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TranslationsEditZelda II: The Adventure of Link2015-11-18 05:33:50The patch should be applied to "Zelda II - The Adventure of Link (U)" version
TranslationsNewFootball Kingdom: Touring Edition2014-01-06 02:35:00
TranslationsEditMega Man III2013-11-27 09:37:54My old version had serious translation errors and grammer mistakes. So I fixed those problems with this update.
CommunityEditknighTeen872013-11-25 09:00:39Logo and description change.
CreditsNewTranslations - Clock Tower2013-11-23 17:22:39
TranslationsNewClock Tower2013-11-23 14:30:17
TranslationsEditThe Legend of Zelda2013-11-08 17:30:00Update to the patch
TranslationsNewZelda II2010-07-28 20:07:37
CommunityEditknighTeen872010-02-22 07:00:36
TranslationsNewMach Rider2009-01-30 13:47:26
TranslationsNewP.O.W.2008-08-14 06:48:25
TranslationsNewSky Destroyer2008-08-13 17:24:11
TranslationsEditTecmo Cup Soccer Game2008-08-12 10:45:25
TranslationsEditCaptain Tsubasa 22008-08-12 10:44:56
TranslationsEditTecmo Cup Soccer Game2008-08-10 07:50:22
TranslationsEditCaptain Tsubasa 22008-08-10 07:50:00
HelpAdsNewCaptain Tsubasa 20082008-06-01 11:44:50
TranslationsEditAlien 32008-05-28 12:17:54
TranslationsNewAlien 32008-05-28 00:21:21
HacksNewCaptain Tsubasa 20072008-05-18 12:36:18
TranslationsNewWinning Eleven World Soccer2008-05-16 16:14:08
TranslationsNewContra2008-02-09 19:05:18
TranslationsNewDouble Dragon 2:The Revenge2008-01-07 07:19:38
TranslationsNewDouble Dragon2008-01-07 07:17:09
HacksNewAoki Densetsu Shoot!2007-10-19 09:57:59
TranslationsNewCaptain Tsubasa2007-10-19 09:49:19
TranslationsEditZero Wing2007-10-19 09:27:32
TranslationsEditLegend of Zelda2007-10-19 09:25:34
TranslationsNewTecmo Cup Soccer Game2007-09-14 15:50:48
TranslationsNewCaptain Tsubasa 22007-09-05 16:48:26
CommunityEditknighTeen872007-09-04 18:25:10
TranslationsNewLegend of Zelda2007-09-04 06:53:17
TranslationsNewZero Wing2007-09-03 17:10:04
TranslationsNewMega Man III2007-09-03 10:09:11
CommunityEditknighTeen872007-09-03 10:00:37
TranslationsNewSuper Mario Bros.2007-09-02 17:57:23
CommunityEditknighTeen872007-09-02 14:51:50
TranslationsNewFinal Fantasy2007-09-01 17:01:13