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HacksEditArkanoid Revised2017-09-06 18:24:12Fixed one more bug that was present in the original game
HacksEditArkanoid Revised2017-09-01 01:02:05An important bugfix to the continue option and better screenshots provided.
HacksEditArkanoid Revised2017-08-30 13:46:47Much improved title screen graphics, closer to the arcade version
HacksEditArkanoid Revised2017-08-30 10:46:30Added one more screenshot showing some more features
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HacksNewSuper Pitfall 30th Anniversary Edition2016-09-04 17:30:47
TranslationsEditSuper Pitfall2016-07-27 01:20:14Two reasons: 1: there was a bug with the music on the game over screen; 2: the font was redone to accomodate special characters specific to the portuguese language, making the translation cleaner.
TranslationsNewSuper Pitfall2016-07-26 01:55:02
ReviewsNewHacks - Super Street Fighter II PCM driver fix2015-08-13 00:35:38
ReviewsNewHacks - BattleToads - the Dark Queen Rematch2015-07-29 22:17:24