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HacksEditChrono Trigger+2018-07-21 10:04:05Further improvements
HacksEditBreath of Fire Improved2018-01-25 13:41:26Adjustment due to player feedback
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CreditsNewHacks - Chrono Trigger+2017-10-07 08:27:26
HacksNewChrono Trigger+2017-10-06 19:30:07
HacksNewZero Stance2017-04-01 08:09:46
HacksEditBreath of Fire Improved2017-03-31 18:57:40Played through and found some more bugs
HacksEditBreath of Fire Improved2016-12-23 17:53:03Fixed error with leveling cleaned up Flea Market Removed StarHR
HacksEditBreath of Fire Improved2016-11-25 14:34:52-Version 1.1 fixed menu text bug
HacksNewBreath of Fire Improved2016-11-22 20:17:35