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Submissions for User
TranslationsNewSoul Blazer2018-12-28 16:22:19
GamesEditAdventures of Tom Sawyer2018-09-30 08:06:08Released by that title in the US.
GamesEditLaplace no Ma2018-09-07 15:17:40New translation's name.
TranslationsEditLaplace no Ma2018-09-07 15:17:10New patch does not require a header.
HacksEditFinal Fantasy II US HardType+ (FF2usHT)2018-01-16 15:28:20Works only on FF2us.
GamesEditDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde2017-12-26 20:11:00My old description was a bit too kind to this shitheap.
TranslationsEditStar Fox 22017-10-29 12:33:33Update to remind users that the final version is different then the prototype this patch uses.
GamesEditStar Fox 22017-09-25 19:13:55Updated for SNES Classic release.
ReviewsNewTranslations - Final Fantasy V2017-09-17 16:28:56
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy II2016-12-06 16:25:49This is a complete re translation.
TranslationsEditSuper Chinese Fighter EX2016-11-06 17:02:50Basically complete except credits, but who cares about them?
ReviewsNewTranslations - Final Fantasy II2016-04-05 09:09:35
GamesEditMetal Storm2016-03-29 18:21:25US name and corrected release date
TranslationsEditEgypt2016-03-12 21:42:28There is a secret credits screen that wasn't translated. To get it, hold Up, A & B right before the credits start. In addition, there's a message already in English that you get after you beat the game on normal mode and it gets screwed up with the translation.
ReviewsNewGames - Sonic 3 & Knuckles2016-03-01 15:31:29
ReviewsNewGames - Takeshi no Chousenjou2016-03-01 15:25:39
HacksEditRadiation's Halloween Hack: Bad Fur Day Edition2016-02-01 15:39:45Typos
CommunityEditToby "Radiation" Fox2016-02-01 15:38:53Typo
TranslationsEditAdventure Island2016-01-31 08:43:00De-Engrished
TranslationsEditChoujin Sentai Jetman2015-12-22 18:25:16Info about the source material
HacksEditRadiation's Halloween Hack: Bad Fur Day Edition2015-11-27 17:11:25Some notes.
GamesEditKetō Transformers Beast Wars: Beast Senshi Saikyō Ketteisen2015-11-27 17:01:45Contuary to Spinner 8's review, Beast Wars was always a part of the Transformers Mythos
TranslationsEditUrusei Yatsura: Lum no Wedding Bell2015-11-27 17:00:10Research done on the game.
CommunityEditToby "Radiation" Fox2015-11-25 13:54:03No mention of his UnderTale work
ReviewsNewGames - Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde2014-04-10 16:03:31