlayStation.
HacksEditNarshe's Door2017-07-13 12:28:57Added patches for PlayStation.
HacksEditMultiple Events Fix2017-07-13 12:26:06Added patches for PlayStation.
HacksEditDouble Block2017-07-13 12:24:37Added patches for GBA and PlayStation, and corrected a location of affected bytes in the Japanese SFC patches.
HacksEditBackstabu2017-07-13 12:21:49Added patches for PlayStation.
HacksEditCount Monsters2017-06-30 03:04:12Previous patches were intended for "Legend of the Crystals" translation; this version has a set to be used with RPGe's original translation, but the LotC patches are also included.
CreditsNewHacks - Count Monsters2017-06-28 10:07:42
HacksNewCount Monsters2017-06-28 03:20:50
HacksEditMap Mishap2017-06-25 02:03:05Fixed a wrong tile error in the clock room; the bottom half of a door is visible behind the china cabinet while the top half is not.
HacksEditMultiple Events Fix2017-06-24 22:19:11Added the Tent/party leader fix.
HacksEditPhoenix Chest2017-06-24 22:16:42Removed a map edit that did nothing, thereby reducing the patch size.
HacksEditMap Mishap2017-06-24 22:15:15Fixed a conflict with Phoenix Chest by removing a map edit that wasn't even necessary or meaningful.
HacksEditQuick Death2017-06-06 23:21:02One of the patch range sizes was wrong. It has now been corrected.
HacksEditGaluf Gaffe2017-06-06 02:06:09Added patches for the PS1 version.
HacksEditQuick Death2017-06-05 15:43:10Fixed an issue that caused larger enemy sprites to have slower death animations.
HacksEditGaluf Gaffe2017-06-05 12:09:09Reverse patches were incorrect; they are now fixed. Previous attempt to fix this issue included the wrong filename URL.
HacksEditQuick Death2017-06-05 12:08:09Previous update didn't work because the load URL was wrong. This is now version 1.4.
HacksEditQuick Death2017-06-04 02:03:25Previous version caused flickering issues on "accurate" emulators like Snes9x; this version does not.
HacksEditDead in the Air2017-05-21 17:28:30Fixed a bug that caused Esper Level Up bonuses to not work properly for some characters.
HacksEditNo X in Fight2017-04-28 12:58:23No actual patch changes; however, it is now reclassified as a bug fix.
UtilitiesEditHeaderizer2017-04-24 11:08:09Added support for the IPS patch format's "truncate data" feature.
CreditsNewHacks - Caravaggio2017-04-21 00:49:49
HacksNewCaravaggio2017-04-20 14:21:27
CreditsNewHacks - Bird Bars2017-04-12 23:27:20
HacksNewBird Bars2017-04-11 00:49:32
HacksEditUnequipium2017-03-22 15:48:17Fixed a bug in the previous version that caused out-of-battle effects to not get updated. For example, if a party member is wearing the Sprint Shoes and you ask the guy on the airship to unequip "All members", you could still run fast.
HacksEditMagitek Madness2017-03-20 21:13:31Readme file linked to from Dropbox was just a bunch of XML code. Now that Scratchpad is working again, I can upload a proper readme. Also fixed the date in the entry.
HacksEditMagitek Madness2017-03-20 10:12:29Previous version didn't account for the possibility of Doom missing; VRAM would get messed up for subsequent Fight animations. This version is correct.
HacksEditCastle Party2017-03-11 20:10:16Fixed a bug that caused items in the inventory to be changed into Dirks.
HacksEditMultiple Events Fix2017-03-11 16:01:00Added the seventh event fix.
HacksEditMap Mishap2017-03-11 01:51:27Added a fix to the Mt. Kolts map; there's a barely-visible patch of black behind a platform, where there should be a wall tile.
HacksEditQuick Death2017-03-06 09:37:32Previous version didn't actually do anything for the monster death animation due to a glaring omission. This is now fixed.
HacksEditImp Skimp2017-03-03 04:10:44Fixed a bug that caused the Bio Blaster to appear to fire on the party instead of the enemy during back attacks.
CreditsNewHacks - Lens Cap2017-02-27 20:33:34
CreditsNewHacks - Map Mishap2017-02-27 20:31:00
HacksNewLens Cap2017-02-27 13:36:08
HacksNewMap Mishap2017-02-27 05:30:32
HacksEditMenu Malarky2017-02-21 19:48:34Fixed a bug that caused NPC pointers to appear in places other than where the NPC was or where it was stepping.
HacksNewStepping Out2017-02-12 01:56:29
HacksEditMenu Malarky2017-02-10 15:53:38Removed the restriction on movement during the fade-in sequence from the Main Menu because this was unnecessary and didn't actually fix the Locke case. I've now added a function that does fix it.
HacksEditBlitz Screen2017-02-07 16:13:02Another bug fixed, this one caused certain names or codes to not be displayed.
HacksEditBlitz Screen2017-02-07 03:52:18Name change aside, a bug is also fixed that causes each Blitz's name to swap places with its input code.
HacksEditDead Hare2017-02-06 21:39:57Now that you know there's an update, let's actually update it! Anyway, this version uses no free space.
HacksEditItem/Magic Counter2017-02-06 21:38:06Adapted to latest version of my "Dead Hare" patch.
HacksEditOff Death Row2017-02-06 21:36:56Reworked so it uses no free space.
HacksEditDead Hare2017-02-06 21:35:38Reworked so it doesn't use any free space.
CreditsNewHacks - Naming Blitz2017-02-05 00:07:17
CreditsNewHacks - Loud Music2017-02-04 00:37:59
HacksNewNaming Blitz2017-02-04 00:34:41
HacksEditUltimate Damage Fix2017-02-04 00:29:07Improved rounding during calculations imposed by equipped Relics, namely Offering and Gauntlet.
HacksEditImp Skimp2017-01-03 15:57:07Game would crash upon starting a battle involving Magitek Armor; this is now fixed.
CreditsNewHacks - Bland Entrance2017-01-02 01:46:07
HacksNewBland Entrance2017-01-01 07:56:33
CreditsNewHacks - False Knight2016-12-28 21:16:28
HacksNewFalse Knight2016-12-28 20:42:01
HacksEditChain of Command2016-12-21 00:33:40Forgot to actually update the filename last time. NOW the patch uses no free space.
HacksEditChain of Command2016-12-20 02:16:20Removed dependency on free space. Also added SFC patches.
HacksEditY Equip Relics2016-12-19 13:10:44Rebuilt to no longer use free space, and added patches for SFC version.
CreditsNewHacks - Anonymous Attack2016-12-15 15:43:31
HacksEditAnonymous Attack2016-12-15 15:40:57Fixed a secondary issue; if Hit misses, Kefka will not return to his starting position.
HacksNewAnonymous Attack2016-12-13 11:58:05
HacksEditUpside Down2016-12-11 01:02:08Added GBA patches.
HacksNewLoud Music2016-12-11 00:59:17
CreditsNewHacks - Overhead2016-12-09 14:41:59
HacksNewOverhead2016-12-08 06:59:21
CreditsNewHacks - Galuf Gaffe2016-11-28 20:35:15
HacksEditGaluf Gaffe2016-11-28 20:26:56Update needed to correct a secondary non-update that happens when Galuf rejoins the party.
CreditsNewHacks - Throwback2016-11-28 01:10:14
HacksNewGaluf Gaffe2016-11-28 01:07:48
CreditsNewHacks - Quick Death2016-11-28 01:05:18
HacksEditQuick Death2016-11-28 01:04:49Previous version sped up too many other dissolve animations, and also caused black strobe issues.
HacksNewQuick Death2016-11-25 21:08:04
HacksNewThrowback2016-11-23 22:00:40
HacksEditImp's Retort2016-11-21 18:52:02Fixed a pointer that caused problems whenever Umaro did a normal attack.
CreditsNewHacks - King's Robes2016-10-30 01:34:43
CreditsNewHacks - Shadow Copy2016-10-30 00:06:31
CreditsNewHacks - Stone Zombie2016-10-29 20:59:03
CreditsNewHacks - Save Point Switch2016-10-29 20:58:19
CreditsNewHacks - Returner's Day Off2016-10-29 20:58:04
CreditsNewHacks - Precious Jewels2016-10-29 20:57:49
CreditsNewHacks - Phoenix Chest2016-10-29 20:57:33
CreditsNewHacks - Menu Malarky2016-10-29 20:57:18
CreditsNewHacks - Vanish/Runic2016-10-29 20:57:00
CreditsNewHacks - Castle Party2016-10-29 20:54:28
CreditsNewHacks - Chain of Command2016-10-29 20:54:14
HacksNewKing's Robes2016-10-29 20:52:21
CreditsEditHacks - Status Unknown2016-10-29 20:16:31Just giving myself author credit. :)
HacksNewPrecious Jewels2016-10-28 17:07:14
HacksEditTurn Around2016-10-28 17:02:22Decided to reclassify this as a bugfix because, well, it fixes a bug.
UtilitiesEditHeaderizer2016-10-22 19:10:55Fixed a bug that prevented the error dialog from popping up when an I/O error occurs, e.g. when the patch file you're trying to headerize is being used by another program.
HacksEditStatus Unknown2016-10-18 18:50:41Previous version only had a patch for SNES v1.1, but claimed it was applicable to v1.0 also; this version now has the proper separation. Also, the non-headered reverse patch was erroneously applicable to headered ROM instead; this has also been fixed.
HacksNewStatus Unknown2016-10-15 18:42:16
HacksEditPhoenix Chest2016-10-13 22:28:06Added SFC patches and made the SNES patches smaller.
HacksEditSave Point Switch2016-10-13 13:00:08Slight reduction in patch size.
HacksEditShadow's Status2016-10-13 00:08:52SFC patches have been added, and the already-included SNES patches have been made smaller.
HacksEditGerad and Sabin2016-10-13 00:06:38SFC patches have been added, and the already-included SNES patches have been made smaller.
CommunityEditLeet Sketcher2016-10-13 00:03:06Added my profile pic and a description of myself.
HacksEditChain of Command2016-10-04 22:52:32Added compatibility with Assassin's "Miscolored command names fix" patch.
HacksNewChain of Command2016-09-27 15:28:19
HacksEditBye Bye Breath2016-09-22 16:30:59Added GBA patches.
HacksEditNarshe's Door2016-09-18 15:00:03Added GBA patches.
HacksEditShadow Gone2016-09-18 14:59:21Added GBA patches.
HacksEditMultiple Events Fix2016-09-18 02:30:56Forgot to update the readme.
HacksEditCastle Party2016-09-18 02:28:20Forgot to update the readme. -_-
HacksEditOff the Hook2016-09-18 01:43:20Added GBA patches. At some point I'll reupload this patch under the category of GBA patches (for Final Fantasy VI Advance), but first I'll probably need a GBA screenshot.
HacksEditCastle Party2016-09-18 01:42:27Added GBA patches. At some point I'll reupload this patch under the category of GBA patches (for Final Fantasy VI Advance), but first I'll probably need a GBA screenshot.
HacksEditMultiple Events Fix2016-09-18 01:40:24Added GBA patches. At some point I'll reupload this patch under the category of GBA patches (for Final Fantasy VI Advance), but first I'll probably need a GBA screenshot. Also, fixed some bad branches in the Japanese patches.
HacksEditVanish/Runic2016-09-18 01:38:57Added GBA patches. At some point I'll reupload this patch under the category of GBA patches (for Final Fantasy VI Advance), but first I'll probably need a GBA screenshot.
HacksEditReturner's Day Off2016-09-18 01:36:55Added GBA patches. At some point I'll reupload this patch under the category of GBA patches (for Final Fantasy VI Advance), but first I'll probably need a GBA screenshot. Also, fixed several bad branches.
HacksEditBackstabu2016-09-18 01:35:51Added GBA patches. At some point I'll reupload this patch under the category of GBA patches (for Final Fantasy VI Advance), but first I'll probably need a GBA screenshot.
HacksEditDead Hare2016-09-17 13:44:26The non-headered version of the patch was previously unusable due to a bad byte.
HacksNewShadow Copy2016-09-16 17:02:32
HacksNewCastle Party2016-09-16 16:56:48
HacksEditDead in the Air2016-09-12 00:45:09Fixed a bad byte that causes the game to put you inside the Zone Eater Cave instead of giving a Game Over.
HacksEditMenu Malarky2016-09-11 01:48:24Made some corrections to the readme.
HacksNewMenu Malarky2016-09-10 13:33:50
HacksEditMultiple Events Fix2016-09-09 03:35:41Sixth event fix added.
HacksEditDead in the Air2016-09-09 03:34:10Updated the readme.
HacksEditImp Skimp2016-09-08 13:56:23Previous version wouldn't allow battles to start. This is now fixed.
HacksEditImp Skimp2016-09-08 00:01:44Fixed some delay issues.
HacksEditSoul Saved2016-09-07 10:20:57Added patches for use with "Dead in the Air".
HacksEditKiller Life 32016-09-06 15:47:12Removed compatibility patches for Dead in the Air because they are no longer needed.
HacksEditOff Death Row2016-09-06 15:46:22Removed compatibility patches for Dead in the Air because they are no longer needed.
HacksEditDead in the Air2016-09-06 13:32:52Updated the screenshot.
HacksEditDead in the Air2016-09-06 03:56:15Replaces the choice of two fixes with a new fix that I believe is more correct to the developers' intentions.
HacksEditMorph Mayhem2016-09-05 03:23:26Fixed a bug that causes the Morph supply to drop sharply after Terra leaves battle, e.g. by Sneeze or Engulf.
HacksEditImp's Retort2016-09-04 16:24:15Added patches to provide compatibility with Assassin's "Jump Megafix" patch.
CreditsEditHacks - Hasty T-Rex2016-05-31 12:11:52Crediting Assassin for his help with version 1.1.
HacksEditHasty T-Rex2016-05-31 12:10:26Previous version had a bug.
CreditsNewHacks - Turn Around2016-05-18 11:04:42
CreditsNewHacks - Off the Hook2016-05-18 09:57:18
HacksNewTurn Around2016-05-17 23:32:02
HacksNewOff the Hook2016-05-17 23:26:19
CreditsEditHacks - Morph Mayhem2016-05-13 21:32:20A couple more people deserve credit than I'm crediting.
CreditsNewHacks - Half Knife2016-05-13 21:29:58
HacksNewHalf Knife2016-05-13 04:13:35
HacksEditKiller Life 32016-05-07 23:24:39Added a mod check.
HacksEditBye Bye Breath2016-05-06 23:03:51Added a warning to would-be downloaders.
HacksEditNarshe's Door2016-05-06 14:29:50Previous version had an extra byte that made it inapplicable.
CreditsNewHacks - Unequipium2016-05-06 13:45:55
CreditsNewHacks - Narshe's Door2016-05-06 13:45:27
CreditsNewHacks - Morph Mayhem2016-05-06 13:45:00
CreditsNewHacks - Imp Skimp2016-05-06 13:44:38
CreditsNewHacks - Bye Bye Breath2016-05-06 13:44:12
HacksEditBye Bye Breath2016-05-06 13:43:45Added compatibility with the "Wild Cat" bugfix.
HacksNewMorph Mayhem2016-05-06 01:45:51
HacksNewImp Skimp2016-05-06 01:41:45
HacksNewBye Bye Breath2016-05-06 01:34:24
HacksNewNarshe's Door2016-05-06 01:25:59
HacksNewUnequipium2016-05-06 01:18:44
CreditsNewHacks - Stony Silence2016-05-06 01:09:04
HacksEditStone Faced2016-05-06 01:08:34Just a simple name change.
HacksEditImp's Retort2016-05-04 00:09:56Patch no longer uses any free space.
HacksEditRock Bottom2016-05-03 01:28:21Fixed a bad branch.
UtilitiesEditHeaderizer2016-05-01 02:39:02Added a nifty icon in the form of Kefka's laughing head.
CreditsNewHacks - Multiple Events Fix2016-05-01 01:48:18
HacksEditMultiple Events Fix2016-05-01 01:47:42Slight improvement to the Sealed Gate fix.
HacksEditStony Silence2016-04-29 12:16:27Fixed a bad JSR in the "1-way status immunity fix" compatible version.
HacksEditMagitek Madness2016-04-29 03:48:06Fixed a wrong byte that caused serious problems including reported crash issues.
HacksNewMultiple Events Fix2016-04-29 03:46:06
HacksEditRock Bottom2016-04-28 21:39:38I have no idea what the deal is with these empty readmes.
HacksEditRock Bottom2016-04-28 12:29:59Reattempting the previous update; the patch has also been renamed. I guess that's why it failed last time.
HacksEditSoul Saved2016-04-27 13:49:09Patches are a bit smaller now, and there's now a set for SFC ROMs (the ROM/ISO information previously lied about this).
CreditsNewHacks - Hasty T-Rex2016-04-27 13:46:50
CreditsNewHacks - Item/Magic Counter2016-04-27 13:46:34
CreditsNewHacks - Hard as a Rock2016-04-27 13:45:55
CreditsNewHacks - Imp's Call2016-04-27 13:43:32
HacksEditHasty T-Rex2016-04-27 13:43:04Corrected the readme.
HacksNewStony Silence2016-04-27 13:42:15
HacksNewItem/Magic Counter2016-04-26 17:40:12
HacksNewHasty T-Rex2016-04-26 17:13:14
HacksNewHard as a Rock2016-04-26 16:36:59
HacksNewImp's Call2016-04-26 16:32:32
CreditsNewHacks - Reflections2016-04-25 15:37:14
HacksEditReflections2016-04-25 15:36:18Fixed a bug pertaining to spells cast on multiple targets.
CreditsNewHacks - Double Block2016-04-25 03:18:54
HacksNewDouble Block2016-04-25 02:12:00
CreditsNewHacks - Chance Offering2016-04-24 04:39:45
HacksEditY Equip Relics2016-04-24 04:11:31Fixed a bug that caused the stat values to get messed up.
CreditsNewHacks - Upside Down2016-04-23 22:26:36
HacksNewChance Offering2016-04-23 22:24:16
HacksNewUpside Down2016-04-23 22:17:29
HacksEditBetter Dice2016-04-23 18:29:47The description says it all.
CreditsNewHacks - Off Death Row2016-04-23 16:12:53
CreditsNewHacks - Self Sneeze2016-04-23 16:11:40
CreditsNewHacks - Invisible Zombie2016-04-23 16:11:01
CreditsNewHacks - Killer Life 32016-04-23 16:10:12
CreditsNewHacks - Zombie/Rippler2016-04-23 16:09:42
CreditsNewHacks - Soul Saved2016-04-23 16:09:01
CreditsNewHacks - Ultimate Damage Fix2016-04-23 16:07:10
CreditsNewHacks - Zombie/Tapir2016-04-23 16:05:47
HacksEditBanon Riding2016-04-23 03:28:33The patch has now been optimized so it no longer uses any free space.
HacksNewZombie/Tapir2016-04-23 00:51:39
HacksNewUltimate Damage Fix2016-04-23 00:46:21
HacksNewSoul Saved2016-04-23 00:38:49
HacksNewZombie/Rippler2016-04-23 00:31:24
HacksNewKiller Life 32016-04-23 00:25:10
HacksNewInvisible Zombie2016-04-23 00:15:16
HacksNewOff Death Row2016-04-22 23:46:59
HacksNewSelf Sneeze2016-04-22 17:02:34
HacksEditDead in the Air2016-04-21 14:45:09Fixed a bug with the reverse patches that also affected Fix B.
UtilitiesEditHeaderizer2016-04-21 12:38:09Fixed a bug in the "headerization" protocol that made it case-sensitive about the input patch's extension.
CreditsNewHacks - Shadow's Status2016-04-20 23:34:44
CreditsNewHacks - Imp's Rage2016-04-20 23:34:23
CreditsNewHacks - Shadow Gone2016-04-20 23:34:00
HacksNewShadow's Status2016-04-20 23:28:37
HacksEditShadow Gone2016-04-20 22:39:32It's been fixed! Yay!
HacksEditShadow Gone2016-04-20 03:44:50The description says it all now: it's faulty. I'm warning any would-be downloaders to stay away.
CreditsNewHacks - Y Equip Relics2016-04-20 02:20:14
HacksNewImp's Rage2016-04-20 02:17:54
HacksEditShadow Gone2016-04-19 21:28:45I wish to remove the link because I've discovered that this patch is broken. Ideally, I would like to remove this entry altogether until such time that I can fix the problems with this patch.
HacksNewShadow Gone2016-04-19 13:14:10
CreditsNewHacks - Magitek Madness2016-04-19 00:13:12
HacksNewY Equip Relics2016-04-18 16:44:24
HacksNewMagitek Madness2016-04-08 06:06:01
HacksNewStone Zombie2016-03-29 02:44:05
HacksNewReflections2016-03-29 01:39:01
HacksNewPhoenix Chest2016-03-29 01:31:11
HacksNewSave Point Switch2016-03-29 00:55:53
HacksNewReturner's Day Off2016-03-29 00:31:55
UtilitiesEditHeaderizer2016-03-26 01:06:10A bunch of bug fixes.
UtilitiesNewHeaderizer2016-03-25 13:18:00
HacksEditBackstabu2016-03-25 01:46:37Completely rewrote the patch with a new approach to solving the problem; the old patch's approach caused unintentional errors elsewhere.
HacksEditSide Saddle2016-03-21 15:58:45Improved efficiency: smaller patch, more free space left over and less run time.
HacksEditBetter Dice2016-03-06 02:10:19New patches added that make part of the improvement optional.
CreditsNewHacks - No X in Fight2016-03-04 17:04:59
HacksEditBetter Dice2016-03-04 17:04:26New version that adds compatibility with another patch.
CreditsNewHacks - Better Dice2016-03-04 17:02:06
HacksNewNo X in Fight2016-03-03 22:47:00
HacksNewBetter Dice2016-03-03 22:43:07
CreditsNewHacks - Side Saddle2016-02-12 02:12:25
HacksEditSide Saddle2016-02-11 22:36:17Fixed an issue that broke the 1.0 version of the patch as well as an issue that made all versions load from the wrong place in RAM.
HacksNewSide Saddle2016-02-11 12:24:50
HacksNewVanish/Runic2016-02-06 04:50:24
CreditsEditHacks - Banon Riding2016-02-05 02:01:54Silentenigma offered some improvements to the riding sprite, which I used.
HacksEditBanon Riding2016-02-05 01:59:28Updated sprite.
CreditsNewHacks - Imp's Retort2015-12-15 11:43:44
HacksNewImp's Retort2015-12-13 18:41:46
HacksEditBanon Riding2015-12-11 23:49:16Minor update.
CreditsNewHacks - Banon Riding2015-12-10 21:49:42
HacksNewBanon Riding2015-12-10 18:26:10
CreditsNewHacks - Gerad and Sabin2015-12-05 00:27:47
CreditsEditHacks - Backwards Jump2015-12-02 11:23:14Again, I wish to acknowledge that I'm the sole author of this patch.
CreditsEditHacks - Dead Hare2015-12-01 22:15:59Because I am the author, so the insertion of this detail brings the credit for this patch in line with others.
CreditsNewHacks - Dead in the Air2015-12-01 22:13:43
CreditsNewHacks - Game Over2015-12-01 22:13:11
HacksNewGerad and Sabin2015-12-01 22:11:22
HacksNewGame Over2015-11-30 21:25:10
HacksNewDead in the Air2015-11-30 20:19:50
CreditsNewHacks - Dead Hare2015-11-13 21:48:57
CreditsNewHacks - Backwards Jump2015-11-13 21:48:12
HacksNewDead Hare2015-11-12 23:52:59
HacksNewBackwards Jump2015-11-12 12:22:27
CreditsNewHacks - Backstabu2015-11-11 12:17:41
HacksEditBackstabu2015-11-11 12:16:20Correcting a misclassification.
HacksNewBackstabu2015-11-10 12:51:03
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