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HacksEditLCD Ghosting Removal Patch2015-02-26 20:10:06Apparently the wrong file was uploaded for version 1.0. I'm submitting the link to the new one.
HacksEditLCD Ghosting Removal Patch2015-02-25 18:20:46Minor grammar fix.
CommunityEditShugo2015-02-25 01:03:04I'm Shugo, just updating my own page...
CreditsEditHacks - LCD Ghosting Removal Patch2015-02-23 12:10:26Added Asaki to the credits; he helped out with version 1.0, which I also just submitted.
HacksEditLCD Ghosting Removal Patch2015-02-23 12:08:17Updated to version 1.0.
GamesEditTetris DX2015-01-27 20:11:32Just filling in the blanks...
HacksNewOriginal Tetris A-Type Music2015-01-27 01:28:19
GamesEditGame & Watch Gallery 42014-09-23 21:53:26Added detailed information.
HacksNewLCD Ghosting Removal Patch2014-09-22 17:57:21
ReviewsNewTranslations - Pokémon Trading Card Game 22014-08-18 01:51:53
NewsNewThe Year of Luigi Is Not Over! Dr. Luigi for NES I2014-01-05 17:32:22
HacksEditDr. Luigi2014-01-05 15:09:29Should be 'complete' and not 'improvement'.
HacksNewDr. Luigi2014-01-05 09:01:07