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HacksEditCaptain Toad Treasure Tracker for SNES II2018-06-03 11:18:18Fixes sprite memory issues.
HacksEditCaptain Toad Treasure Tracker for SNES II2018-05-20 09:26:41Users complaining about Zsnes
HacksNewCaptain Toad Treasure Tracker for SNES II2018-05-13 10:15:21
CreditsNewHacks - Uncle Mario Bros.2018-03-28 00:51:14
HacksEditUncle Mario Bros.2018-03-27 22:30:25Fix a few minor issues.
HacksNewUncle Mario Bros.2018-03-25 00:27:15
ReviewsNewUtilities - SMB Relocaverburator2017-07-28 14:07:55
HacksNewSuper Luigi Arcade2017-06-16 22:58:16
HacksEditSuper Mario Arcade2017-04-12 10:25:07update
HacksEditCheep Cheep Challenge2017-04-06 06:50:52proper rom information
HacksEditCaptain Toad Treasure Tracker for SNES2017-04-06 06:49:40Is now the proper rom information
HacksEditSuper Mario Arcade2017-04-05 07:12:29Want people to read the credits in the read me. The rom doesn't have a proper credits scene. sorry this is hopefully the last resubmission
HacksEditSuper Mario Arcade2017-04-04 21:53:52Fixes a bug.
HacksNewSuper Mario Arcade2017-04-03 22:57:58
HacksEditCheep Cheep Challenge2016-12-17 08:35:10an update
HacksEditCaptain Toad Treasure Tracker for SNES2016-12-17 08:33:41an update
CreditsEditHacks - Captain Toad Treasure Tracker for SNES2016-11-15 10:32:02I ment for KingGeoshiKoopshi64 name to be shown on the main page, he created captain toads sprites.
HelpAdsNewSuper Mario Land2016-10-24 11:45:16
HacksEditCaptain Toad Treasure Tracker for SNES2016-07-11 10:48:53In the of chance of the user still using znes or intending on using this with sdsnes cartridge it wont work.
HacksNewCaptain Toad Treasure Tracker for snes2016-07-09 09:24:20
HacksNewCheep Cheep Challenge2016-03-28 10:12:50
HacksEditSMW Coin Rush Classic pack2015-10-30 11:17:59Needed updates.
HacksNewSMW Coin Rush Classic pack2015-05-31 09:43:12