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Submissions for User
HacksEditSuper Mario Kart MSU-12017-09-18 14:20:28Update to v1.2 to fix a minor issue with the Star theme.
HacksNewSuper Mario Kart MSU-12017-09-02 19:24:13
HacksEditZelda3 Parallel Worlds2017-03-03 00:32:04Game-breaking bugfix update
HacksEditA Link to the Past DX2017-01-10 20:44:41Update to 1.6, add features and fix bugs
UtilitiesEditbass2017-01-06 13:37:49Updating to the latest release
HacksEditZelda3 Parallel Worlds2017-01-01 16:47:32Quick bugfix to the 1.2 update (serves me right for making last minute changes...)
NewsNewZelda Parallel Worlds 10-Year Anniversary Update2017-01-01 07:47:55
CreditsEditHacks - Zelda3 Parallel Worlds2017-01-01 00:31:55Add qwertymodo to credits for v1.2 update.
HacksEditZelda3 Parallel Worlds2016-12-31 23:53:5410-year anniversary update v1.2
UtilitiesEditTemporal Flux2016-11-18 16:26:58Update to 3.03s
ReviewsNewHacks - A Link to the Past DX Volume Adjustment for Emulators2016-06-29 15:57:46
HacksEditA Link to the Past DX2016-03-24 20:27:31Updated to v1.5: -Slowdown reduced (FastROM)
HacksEditA Link to the Past DX2016-01-09 19:11:32Fix a potentially game-breaking bug in previous versions.
HacksEditA Link to the Past DX2015-09-28 18:13:19Previous upload had additional patches included. Really actually correct patch uploaded this time...
HacksEditA Link to the Past DX2015-09-24 13:30:38There was a minor issue with the v1.3 file uploads, re-uploaded the corrected files.
HacksEditA Link to the Past DX2015-09-23 15:34:14Update to v1.3
CreditsEditHacks - A Link to the Past DX2014-11-25 17:02:23Add Conn as hacking contributor
HacksNewA Link to the Past DX2014-11-24 19:56:09