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    I had no idea that the game would not start because of the bankswitch code. All have been fixed now.
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    "No title screen" was checked even though the hack had included a new title screen, and was already uploaded.
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    Removed screenshot
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    Removed changes like level tables and treasure chest content as they are outside the scope of this patch.
Submissions for User
HacksNewThe Immortal fix for unstable picture2019-05-31 14:50:50
UtilitiesEditBinxelview2019-04-23 21:27:00author Brad Smith is rainwarrior (not sure who the Bradley Smith entry is)
UtilitiesEditiNES Header Editor2017-10-22 16:11:13More up to date version accepts command line, fixes minor bug with NES 2.0 headers. Should also attribute Quietust as original author in description.
HacksEditLow G Man - Crash Fix2015-08-07 21:18:27Forgot to update version number and release date. (Sorry!)
HacksEditLow G Man - Crash Fix2015-08-07 17:48:02Version 1.2: Fixes compatibility with Europe/PAL version. My apologies for having to submit two revisions.
HacksEditLow G Man - Crash Fix2015-08-06 13:06:49Revision 1.1 of IPS for compatibility with Everdrive N8.
HacksNewLow G Man crash fix2015-07-31 02:44:07
HacksNewSuper Glove Ball fix for Japan region2015-04-12 15:03:52
UtilitiesEditFamitracker NSF Importer Version2014-11-23 02:53:18Last released version was 0.5, not 0.2 (incorrectly listed as 0.02). Release date was also incorrect by several decades.
CommunityEditrainwarrior2014-11-23 02:50:47Had my real name instead of my usual internet handle. Missing forum name. Missing website link. Missing e-mail. Active status incorrectly as dead. Adding logo URL. Adding description.
HacksEditStarTropics (Music Fix)2014-11-23 02:45:49Patch also works on european version. Adding second ROM information. Added note about mapper 4 problems to description. (Nestopia doesn't support this patch because it has to use a CRC to select MMC6.)
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