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TranslationsNewKid Kool and the Quest for the 7 Wonder Herbs2018-09-30 08:00:16
TranslationsEditFriday the 13th2018-09-30 07:44:02New version
TranslationsNewNaitou 9 Dan - Shougi Hiden2018-09-30 07:36:39
TranslationsNewChallenger2018-09-30 06:55:56
TranslationsNewMini Putt2018-09-30 06:46:24
TranslationsNewDestination Earthstar2018-09-30 06:32:56
TranslationsNewTom Sawyer no Bouken2018-09-29 06:01:29
TranslationsNewKarate Kid2018-09-29 05:15:13
TranslationsNewExerion2018-09-29 05:04:41
TranslationsNewField Combat2018-09-29 04:50:09
TranslationsNewMermaids of Atlantis - The Riddle of the Magic Bubble2018-09-29 04:36:07
TranslationsNewHana no Star Kaidou2018-09-28 05:45:09
TranslationsNewDragon Buster II: Yami no Fuuin2018-09-28 05:35:25
TranslationsNewCastle of Deceit2018-09-28 05:17:05
TranslationsNewOnyanko Town2018-09-28 05:07:00
TranslationsNewMickey Mouse: Fushigi no Kuni do Daibouken2018-09-28 04:58:10
TranslationsNewSuper Mario Bros.2018-09-27 07:52:58
TranslationsNewStar Luster2018-09-27 07:43:04
TranslationsNewShooting Range2018-09-27 07:28:41
TranslationsNewSpelunker2018-09-27 07:19:14
TranslationsNewBible Buffet2018-09-27 07:11:47
TranslationsNewGyromite2018-09-27 06:35:13
TranslationsNewKarateka2018-09-27 06:15:59
TranslationsNewStar Soldier2018-09-27 06:06:38
TranslationsNewBird Week2018-09-27 05:51:44
TranslationsNewDudes with Attitude2018-09-27 05:16:38
UtilitiesNewDWAeditor2018-08-01 22:21:16
UtilitiesEditIps2Exe Lite2017-11-26 10:17:26New in version 1.0.3: * Bugfix (previously, the software did not work with very large ips files) * The program works much faster * Exe patch was a little less * Added new messages
HacksNewStar Soldier Laser Hack2017-10-07 00:39:37
CommunityEditGuyver (X.B.M.)2017-10-06 07:03:28Add 1 link in Description. It's not against the rules?
UtilitiesNewAir Fortress Password Editor2017-02-04 07:10:31
HacksNewPachi Com Ace2017-01-09 12:09:55
CommunityEditGuyver (X.B.M.)2016-11-11 08:59:04Logo URL - renew gif...
HacksEditSuper Flappy Bird Nightmare2016-11-07 06:21:24Add in Description - "added a scrolling screen in demo mode"
HacksNewGun Nac Eternal Zero2016-11-07 06:15:44
HacksNewSuper Flappy Bird Nightmare Light2016-11-07 04:19:11
HacksEditSuper Flappy Bird Nightmare2016-11-07 03:56:55Updates: - changed game time (300 sec). - fixed bug when touching the tubes. - fixed pipe palette in menu before starting level. - changed the location of enemies.
HacksNewOperation Secret Storm Fix Hack2016-10-17 19:02:39
HacksNewXiao Ma Li palette fix2016-10-17 14:42:11
HacksNewDragon Fighter hard hack2016-10-17 12:15:34
HacksNewRobocop 2 Super Power2016-10-17 08:15:12
HacksEditGood Claws - Wolverine2016-10-17 07:56:31I changed the *.txt file in the archive
HacksNewRoad Fighter more time hack2016-10-17 07:34:57
HacksNewGood Claws - Wolverine2016-10-17 06:45:07
HacksNewAlien 3 hack vision2016-07-11 09:45:08
HacksEditMario Runner 2 - Adventures in Dungeon2016-07-10 10:50:23New images
CommunityEditGuyver (X.B.M.)2016-07-10 10:20:56new Email and Logo URL
HacksNewSuper Flappy Bird Nightmare2015-09-07 08:57:23
HelpAdsEditSuper Mario Bros.2015-08-25 07:18:32Bugfix ROM (work in all emulators)
HelpAdsNewSuper Mario Bros.2015-05-30 07:27:13
UtilitiesNewMadWizardEditor2015-03-14 07:25:55
UtilitiesEditIPS2EXE2015-01-23 21:25:48* The size of the program was a bit more, but the program is now friends with antivirus software. * Now patch appears in the center of the desktop. * The size of the finished patch has not changed.
UtilitiesNewIPS2EXE2014-12-31 22:54:27
UtilitiesEditIps2Exe Lite2014-11-14 19:08:27Fix Description: Ips2Exe = Ips2Exe Lite
UtilitiesEditIps2Exe Lite2014-11-10 11:52:34Fix small bug in eng ver and fix readme. Added highlighting of the status line. Change the picture in the description.
UtilitiesEditIps2Exe Lite2014-11-08 06:20:481. Fixed small bug when running the patch, if the program has not been closed. 2. Fixed the errors in the description. 3. In the archive added Russian version.
UtilitiesEditIps2Exe Lite2014-11-04 18:01:16Ips2Exe - Ips2Exe Lite I made another version with the ability to upload images.
UtilitiesNewips2exe2014-10-30 21:12:40
UtilitiesNewMarble Madness Time Editor2014-08-21 05:40:42
UtilitiesEditAddIntroGen2014-03-31 08:03:49Link incorrect(?). Download 90% and over...
UtilitiesEditAddIntroGen2014-03-29 09:19:49ver 1.01 30.03.2014 - second release. - size of the output file became smaller - added obscuring the screen - removed rewinding of the palette
UtilitiesNewAddIntroGen2014-03-22 08:31:24
UtilitiesEditGriever's Pointer Searcher2013-09-14 03:35:13New (right!) Screenshots...
HacksEditMario Bros. Evil Tetris2013-08-30 07:05:50Characters (Mario, Luigi and enemies) can walk up the stairs!
HacksEditMario Bros. Evil Tetris2013-08-20 07:28:17Remove "" in Title, sorry, my mistake...
HacksNew"Mario Bros. Evil Tetris"2013-08-20 06:59:43
CommunityEditGuyver (X.B.M.)2013-01-28 23:12:39link & logo updating
TranslationsEditDon Doko Don 22012-11-26 07:00:43wrong image (error on screen!)
TranslationsNewZoids Mokushiroku2012-11-25 14:53:39
TranslationsNewPyokotan no Dai Meiro2012-11-25 14:51:00
TranslationsNewFleet Commander2012-11-25 14:48:13
TranslationsNewDatach - Crayon Shin Chan - Ora to Poi Poi2012-11-25 14:45:27
TranslationsNewUtsurun Desu2012-11-25 14:42:17
TranslationsNewKawa no Nushi Tsuri2012-11-25 14:06:11
TranslationsNewSuper Star Force: Jikuureki no Himitsu2012-11-25 13:56:08
TranslationsNewDon Doko Don 22012-11-25 13:44:42
HacksNewFront Line 2 Hardcore2012-06-03 10:50:23
HacksNewDuck Hunt - moon walk2011-10-18 04:46:02
CommunityEditChief-NET2011-02-01 08:53:48
HacksEdit1942 Cold Winter2011-01-29 14:05:22
HacksNew1942 Cold Winter2011-01-29 12:52:51
UtilitiesEdit1942 Level Editor2011-01-29 09:04:36
UtilitiesNew1942 Level Editor2011-01-29 03:47:42
HacksNewPyokotan no Dai Meiro Debug Menu2010-09-12 10:20:46
HacksNewGolgo 13 - Top Secret Episode (anticensorship)2010-08-28 19:08:55
CommunityEditGuyver (X.B.M.)2010-05-29 09:50:19
HacksEditBinary Land - Penguins Family2010-05-29 06:36:15
HacksNewBinary Land - Penguins Family2010-05-27 07:39:53
HacksNew- Burning Spaceship - Galg2010-03-06 11:15:29
HacksEditMario Runner 2 - Adventures in Dungeon2009-12-26 07:33:33
HacksNewDatach - Yuu Yuu Hakusho - Bakutou Ankoku Bujutsu 2009-08-28 23:40:03
HacksNewGegege no Kitarou 2 - Youkai Gundan no Chousen Ant2009-08-28 22:17:30
UtilitiesEditChief-net IPS2009-08-28 21:55:03
TranslationsNewWidget2009-02-08 03:04:08
UtilitiesEditChief-net IPS2009-01-07 11:59:08
UtilitiesEditChief-net IPS2009-01-07 09:03:18
TranslationsNewCrossroad Crisis2009-01-03 11:35:51
TranslationsNewCotton: Fantastic Night Dreams2009-01-03 11:32:20
TranslationsNew8 Eye's2009-01-03 00:53:00
UtilitiesEditWCE (Wrecking Crew Editor)2008-12-25 10:17:58
UtilitiesNewPakostnick (English version)2008-12-20 00:22:06
UtilitiesEditChief-net IPS2008-12-19 21:45:29
TranslationsNewAdventures in the Magic Kingdom2008-12-13 08:06:25
CommunityEditChief-NET2008-12-13 03:10:20
UtilitiesNewChief-net IPS2008-12-13 03:05:03
TranslationsNewChoujin Sentai Jetman2008-12-13 02:53:41
TranslationsNewBoulderdash2008-12-13 02:50:19
TranslationsNewJaws2008-12-13 02:47:25
TranslationsNewFriday the 13th2008-12-13 02:42:29
TranslationsNewCastle Quest2008-12-13 02:35:57
TranslationsNewNinja Taro2008-07-07 04:09:59
TranslationsEditOverlord2008-06-04 15:31:00
TranslationsNewOverlord2008-06-01 07:48:14
CommunityEditGuyver (X.B.M.)2008-01-26 09:41:48
UtilitiesNewNo Title Value Reported!2007-04-23 03:28:12
HacksNewNo Title Value Reported!2007-04-23 03:20:18