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    After doing some research, regarding Mario's sprite behavior, and talking with the author of the ROM-hack, I'm re-reviewing this game with a fresh mindset.
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    Added missing info.
Submissions for User
ReviewsEditHacks - Mega Man X2 MSU-1 v2.02019-01-23 19:05:14Updated to add link to recommended version.
HacksNoncompliantMega Man X2 MSU-1 v2.02019-01-17 21:20:17This new "version" of the hack adjusts the volume level for the sake of one single audio pack that was converted too loudly. In doing so, it actually breaks every other audio pack that was created properly. Now we have people complaining that audio packs are both too loud and too quiet because they don't know which version of the patch to use. In addition, we have people wanting to create new audio packs and not knowing which version their packs should work with. Calling this "v2.0" makes people think that it supersedes the original, further adding to the confusion. Incorrect audio levels need to be addressed by fixing the audio files, not changing the code. Please remove this.
ReviewsNewHacks - Mega Man X2 MSU-1 v2.02018-12-26 00:46:38
HacksEditSuper Mario Kart MSU-12017-09-18 14:20:28Update to v1.2 to fix a minor issue with the Star theme.
HacksNewSuper Mario Kart MSU-12017-09-02 19:24:13
HacksEditZelda3 Parallel Worlds2017-03-03 00:32:04Game-breaking bugfix update
HacksEditA Link to the Past DX2017-01-10 20:44:41Update to 1.6, add features and fix bugs
UtilitiesEditbass2017-01-06 13:37:49Updating to the latest release
HacksEditZelda3 Parallel Worlds2017-01-01 16:47:32Quick bugfix to the 1.2 update (serves me right for making last minute changes...)
NewsNewZelda Parallel Worlds 10-Year Anniversary Update2017-01-01 07:47:55
CreditsEditHacks - Zelda3 Parallel Worlds2017-01-01 00:31:55Add qwertymodo to credits for v1.2 update.
HacksEditZelda3 Parallel Worlds2016-12-31 23:53:5410-year anniversary update v1.2
UtilitiesEditTemporal Flux2016-11-18 16:26:58Update to 3.03s
ReviewsNewHacks - A Link to the Past DX Volume Adjustment for Emulators2016-06-29 15:57:46
HacksEditA Link to the Past DX2016-03-24 20:27:31Updated to v1.5: -Slowdown reduced (FastROM)
HacksEditA Link to the Past DX2016-01-09 19:11:32Fix a potentially game-breaking bug in previous versions.
HacksEditA Link to the Past DX2015-09-28 18:13:19Previous upload had additional patches included. Really actually correct patch uploaded this time...
HacksEditA Link to the Past DX2015-09-24 13:30:38There was a minor issue with the v1.3 file uploads, re-uploaded the corrected files.
HacksEditA Link to the Past DX2015-09-23 15:34:14Update to v1.3
CreditsEditHacks - A Link to the Past DX2014-11-25 17:02:23Add Conn as hacking contributor
HacksNewA Link to the Past DX2014-11-24 19:56:09