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HacksEditDr. Alex2017-07-19 18:21:20Updated sprites and title adjustments and updated screenshots
HacksEditDr. Alex2017-07-17 19:23:05Fixing of the game's logos and sprites
HacksEditDr. Alex2017-05-17 05:43:13Final Touches of Title Screen Text and changed title screen screenshot
HacksEditDr. Alex2017-04-10 12:43:24Fixes to the Title Screen
HacksEditWario Land 2 - 5-2 Wall Fix2017-03-06 17:23:40Fix of previous wall hack and new screenshot
HacksEditWario Land 2 - 5-2 Wall Fix2017-03-03 23:14:29Fix of description
HacksNewWario Land 2 - 5-2 Wall Fix2017-03-03 23:08:28
HacksEditDr. Alex2016-04-08 08:54:19updated third Screenshot
HacksEditDr. Alex2016-04-08 06:28:47Fixed Victory Alexander Sprite
HacksEditDr. Alex2016-03-28 04:12:41Fixed clearing red Virus
HacksEditDr. Alex2016-03-28 02:49:53Minor Fixes to 1-player gameplay and 2-player victory Alexander Sprites
HacksEditDr. Alex2016-03-23 15:04:04Minor fix to Tile Screen Logo
HacksNewDr. Alex2016-03-23 03:07:17