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UtilitiesEditHades Workshop2018-05-30 15:38:16Update to v0.40. I hope that this download link is good ; I have to trick the update form to have it accepted. Sorry for troubles.
UtilitiesEditHades Workshop2018-02-03 17:03:04Update to v0.39
UtilitiesEditHades Workshop2017-04-12 14:29:03Version 0.37c
UtilitiesEditHades Workshop2017-02-10 19:31:56Update to 0.36. Mostly PC version updates but, hey.
UtilitiesEditHades Workshop2016-07-24 11:23:41Update to 0.34b : - Fixed various bugs, - You can now add/remove script entries.
UtilitiesEditHades Workshop2016-07-22 16:04:39Updated to 0.34 (Steam compatibility)
UtilitiesEditHades Workshop2016-04-14 09:21:07v0.33b: - Bug fix : - Adding an enemy spell works properly now, - The preloading list doesn't bypass its size limit anymore, - Added editable datas to weapons, such as the status accuracy.
UtilitiesEditHades Workshop2016-04-04 19:33:43Update to 0.33 : - Added a MIPS editing feature. - Add/Remove texts. - Add/Remove enemy spells. - Completed the list of spell effects. - Added a background image.
UtilitiesEditHades Workshop2016-02-20 12:45:28Update to 0.32 : - Added a File Batching feature, - Added a Mod Manager feature.
UtilitiesEditHades Workshop2016-01-16 09:34:49Update to 0.31b : - Fixed a bug with World Maps reading, - Improved script edition, - Added a file naming the local variables of the enemies' IA
UtilitiesEditHades Workshop2015-12-19 17:01:37Update to 0.31 : - You can now fully choose which statuses are inflicted (or healed) by spells, - World Maps have 2 more sub-panels : they allow to modify the name of the different places and modify the random encounters in the different areas. However, you can only use random encounters with the proper battle scene or the game will crash. Also, you can't see where are placed those areas on the World Map yet. - Improved the script edition a lot : --- Added a way to declare and use local variables. --- Added a list of different known functions and variables, with their descriptions. --- You now easily generate the value corresponding to different things, such as an attack list for enemy IA, or a button list to get the player's inputs. --- Added a preview of the field walkmesh when editing a field script. The positions in the code are viewed on this preview. --- Same thing for the world map. The preview can't be zoomed tough. --- Improved the argument helpers for several data types, such as positions or colors.
UtilitiesEditHades Workshop2015-10-31 14:31:19Update to v0.30. Added 3 panels : - Tetra Master, modify card stats and NPC's decks - Party Special, modify datas specially handling party's spells or commands - UI Texts, modify the remaining menu and other texts of the game
HacksEditFinal Fantasy IX: Alternate Fantasy2015-09-26 15:06:41Nothing changed, but the patch file was somehow corrupted and the patching tool kept running even after the patching was done.
HacksEditFinal Fantasy IX: Alternate Fantasy2015-09-17 16:30:56Fixed texts in Kuja battle.
HacksNewAlternate Fantasy2015-08-26 17:05:06
UtilitiesEditMeteor On Final Fantasy IX2015-08-03 18:47:03Update to 1.1 mainly bug-fixing version. Also fixed the release date. Sorry for giving you redondant work so fast...
HacksNewFinal Fantasy IX - No Encounters2015-07-21 17:47:22
UtilitiesNewMeteor On Final Fantasy IX2015-07-19 06:29:08
UtilitiesEditHades Workshop2015-06-20 08:45:09Update to fix few bugs and allowing people to add/remove functions to scripts.
UtilitiesEditHades Workshop2015-05-29 14:18:22Update to 0.28 - You can now edit the animation sequencing for both spells and enemy attacks, - Fixed script bugs and made it a bit more comfortable to read, - Improved the UI some bit (images no longer twinkles, for instance)
UtilitiesEditHades Workshop2015-02-27 16:15:34Updated to 0.27
HacksNewBeatrix vs Beatrix vs Beatrix2015-02-22 12:16:42
UtilitiesEditHades Workshop2014-10-28 17:59:49Updating. The game's script is now fully editable (almost : there is still a problem with the World Maps' scripts in the japanese version).
HacksEditDialogues Cachés2014-08-05 14:25:23Fixed a very strange bug : PPF-O-MATIC kept running after patching the game, never telling the job was over. Sorry, I should have test it a final time before uploading :/
HacksNewDialogues Cachés2014-08-03 10:30:40
HacksNewHidden Dialogs2014-08-03 10:30:37
UtilitiesEditHades Workshop2014-08-02 11:57:02Update to 0.25 : • Added some fields to edit in the "Stats" panel : └─ you can now edit the commands of the characters (both normal and transe). └─ there are also the commands temporary available, such as the theater's spells. └─ you can change the attack boost of the trance (50% or 200%). Zidane seems to have a special trance attack modifier but I don't know what it does. └─ you can change the initial equipment sets, the equipments characters begin with. For Beatrix and Marcus, there are two sets because they change it during the game. • Added the last charmaps for the japanese version (so the configuration file has been updated) : kanjis of the Enemy, Field and World Map sections are now displayed properly. • More opcodes have been identified in the script (party handling opcodes for most of them). The text and battle arguments in scripts are also displayed more accurately. • Renamed a 【RED】 text opcode to differentiate the one for helps only and the other one. • Fixed few bugs.
UtilitiesEditHades Workshop2014-07-12 16:01:20Update to 0.24c. - Japanese dialogs are now displayed ok, - Added a pixel drawing feature.
UtilitiesEditHades Workshop2014-06-01 06:38:14Bug fix...
UtilitiesEditHades Workshop2014-05-31 19:42:41Version updated
HelpAdsNewFinal Fantasy IX2014-05-12 17:27:31
UtilitiesNewHades Workshop2014-04-20 15:45:06