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    Duplicate game fix.
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    Version 04 fixes some critical bugs, irons out a few kinks in level generation, and lets you choose how mazelike you want your Zebes to be.
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    Just a bit more detail than the original single sentence description.
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    Added Tuffy da Bubba for Sound Novel translation contribution.
Submissions for User
DocumentsNewJumping Routine2018-04-29 17:34:51
HacksNewZelda 2 Restart from palace at game over2018-02-05 12:18:21
UtilitiesEditZelda II Overworld Editor2018-01-25 11:28:26v1.82 Update: Fixed a palace rock bug for palace 4 in Maze Island.
UtilitiesEditZelda II Side View Editor2017-11-23 13:56:08Version 0.8.2 update: fixed scene navigation button bug that let you go to a non-existent "scene 63" and cause glitches in the game.
UtilitiesEditZelda II Side View Editor2017-05-13 13:12:02Version 0.8.1 update: fixes normal object selection bug in town set B.
HacksNewZelda II Boss Endurance2017-05-08 09:25:18
UtilitiesEditZelda II Overworld Editor2017-05-05 17:41:53update.
UtilitiesNewZelda II Level-up Editor2017-05-05 17:36:11
UtilitiesNewZelda II Side View Editor2017-05-05 17:33:04
UtilitiesNewZelda II Dialog Editor2017-05-05 17:28:11
DocumentsNewZelda II Dialog Conditions2017-05-03 00:12:42
HacksNewNick + Andy Love Story2016-06-25 10:45:16
UtilitiesEditZelda 2 Overworld Editor2016-06-06 22:54:35zip file was invalid. Link fixed.
UtilitiesEditZelda 2 Overworld Editor2016-05-25 12:55:28Updated to allow large or small window sizes and updated the help file.
UtilitiesEditZelda 2 Overworld Editor2016-05-22 16:08:58Included information about the help file built-in to the program.
UtilitiesNewZelda 2 Overworld Editor2016-05-21 10:57:13
HacksEditNew Awakening2014-07-11 11:50:10typo in the readme file has been fixed
HacksEditNew Awakening2014-07-10 12:20:47Several fixes and corrections. Reintroducing several features of the game that the earlier version of this hack removed. Major revisions, cosmetic, structural, and textual. Submitting the new hack with a friend’s help, as the author is in China and therefore unable to access Dropbox.
ReviewsNewHacks - The Legend of Zelda: Shadow of Night2013-08-10 23:37:49