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HacksEditNew Awakening2015-02-12 21:26:37New content and various graphic improvements. Also fixed a typo in the description.
HacksEditNew Awakening2014-08-25 02:14:48New version, many bug fixes and improvements. I was not able to update for a while due to being in China, where Dropbox is blocked, so a lot has changed since the last update.
HacksEditNew Awakening2014-07-15 07:09:32Earlier I submitted an erroneous update to the description. This is the actual change that needs to be made to the description. It describes a workaround for a bug. I cannot post a new version of the hack with the bug fix myself, as I am in China.
HacksEditNew Awakening2014-07-15 07:00:39I am unable to post a new version with a bug fix due to Dropbox being blocked in China, so I am including an updated description so the player knows how to address it.
HacksEditNew Awakening2014-04-28 22:14:30Added revisions to text and some dungeons after a final test run.
HacksEditNew Awakening 2.0 (FIXED)2014-04-20 00:59:41Minor overworld fixes, various textual changes, and some cosmetic tweaks. The sword is now one dungeon earlier.
HacksEditNew Awakening 2.0 (FIXED)2014-04-04 20:21:44Added a great deal of new content and fixed up the game text to better suit the new content.
HacksEditNew Awakening 1.3 (FIXED)2014-03-27 23:29:39I fixed a few bugs I discovered and made some changes based on the last two comments made on the hack, which complained about some shortcuts in which the player could walk through certain walls. One commenter thought they were required pathways, while another thought they were bugs. I removed them to avoid any confusion or frustration. Also made some minor cosmetic edits and added a few new revisions to make the earlier dungeons a little less familiar.
HacksEditNew Awakening2014-03-16 11:37:14Masterlink found a couple graphical errors and a bug. I fixed them in most recent update. Since Masterlink found some shortcuts and thought they were required pathways, I tweaked the description and readme to explain they were strictly optional.
HacksEditNew Awakening2014-03-14 22:23:32Releasing new version of the hack, along with some corrections to the readme and some more interesting screenshots.
HacksEditNew Awakening2014-03-11 14:48:52ROM information inaccurate. Graphical errors resulted when using version 1.0; using 1.2 lacks the errors. Changed the checksums from the 1.0 version to the 1.2.
HacksEditNew Awakening2014-03-08 19:57:39Another user reported that the link to the file led to an internet browser instead of a zip file. When I tried to download it myself, I got a corrupted zip file. I re-entered the URL to the file in DropBox, which hopefully will correct the situation.
HacksEditNew Awakening2014-03-08 19:46:21Typos. "Sequences" should be "sequence." I also wrote "challenges" where I should have used "difficulty."
HacksNewNew Awakening2014-03-08 16:35:27
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