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FontsNewGOAL! Font2017-12-19 06:32:44
FontsNewGemfire Font2017-12-19 06:19:54
FontsEditMetal Storm - Robo Font2017-12-19 06:12:42Added table.
FontsEditMagician Font2017-12-19 06:05:00Cleaned up and added table file.
FontsEditLegendary Wings Font2017-12-19 05:54:43Added table file.
FontsEditLegacy Of The Wizard2017-12-19 05:45:23Cleaned up and added table.
FontsNewKing's Quest V SCI Font2017-12-19 05:35:55
HomebrewNewPower Glove Analog Mode Test2017-12-19 04:52:25
HacksNewSnake's Revenge - Metal Gear Font2017-12-19 04:06:29
HacksNewSnake's Revenge - Modernized Portraits2017-12-18 19:38:11
CommunityEditTizcommand2017-12-16 03:14:11Linked to forum profile.
FontsEditMedieval Font - Joust2017-12-15 01:56:07Added table.
FontsNewEnix Quintet SNES Font2017-12-15 01:50:57
FontsEditPaperboy Font2017-12-15 01:27:20Added table
FontsEditNightshade Font2017-12-15 01:23:55Added table for this font
FontsNewMetal Force - Thin Stencil Font2017-12-15 01:19:36
FontsNewMetal Force - Large Font2017-12-15 01:15:36
FontsNewBastard!! Lowercase Italic Font2017-12-15 01:09:28
FontsNewBastard!! Lowercase Medieval Font2017-12-15 01:08:29
FontsNewBastard!! Capital Medieval Font2017-12-15 00:59:41
FontsNewBastard!! Capital Italic Font2017-12-15 00:57:21
FontsEditFaxanadu Font2017-12-06 23:56:06Cleaned up & added table.
FontsEditDungeon Magic Font (Italic)2017-12-06 23:51:51Cleaned up and added table.
FontsEditDigital 8x8 Font2017-12-06 23:48:43Cleaned up and added table.
FontsEditDemon's Crest (Large Font)2017-12-06 23:42:28Added table
FontsEditGothic Font - Demon's Crest2017-12-06 23:40:05Cleaned up & added table.
FontsEditMedieval Style Font2017-12-06 23:34:17Cleaned up and added table.
FontsNewCool World Font (Bold)2017-12-06 23:22:58
FontsNewBreath of Fire Font2017-12-06 23:10:48
FontsNewBreath of Fire 2 Font (Small)2017-12-06 23:03:19
FontsNewBreath of Fire 2 Font (Large)2017-12-06 22:42:12
TranslationsEditSuper Soukoban2017-12-03 00:40:35Error in 1st patch uploaded. This one should work fine now.
FontsNewYs III2017-12-01 03:34:11
FontsEditTerminator 2 - Judgement Day2017-12-01 03:25:21Cleaned up and added table.
FontsNewSwedish Font Basic2017-12-01 03:11:07
FontsNewGreek Font Basic2017-12-01 03:00:51
FontsEditGradius III Font2017-12-01 02:55:44Cleaned up and added table.
FontsNewCastlevania 22017-12-01 02:49:36
FontsEditGothic Castlevania Font2017-12-01 02:43:54Cleaned up and included font table.
FontsNewCastle of Deceit2017-12-01 02:36:27
FontsNewBucky O' Hare2017-12-01 02:21:58
FontsNewBlues Brothers2017-12-01 02:10:15
FontsEditBloody Font2017-11-30 01:27:44Included table file.
FontsNewBlade Buster2017-11-30 01:24:57
FontsNewBlackjack2017-11-30 01:21:13
FontsEditLine Font2017-11-30 01:18:00Cleaned up and added table.
FontsEditSquared Font - Battleship2017-11-30 01:14:42Included font table.
FontsNewBarbie2017-11-30 01:06:43
FontsNewAussie Rules Footie2017-11-30 01:02:54
FontsNewAerobiz - Large Letters2017-11-30 00:58:00
FontsNewActraiser 2 (Large Font)2017-11-30 00:53:56
FontsEditKingMike's Deep Dungeon Font2017-11-29 20:37:35Cleaned up and added a table.
FontsNewAl Unser Junior Turbo Racing2017-11-29 20:24:22
CommunityEditKrom2017-11-29 17:27:32Linked to forum profile.
TranslationsEditSuper Soukoban2017-11-29 17:24:11Went back to add Krom in part of release as user was not available before adding credits.
CreditsNewTranslations - Super Soukoban2017-11-29 02:33:34
FontsEditFantasy Zone Font2017-11-28 21:46:25Cleaned up and added table.
FontsEditExtra Wide & Thick Font2017-11-28 21:43:26Cleaned up and added table
FontsEditDash Galaxy Font2017-11-28 01:16:01Cleaned up and added font table.
FontsNewArkanoid - Doh it Again2017-11-28 01:02:13
FontsEditNew Computer Terminal Style Font - Alien 32017-11-28 00:41:14Cleaned up & added font table
TranslationsNewSuper Soukoban2017-11-28 00:23:23
FontsNewAerobiz2017-11-27 19:33:50
FontsNewLame Font2017-11-27 19:25:45
FontsNewAdventures of Lolo 32017-11-27 19:19:41
CommunityEditDJCondor2017-11-27 13:43:29Updated
CommunityEditPiotrek11132017-11-27 13:41:06Updated profile.
FontsNewAddams Family - Pugsley's Scavenger Hunt2017-11-27 01:51:46
FontsNewEye of the Beholder 32017-11-27 01:36:39
FontsEditMilitary Stencil Font - 19432017-11-27 01:21:53Added font table.
FontsNewCode Name - Viper (Bold Font)2017-11-27 01:14:19
FontsEditCode Name - Viper2017-11-27 01:11:12Cleaned up and added font table.
FontsNew3D Worldrunner - Stencil Font2017-11-25 23:53:51
FontsEditBard's Tale Style2017-11-25 23:47:31Cleaned up and added table file.
FontsEditAD&D - Dragon Strike2017-11-25 23:37:21Cleaned up and added table file.
FontsEditAction 52 NES Font2017-11-25 23:31:29Added font table
FontsEdit8 Eyes NES Font2017-11-25 23:25:20Cleaned up and added table file.
FontsEdit7th Saga Font2017-11-25 23:17:15Cleaned up and added Table file.
DocumentsEditVenture Disassembly2017-11-25 23:01:11Date fix.
DocumentsEditSolaris Source2017-11-25 22:59:42Date fix.
DocumentsEditEDICT Format Onomatopoeia List2017-11-25 22:59:08Date fix.
DocumentsEditOutlaw Disassembly2017-11-25 22:57:22Date fix.
DocumentsEditGolden Sun Text Compression Workaround2017-11-24 20:35:11Date fix
DocumentsEditSPC700 Mini Tutorial2017-11-24 20:34:40Date fix.
DocumentsEditReverse Pointer Scan2017-11-24 20:33:53Date fix.
DocumentsEditMontezuma's Revenge Disassembly2017-11-24 20:33:23Date fix.
DocumentsEditDTE Routine2017-11-24 20:33:05Date fix.
DocumentsEditSMB3 Level Data2017-11-24 20:32:38Date fix.
DocumentsEditCrystal Castles Source2017-11-24 20:31:57Date fix.
CommunityEditAdam Clayton2017-11-24 20:31:19Updated profile.
DocumentsEditDark Chambers Source2017-11-24 20:24:54Date fix.
DocumentsEditSega 32X SDK2017-11-24 20:24:19Date fix.
DocumentsEditGuide to Cycle Counting on the Atari 26002017-11-24 05:20:22Date fix.
DocumentsEditSega Genesis Programming Introduction2017-11-24 05:19:52Date fix.
DocumentsEditGenesis Chat Logs2017-11-24 05:19:14Date fix.
DocumentsEditProgramming the Atari 26002017-11-24 05:18:40Date fix and converted .doc to .docx for smaller file size.
DocumentsEditYet Another Sega Genesis VDP Document2017-11-24 05:13:39Date fix.
DocumentsEditCrack'ed2017-11-24 05:12:52Date fix.
DocumentsEditSega Genesis VDP Documentation2017-11-24 05:12:23Date fix.
DocumentsEditSega Genesis Hardware Notes2017-11-24 05:11:53Date fix.
DocumentsEditDigisalt's SNES Palette Tutorial2017-11-24 05:11:26Date fix.
DocumentsEditChanging Atari VCS Graphics The Easy Way2017-11-24 05:11:01Date fix.
DocumentsEditGBA Programming Manual2017-11-24 00:20:24Date fix.
DocumentsEditGenesis Technical Overview2017-11-24 00:20:02Date fix.
DocumentsEditPole Position Source2017-11-24 00:19:17Date fix.
DocumentsEditSNES Developer Manual2017-11-24 00:18:53Date fix.
DocumentsEditFreeway Disassembly2017-11-24 00:15:35Date fix.
DocumentsNoncompliantSNES/SFC Manual2017-11-24 00:14:53Duplicate Entry. Cleaner version found here in PDF format -
DocumentsEditSNES/SFC Manual (PDF Version)2017-11-24 00:14:31Date fix.
DocumentsEditIce Climbers2017-11-24 00:10:18Date fix.
DocumentsEditSpace War Disassembly2017-11-24 00:09:18Date fix.
DocumentsEditDesert Falcon Source2017-11-24 00:07:02Date fix.
CommunityEditJohn David Ratliff2017-11-23 08:59:19Updated profile.
DocumentsEditUltima: Quest of the Avatar2017-11-23 08:55:55Date fix.
DocumentsEditSuper Metroid SRAM Document2017-11-23 08:55:25Date fix.
DocumentsEditGBATEK2017-11-23 08:54:53Date fix.
DocumentsEditNintendo DS File Formats2017-11-23 08:53:59Date fix.
DocumentsEditGamecube DSP2017-11-23 08:53:27Date fix.
DocumentsEditSDAT File Format2017-11-23 08:51:29Date fix.
DocumentsEditChrono Trigger - Hacking Default Player Names2017-11-23 08:50:43Date fix.
DocumentsEditThe Definitive Guide to Exploring File Formats2017-11-23 08:50:06Date fix.
DocumentsEditPower-Up Card Data Doc2017-11-23 04:48:43Date fix.
DocumentsEditSNES/SFC Manual2017-11-23 04:48:09DaTE FIX.
DocumentsEditPharaoh Man AI2017-11-23 04:05:33DaTE fix
DocumentsEditMega Man X3 Decompression Routine2017-11-23 04:04:16Date fix.
DocumentsEditMegaman Xtreme Graphics Decompressing2017-11-23 04:03:37Date fix.
CommunityEditDirty McDingus2017-11-23 04:00:45Linked to forum profile.
DocumentsEditMetroid Source Code Expanded2017-11-23 03:59:16Date fix.
DocumentsEditStat Growth2017-11-23 03:56:22Date fix.
DocumentsEditDisplaying a 2BPP Tile2017-11-23 03:54:56Date fix.
DocumentsEditBionic Commando Offset Document2017-11-23 00:06:00Date fix.
DocumentsEditHow to encode quality Playstation videos2017-11-23 00:05:08Date fix.
DocumentsEditVarious Saturn Hacking Docs2017-11-23 00:04:32Date fix.
DocumentsEditNeo*Geo MVS Hardware Notes2017-11-23 00:01:54Date fix.
DocumentsEditMario's Picross Level Data2017-11-23 00:01:23Date fix.
DocumentsEditD88 File Structure2017-11-23 00:00:59Date fix.
DocumentsEditPokemon Red Tileset Configuration2017-11-23 00:00:04Date fix.,
DocumentsEditEquinox Hacking Document2017-11-22 23:59:42Date fix.
DocumentsEditChrono Trigger Data Offsets2017-11-22 23:59:22Date fix.
DocumentsEditGuardian Legend ROM Hacking Document2017-11-22 12:48:22Date fix
DocumentsEditOracle of Seasons ROM Hacking2017-11-22 12:46:45Date fix.
DocumentsEditSonic 2 Level Select Documentation2017-11-22 12:40:58Date fix.
DocumentsEditMetroid Zero Mission ROM Hacking Data2017-11-22 12:40:03Date fix.
DocumentsEditThe Basics of Bases2017-11-22 12:39:37Date fix,
DocumentsEditYs III DTE2017-11-22 12:39:08Date fix.
DocumentsEditTemporal Flux Manual2017-11-22 12:35:35Date fix.
DocumentsEditDream Maze: Kigurumi no Daibouken (SFC) Font2017-11-22 12:35:06Date fix.
DocumentsEditISO/IEC 6937 Table2017-11-22 12:34:34Date fix
DocumentsEditFinal Fantasy Advance and Chrono Trigger DS Font Specifications2017-11-22 00:50:07Date fix.
DocumentsEditShift-JIS Table2017-11-22 00:49:21Date fix.
DocumentsEditVirtual Boy Programmers Manual2017-11-22 00:48:50Date fix.
DocumentsEditEUC-JP Table2017-11-22 00:48:07Date fix.
DocumentsEditRomancing Saga VWF Source Code2017-11-22 00:47:32Date fix.
DocumentsEditRomancing Saga Quick Notes2017-11-22 00:46:17Date fix.
DocumentsEditTranslhextion Source Code2017-11-22 00:44:37Date fix.
UtilitiesEditTranslhextion2017-11-22 00:43:00Updated description with source code link.
DocumentsEditSNES Register Map2017-11-22 00:39:07Date fix.
DocumentsEditISO/IEC 646 Table2017-11-21 09:55:46Date fix.
DocumentsEditSMB3 Object Data & Enemy Data Orders2017-11-21 09:55:18Date fix.
DocumentsEditHow to find & edit enemy health with FCEUXD2017-11-21 09:54:45Date fix.
DocumentsEditFCEUd, Tutorial #3 (Compression in ROMs)2017-11-21 09:54:23Date fix.
DocumentsEditFF4 Advance Data Structures2017-11-21 09:53:58Date fix.
CommunityEditPKT Paladin2017-11-21 09:53:27Linked to forum profile.
DocumentsEditPseudo 16x16 Tiles2017-11-21 09:49:32Date fix.
DocumentsEditFX Graphics2017-11-21 09:49:20Date fix.
DocumentsEditSNES Chip Labels2017-11-21 09:49:05Date fix.
DocumentsEditFCEUd, Tutorial #2 (Password Generators)2017-11-20 09:32:22Date fix.
DocumentsEditStartropics Level Format Notes2017-11-20 09:31:49Date fix.
DocumentsEditFCEUd, Tutorial #1 (Hacking Character Stats)2017-11-20 09:31:03Date fix.
DocumentsEditDisch Explains PPU Writing2017-11-20 09:30:36Date fix.
DocumentsEditDisch Explains Stack Basics2017-11-20 09:30:00Date fix.
DocumentsEditDisch Explains FF1 Rom Expansion2017-11-20 09:29:21Date fix.
DocumentsEditDisch Explains Mapper Changing2017-11-20 09:28:07Date fix.
DocumentsEditMetroid Password Format Guide2017-11-20 09:27:43Date fix.
DocumentsEditThe P'radikus Conflict2017-11-20 09:27:16Date fix.
CommunityEditColor Dreams2017-11-19 11:12:44Updated profile.
DocumentsEditMega Man Title Screen Sound Code2017-11-19 02:47:49Date fix
DocumentsEditGameboy ASM Hacking Guide2017-11-19 02:47:15Date fix.
DocumentsEditMiniguide on Virtual File Systems2017-11-19 02:46:37Date fix.
DocumentsEditFinal Fantasy VI Offsets Guide2017-11-19 02:45:26Date fix.
DocumentsEditMega Man IV Password Crack2017-11-19 02:44:44Date fix.
CommunityEditjayz2992017-11-19 02:43:51Linked to profile.
DocumentsEditMegaMan 2 (NES) Password Crack2017-11-19 02:42:12Date fix.
DocumentsEditChrono Trigger Compression2017-11-19 02:40:47Date fix.
DocumentsEditPokémon GSC Supplment2017-11-19 02:40:03Date fix.
DocumentsEditFEDS (U) Hacking Documentation2017-11-18 00:46:03Date fix
DocumentsEditSuper Mario 64 Notes2017-11-18 00:45:12Date fix
DocumentsEditSMB3 Level and Pointer Data2017-11-18 00:44:36Date fix
DocumentsEditSPC7110 Info2017-11-18 00:44:13Date fix.
DocumentsEditSPC7110F0a Chip Information2017-11-18 00:43:08Date fix.
DocumentsEditDual-Tile Encoding: NES/Famicom Implementation2017-11-18 00:42:24Date fix.
DocumentsEditSuper Famicom Sound Manual2017-11-18 00:40:00Date fix.
DocumentsEditGameboy Programming Manual2017-11-18 00:38:42Date fix.
DocumentsNoncompliantIPS File Format2017-11-18 00:33:20Reviewed for having misleading information that is incorrect...
DocumentsEditFEDA VWF Routine2017-11-18 00:32:20Date fix
DocumentsEditN64 Opcodes List2017-11-17 04:01:04Date fix
DocumentsEditN64 CPU Documentation2017-11-17 04:00:38Date fix
DocumentsEditUPS File Format Specification2017-11-17 04:00:11Date fix.
DocumentsEditNuts & Milk Data2017-11-17 03:33:08Date fix.
DocumentsEditGimmick! Rom Hacking Document2017-11-17 03:29:44Date fix.
DocumentsEditCompression Library2017-11-17 03:28:41Date fix.
CommunityEditCommando1252017-11-17 03:28:15Linked to forum profile.
DocumentsEditTBL Lib2017-11-17 03:26:32Date fix.
DocumentsEditNES Dictionary Code w/DTE support2017-11-17 03:25:22Date fix.
DocumentsEditZelda Overworld Color Hacking2017-11-17 03:25:02Date fix.
DocumentsEditDTE - You can do it, we can help2017-11-17 03:24:07Date fix.
DocumentsEditEverything You Have Always Wanted to Know about the Playstation But Were Afraid to Ask2017-11-17 03:23:44Date fix.
DocumentsEditNES Rom Expansion2017-11-17 03:22:01Date fix.
DocumentsEditSystem Operation2017-11-15 23:20:55DaTE FIX.
DocumentsEditDMA Transfers, Compression, and You2017-11-15 23:20:22Date fix.
DocumentsEditSPU information2017-11-15 23:19:48Date fix.
DocumentsEditGTE information2017-11-15 23:19:21Date fix.
DocumentsEditGPU information2017-11-15 23:18:36Date fix.
DocumentsEditG.I. Joe Passwords2017-11-15 23:17:40Date fix.
DocumentsEditQuick CDrom explanation2017-11-15 23:17:12Date fix.
DocumentsEditNintendo Entertainment System Architecture2017-11-15 23:16:28Date fix.
DocumentsEditZelda 3 Sprite Sheet2017-11-15 23:15:48Date fix.
DocumentsEditFinal Fantasy V Save Format2017-11-15 23:15:19Date fix.
DocumentsEditHow to Use SMBED2017-11-15 18:49:08Date fix.
DocumentsEditCompression of SNES ROMs2017-11-15 18:48:32Date fix.
DocumentsEditFire ‘N Ice Data2017-11-15 18:47:52Date fix.
DocumentsEditCompression Tutorial2017-11-15 18:47:29Date fix.
DocumentsEditSMB Utility FAQ2017-11-15 18:46:56Date fix.
DocumentsEditSuper Gameboy Tech Doc2017-11-15 18:46:23Date fix.
DocumentsEditCastlevania Enemy Data2017-11-15 18:45:31Date fix.
DocumentsEditGameboy Z80 Instruction Set2017-11-15 18:45:00Date fix.
DocumentsEditWS Tech 2.32017-11-15 18:44:37Date fix.
DocumentsEditZelda 3 Documentation2017-11-15 18:44:11Date fix.
DocumentsEditNTSC 2C02 Technical Reference2017-11-15 03:53:05Date fix.
DocumentsEditMs. Pac-Man (NES) Maze Data Format2017-11-15 03:52:27Date fix.
DocumentsEditMs Pac-Man Hacking Document2017-11-15 03:47:38Date fix.
DocumentsEditGalaxian (NES) Disassembly2017-11-15 03:47:04Date fix
DocumentsEditLocating graphics with VBA-SDL-H2017-11-15 03:46:05Date fix.
DocumentsEditZelda Decompression Code2017-11-15 03:45:38Date fix.
DocumentsEditMac Hack2017-11-15 03:45:01Date fix.
DocumentsEditTile Locations2017-11-15 03:44:18Date fix.
DocumentsEditThe Way to Get GFX From Other Games Into Your SMW-Hack2017-11-15 03:43:10Date Fix
DocumentsEditLunar Magic Class 3 - Overworld Editing2017-11-15 03:41:56Date fix.
DocumentsEditSuper Mario Bros. 2 FDS Disassembly2017-11-14 00:47:12Date fix.
DocumentsEditSeiken Densetsu 3 Saveram Hacking2017-11-14 00:46:48Date fix.
DocumentsEditWarlocked Music Source Code2017-11-14 00:42:55Date fix.
DocumentsEditFF2 Shop Bytes2017-11-14 00:42:20Date fix.
DocumentsEditThe Assorted Mario Hacking Shop2017-11-14 00:41:54Date fix.
CommunityEditZakem662017-11-14 00:32:55Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditaleckermit2017-11-14 00:32:26Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditNotthisguy2017-11-14 00:30:59Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditDosBoss2017-11-14 00:30:19Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditKhefz2017-11-14 00:09:52Linked to forum profile.
DocumentsEditRecord of the Lodoss War R'Engineer Notes2017-11-12 18:09:00Date fix.
DocumentsEditRhino Rumble Music Source Code2017-11-12 18:08:16Date fix.
DocumentsEditKatharsis2017-11-12 18:07:50Date fix.
DocumentsEditFinal Fantasy II/IVj State Hacking2017-11-12 18:07:24Date fix.
DocumentsEditJet Force Gemini Music Source Code2017-11-12 18:06:37Date fix.
DocumentsEditHard Truck Music Source Code2017-11-12 18:06:16Date fix.
DocumentsEditSuper Mario RPG Hacking Docs2017-11-12 18:05:55Date fix.
DocumentsEditCrimson Music Source Code2017-11-12 18:05:25Date fix.
DocumentsEditFF2 Monster Bytes2017-11-12 18:04:59Date fix.
DocumentsEditSuper Mario Bros. 1 Music Data Documentation2017-11-12 18:04:24Date fix.
DocumentsEditSuper Mario Bros NES R.Eng Project2017-11-11 23:47:17Date fix.
DocumentsEditMegaman I NES ROM Tech Doc2017-11-11 23:46:46Date fix.
DocumentsEditThe Flash Music Source Code2017-11-11 23:46:06Date fix.
DocumentsEditZelda I Docs2017-11-11 23:45:43Date fix.
DocumentsEditLethal Weapon 3 Music Source Code2017-11-11 23:45:18Date fix.
DocumentsEditZelda Hacking Tutorial2017-11-11 23:44:41Date fix.
DocumentsEditSMB Memory Map2017-11-11 23:42:16Date fix.
DocumentsEditNES Game Genie Code Format DOC2017-11-11 23:41:32Date fix.
DocumentsEditThe A-Team Music Source Code2017-11-11 23:41:11Date fix.
DocumentsEditThe Minus World Explained2017-11-11 23:40:38Date fix.
DocumentsEditLeghack2017-11-11 22:25:44Date Fix.
DocumentsEditKefka's Kirby's Adventure Notes2017-11-11 22:24:39Date fix.
DocumentsEditFinal Fantasy IIj Save Editing2017-11-11 22:23:22Date fix.
DocumentsEditEX-Mutants Source Code2017-11-11 22:22:09Date fix.
DocumentsEditThe Huge Super Mario Bros. 3 Data for Super NES2017-11-11 22:21:36Date fix.
DocumentsEditHacking Savestates for Final Fantasy2017-11-11 22:20:04Date fix.
DocumentsEditMr. Nutz 2 Source Code2017-11-11 22:19:26Date fix.
DocumentsEditDragon Warrior SRAM Guide2017-11-11 22:18:22Date fix.
DocumentsEditCliffhanger2017-11-11 22:10:53Date fix.
DocumentsEditKaioShin’s Dragon Quest Monsters VWF2017-11-11 22:10:21Date fix.
DocumentsEditFinal Fantasy Bytes2017-11-11 05:52:39Date fix.
DocumentsEditWinter Gold Music Source Code2017-11-11 05:52:02Date fix.
DocumentsEditFinal Fantasy Bits and Bobbles2017-11-11 05:51:03Date fix.
DocumentsEditNBA Hangtime Music Source Code2017-11-11 05:50:20Date fix.
DocumentsEditSuper Mario Bros. Hacking Document2017-11-11 05:49:13Date fix.
DocumentsEditGBA Palette Changing FAQ2017-11-11 05:48:51Date fix.
DocumentsEditTableLib2017-11-11 05:48:23Date fix.
DocumentsEditSuper Mario RPG Byte References2017-11-11 05:47:54Date fix.
DocumentsEditNijuu Music Source Code2017-11-11 05:47:13Date fix.
DocumentsEditPocahontas Music Source Code2017-11-11 04:35:14Date fix.
DocumentsEditFrank15’s Super Mario Land Notes2017-11-11 04:34:39Date fix.
DocumentsEditFF2 Charactery Bytes2017-11-11 04:33:09Date fix.
DocumentsEditCastlevania II: Simon's Quest Hacking Guide2017-11-11 04:32:28Date fix.
DocumentsEditHow to Change Wild Pokemon2017-11-11 04:32:05Date fix.
CreditsNewTranslations - Pocket Billiard: Funk the 9 Ball2017-11-11 04:31:29
DocumentsEditText Hacking / Translation Tutorial2017-11-11 04:26:39Date fix.
DocumentsEditFF1 Facelift Bytes2017-11-11 04:23:38Date fix.
DocumentsEditFDS Loader Documentation2017-11-10 23:20:49Date fix.
DocumentsEditFDS Sound2017-11-10 23:20:14Date fix.
DocumentsEditFamicom Disk System Technical Reference2017-11-10 03:36:12Date fix.
DocumentsEditDSP-1 Emulation Code2017-11-10 03:35:18Date fix.
DocumentsEditThe ROM Hack Document2017-11-10 03:34:39Date fix.
DocumentsEditFinal Fantasy 1 Music Driver Disassembly2017-11-10 03:33:31Date fix.
DocumentsEditNES Music Format Specification2017-11-10 03:32:39Date fix.
DocumentsEditThe Novice Translation Document2017-11-10 03:30:56Date fix.
DocumentsEditNES Music Ripping Guide2017-11-10 03:29:33Date fix.
CommunityEditpopehentai2017-11-10 02:31:04Forum profile link
CreditsNewTranslations - Sore Ike! Anpanman - Minna de Hiking Game!2017-11-10 02:26:09
CreditsNewHacks - Wilford Brimley Battle2017-11-10 02:24:05
CommunityEditW hat2017-11-10 02:19:11Linked to forum profile.
DocumentsEditPrint GPU2017-11-09 08:57:00Date fix.
DocumentsEditNewbie NES Text Hacking, The2017-11-09 08:56:28Date fix.
DocumentsEditEverynes - Nocash NES specs2017-11-09 08:54:34Date fix.
CreditsNewHacks - Sonny Bono's Ski Adventure2017-11-09 08:40:00
CommunityEditDoomed2017-11-09 04:31:01Updated profile.
DocumentsEditPSX VBlank2017-11-09 04:20:09Date fix.
DocumentsEditTechnocop Music Source Code2017-11-09 04:19:45Date fix.
DocumentsEditChanging a NES Game's Text2017-11-09 04:19:22Date fix.
DocumentsEditOrochimaru's Perfect Guide to Hyrule Magic2017-11-09 04:18:47Date fix.
DocumentsEditOverlord Music Source Code2017-11-09 04:17:17Date fix.
DocumentsEditRobocop 3 Music Source Code2017-11-09 04:16:49Date fix.
DocumentsEditDragonball Z 3: Killer Androids ASM Source Code2017-11-09 04:16:20Date fix.
DocumentsEditThe Gameboy ROM Hacking Doc2017-11-09 04:15:56Date fix.
FontsNewThai Font2017-11-09 02:34:42
DocumentsEditRomancing Saga 2 VWF2017-11-08 16:51:56Date fix.
DocumentsEditKiwibonga's Table-File Making Doc2017-11-08 16:50:20Date fix.
DocumentsEditHow To Make Table Files2017-11-08 16:49:43Date fix
DocumentsEditEverything You Always Wanted To Know About GAMEBOY2017-11-08 16:49:05Date fix.
DocumentsEditDefinitive Guide to ROM Hacking Tables, The2017-11-08 16:48:06Date fix.
DocumentsEditTurbografx CD Intro2017-11-08 16:47:26Date fix.
DocumentsEditConstructing Tables for NES ROM Hacking2017-11-08 16:46:58Date fix.
DocumentsEditRelative Searcher 2.4 Tutorial2017-11-08 16:46:27Date fix.
DocumentsEditCD-ROM BIOS Functions (8)2017-11-08 16:45:35Date fix.
DocumentsEditHero Quest Source Code2017-11-08 16:44:16Date fix
DocumentsEditPC-Engine Video Display Controller Documentation2017-11-07 23:36:34Date fix.
DocumentsEditSecret of Evermore SRAM Guide2017-11-07 06:25:04Date fix.
DocumentsEditPalette Modifications of an NES file using a Hex Editor2017-11-07 06:24:24Date fix.
DocumentsEditCrystal Mines Source Code2017-11-07 06:21:44Date fix.
DocumentsEditThe Newbie NES Palette Hacking Tutorial2017-11-07 06:20:55Date fix.
DocumentsEditS-NES Emulator SE Sound Code2017-11-07 06:20:26Date fix & fixed file extension to .txt
DocumentsEditEasy Way to Find Level Data in Some NES Games2017-11-07 06:17:59Date fix.
DocumentsEditMemory Address List2017-11-07 06:17:34Date fix.
DocumentsEditThe Definitive Guide to ROM Hacking for Complete Beginners2017-11-07 06:17:09Date fix.
DocumentsEditTitle Screen Hacking for the Gameboy with NO$GMB2017-11-07 06:16:47Date fix.
DocumentsEditTIM Graphic Formats 1.02017-11-07 06:16:16Date fix.
DocumentsEditUsing Pointers Effectively2017-11-06 03:26:28Date fix.
DocumentsEditPC Engine Programmable Sound Generator2017-11-06 03:26:04Date fix.
DocumentsEditThe Mad Hacker's Guide to Pointers (Appendix B)2017-11-06 03:24:48Date fix.
DocumentsEditThe Mad Hacker's Guide to Pointers2017-11-06 03:24:05Date fix.
DocumentsEditJohn Smith (James Bond Jr. Prototype) Source Code2017-11-06 03:23:36Date fix.
DocumentsEditMagician Source Code2017-11-06 03:17:43Date fix.
DocumentsEditTurboGrafx-16 Hardware Notes2017-11-06 03:17:04Date fix.
DocumentsEditNES 16×16 Tile Format2017-11-06 03:16:23Date fix.
DocumentsEditLinks Awakening DX ASM2017-11-06 03:14:41Date fix.
DocumentsEditName Table & Pattern Table Doc2017-11-06 02:34:22Date fix.
DocumentsEditHow to Edit 16×16 tiles2017-11-06 02:33:46Date fix.
DocumentsEditHacking Your Way to Superstardom with the NESticle Emulator2017-11-06 02:33:16Date fix.
DocumentsEditConverting SNES pointers to 24-bit2017-11-06 02:32:44Date fix.
DocumentsEditEditing Fonts without the Aid of a Graphics Editor2017-11-06 02:32:19Date fix.
DocumentsEditSNESGT savestate format2017-11-06 02:31:34Date fix.
DocumentsEditGB Hardware Information2017-11-06 02:31:07Date fix.
DocumentsEditCompression - DTE Packer2017-11-06 02:28:06Date fix.
DocumentsEditMega Man Sound Disassembly2017-11-06 02:26:31Date fix.
HacksEdit! Mario Bros.2017-11-06 02:24:48Uploaded correct patch.
DocumentsEditStunt Race FX Hacking Notes2017-11-05 13:37:08Date fix.
DocumentsEditDecompression of SNES fonts2017-11-05 13:35:31Date Fix, disregard older entry posted.
DocumentsEditRecompression2017-11-05 13:34:41Date fix.
DocumentsEditFF1 Magic Notes2017-11-05 13:34:11Date fix.
DocumentsEditSilva Saga 2 VWF2017-11-05 13:33:43Date fix.
DocumentsEditCartridge Interface2017-11-05 13:32:24Date fix.
DocumentsEditRiver City Ransom Password Algorithm2017-11-05 13:31:57Date fix.
DocumentsEditPlaystation Pointers2017-11-05 13:31:29Date fix.
CommunityEditSunakazeKun2017-11-05 13:29:38Updated profile Information.
DocumentsEditCart Information2017-11-05 00:39:37Date fix.
DocumentsEditCalifornia Games 2 Music Source Code2017-11-05 00:38:01Date fix.
DocumentsEditBRR Sound Encoding Scheme2017-11-05 00:37:29Date fix.
DocumentsEditBram Stoker's Dracula Music Source Code2017-11-05 00:35:13Date fix.
DocumentsEditBram Stoker's Dracula Music Source Code2017-11-05 00:34:34Date fix.
DocumentsEditBram Stoker's Dracula Music Source Code2017-11-05 00:33:54Date fix.
DocumentsEditBlaster Master Level Format2017-11-05 00:33:24Date fix.
UtilitiesEditBlaster Construction Kit2017-11-05 00:32:20Added source code to utility.
DocumentsEditNES APU Sound Hardware Reference2017-11-05 00:10:23Date fix.
DocumentsEditBlargg’s S-DSP Timer Glitch Explanation2017-11-05 00:09:36Date fix.
DocumentsEditBinary Land Data2017-11-04 04:58:33Date fix.
DocumentsEditBeauty and the Beast Music Source Code2017-11-04 04:57:13Date fix.
DocumentsEditBCEI Basic Text Replacement2017-11-04 04:56:43Date fix.
DocumentsEditBarbie Super Model Source Code2017-11-04 04:56:16Date fix.
DocumentsEditAtari 2600 TIA Map2017-11-04 04:55:44Date fix.
DocumentsEditAtari 2600 TIA Hardware Notes2017-11-04 04:53:56Date fix.
DocumentsEditAtari 2600 RIOT Map2017-11-04 04:53:33DATE FIX
DocumentsEditAtari 2600 Music And Sound Programming Guide2017-11-04 04:52:53Date fix.
DocumentsEditAtari 2600 Memory Map2017-11-04 04:50:54Date fix.
DocumentsEditAnusP's Advanced Hacking Tutorial2017-11-04 04:49:53Date fix.
DocumentsEditArchive formats in Gyakuten Kenji 22017-11-03 07:49:02Date fix.
DocumentsEditYars' Revenge Disassembly2017-11-03 07:47:37Date fix.
DocumentsEditSurround Disassembly2017-11-03 07:47:04Date fix.
DocumentsEditRed Vs. Blue Disassembly2017-11-03 07:46:20Date fix
DocumentsEditNight Driver2017-11-03 07:45:46Date fix.
DocumentsEditE.T. the Extra-Terrestrial Disassembly2017-11-03 07:44:43Date fix.
DocumentsEditDonkey Kong Disassembly2017-11-03 07:44:13Date fix.
DocumentsEditBerzerk Disassembly2017-11-03 07:43:53Date fix.
HomebrewNewClimber 52017-11-03 07:42:24
DocumentsEditAir Sea Battle2017-11-03 07:33:13Date fix.
DocumentsEditAn Introductory Guide to Hacking Nintendo World Cup2017-11-03 04:45:57Date fix.
DocumentsEditAn Introduction to Understanding/Hacking 8 Bit Graphics2017-11-03 04:45:14Date fix.
DocumentsEditWheel of Fortune Starring Vanna White Music Source Code2017-11-03 04:44:29Date fix.
DocumentsEditTop Gear Music Source Code2017-11-03 04:44:04Date fix.
DocumentsEditSuper Cars Music Source Code2017-11-03 04:43:20Date fix.
DocumentsEditJack Nicklaus Golf Music Source Code2017-11-03 04:42:52Date fix.
DocumentsEditAmerican Gladiators Music Source Code2017-11-03 04:42:12Date fix.
DocumentsEditSM64 Hacking Tutorial2017-11-03 04:40:28Date fix.
DocumentsEditAltering Objects in SM642017-11-03 04:39:57Date fix.
CommunityEditJensthecomposer2017-11-03 04:39:28Updated profile.
DocumentsEditAdventure Disassembly2017-11-02 23:39:18Date fix.
DocumentsEditAddrem2017-11-02 23:38:45Date fix.
DocumentsEditTileLayer Pro palette file format2017-11-02 23:37:42Date fix.
DocumentsEditSPC File Format2017-11-02 23:37:19Date fix.
DocumentsEditSNES9x savestate file format2017-11-02 23:36:43Date fix.
DocumentsEditAddendum to ZSNES Savestate Format2017-11-02 23:36:06Date fix.
DocumentsEdit65816 Programming Primer2017-11-02 23:34:57Date fix and replaced with a much easier to read & navigate HTML version.
CommunityEditBrett Tabke2017-11-02 23:30:07Updated profile.
DocumentsEdit20 Levels of NSF ripping2017-11-02 23:27:30Date fix.
DocumentsEditZSNES Savestate Format2017-11-02 23:26:50Date fix.
DocumentsEdit(6502) Assembly in One Step2017-11-02 00:06:44Date fix.
DocumentsEditDragonball Z: Assault of the Saiyans Source Code2017-11-01 02:17:10Date fix.
DocumentsEditV Gundam Source Code2017-11-01 02:16:38Date fix.
DocumentsEditDragonball Z Gaiden: Plan to Eliminate the Saiyans Source Code2017-11-01 02:16:09Date fix.
DocumentsEditGraphics Hacking2017-11-01 02:15:40Date fix.
DocumentsEditLufia II Documents2017-11-01 02:14:54Date fix.
DocumentsEditSuper Adventure Island2017-11-01 02:13:58Date fix.
DocumentsEditGBC Hardware2017-11-01 02:13:30Date fix.
DocumentsEditSega Master System Technical Information2017-11-01 02:12:37Date fix.
CommunityEditRichard Talbot-Watkins2017-11-01 02:12:01Updated Profile.
DocumentsEditMoonsweeper Source2017-11-01 01:55:21Date fix.
DocumentsEditSuper Mario RPG RAM addresses2017-10-31 20:27:46Date fix.
DocumentsEditSuper Mario RPG ROM Offsets2017-10-31 20:27:05Date fix.
DocumentsEditDragonfire Source2017-10-31 02:12:18Date fix.
DocumentsEditFreefall Source Code2017-10-31 02:10:44Date fix.
DocumentsEditSecret Scout in the Temple of Demise Source Code2017-10-31 02:09:55Date fix.
DocumentsEditCombat Disassembly2017-10-31 02:07:46Date fix.
CommunityEditryanbgstl2017-10-31 02:02:14Updated profile
DocumentsEditKaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru Technical Notes2017-10-31 02:00:39Date fix.
DocumentsEditSuper Mario Brothers 1 Level Map Bytes2017-10-31 02:00:07Date fix.
DocumentsEditTables for Dummies2017-10-31 01:59:02date fix.
DocumentsEditPokemon Red/Blue Pokedex Data Structure2017-10-31 01:58:02Date fix.
CommunityEditSawakita2017-10-31 01:57:09Linked to forum profile.
DocumentsEditKid Chameleon Hacking Info2017-10-30 04:55:01Date fix.
DocumentsEditMegaman 5 Palette Hacking Doc2017-10-30 04:54:27Date fix.
DocumentsEditThe ROM Hacker's Bible2017-10-30 04:53:58Date fix.
DocumentsEditSNES Cart Hacking Info2017-10-30 04:53:28Date fix.
DocumentsEditHacking NES Music2017-10-30 04:53:05Date fix.
DocumentsEditA Beginner's Guide to NES ROM Hacking2017-10-30 04:52:35Date fix.
DocumentsEditHacking Final Fantasy 3j NESticle Save States2017-10-29 06:55:48Date fix.
DocumentsEditHacking The Legend of Zelda NESticle Save States2017-10-29 06:55:11Date fix.
DocumentsEditDragon Warrior Bytes2017-10-29 06:54:41Date fix.
DocumentsEditCastlevania Music Format2017-10-29 06:54:12Date fix.
DocumentsEditMusic Bytes 0.7 (Unofficial update by Sliver X)2017-10-29 06:53:46Date fix.
DocumentsEditMetroid Source Code2017-10-29 06:51:46Date fix.
DocumentsEditTile Molester v0.16 Source Code2017-10-28 23:23:57Date fix.
DocumentsEditFinal Fantasy 2j Save State Hacking2017-10-28 23:23:09Date fix.
DocumentsEditHex Lesson2017-10-28 23:22:22Date fix.
CommunityEditSP2017-10-28 23:20:06Updated profile.
DocumentsEditFaxanadu Disassembly2017-10-28 23:08:38Date fix.
DocumentsEditRiddle of the Sphinx Disassembly2017-10-28 23:06:30Date fix.
CommunityEditSparda2017-10-28 17:28:21Linked to forum profile.
DocumentsEditText Demo - Source Code2017-10-28 17:27:46Date fix.
DocumentsEditCreating PC patchers with NSIS2017-10-28 17:25:40Date fix.
DocumentsEditShift-JIS Table2017-10-28 17:23:22Date fix.
DocumentsEditJIS X 0213 Table2017-10-28 17:22:58Date fix.
DocumentsEditJIS X 0211 Table2017-10-28 17:22:37Date fix.
DocumentsNewShift-JIS w/ redone English Lettering2017-10-28 17:12:19
DocumentsNewShift-JIS & UTF-8 Table2017-10-28 17:01:28
DocumentsEditJIS X 0201 Table2017-10-27 23:49:04Date fix.
DocumentsEditCinepak for Sega - Breakdown2017-10-27 23:48:33Date fix.
CommunityEditThomas Mathys2017-10-27 23:47:25Date fix.
CommunityEditSteve Wright2017-10-27 23:32:24Updated Info
DocumentsEditStella Programmer's Guide2017-10-27 23:29:31Date fix.
DocumentsEditVariable Width Font2017-10-27 23:28:30Date fix. Also added to .RAR for compliance.
HacksEditMetroid Super Zero Mission Hard Edition2017-10-27 23:10:37Updated to version 2.4
CommunityEditSBniconico2017-10-27 23:08:25Updated profile.
DocumentsEditRomance of Forgotten Kingdom Staff Roll Image File Format2017-10-27 05:15:28Date fix.
DocumentsEditFinal Fantasy I for NES Hacking Text2017-10-27 05:14:55Date fix.
DocumentsEditSave State Hacking with Visual Basic2017-10-27 05:14:14Date fix.
DocumentsEditNES Rom Expansion 1022017-10-27 05:13:35Date fix.
DocumentsEditNES Palette hacking: The Fast way2017-10-27 05:13:08Date fix.
DocumentsEditTMD Packet List Format2017-10-27 05:08:33Date and author fix.
DocumentsEditTMD Graphics Format2017-10-27 05:05:43Date fix. Disregard last entry.
DocumentsEditTMD Graphics Format2017-10-27 05:03:46Date fix.
DocumentsEditRLEDecmp2017-10-26 23:54:55Date fix.
DocumentsEditNES Rom Expansion 1012017-10-26 19:47:34Date fix.
DocumentsEditNES Sound demo2017-10-26 19:47:03Date fix.
DocumentsEditSuper Castlevania IV: Graphics decompression2017-10-26 19:46:16Date fix.
DocumentsEditBionic Commando ROM Hacking2017-10-26 19:45:33Date fix.
DocumentsEditHacking Sprites2017-10-26 19:45:08Date fix.
DocumentsEditHacking Music2017-10-26 19:44:54Date fix.
DocumentsEditHacking Sound2017-10-26 19:44:41Date fix.
CommunityEditThe Almighty Guru2017-10-26 18:23:53Updated profile.
DocumentsEditHacking RPG Inventories2017-10-26 06:51:29Date fix.
DocumentsEditHacking Save States2017-10-26 06:50:24Date fix.
HomebrewNewCave 1K2017-10-26 06:45:17
HomebrewNewSplatform 26002017-10-26 06:34:31
CommunityEditAndrew Davie2017-10-26 06:15:59Date fix.
CommunityEditDennis Debro2017-10-26 06:13:48Updated profile.
DocumentsEditFF2 US Docs2017-10-26 06:09:19Date fix.
CommunityEditThomas Jentzsch2017-10-26 06:06:07Updated Profile.
DocumentsEditHow to Disassemble 8K Games with DiStella2017-10-26 05:58:51Date fix
DocumentsEditAsteroids Disassembly2017-10-26 05:55:10Date fix.
DocumentsEditCosmic Ark Disassembly2017-10-25 05:46:31Date fix.
DocumentsEditSonic Advance Hacking Notes2017-10-25 05:46:04Date fix.
DocumentsEditThe Palette Hacking Doc2017-10-25 05:45:35Date fix.
DocumentsEditBonks Adventure Tile and Tilemap Format2017-10-25 05:44:52Date fix.
DocumentsEditDowntown Nekketsu Monogatari Compression2017-10-25 05:44:24Date fix.
DocumentsEditCamera Hacking Guide2017-10-25 05:43:51Date fix.
DocumentsEditFaxanadu Level Data2017-10-25 05:42:38Date fix.
DocumentsEditROM Hacking/Translating for Anyone Volume 22017-10-24 04:54:36Date fix
DocumentsEditROM Hacking/Translating for Anyone Volume 12017-10-24 04:53:39Date fix
DocumentsEditSNES Initialization Source Code2017-10-24 04:52:46date fix.
DocumentsEditPC Engine hardware info2017-10-24 04:52:12date fix,.
DocumentsEditSuper Metroid Compression2017-10-24 04:51:04date fix.
CommunityEditALXR2017-10-24 04:47:44Updated profile
DocumentsEditHacking Wild Pokemon Encounters2017-10-24 02:26:40Date fix.
DocumentsEditIntroduction to Reverse Engineering WIN32 Applications2017-10-24 02:25:54Date fix.
DocumentsEditRoad Rash 2 ROM Hacking Guide2017-10-24 02:23:45Date fix.
DocumentsEditHow to Make Genesis Game Genie Codes With Gens Tracer2017-10-24 02:22:48Date fix.
UtilitiesEditPr1SnesLevEd2017-10-24 02:14:51Updated version
DocumentsEditThe Art of ROMhacking2017-10-24 02:04:50Date fix.
UtilitiesEditRoomShaker2017-10-24 01:57:15Updated to 1.80
UtilitiesNewApoplexy2017-10-24 01:54:20
UtilitiesNewApoplexy2017-10-24 01:52:42
UtilitiesNewWhitehole2017-10-24 01:42:46
LinksNewPrince of Persia Community Forum2017-10-23 19:31:16
DocumentsEditHow to Make NES Game Genie Codes With a Debugger2017-10-21 23:18:09Date fix.
DocumentsEditCrystalis Monster Data2017-10-21 23:17:27Date fix.
DocumentsEditCrystalis Shop Prices Data2017-10-21 23:16:59Date fix.
DocumentsEditSuper Mario RPG Bytes2017-10-21 23:16:37Date fix.
DocumentsEditCaptain Tsubasa 2 Hacking Guide2017-10-21 23:15:47Date fix.
DocumentsEditProgramming the 658162017-10-21 23:15:19Date fix.
DocumentsEditCorrupt Corrupting2017-10-21 23:14:22Date fix.
DocumentsEditSM64 Hacking Doc2017-10-21 23:13:10Date fix.
DocumentsEditChrono Lover's Guide to Modding, Vol I: Background Insertion2017-10-21 23:12:19Date fix.
HacksEditZelda - The Legend of Link2017-10-21 23:10:52Updated to version 10-15-2017
DocumentsEditWindwaker's Kirby's Adventure Notes2017-10-21 17:55:11Date fix.
DocumentsEdit6502 Palette Changing Tutorial2017-10-21 17:54:05Date fix.
DocumentsEditXcalibur's Pointer Document2017-10-21 17:52:41Date fix.
DocumentsEditHow NES Graphics work2017-10-21 17:51:39Date fix.
DocumentsEditZdawg's NES ROM Hacking Document2017-10-21 03:25:44Date fix.
DocumentsEditReading Data Through a Table2017-10-21 03:25:09Date fix.
DocumentsEditTurbografx-16 CD Syscard BIOS Functions - Bank 02017-10-21 03:24:35Date fix.
DocumentsEditChrono Trigger Music Library ROM Hacking2017-10-21 03:23:53Date fix.
DocumentsEditSonic Advance 3 Attack Notes2017-10-20 20:18:52Date fix.
DocumentsEditNES ROM Hacking2017-10-20 20:17:49Date fix.
DocumentsEditZSNES Savestate SPC Format2017-10-20 20:17:22Date fix.
CommunityEditSour2017-10-20 20:05:13Updated profile.
DocumentsEditTurbografx-16 CD BIOS Math Functions2017-10-20 06:34:29Date fix.
DocumentsEditColor Dreams Lockout Chip Stunner2017-10-20 06:33:38Date fix.
DocumentsEditColor Dreams NES Programming Manual2017-10-20 06:32:27Date fix.
UtilitiesNewSM64 Tweaker2017-10-20 06:28:41
UtilitiesNewSM64 Text Manager2017-10-20 06:22:53
UtilitiesNewSM64 Area Importer2017-10-20 06:17:37
UtilitiesNewiNES Header Editor2017-10-20 05:32:29
UtilitiesNewMakeINES2017-10-20 04:34:37
DocumentsEditLz_comp22017-10-19 21:20:51date fix.
DocumentsEditHomebrew Handbook for SNES2017-10-19 21:19:26Date fix.
DocumentsEditGrog’s Guide to DMA and HDMA on the SNES2017-10-19 21:18:47Date fix
DocumentsEditBattle City Title Screen Hacking2017-10-19 21:18:17Date fix.
DocumentsEditTIA Color Charts2017-10-19 21:17:19Date fix
DocumentsEditIndy 500 Disassembly2017-10-19 21:16:56Date fix.
DocumentsEditAtari 2600 VCS Precise Sound Values and Distortion Breakdown2017-10-19 21:16:11Date fix.
DocumentsEditMega Man Title Screen Chart2017-10-19 21:15:45Date fix.
DocumentsEditGiegue's Master Guide to Hacking Pokemon Games Red-Crystal2017-10-19 21:14:49Date fix.
DocumentsEditSH7604 Hardware User Manual2017-10-19 20:06:58Date fix.
DocumentsEditCrossbow2017-10-19 20:06:16Date fix.
DocumentsEditCommando Source Code2017-10-19 20:05:43Date fix.
DocumentsEditASM Hacking for Dummies2017-10-19 20:04:28Date fix.
DocumentsEditCentipede Source Code2017-10-19 20:03:32Date fix.
DocumentsEditBIOS OS and Asteroids Source Code2017-10-19 20:03:04Date fix.
DocumentsEditFinal Fantasy VI2017-10-19 20:02:28Date fix.
DocumentsEditColumns2017-10-19 20:01:47Date fix
DocumentsEditSH-4 Hardware Specifications2017-10-19 20:00:49Date fix.
DocumentsEditThe Playstation Translation Doc2017-10-19 20:00:03Date fix.
DocumentsEditSpace Funky B.O.B. Source Code2017-10-19 05:26:10Date fix.
DocumentsEditSuper Shinobi Music Source Code2017-10-19 05:25:22Date fix.
DocumentsEditSubor V3 Music Source Code2017-10-19 05:24:44Date fix.
DocumentsEditElectronix Corp NES Schematic2017-10-19 05:24:02Date fix.
DocumentsEditSH657X ICE Source Code Development Package Famicom Clone Unit2017-10-19 05:23:05Dqate fix.
DocumentsEditOneBus Clone Unit Source Code2017-10-19 05:22:09Date fix.
DocumentsEditGame Gear Development Manual2017-10-19 05:19:46Date fix.
DocumentsEditSega Master System Development Manual2017-10-19 05:18:52Date fix.
DocumentsEditDer Langrisser Data Structures2017-10-18 10:52:03Date fix.
DocumentsEditSNES Read2017-10-18 10:51:33Date fix.
DocumentsEditIPS Patcher2017-10-18 10:51:01Date fix.
DocumentsEditVWF Routine for Dragon Slayer Jr. - Romancia on the NES2017-10-18 10:50:10Date fix.
DocumentsEditLost Woods & Lost Hills Hacking2017-10-18 10:46:49Date fix.
DocumentsEditComprehensive Guide to SMB1 Music Hacking2017-10-18 10:45:58Date fix.
DocumentsEditLode Runner Level Format2017-10-18 10:44:49Date fix
DocumentsEditNES Documentation2017-10-18 10:37:14Date fix.
DocumentsEditNES Memory Mapping2017-10-18 10:36:51Date fix.
DocumentsEditMicrosoft Fastfile Package Format2017-10-18 02:49:42Date fix.
DocumentsEditNEC Interchannel Package Format2017-10-18 02:49:11Date fix.
DocumentsEditQDA Package Format2017-10-18 02:48:50Date fix
DocumentsEditSoftAction Resource Files2017-10-18 02:48:23Date fix.
DocumentsEditWindThunder AMP_File V1.0 Format2017-10-18 02:48:09Date fix.
DocumentsEditWindThunder ANI_FILE V1.0 Format2017-10-18 02:47:52Date fix.
DocumentsEditWindThunder Package File Format2017-10-18 02:47:32Date fix.
DocumentsEditWindThunder Script Format2017-10-18 02:47:17Date fix.
DocumentsEditNINJA 1.0 File Format2017-10-18 02:46:42Date fix.
CommunityEditRg-Soft2017-10-17 21:53:29Modified
DocumentsEditSPC-700 Source2017-10-17 03:40:20Date fix.
DocumentsEditAnomie's SNES Timing Doc2017-10-17 03:39:37Date fix.
DocumentsEditAnomie's SPC700 Cycle Doc2017-10-17 03:38:58Date fix.
DocumentsEditAnomie's SPC700 Doc2017-10-17 03:38:28Date fix.
DocumentsEditAnomie’s SNES Port Doc2017-10-17 03:38:03Date fix.
DocumentsEditAnomie's SNES Memory Mapping Doc2017-10-17 03:37:36Date fix.
DocumentsEditAnomie’s C4 Chip Doc2017-10-17 03:36:51Date fix.
DocumentsEditSNES Palette Format2017-10-17 01:01:43Date fix.
DocumentsEditSNES Layering Explained2017-10-17 01:00:20Date fix.
DocumentsEditSNES Kart (HTML)2017-10-17 00:59:23Date fix.
DocumentsEditSNES Kart2017-10-17 00:58:46Date fix.
DocumentsEditSNES Doc2017-10-17 00:58:15Date fix.
DocumentsEditAnomie’s SNES OpenBus and Wrapping Doc2017-10-17 00:56:34Date fix.
DocumentsEditAnomie’s Register Doc2017-10-17 00:56:16Date fix.
UtilitiesEditDEF2017-10-17 00:48:25Date fix.
DocumentsEditDeinterleave MD ROM2017-10-16 15:10:16Date fix.
DocumentsEditBroadcast Satellaview-X Internal ROM Info2017-10-16 15:09:28Date fix.
DocumentsEditApply FireFlower2017-10-16 15:08:01Date fix.
DocumentsEditPPF Patcher2017-10-16 15:07:11Date fix.
DocumentsEditLo/HiROM Convert2017-10-16 15:06:43Date fix.
DocumentsEditBMP/BPP Convert2017-10-16 15:06:15Date fix.
DocumentsEditTitle Screen Hacking Made Easy2017-10-16 15:05:47Date fix.
UtilitiesEditNINJA Patcher2017-10-16 15:05:11Added document link regarding this program and fixed a spelling error in the description.
DocumentsEditNINJA 2.0 File Format2017-10-16 15:03:16Date fix.
DocumentsEditGame Boy Programming Manual v1.02017-10-16 08:11:24Date fix.
UtilitiesNewMesen2017-10-16 08:08:34
DocumentsEditGBATEK2017-10-16 08:00:25Date fix.
DocumentsEditSNES and GB sprite storage formats2017-10-16 07:59:32Date fix.
DocumentsEditNitroFS in a nutshell2017-10-16 07:59:01Date fix.
DocumentsEditPAC File format2017-10-16 07:58:36Date fix.
DocumentsEditLinks Awakening DX Hacking Document2017-10-16 07:57:43Date fix.
DocumentsEditLufia & The Fortress of Doom SRAM Guide2017-10-16 07:56:04Date fix.
DocumentsEditBuu's Fury Hacking2017-10-16 07:55:10Date fix.
DocumentsEditFAQ for the LZSS Compression2017-10-16 07:54:37Date fix.
DocumentsEditHow to start hacking your own ROMs2017-10-15 16:05:04Date fix.
DocumentsEditQwertie’s SNES Documentation Plus DMA Revision 62017-10-15 16:04:30Date fix.
DocumentsEditCollection of Sega 32X Manuals2017-10-15 15:46:49Date fix.
DocumentsEditCollection of Sega CD Manuals2017-10-15 15:45:30Date fix.
DocumentsEditCollection of Sega Genesis Manuals2017-10-15 15:44:11Date fix.
DocumentsEditConsole Graphics Document2017-10-15 15:43:14Date fix.
DocumentsEditDOOM 32X Hacking Notes2017-10-15 15:38:11Date fix.
DocumentsEditJames Pond 3 Hacking Notes2017-10-15 15:37:48Date fix.
DocumentsEditMegaman 3 - 5 Level Formats2017-10-15 15:37:24Date fix.
DocumentsEditCompression - Shining Force Gaiden2017-10-15 15:36:26Date fix.
UtilitiesEditPointer Tables2017-10-15 04:12:55Date fix.
UtilitiesEditTIM Viewer2017-10-15 04:11:43Date fix
DocumentsEditCastlevania: Symphony of the Night - Zone File Technical Documentation2017-10-14 08:00:02Date fix.
DocumentsEditMega Man II Sound Disassembly2017-10-14 07:58:29Date fix.
DocumentsEditMega Man Disassembly2017-10-14 07:58:09Date fix.
DocumentsEditGame Genie Doc2017-10-14 07:56:39Date fix.
DocumentsEditNotes - Dragon Warrior III2017-10-14 07:56:13Date fix.
DocumentsEditN64 Survival Guide2017-10-14 07:55:37Date fix.
DocumentsEditDescription of the Sega FILM/CPK File Format2017-10-14 07:54:42Date fix.
DocumentsEditThunder Force 3 Hacking Guide2017-10-14 07:54:06Date fix.
DocumentsEdit6502 Instruction Summary2017-10-14 07:52:02Date fix.
LinksNewPS2-HOME2017-10-14 07:05:33
CreditsEditTranslations - Wizardry II - Llylgamyn no Isan2017-10-14 05:07:26Updated
DocumentsEditASM Tutorial2017-10-13 07:11:16Date fix.
DocumentsEditProgramming the 658162017-10-13 07:08:50Date fix.
DocumentsEditProgramming the 65022017-10-13 07:06:30Date fix.
DocumentsEditProgramming the Z802017-10-13 07:05:31Found version 3.0 and fixed date.
CommunityEditRodnay Zaks2017-10-13 07:03:16Updated Profile.
DocumentsEditPC Engine Assembly docs2017-10-13 06:57:41Date fix.
DocumentsEditMOS MCS 6500 Microcomputer Family Programming Manual2017-10-13 06:56:43Date fix
DocumentsEditDonkey Kong Disassembly2017-10-13 06:54:36Date fix
DocumentsEditSaturn Dev Kit Manual2017-10-13 06:53:59Date & Author fix.
DocumentsEditText Routines: Locating them with FCEUXD2017-10-12 05:21:14Date fix.
DocumentsEdit65xx Processor Data2017-10-12 05:20:27Date fix.
DocumentsEditAlien 3 Music Source Code2017-10-12 05:19:49Date fix.
DocumentsEditPDS 6502 Programming Manual2017-10-12 05:17:26Date fix.
DocumentsEditColor Dreams NES Programming Manual2017-10-12 05:16:50Date fix.
DocumentsEditFF6 Event Dump2017-10-12 05:15:47Date fix.
DocumentsEditFirst PS ASM Doc for Hacking2017-10-12 05:07:39Date fix.
DocumentsEditOtaku No PC Engine Cribsheet2017-10-12 05:04:02Date fix.
DocumentsEditN64 Documentation Kit2017-10-12 04:57:50Date fix.
DocumentsEditPsyQ SNES Development Manual2017-10-12 04:27:40Date fix.
DocumentsEditDeinterleave N64 ROM2017-10-11 07:45:46Date fix.
DocumentsEditCompression - River City Ransom Zero2017-10-11 07:45:23Date fix.
DocumentsEditCompression - Sylvan Tale2017-10-11 07:44:46Date fix
DocumentsEditCompression - Shining Force2017-10-11 07:44:22Date fix.
DocumentsEditCompression - Phantasy Star2017-10-11 07:43:59Date fix.
DocumentsEditStarmaster Disassembly2017-10-11 07:42:57Date fix.
DocumentsEditPitfall! Disassembly2017-10-10 14:25:50Date fix.
DocumentsEditCompression - Cyber Knight 22017-10-10 14:25:13Date fix.
DocumentsEditCompression - Phantasy Star Gaiden2017-10-10 14:24:43Date fix.
DocumentsEditRiver Raid Disassembly2017-10-10 14:24:08Date fix.
DocumentsEditSpace Jockey Disassembly2017-10-10 14:22:46Date fix.
DocumentsEditSuperman Disassembly2017-10-10 14:22:18Date fix.
DocumentsEditJawbreaker Disassembly2017-10-09 21:06:54Date fix.
DocumentsEditS-DD1 Algorithm Documentation2017-10-09 21:05:00Date fix
DocumentsEditKaboom! Disassembly2017-10-09 21:03:36Date fix.
DocumentsEditJoust Source Code Documented2017-10-09 20:50:59Date fix.
DocumentsEdit6502 ASM Codes2017-10-09 08:31:13Date fix.
DocumentsEditNEC SuperGrafx Hardware Notes2017-10-09 08:30:27Date fix.
CommunityEditStapleButter2017-10-08 06:41:50Name Correction
CommunityNoncompliantStapleButter2017-10-08 06:41:31Duplicate Profile -
CreditsEditHacks - More Super Mario Bras.2017-10-08 06:41:03credit fix.
CreditsEditHacks - Another Super Mario 3D2017-10-08 06:40:41Credit fix
HacksNewSorcerian for the NES!?2017-10-08 01:12:52
HacksNewLode Runner Mini2017-10-08 01:09:11
UtilitiesNewPSI Animation Editor2017-10-07 19:20:39
UtilitiesNewEarthBound Music Editor2017-10-07 19:13:53
CommunityEditMr. Tenda2017-10-07 19:05:03Updated profile.
UtilitiesEditCoilSnake2017-10-07 18:59:35Updated to version 3.0
UtilitiesNewN64 Shark2017-10-07 18:55:54
UtilitiesNewQuad642017-10-07 18:49:07
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI - T-Edition + EX2017-10-07 18:26:47Updated to 2.9.0
HacksEditGradius - Arrangement Chronicle Death2017-10-07 18:03:21Updated version/bug fixes & MMC5 Mapper update.
UtilitiesEditStealth Patch2017-10-06 21:54:35Date fix.
UtilitiesEditFF Hackster2017-10-06 21:51:37Date fix.
UtilitiesEditFF3j Hackster2017-10-06 21:51:00Date fix.
UtilitiesEditLode Funner2017-10-06 21:49:36Date fix.
UtilitiesEditAgave2017-10-06 21:48:22Date fix.
UtilitiesEditTable Dumper Pro2017-10-06 21:47:29Date fix.
UtilitiesEditROMedit2017-10-06 21:43:57Date fix.
UtilitiesEditTOC Changer2017-10-06 21:42:05Date fix.
UtilitiesEditHexecute2017-10-06 21:36:53Date fix.
UtilitiesEditreVamp2017-10-06 07:41:21Date fix.
UtilitiesEditPCX2GRP2017-10-06 07:40:30Date fix.
UtilitiesEditIceEdit2017-10-06 07:39:41Date fix.
UtilitiesEditHuASM Assembler Kit2017-10-06 07:37:50Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSMBED2017-10-06 07:36:43Date fix.
UtilitiesEditFFTA2 Editor2017-10-06 07:35:22Date fix.
CommunityEditSpinout2017-10-06 07:32:53Updated profile.
UtilitiesEditConstant Length Insertion Tool2017-10-06 07:30:00Date fix.
UtilitiesEditDumpitem2017-10-06 07:27:26Date fix,
CommunityEditMalias (Green Jaed)2017-10-06 01:11:34Linked to forum profile.
UtilitiesEditVHex2017-10-05 20:10:29Date fix.
UtilitiesEditLogicGuru2017-10-05 00:09:10Date fix.
UtilitiesEditGimmick2017-10-05 00:08:39Date fix.
UtilitiesEditDestiny of an Editor2017-10-05 00:06:41Date fix.
UtilitiesEditQuiConvert2017-10-05 00:05:14Date fix.
UtilitiesEditKosinski Searcher2017-10-05 00:04:42Date fix.
UtilitiesEditAdvent - Integrated SNES Debugger Plugin2017-10-05 00:02:02Date fix.
UtilitiesEditTIMmay2017-10-05 00:00:38Date fix.
UtilitiesEditYAPE - Yet Another Pokémon Editor2017-10-04 23:52:54Date fix.
UtilitiesEditRegen2017-10-04 23:27:58Date fix.
CommunityEditAamirM2017-10-04 23:27:20Updated Profile.
CommunityEdity0shi2017-10-04 22:40:15Updated profile.
CommunityEditSilver3142017-10-03 22:46:58Updated profile.
UtilitiesEditIPSP2017-10-03 22:45:13Date fix.
UtilitiesEditLZ77 Restructor2017-10-03 22:44:33Date fix.
UtilitiesEditRareware Compressor/Decompressor2017-10-03 22:43:59Date fix.
UtilitiesEditCyips2017-10-03 22:35:34Date fix.
UtilitiesEditGeiger's Snes9x Debugger2017-10-03 22:33:41Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSonic Molester2017-10-03 22:30:21Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSMB3 Map Editor2017-10-03 22:28:24Date fix.
UtilitiesEditpcx2snes win2017-10-03 22:27:29Date fix.
UtilitiesEditChecksum Recalculator2017-10-03 22:24:58Date fix.
UtilitiesEditTSDC - The Sega Data Compressor2017-10-03 15:01:51Date fix.
UtilitiesEditThe Adventures of Lolo 3 : Level Editor2017-10-03 14:59:41Date fix.
UtilitiesEditGetMyHex2017-10-03 14:58:42Date fix.
UtilitiesEditJMA Archive Unpacker Addon for WinRAR2017-10-03 14:57:54Date Fix.
CommunityEditMudlord2017-10-03 14:57:05Updated Info
UtilitiesEditTMapEdit2017-10-03 14:50:29Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSuper Mario 64 DS Editor2017-10-03 14:49:22Updated to version 2.3.5
CommunityEditStaplebutter (Mega-Mario)2017-10-03 14:44:09Updated profile.
UtilitiesEditScrubby2017-10-03 14:36:42Date fix.
CommunityEditeludevisibility.org2017-10-03 14:35:55Fixed broken URL link and updated.
UtilitiesEditCygne Tracer2017-10-03 03:05:33Date fix.
UtilitiesEditNeo-Geo Graphic Tool Suite2017-10-03 03:02:50Date fix.
UtilitiesEditPSXAddress2017-10-02 11:24:31Date fix.
UtilitiesEditFFT Patcher2017-10-02 11:23:44Updated to version 0.492
CommunityEditmelonhead (Glain)2017-10-02 11:20:10Updated profile
UtilitiesEditPCSXTrace2017-10-02 11:12:35Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSMB Title Screen Editor2017-10-02 11:11:57Date fix.
UtilitiesEditromjuice2017-10-02 11:11:11Date fix.
UtilitiesEditRockman2 / Megaman2 Editor2017-10-02 11:10:27Updated to 1.01
CommunityEditKuwata2017-10-02 11:07:21Updated.
UtilitiesEditRomjuice2017-10-02 11:01:02Date fix.
UtilitiesEditBatDance2017-10-02 11:00:28Date fix.
UtilitiesEditMartial2017-10-01 18:53:34Date fix.
UtilitiesEditGEMS2017-10-01 18:50:37Date fix.
UtilitiesEditDragon Warrior 4 Text Utility2017-10-01 18:49:49Date fix.
UtilitiesEditUniROM2017-10-01 18:47:31Date fix.
UtilitiesEditNintendulator2017-10-01 18:46:06Updated to V 0.970 & added source code.
CommunityEditRveach (Quietust)2017-10-01 18:33:36Updated Profile.
UtilitiesEditAZ40 GameBoy Assembler Kit2017-10-01 18:21:55Date fix.
UtilitiesEditPCSX Agemo debugger2017-10-01 18:21:28Date fix.
CommunityEditGustavo del Dago2017-10-01 18:20:31Updated profile
UtilitiesEditINDY 500 XE Track Editor2017-10-01 18:13:45Updated to 2.1 & Date fix.
UtilitiesEditAtlas2017-10-01 06:07:10Date fix.
UtilitiesEditCodecer2017-10-01 06:06:18Date fix.
UtilitiesEditXenoscript [Xenogears Script Editor] Revision 112017-10-01 06:05:07Date fix and re-uploaded file with correct extension.
UtilitiesEditHack-O-Matic III2017-10-01 06:02:58Date fix.
CommunityEditJeff Wierer2017-10-01 06:01:29Updated Profile.
UtilitiesEditStella-Graph2017-10-01 05:51:20Date fix.
ReviewsNewUtilities - xdelta UI2017-10-01 05:49:44
UtilitiesEditRhack2017-10-01 05:46:53Date fix.
UtilitiesEditHexposure2017-10-01 05:42:45Date fix.
UtilitiesEditHexedit2017-10-01 05:41:59Date fix.
CommunityEditEdwin Blink2017-09-30 17:36:06Updated profile.
UtilitiesEditBit Hacker2017-09-30 17:34:33Date fix.
UtilitiesEditVaderMatic2017-09-30 17:29:23Date fix.
CommunityEditGreg Zumwalt2017-09-30 17:27:51Updated Profile.
UtilitiesEditMetroID2017-09-30 17:18:00Date fix.
DocumentsEditStar Wars: The Arcade Game Disassembly2017-09-30 17:15:36Date fix.
UtilitiesEditFreeway Randomizer2017-09-30 17:14:44Date fix.
UtilitiesEditCreate Your Own Adventure2017-09-30 17:14:19Date fix.
UtilitiesEditbB Editor2017-09-30 17:08:29Date fix.
UtilitiesEditPCAE2017-09-30 16:57:06Date fix.
CommunityEditJohn Dullea2017-09-30 04:43:54Updated profile.
UtilitiesEditJag Viewer2017-09-30 04:36:43Date fix.
UtilitiesEditMakewav2017-09-30 04:36:07Date fix.
UtilitiesEditgARMy2017-09-30 04:35:35Date fix.
UtilitiesEditDiStella2017-09-30 04:34:53Date fix.
UtilitiesEditPascalAdjust2017-09-30 04:34:13Date fix.
UtilitiesEditNeko-Tracer2017-09-30 04:33:35Date fix.
UtilitiesEditTextDrawerJP2017-09-30 04:32:34Date fix.
CommunityEditBigNailCow2017-09-30 04:26:11Updated profile
UtilitiesEditThe Caravan2017-09-30 04:24:34Date fix.
UtilitiesEditNaCHAOShi2017-09-29 04:17:32Date fix.
UtilitiesEditDOL Loader Plugin for IDA2017-09-29 04:16:46Date fix.
UtilitiesEditspAsm (revision)2017-09-29 04:16:13Date fix.
UtilitiesEditGekko CPU Extension for IDA2017-09-29 04:12:54Date fix.
UtilitiesEditTIM plug-in set for Photoshop2017-09-29 04:11:25Date fix.
UtilitiesEditDSP Assembler/Deassembler2017-09-29 04:10:43Date fix.
UtilitiesEditPC Engine Assembler lite bundle2017-09-29 04:09:16Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSuper Mario Bros. 3 TSA Editor2017-09-29 04:08:08Date fix.
UtilitiesEditFF3ed2017-09-29 04:06:48Date fix.
UtilitiesEditPointer Calculator2017-09-29 04:05:52Date Fix.
UtilitiesEditPK Hack2017-09-27 19:16:51Updated to Version 0.5.14
CommunityEditAnyoneEB2017-09-27 19:12:20Profile Update.
UtilitiesEditFF4ed2017-09-27 19:06:34Date fix.
UtilitiesEditFDS Expander2017-09-27 19:04:53Date fix.
UtilitiesEditShampoo2017-09-27 19:04:29Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSwav2Swar Converter2017-09-27 19:04:01Date fix.
UtilitiesEditZelda 2 Editor2017-09-27 19:02:56Date fix.
UtilitiesEditZeldit2017-09-27 19:02:23Date fix.
UtilitiesEditFFX String Converter2017-09-27 19:01:56Date fix.
CommunityEditGrayShadows2017-09-27 16:58:02Linked to forum profile.
UtilitiesEditpcx2snes2017-09-27 01:47:58Date fix.
UtilitiesEditDragon UnPACKer2017-09-27 01:45:09Updated to 5.6.2
UtilitiesEditPsx V-Ram2017-09-27 01:37:34Date fix.
UtilitiesEditZelda Improvement2017-09-27 01:31:39Date fix.
CommunityEditRoss Ridge2017-09-27 01:29:44Updated profile.
UtilitiesEditmymc2017-09-27 01:21:50Updated to 2.6
UtilitiesEditWCEdit2017-09-27 01:12:23Date fix.
UtilitiesEditCRAP!2017-09-27 01:06:48Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSMB3 Discombobulator2017-09-27 01:05:33Date fix and uploaded updated version.
UtilitiesEditP2M Extractor (P2ME)2017-09-27 00:51:17Date fix.
UtilitiesEditQuick Block Copy2017-09-25 21:19:30Date fix.
UtilitiesEditOmniconvert2017-09-25 18:59:50Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSMB2 Discombobulator2017-09-25 18:57:25Date fix.
UtilitiesEditPs2dis2017-09-25 18:48:53date fix.
UtilitiesEditWCE (Wrecking Crew Editor)2017-09-25 18:48:08Date fix.
CommunityEditDahrkDaiz2017-09-25 18:47:10Updated Profile.
UtilitiesEditPit Stop2017-09-25 18:38:28Date fix.
UtilitiesEditGBADecmp2017-09-25 18:37:59Date fix.
UtilitiesEditA22I2017-09-25 18:36:11Date fix.
UtilitiesEditMegaFLE2017-09-25 18:35:27Date fix.
ReviewsNewUtilities - Last Bible Extraction / Insertion + Encoding/Decoding Tools2017-09-25 18:21:45
UtilitiesEditSMB2 Transmogrificator2017-09-25 13:40:15Date fix & added source code.
UtilitiesEditMega-Edit 32017-09-25 13:34:24Date fix.
UtilitiesEditFCEUX2017-09-25 13:33:45Updated to Version 2.2.3
UtilitiesEditNES Palette Editor2017-09-25 13:28:24Date fix.
UtilitiesEditGBA Multi DeCompressor2017-09-25 13:23:00Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSixtans2017-09-25 13:20:37Date fix.
UtilitiesEditVisine2017-09-25 13:19:55Date fix.
CommunityEdit-=Fx3=-2017-09-25 13:18:53Updated profile.
UtilitiesEditNflate2017-09-25 13:14:35Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSolar Magic Advance2017-09-25 13:14:04Date fix.
CommunityEditLuigiBlood2017-09-25 03:13:43Updated profile.
UtilitiesEditLandstalker Translation Tool2017-09-25 03:09:53Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSD Gundam GNext Unit Editor2017-09-25 03:07:19Date fix.
CommunityEditbutfunghon2017-09-25 03:06:32Linked to forum profile.
UtilitiesEditGnGEdit2017-09-25 02:59:38Date fix.
CommunityNoncompliantN64 Hacker2017-09-25 02:58:41Actual profile is here -
UtilitiesEdit7mimic2017-09-25 02:43:01Fixed platform, was supposed to be PSX.
UtilitiesEditToad’s Tool 642017-09-25 01:39:44Updated to 0.6.8s and corrected Author listing.
UtilitiesEditToad’s Tool 642017-09-25 01:35:15Date fix & Author Correction.
UtilitiesNewSuper Mario 64 Editor2017-09-25 01:21:46
UtilitiesNoncompliantMario 64 Level Importer v132017-09-25 01:19:01Uploaded latest version released on this entry. This entry is unnecessary.
CommunityEditSkelux Core2017-09-25 01:01:30Added users YouTube Channel
UtilitiesEditMario 64 Level Importer2017-09-25 01:00:10Updated to v16.
CommunityEditMessiaen (Frauber)2017-09-25 00:55:36Updated profile.
UtilitiesEditFinal Fantasy Improvement2017-09-25 00:41:44Date fix.
UtilitiesEditPVV2017-09-25 00:41:09Date fix.
UtilitiesEditPhoenix Wright Script Editor2017-09-25 00:39:54Date fix.
UtilitiesEditDWxEdit2017-09-25 00:22:27Date fix.
UtilitiesEditPCXToSat2017-09-25 00:18:59Date fix.
UtilitiesEditOpera FS Reader v0.032017-09-24 19:48:01Date fix.
UtilitiesEditPaletteEdGBA2017-09-24 19:47:02Date fix.
UtilitiesEditHex Master2017-09-24 19:46:32Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSaveConvert2017-09-24 19:44:44Date fix.
UtilitiesEditCryEdit2017-09-24 19:44:09Date fix.
UtilitiesEditPRS Utils2017-09-24 19:39:01Date fix.
UtilitiesEditBlaster Construction Kit2017-09-24 19:36:41Date fix.
UtilitiesEditZero Tolerance level editor2017-09-24 14:42:17Date fix.
UtilitiesNewKuriimu2017-09-24 14:41:24
CommunityEditderboo2017-09-24 14:10:55Updated info and added pic
UtilitiesEditF-Zero - Climax Course Editor2017-09-24 04:41:45Date fix.
CommunityEditCaitSith22017-09-24 04:37:34Linked to forum profile.
UtilitiesEditSSConv2017-09-24 04:29:22Date fix.
CommunityEditMeka Teammembers2017-09-24 04:28:34Updated info and Logo
UtilitiesEditMEKA2017-09-24 04:25:20Updated to 0.73 & Date Fix.
UtilitiesEditCastlevania Level Twister2017-09-24 04:14:16Date fix.
UtilitiesEditZSNES2017-09-23 14:49:29Date fix.
UtilitiesEditGE ROM Image Editor2017-09-23 14:46:40Date fix.
UtilitiesEditPD ROM Editor2017-09-23 14:46:05Date fix.
UtilitiesEditBBLE2017-09-23 14:44:05Date fix.
UtilitiesEditGoldeneye Setup Editor2017-09-23 14:39:54Updated to Version 3 and added information on program, new version too large to list on RHDN.
UtilitiesEditArkEdit2017-09-23 14:32:44Date fix.
UtilitiesEditNESPCM2017-09-22 03:31:49Date fix.
UtilitiesEditpic2mode72017-09-22 03:31:02Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSNES Font Generator2017-09-22 03:28:37Date and OS fix.
UtilitiesEditTim2bmp Converter Tool2017-09-22 03:27:45Date fix.
UtilitiesEditScriptCrunch2017-09-22 03:26:51Date fix.
UtilitiesEditDTECount2017-09-22 03:26:29Date fix.
UtilitiesEditGame Graphic Studio2017-09-21 00:34:05Date fix.
UtilitiesEditTextures Extractor/Reinserter2017-09-20 04:43:50Date fix.
UtilitiesEditHat Trick2017-09-20 04:41:23Date fix.
UtilitiesEditNSRT 3.4 Windows2017-09-20 04:34:56Date fix.
UtilitiesEditNSRT 3.4 Mac2017-09-20 04:34:47Date fix.
UtilitiesEditNSRT Linux2017-09-20 04:34:34Date fix.
CommunityEditNach2017-09-20 04:31:11Corrected link. Old one went to advertisement page.
UtilitiesEditWar Lord (Console)2017-09-19 15:13:52Date fix.
UtilitiesEditFF3DS Program Edit Dialogue2017-09-19 15:05:49Date fix.
UtilitiesEditTempEd2017-09-19 15:04:09Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSMB3TE2017-09-19 15:02:48Date fix.
UtilitiesEditAcidPhire NES Header Checker2017-09-18 06:09:42Date fix.
UtilitiesEditNinJax2017-09-18 06:08:08Date fix.
UtilitiesEditFF3 Edit Font2017-09-18 06:07:40Date fix.
UtilitiesNewBgMapper2017-09-18 06:05:58
UtilitiesEditSpriteView2017-09-18 06:00:30Updated version and correct date
UtilitiesEditTilemap Viewer2017-09-18 05:56:40Updated Version & Date fix (Ignore last submit for this)
CommunityEditnever-obsolete2017-09-17 18:24:52Forum pic linked.
UtilitiesEditCursEd2017-09-17 18:18:58Date fix.
UtilitiesEditCCF Tools2017-09-17 18:18:02Date fix.
CommunityEditpaulguy2017-09-17 18:17:27Linked to forum profile
UtilitiesEditSNES Professional ASM Development Kit2017-09-17 18:11:41Date fix.
UtilitiesEditCrumb2017-09-17 18:11:13Date fix.
CommunityEditAbstract Crouton Productions2017-09-17 18:10:08Updated with info from web page.
CommunityEditw7n2017-09-16 20:08:30Fixed broken link to working one.
CommunityEditCZX2017-09-16 19:56:23Updated profile and corrected language information.
UtilitiesEditBlock Tool2017-09-15 02:09:46Date fix.
UtilitiesEditREADCHAR2017-09-15 02:08:42Date fix.
UtilitiesEditNana2017-09-15 02:08:06Date fix.
UtilitiesEditTiledGGD2017-09-15 02:06:44Date fix.
UtilitiesEditBitmap Font Builder2017-09-15 02:05:36Date fix.
UtilitiesEditAdvance-Mart2017-09-13 04:04:39Date fix.
UtilitiesEditHiColEd2017-09-13 04:03:48Date fix.
UtilitiesEditCartographer2017-09-13 04:02:20Date fix.
UtilitiesEditZero Fission2017-09-13 04:00:05Date fix.
UtilitiesEditBnuView2017-09-13 03:53:18Date fix.
CommunityEditIcySon552017-09-10 23:28:00Updated with avatar
UtilitiesEditYu_Ri2017-09-10 22:36:01Fixed release date and added English Version
UtilitiesNew8mimic2017-09-10 15:24:22
UtilitiesNew7mimic2017-09-10 15:21:23
UtilitiesEditPSound2017-09-10 15:15:48Updated to 2.01 (Ignore last submit for this, missing help file)
CommunityEditsnailrush2017-09-10 15:12:54Updated
UtilitiesEditPSicture2017-09-10 15:07:30Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSuper Mario World Hdma Suite2017-09-10 15:05:17Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSJIS Dump2017-09-10 15:03:35Date fix.
UtilitiesEditYu Ri2017-09-09 17:31:12Date fix.
UtilitiesEditWindFont2017-09-09 17:28:52Date fix.
UtilitiesEditTIM2TGA2017-09-09 17:28:21Date fix.
UtilitiesEditTed2017-09-09 17:27:52Date fix.
UtilitiesEditPsxMultiRipper2017-09-09 17:26:57Date fix.
UtilitiesEditblfind2017-09-09 17:25:43Date fix
UtilitiesEditASM2Hex2017-09-09 17:22:42Date fix.
CommunityEditGavin the Demon2017-09-09 17:19:23Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditLuansilva122017-09-09 17:18:17Linked to forum profile.
UtilitiesEditTrapper2017-09-06 02:23:13Date fix.
UtilitiesEditHPTimRip2017-09-06 02:19:04Date fix.
UtilitiesEditZLADE2017-09-06 02:15:29Date fix.
UtilitiesEditZOLE 42017-09-06 02:13:31Date fix.
UtilitiesNewFour Swords Adventures Sprite Converter2017-09-06 02:09:37
UtilitiesNewNushi Tsuri adventure - Kite no Bouken Compression/Decompression Tools2017-09-06 01:54:14
UtilitiesNewGameCube RARC/.arc packer2017-09-06 01:41:43
UtilitiesNewMystical Ninja Decompressor2017-09-06 01:33:53
UtilitiesNewMuramasa - The Demon Blade Decompressor2017-09-06 01:24:06
UtilitiesNewLast Bible Extraction / Insertion + Encoding/Decoding Tools2017-09-06 01:06:04
UtilitiesNewRampart Extraction / Insertion Tools2017-09-06 00:46:46
UtilitiesEditChaotix Character Statistics Editor2017-09-05 13:54:37Date fix.
UtilitiesEditTOSS2017-09-05 13:54:11Date fix.
UtilitiesEditFFX Tool2017-09-05 13:53:49Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSnara2017-09-05 13:53:17Date fix.
UtilitiesEditNES Screen Arranger2017-09-05 13:52:13Date fix.
UtilitiesEditEFSAdvent2017-09-05 13:46:30Date fix.
UtilitiesEditZero Tolerance level editor2017-09-05 13:45:02Date fix and uploaded a working version, present one not uploaded properly...
UtilitiesEditHu-Go Tracer2017-09-05 13:39:48Date fix.
UtilitiesEditGraphics Inserter2017-09-05 13:39:19Date fix.
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI - T-Edition + EX2017-09-04 22:46:48Updated to 2.8.0
CommunityEdits8fp98fd5k2017-09-03 23:32:19Updated Info
UtilitiesEditFF4Tools2017-08-31 03:01:28Date fix and fixed file extension
UtilitiesEditTheCheat v1.42017-08-31 02:58:56Date fix.
UtilitiesEditGraphic Converter2017-08-31 02:57:38Date fix.
UtilitiesEditblueMSX2017-08-31 02:57:07Date fix.
UtilitiesEditGB Font Maker2017-08-31 02:56:07Date fix.
UtilitiesEditNintendo DS loader module for IDA Pro2017-08-31 02:55:38Date fix.
UtilitiesEditDECROM2017-08-31 02:54:59Date fix.
UtilitiesEditZII Game Editor2017-08-31 02:53:23Date fix.
UtilitiesEditDRDHack2017-08-31 02:52:48Date fix.
UtilitiesEditVisor2017-08-31 02:51:38Date fix.
UtilitiesEditPointerGrabber2017-08-31 02:50:38Date fix.
UtilitiesEditUltimate Tile Editor2017-08-29 22:04:55Date fix.
UtilitiesEditNES loader module and plugins for IDA Pro2017-08-29 22:03:52Date fix.
UtilitiesEditChrono Trigger Editor Companion2017-08-29 22:02:26Date fix.
UtilitiesEditFF2us Multi Editor2017-08-29 22:01:51Date fix.
UtilitiesEditOllyDbg2017-08-29 22:01:03Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSquare Enix Remakes Font Editor2017-08-29 22:00:32Date fix.
UtilitiesEditBBD to SRM2017-08-29 21:59:12Date fix.
UtilitiesEditFinal Fantasy IV Advance Editor2017-08-29 21:58:39Date fix.
UtilitiesEditFF3us Name Editor2017-08-29 21:58:04Date fix.
CommunityEditBOBdotEXE2017-08-29 11:49:20Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditFlup an Seabhaic2017-08-29 11:47:04Linked to forum profile.
UtilitiesEditTiler2017-08-28 13:25:14Date fix.
UtilitiesEditPEiD2017-08-28 13:24:34Date fix.
UtilitiesEditTilEd2017-08-28 13:20:21Date fix.
UtilitiesEditNESMacDASM2017-08-28 13:18:59Date fix.
UtilitiesEditTile Layer Pro2017-08-28 13:17:26Date fix.
UtilitiesEditunLZ-GBA2017-08-28 13:16:58Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSNES Sprite Editor2017-08-28 13:15:07date fix.
UtilitiesEditPokemon Red/Blue Palette Editor2017-08-28 13:14:37date fix.
UtilitiesEditEsrael Sonic Editor II2017-08-28 13:14:06Date fix.
UtilitiesEditROM Graphics Cracker2017-08-28 13:12:26Date fix.
UtilitiesEditNEXEDIT2017-08-28 13:11:24Date fix.
CommunityEditVintagames2017-08-24 17:55:31Linked to forum profile.
UtilitiesEditNaga2017-08-20 15:54:25Date fix.
UtilitiesEditJNesG2017-08-20 15:53:24Date fix.
UtilitiesEditIPS Header Converter2017-08-20 15:53:02Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSmB3 Color Editor2017-08-20 15:51:45Date fix.
UtilitiesEditGBATA2017-08-20 15:49:31Date fix.
UtilitiesEditWidthtabler2017-08-20 15:47:52Date fix.
UtilitiesEditMegaFLE X2017-08-20 15:47:09Date fix.
CommunityEditIchigobankai2017-08-20 15:45:50Linked to forum profile.
UtilitiesEditStarFox Level Editor2017-08-20 15:41:51Date fix.
UtilitiesEditChrono Cross Hacking Utilities2017-08-20 15:41:15Date fix.
CommunityEditNáNì2017-08-20 15:37:00Linked to forum profile.
CreditsEditTranslations - Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible Special2017-08-12 15:48:36Fixed credit entry.
TranslationsEditMegami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible Special2017-08-11 19:52:32Updated to version 1.01 (Text correction after receiving Pyramid in Ignis Fort. If already past this point no need to update...)
TranslationsEditMegami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible Special2017-08-10 22:37:51Modified .ZIP to have a Vanilla version and Modded patch version.
CommunityEditkingofcrusher2017-08-09 01:40:46Updated profile.
NewsNewMegami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible Special is now officially in English!2017-08-08 21:08:51
CreditsNewTranslations - Megami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible Special2017-08-08 21:06:06
CommunityEditTom2017-08-08 02:02:43Fixed URL link to be clickable and added Twitter description to profile.
HacksEditVoid's Blitzarre Adventure2017-08-08 00:46:48Updated to 1.08
HacksNewFIre Emblem: Fallen King2017-08-08 00:30:23
TranslationsNewMegami Tensei Gaiden: Last Bible Special2017-08-08 00:23:24
HacksEditThe Last Promise2017-08-07 23:41:25Updated to 2.1
UtilitiesEditWindHex322017-08-07 17:07:28Updated version.
UtilitiesEditTUSH2017-08-01 01:25:11Date fix.
UtilitiesEditFPM2017-08-01 01:24:35Date fix.
UtilitiesEditHexposure2017-08-01 01:24:03Date fix.
UtilitiesEditDjinn Tile Mapper2017-08-01 01:23:16Date fix.
UtilitiesEditMega Man 3 Editor (MM3Edit)2017-08-01 01:22:47Date fix.
UtilitiesEditCarrot2017-08-01 01:22:25Date fix.
UtilitiesEditZelda: Script Editor2017-08-01 01:21:58Date fix.
UtilitiesEditHME (Harvest Moon Editor)2017-08-01 01:19:12Date fix.
HacksEditBust-A-Move - Bust-M-Up Edition2017-08-01 01:18:05Fixed released by -
CommunityEditScyzer2017-08-01 01:14:24Updated profile.
UtilitiesNewSMILE RF2017-08-01 01:08:37
UtilitiesNewSMILE JX2017-07-30 15:09:08
CommunityEditJAM2017-07-30 15:01:10Updated profile.
CommunityEditJathys2017-07-30 14:57:39Added web link.
UtilitiesEditSamus Aran Beauty Salon2017-07-28 22:50:52Corrected version number to site source and fixed release date.
UtilitiesEditKompreSS2017-07-28 22:41:39Date fix.
UtilitiesEditGSavestate2017-07-28 22:41:12Date fix.
UtilitiesEditDataWorkshop2017-07-28 22:40:30Date fix.
UtilitiesEditgoldroad ARM Assembler2017-07-28 22:39:27Date fix.
UtilitiesEditFix CheckSum2017-07-28 22:37:55Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSMS Plus Tracer2017-07-28 22:36:49Date fix.
UtilitiesEditTangy2017-07-28 22:36:23Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSNES 9X Tracer2017-07-28 22:33:03Date fix.
UtilitiesEditOswan Tracer2017-07-28 22:30:29Date fix.
UtilitiesEditEarthbound Store Editor2017-07-28 01:04:51Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSNES ROM Utility2017-07-28 01:04:20Date fix.
UtilitiesEditGens Tracer2017-07-28 01:03:55Date fix.
UtilitiesEditChrono Trigger Shop Keeper2017-07-28 01:03:19Date fix.
UtilitiesEditGimmick! Editor2017-07-28 01:02:12Date fix
UtilitiesEdit1964 Tracer2017-07-28 01:01:46Date fix.
UtilitiesEditFuzee2017-07-28 00:54:29Date fix.
UtilitiesEditChrone2017-07-28 00:52:16Date fix.
UtilitiesEditmml2m64: Mario 64 / Zelda 64 Music Macro Language Importer2017-07-28 00:51:15Date fix.
UtilitiesEditChrono Trigger Enemy Editor2017-07-28 00:46:08Date fix.
UtilitiesEditAngelique Tile Editor2017-07-28 00:45:01Date fix.
HacksNoncompliantCNN Sucks2017-07-10 17:52:19Per policy: Hacks by "unknown" or "anonymous" authors are not currently accepted.
UtilitiesEditGraphics Extractor2017-07-10 01:57:01Date fix.
TranslationsNewSuper Mario World2017-07-10 01:56:12
TranslationsNewSuper Mario World2017-07-10 01:55:03
TranslationsNewSuper Mario World2017-07-10 01:53:51
TranslationsNewSuper Mario World2017-07-10 01:52:37
TranslationsNewSuper Mario World2017-07-10 01:51:17
TranslationsNewSuper Mario World2017-07-10 01:49:30
TranslationsNewSuper Mario World2017-07-10 01:47:44
TranslationsNewSuper Mario World2017-07-10 01:45:56
TranslationsNewSuper Mario World2017-07-10 01:44:10
TranslationsNewSuper Mario World2017-07-10 01:42:49
UtilitiesEditTile Show2017-07-09 00:40:58Date fix.
UtilitiesEditDragon Warrior IV: Miscellaneous Text Utility2017-07-09 00:38:09Date fix.
UtilitiesEditNBA Live '96 Editor2017-07-09 00:37:45Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSFHack2017-07-09 00:36:37Date fix.
UtilitiesEditFEP2017-07-09 00:35:28Date fix.
UtilitiesEditFontEdit2017-07-09 00:33:55Date fix.
HacksNewCNN Sucks2017-07-09 00:32:16
UtilitiesEditNUPS2017-07-09 00:22:40Date fix.
UtilitiesEditOpenSearch2017-07-09 00:20:48Date fix.
UtilitiesEditStar Fox 2 Font Tools2017-07-09 00:19:54Date fix.
UtilitiesEditGears2017-07-09 00:18:44Date fix.
UtilitiesEditMetroid Tuner2017-07-08 20:16:16Date fix.
UtilitiesEditStarFox Level Editor2017-07-08 20:15:42Date fix.
CommunityEditVL-Tone2017-07-08 20:15:08Added site link.
UtilitiesEditPsOne ISO Maker PRO2017-07-08 20:09:35Date fix.
UtilitiesEditTecmo Super Bowl Manager2017-07-08 20:06:15Date fix.
UtilitiesEditTecmo Super Bowl 3 Manager2017-07-08 20:05:38Date fix.
UtilitiesEditFlash Tecmo Bowl Editor2017-07-08 20:04:12Date fix.
UtilitiesEditApache32017-07-08 20:03:13Date fix.
UtilitiesEditTabEdit2017-07-08 20:00:29Date fix.
UtilitiesEditPCEAS2 ver 3.22 Tomaitheous release2017-07-08 20:00:07Date fix.
UtilitiesEditMiraculum LZSS Compressor2017-07-08 19:59:26Date fix.
UtilitiesEditMednafen2017-07-08 00:11:35Date fix & Updated to version
UtilitiesEditchFile2017-07-07 19:07:01Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSuper Mario 64 Object Editor2017-07-07 19:06:09Date fix.
UtilitiesEditDoogie's Super Mario 64 Editor2017-07-07 19:05:29Date fix.
CommunityEditDoogie2017-07-07 19:04:52Linked to forum profile.
UtilitiesEditSmb2Smc2017-07-07 19:03:39Date fix.
UtilitiesEditPakostnick (English version)2017-07-07 19:03:14Date fix.
UtilitiesEditDebuGens2017-07-07 19:02:41Date fix.
UtilitiesEditRockman 2 editor2017-07-07 19:01:57Date fix.
UtilitiesEditAsm6#2017-07-07 19:01:04Date fix.
UtilitiesEditZyrthofar's FF4 ROM Editor2017-07-07 19:00:18Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSuper Mario RPG Editor2017-07-07 18:59:18Date fix.
UtilitiesEditTile Molester2017-07-06 22:37:58Date fix.
UtilitiesEditFatCamp2017-07-06 22:36:44Date fix.
UtilitiesEditInfontile2017-07-06 22:35:51Date fix.
UtilitiesEditGolden Egg2017-07-06 22:32:01Updated to 0.005
UtilitiesEditEggvine2017-07-06 22:29:27Updated to .81+
UtilitiesEditSonED2017-07-06 22:25:21Date fix.
UtilitiesEditPatcheRL2017-07-06 22:23:57Date fix.
UtilitiesEditRBY Wild Pokémon Editor2017-07-06 00:37:07Date fix.
UtilitiesEditFinal Fantasy Spell Editor2017-07-06 00:35:41Date fix.
UtilitiesEditPatcheRL2017-07-06 00:34:01Date fix
UtilitiesEditDragon Quest III Map Viewer2017-07-06 00:31:43Date fix.
UtilitiesEditROM Expander Pro2017-07-06 00:30:33Date fix.
UtilitiesEditDragon Quest III Enemy Viewer2017-07-06 00:29:25Date fix.
UtilitiesEditTMMaster GSC2017-07-06 00:12:26Date fix.
UtilitiesEditGymEdit GB2017-07-06 00:11:38Date fix.
UtilitiesEditMartEd GSC2017-07-06 00:07:18Date fix.
UtilitiesEditPokéEdit DS2017-07-06 00:06:50Date fix.
UtilitiesEditDenjuu Editor SP2017-07-06 00:06:29Date fix.
UtilitiesEditChrono Trigger Item Name Editor2017-07-03 01:49:56Date fix.
UtilitiesEditDW1 Mass Data Editor2017-07-03 01:48:43Date fix.
UtilitiesEditLemmSFX2WAV2017-07-03 01:48:06Date fix.
UtilitiesEditScript Insertor2017-07-03 01:47:26Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSuper Sleuth2017-07-03 01:46:12Date fix.
UtilitiesEditPokémon Red/Blue Trainer Editor2017-07-03 01:45:39Date fix.
UtilitiesEditScript Extractor2017-07-03 01:45:17Date fix.
UtilitiesEditShining Force III Studios2017-07-03 01:44:51Date fix.
UtilitiesEditiDeaS2017-07-03 01:41:39Updated to
UtilitiesEditUnix Rendered Instant Tabler2017-07-03 01:37:04Date fix.
UtilitiesEditPokemon Gold & Silver Compression Documentation and Decompresser2017-06-27 23:57:19Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSuper Mario 64 Text Wrangler2017-06-27 23:56:30Date fix.
UtilitiesEditChanger2017-06-27 23:55:52Date fix.
UtilitiesEditTradeEdit GB2017-06-27 23:55:19Date fix.
UtilitiesEditO.D.T. De/Compressor Set2017-06-27 23:54:52Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSuper Mario 64 Text Wrangler2017-06-27 23:54:18Date fix.
UtilitiesEditChallenge!2017-06-27 23:53:40Date fix.
UtilitiesEditCustom Robo De/Compressor2017-06-27 23:53:13Date fix.
DocumentsNewF-Zero Climax Data2017-06-27 21:09:27
CommunityEditGeneralGir22017-06-27 21:02:41Updated with Pic.
UtilitiesEditLemmsprite2017-06-27 02:40:40Date fix.
HacksNewSuper Mario Bros. NEW2017-06-27 02:38:13
HacksNewSMB w/ SMB3 GFX Hack2017-06-27 02:33:02
HacksNewBomber Mario2017-06-27 02:28:00
CommunityEditM.K.S2017-06-27 02:21:48Updated information.
CreditsEditHacks - Mario Mania2017-06-27 02:20:04Additional info pulled from
CommunityEditM.K.H2017-06-27 02:17:42Updated.
UtilitiesEditSMB Utility2017-06-27 01:52:20Version # was cutoff, fixed it.
UtilitiesEditWinIPS2017-06-26 22:18:16Updated to 0.71 and included English & Japanese versions along with Source Code.
CommunityEditjoncloud2017-06-26 21:54:55Linked to forum profile.
UtilitiesNoncompliantSMB Utility English Version 1.072017-06-26 18:03:22English version 1.08 available here -
UtilitiesEditSMB Utility2017-06-26 18:02:50Updated version paired with Japanese version.
UtilitiesEditTblater2017-06-26 15:11:56Date fix.
UtilitiesEditEDL Decompressor2017-06-26 15:11:27Date fix.
UtilitiesEditTaBuLar2017-06-26 15:11:00Date fix.
UtilitiesEditMartEdit GB2017-06-26 15:10:40Date fix.
UtilitiesEditRockman 6 Editor2017-06-26 15:10:16Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSuper Mario 64 ROM Extender2017-06-26 15:09:25Date fix.
UtilitiesEditTabler2017-06-26 15:08:55Date fix.
UtilitiesEditPrizeEdit GB2017-06-26 15:08:21Date fix.
UtilitiesEditRockman 5 Editor2017-06-26 15:07:05Date fix
CommunityEditZoinkity2017-06-25 23:41:18Added pic and YouTube link.
UtilitiesEditSuper Mario 64 ROM Extender2017-06-25 18:06:55Date fix.
UtilitiesEditTableMaker Relative2017-06-25 18:05:11Date fix.
UtilitiesEditTFSViewer2017-06-25 18:04:41Date fix.
UtilitiesEditRockman 4 Editor2017-06-25 18:04:15Date fix.
UtilitiesEditTable Manager2017-06-25 18:03:38Date fix.
UtilitiesEditRockman 3 Editor2017-06-25 18:02:08Date fix.
UtilitiesEditDungeon Kid (FC) Decomp/Recomp2017-06-25 18:01:28Date fix.
UtilitiesEditTable Auto-Generator2017-06-25 18:00:56Date fix.
UtilitiesEditMooJelly - Super Mario Land 2/3 editor2017-06-25 17:58:48Updated to version 1.1.0
CommunityEditSmellyMoo2017-06-25 00:03:06Linked to forum profile.
UtilitiesEditNihilTBL2017-06-24 23:58:52date fix.,
UtilitiesEditTinke2017-06-24 23:57:29Date fix.
UtilitiesEditnbasic2017-06-24 23:56:15Date fix.
UtilitiesEditFixed Length Dumper2017-06-24 23:42:25Date fix.
UtilitiesEditDarkTabler2017-06-24 23:41:56Date fix.
UtilitiesEditGESTLog2017-06-24 23:41:11date fix.
UtilitiesEditARFX2017-06-24 23:37:54Date fix.
UtilitiesEditStartEd GSC2017-06-20 22:09:26Date fix.
UtilitiesEditLight Script2017-06-19 12:00:06Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSNESSOR2017-06-19 11:59:38Date fix.
UtilitiesEdit8NAME2017-06-19 11:59:14Date fix.
UtilitiesEditTradeEd GSC2017-06-19 11:58:53Date fix.
UtilitiesEditFDS Builder, ID version2017-06-19 11:58:29Date fix.
UtilitiesEditGBSND2017-06-19 11:57:55Date fix.
UtilitiesEdit2500AD 6502 Assembler2017-06-19 11:57:30Date fix.
UtilitiesEditFree File Splitter2017-06-19 11:57:01date fix.
UtilitiesEditMTE Optimizer2017-06-19 11:56:16Date fix.
UtilitiesEditDigisalt's SNES PaletteTools2017-06-16 15:59:16Date fix.
UtilitiesEditDPCM Ripper2017-06-16 15:58:39Date fix.
UtilitiesEditKoopa-the-Quick Trajectory Modifier v0.22017-06-16 15:58:17Date fix.
UtilitiesEditiNES Header Checker2017-06-16 15:57:53Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSearch Relative2017-06-16 15:57:20Date fix.
UtilitiesEdit8TED2017-06-16 15:56:50Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSMB3 Workshop2017-06-16 15:56:21Date fix.
UtilitiesEditRsearch2017-06-16 15:55:18Date fix.
UtilitiesEditFaTILEty2017-06-15 12:39:49Date fix and also included source code.
UtilitiesNewRockman & Forte Compression / Decompression Tools2017-06-15 12:22:50
UtilitiesNewMega Man X2 Compression / Decompression Tools2017-06-15 12:19:12
UtilitiesNewMega Man X Compression / Decompression Tools2017-06-15 12:16:31
UtilitiesEditPlug-Timp2017-06-15 12:08:43Date fix.
UtilitiesEditVBA-SDL-H2017-06-15 12:07:41Date fix.
UtilitiesEditRLEFinder2017-06-15 12:02:43Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSlickNSF2017-06-15 12:02:13Date fix.
DocumentsEditOgre Battle ROM Data2017-06-15 11:42:42fixed name.
DocumentsEditOgre Battle Compressed Graphics Locations2017-06-15 11:42:31Fixed name.
UtilitiesEditGraphiX 32017-06-15 07:00:15Date fix.
UtilitiesEditA.G.E. Arcade Games Editor2017-06-15 06:58:37Date fix,.
UtilitiesEditFEIDIAN2017-06-15 06:57:58Date fix.
UtilitiesEditRelative Searcher2017-06-15 06:57:22Date fix.
UtilitiesEditNo$2K6 Debugger2017-06-15 06:56:10Date fix.
UtilitiesEditspAsm2017-06-15 06:55:35Date fix.
UtilitiesEditMTE Search2017-06-15 06:54:58Date fix.
UtilitiesEditPackbits2017-06-15 06:53:51Date fix.
UtilitiesEditDTEseek2017-06-15 06:53:14Date fix.
UtilitiesEditCHR-OPT2017-06-15 06:52:38Date fix.
UtilitiesEditZelda 1 Dungeon Editor2017-06-15 01:34:07Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSwanTool2017-06-15 01:32:44Date fix.
UtilitiesEditNSF Tool (Optimizer)2017-06-15 01:32:22Date fix.
UtilitiesEditRepointerer2017-06-15 01:31:04Date fix.
UtilitiesEditNSF Tool2017-06-15 01:30:23Date fix.
UtilitiesEditRecap2017-06-15 01:29:56Date fix.
UtilitiesEditaNESe2017-06-15 01:29:26Date fix.
UtilitiesEditA Simple Pointer Table Recalculator2017-06-15 01:29:02Date fix.
UtilitiesEditImpaled2017-06-15 01:28:40Date fix.
UtilitiesEditFinal Fantasy 3 Map Editor2017-06-15 01:28:07Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSmartRENES2017-06-12 09:38:36Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSNES Palette Editor2017-06-12 09:37:22Date fix.
UtilitiesEditDCC65022017-06-12 09:36:39Date fix.
UtilitiesEditBionic Commando Editor2017-06-12 09:36:16Date fix.
UtilitiesEditReMaster2017-06-12 09:33:19Date fix.
UtilitiesEditGNGWin2017-06-12 09:32:46Date fix.
UtilitiesEditAdvance Palette Editor [APE]2017-06-12 09:32:17Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSMC2017-06-12 09:31:03Date fix.
UtilitiesEditheader-magic2017-06-12 09:30:35Date fix.
UtilitiesEditFree Space Finder [FSF]2017-06-12 09:29:50Date fix.
UtilitiesEditROM Padder2017-06-12 00:06:34Date fix.
UtilitiesEditNuts & Bolts2017-06-12 00:06:00Date fix.
UtilitiesEditGameboy Assembly Editor2017-06-12 00:05:21Date fix.
UtilitiesEditDSLazy2017-06-12 00:04:29Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSMB3 Text Editor2017-06-12 00:03:21Date fix.
UtilitiesEditJabba2017-06-12 00:02:47Date fix.
UtilitiesEditMegaman 3 Text Editor2017-06-12 00:01:51Date fix.
UtilitiesEditHebeGB9x2017-06-12 00:01:18Date fix.
UtilitiesEditN64 ROM Renamer2017-06-11 16:42:25Date fix.
UtilitiesEditmap2gl2017-06-11 16:40:28Date fix.
UtilitiesEditmap2gl2017-06-11 16:39:56Date fix.
CommunityEditgomtuu2017-06-11 16:38:52Linked to forum profile.
UtilitiesEditMillie2017-06-11 16:37:33Date fix.
UtilitiesEditDizzyEdit2017-06-11 16:36:41Date fix.
UtilitiesEditCT Shop Editor2017-06-11 16:34:59Date fix.
UtilitiesEditdsdecmp2017-06-11 16:33:59Date fix.
UtilitiesEditDizzy Pack/Unpack2017-06-11 16:33:31Date fix.
UtilitiesEditBitmap Font Writer2017-06-11 16:28:48Date fix.
UtilitiesEditUIPS2017-06-11 16:27:33Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSOALEditor2017-06-11 16:26:42Date & Screenshot fix.
CommunityEditADnova2017-06-11 16:21:47Linked to forum profile.
UtilitiesEditMegaMan FX-32017-06-11 16:20:19date fix.
UtilitiesEditThunder Force 3 Compression tools2017-06-11 16:18:07Date fix and photo added
UtilitiesEditGyric2017-06-11 16:13:12Date fix.
CommunityEditLin2017-06-11 16:12:13Linked to forum profile.
UtilitiesEditUcon2017-06-11 16:09:58Date fix.
UtilitiesEditHeadSplitter2017-06-11 16:09:27Date Fix.
UtilitiesEditvSNES2017-06-11 16:08:48Date Fix.
UtilitiesEditSNESTool2017-06-11 16:07:09Date fix.
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI - T-Edition + EX2017-06-11 15:57:12updated to 2.7.0
HacksEditGradius II - Arrangement Chronicle Death2017-06-11 15:45:49Added pre-patch to .zip so hack works properly now.
UtilitiesEditNLZ-GBA Advance2017-06-09 07:32:03Date fix.
CommunityEditNintenlord2017-06-09 07:31:33Updated with link
UtilitiesEditbsnes2017-06-09 07:25:02Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSegaTool2017-06-09 07:23:25Date fix.
UtilitiesEditPermanent Game Genie2017-06-09 07:22:11Date fix
UtilitiesEditFinal Fantasy V Editor2017-06-09 07:20:37Updated to 1.2.2 And fixed date.
CreditsNewTranslations - T-Dragon Quest2017-06-09 07:15:41
UtilitiesEditlogparser2017-06-09 07:15:09Date fix.
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI - T-Edition + EX2017-06-08 06:09:01Updated to 2.6.0
CommunityEditTsushiy2017-06-08 06:06:39Linked to forum profile.
HacksEditZelda II - New Adventure of Link2017-06-07 22:32:05Fixed Version number
UtilitiesEditNuts & Milk Editor2017-06-07 19:25:18Date Fix.
UtilitiesEditspcdas2017-06-07 19:24:42Date fix.
UtilitiesEditIPSMac2017-06-07 19:24:05Date fix.
UtilitiesEdit24=152017-06-07 19:23:22Date fix.
DocumentsNewOgre Battle Rom Map2017-06-06 21:07:15
UtilitiesNewNightmare2017-06-06 21:02:21
UtilitiesEditXA652017-06-06 20:34:55Updated
DocumentsNewOgrebattle ROM Data2017-06-06 20:29:45
DocumentsNewOgrebattle Compressed Graphics Locations2017-06-06 20:22:21
UtilitiesEditspcas2017-06-06 20:16:12date fix.
UtilitiesEditIPSelect2017-06-06 20:14:52Date fix.
UtilitiesEditDestiny of a Text Editor2017-06-06 11:29:50Date fix.
UtilitiesEditstripsnes2017-06-06 11:27:16Date fix.
CommunityEditKilla B2017-06-06 11:26:36Removed link due to malicious URL.
UtilitiesEditROTK XI Font Editor2017-06-06 11:23:16Date fix.
UtilitiesEditTable Creator2017-06-06 11:21:41Date fix
UtilitiesEditinSNESt2017-06-06 11:18:57Date fix.
UtilitiesEditROMulan2017-06-06 11:17:17Date fix.
CommunityEditStealth2017-06-06 11:15:05Linked to forum profile
UtilitiesEditEisfrei2017-06-06 06:38:00Date fix.
UtilitiesEditISD SMB Util2017-06-06 06:36:46Date fix.
UtilitiesEditIPS Maker2017-06-06 06:36:10Date fix.
UtilitiesEditR-Type 2 Compression Tools2017-06-06 06:35:09date fix
UtilitiesEditIPS EXE2017-06-06 06:32:49Date Fix
UtilitiesEditPeer Sprite Viewer2017-06-06 06:30:46date fix
CommunityEditHollowShadow2017-06-06 06:14:59Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditZimgief2017-06-06 06:13:42Linked to forum profile
TranslationsNewT-Dragon Quest2017-06-06 06:09:15
UtilitiesEditIPS2017-05-30 22:37:35Date Fix
UtilitiesEditPeer SPC Mixer2017-05-30 22:36:45Date fix
CommunityNoncompliantChaoSaX Team2017-05-30 22:34:50Duplicate -
UtilitiesEditChaoSaX RXL2017-05-30 22:34:27Author & Date fix
UtilitiesEditMarCas - Super Mario Land 2 Editor2017-05-30 22:31:39Fixed date
UtilitiesEditBeopat2017-05-30 22:30:21Fixed date
UtilitiesEditSuper Mario Land 2 Overworld Map Editor2017-05-30 22:29:49Fixed date
UtilitiesEditWily's Toolbox2017-05-30 22:28:30Fixed date.
CommunityEdityellokrow2017-05-29 14:47:11Linked to forum profile.
UtilitiesEditWinX68K Tracer2017-05-29 01:59:17Fix date
UtilitiesEditNoChaos2017-05-29 01:58:41Fix date
UtilitiesEditPsy-Q flirt signatures2017-05-29 01:57:55fix date
CommunityEditjammer5062017-05-29 01:54:42Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditSephalos2017-05-29 01:54:06Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditWilver2017-05-29 01:52:54Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditNaglfar942017-05-29 01:51:57Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditakaTrickster2017-05-29 01:51:07Linked to forum profile.
UtilitiesEditTile Molester Alternate2017-05-26 22:00:05Date fix
UtilitiesEditErosion2017-05-26 21:59:26Date fix.
UtilitiesEditDOOM 32X DeHackEd Patcher2017-05-26 21:58:48Date fix
UtilitiesEditPPF Studio2017-05-26 21:58:14Date fix
UtilitiesEditDOOM 32X response file for DM2CONV2017-05-26 21:57:24Date fix.
UtilitiesEditMonkey-Moore2017-05-26 21:55:07Date fix
UtilitiesEditFF Hackster Companion2017-05-26 21:54:00Date fix
UtilitiesEditCHEESE!2017-05-26 21:53:27date fix
UtilitiesEditSilent2017-05-26 21:15:25Date fix
UtilitiesEditJust F Patch2017-05-26 21:00:00Fix date
UtilitiesEditbatari Basic (Mac OS)2017-05-26 20:37:19fixed date
UtilitiesEditPsyQ SNES development toolchain2017-05-23 22:24:46Fixed date.
UtilitiesEditFDS Builder, Sequential Version2017-05-23 22:23:14Fixed date
UtilitiesEditPatchROM2017-05-23 22:22:19Fixed date
UtilitiesEditPatchROM2017-05-23 22:21:09Fixed date
UtilitiesEditFFTA2 Editor2017-05-23 22:20:10fixed date
UtilitiesEditXLate2017-05-23 22:17:33Fixed date
UtilitiesEditUHR2017-05-23 22:15:18Fixed date
UtilitiesEditAtari 2600 Music Kit2017-05-23 22:13:44Fixed date
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI - T-Edition + EX2017-05-23 14:09:06Updated to new version 2.5.0!
CommunityEditVagla2017-05-23 14:03:51Updated
UtilitiesEditMiza2017-05-23 13:29:29Fixed date.
UtilitiesEditEliteMap2017-05-23 13:28:14Updated with clean files & fixed date.
UtilitiesEditDirect Hex-Edit2017-05-23 12:58:45Fixed date.
UtilitiesEditOverEdit2017-05-23 12:57:35Date fixed.
CommunityEditBongo`2017-05-23 12:55:41Updated
CommunityEditBouche2017-05-23 12:49:05Updated
UtilitiesEditTrack Designer2017-05-23 12:48:14Fixed date.
UtilitiesEditMario Improvement 32017-05-23 12:43:30Updated date & included Source Code.
UtilitiesEditF-Zero Execution Project - F-Zero X Track Editor2017-05-23 12:35:22Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSMB Utility2017-05-22 15:46:06Fixed date
UtilitiesEditRygar Improvement2017-05-22 15:44:58Fixed date
UtilitiesEditAdvance-Text2017-05-22 15:39:23Fixed date.
UtilitiesEditData Move2017-05-22 15:38:07Fixed date.
UtilitiesEditCastlevania Castle Constructor2017-05-22 15:35:27Added notation for those having trouble running this program.
UtilitiesEditBUBBLED2017-05-22 15:32:52fixed date
UtilitiesEditBubbleEd2017-05-22 15:32:00Fixed date
UtilitiesEditsnesbrr2017-05-22 15:29:10Fixed date.
UtilitiesEditTownedit2017-05-22 15:27:50Fixed Date.
CreditsNewHacks - Mega Man Wily's Conquest 2 - Hyper Edition Turbo!2017-05-21 22:08:25
UtilitiesEditSMB Relocaverburator2017-05-18 00:38:15Fixed date.
UtilitiesEditPSYQ Sega Genesis/CD Tools2017-05-18 00:37:27Fixed Date
UtilitiesEditPatch-A-Bobble2017-05-18 00:36:13Fixed date.
UtilitiesEditpic2snes2017-05-18 00:35:18Fixed date
UtilitiesEditMr. Huber’s GB to NES GFX Converter2017-05-18 00:34:44Fixed date.
UtilitiesEditMagicKit2017-05-18 00:33:45Fixed Date
UtilitiesEditWordCount2017-05-18 00:32:33Fixed date.
UtilitiesEditTileEdit2017-05-18 00:31:59Date fixed.
NewsNewGhost Chaser Densei2017-05-17 08:12:35
NewsNewRampart (Konami Version) for the Famicom now fully playable in English!2017-05-17 08:09:27
CreditsNewTranslations - Ghost Chaser Densei2017-05-17 08:04:53
GamesEditGhost Chaser Densei2017-05-17 08:02:17Added title screen.
CreditsEditTranslations - Rampart2017-05-17 07:58:00Added credit
TranslationsEditRampart2017-05-17 07:55:51Updated to 1.0!
UtilitiesEditPCSX2 0.9.2 with better debugger2017-05-15 15:57:05Fixed date
UtilitiesEditSMC-Ripper2017-05-15 15:54:49fixed date.
UtilitiesEditGolden Sun: The Lost Age Editor2017-05-15 15:49:41FIxed date & version number.
UtilitiesEditMassacre2017-05-15 15:44:52Fixed Date.
UtilitiesEditPPF2017-05-15 15:43:35Fixed date.
UtilitiesEditDungeon Master2017-05-15 15:42:18Fixed date.
UtilitiesEditVisualboy Advance Tracer2017-05-15 15:39:42Fixed date
UtilitiesEditFCEUltra Tracer2017-05-15 15:38:33Fixed date
UtilitiesEditSMBar2017-05-15 15:36:47Date fix.
UtilitiesEditSpartan X 2 Tools2017-05-15 15:34:38Fixed date
TranslationsNewGhost Chaser Densei2017-05-15 14:36:19
UtilitiesEditNightmare 22017-05-14 11:53:32Fixed release date
UtilitiesEditPokéText2017-05-14 11:36:52Date Fix
UtilitiesEditRBI Baseball Manager2017-05-14 11:35:24Date fix.
UtilitiesEditPCSX22017-05-14 11:34:52Updated version
UtilitiesEditDouble Helix2017-05-14 11:29:39Release date added.
UtilitiesEditDSPC2017-05-14 11:28:49Release date added.
UtilitiesEditpic2snes2017-05-14 11:27:27Added notation in description.
DocumentsEditAdding an SNES Intro (with a few clicks)2017-05-14 11:11:29Fixed date.
HacksEditSuper Mario All Stars NES2017-05-03 01:54:09Updated to Version 5-2-2017
HacksEditSalamander - Arrangement Chronicle DELTA2017-05-02 23:31:49Updated to 0.8a
HacksEditGradius II - Arrangement Chronicle Death2017-05-02 23:13:45Corrected CRC Info, old information was incorrect.
CommunityNoncompliantHiroki56562017-05-02 23:09:06Correct author is here -
CreditsEditHacks - Gradius - Arrangement Chronicle Death2017-05-02 23:08:32Fixed author
CreditsEditHacks - Gradius II - Arrangement Chronicle Death2017-05-02 23:07:43Corrected entry
CommunityEditMessatu2017-05-02 23:07:11Added YouTube channel link.
HacksEditSalamander AC - (Arcade Conversion)2017-05-02 23:06:14Fixed Author name
CreditsEditHacks - Twinbee AC2017-05-02 22:47:58Fixed name entry
HacksEditTwinbee AC2017-05-02 22:47:36Fixed Author name
CreditsEditHacks - Salamander AC - (Arcade Conversion)2017-05-02 22:44:23Fixed entry
HacksEditGradius II - Arrangement Chronicle Death2017-05-02 22:42:30Updated to 1.9, added readme, fixed title name and corrected author.
HacksEditGradius - Arrangement Chronicle Death2017-05-02 22:36:46Corrected author name and title of hack.
CommunityEditMessatu2017-05-02 22:35:30Updated
CommunityEditxXbelmontXx2017-04-28 23:40:29Updated & added youtube link.
HacksEditSuper Mario All Stars NES2017-04-23 19:54:10Updated to version 4-23-2017
TranslationsEditWizardry Empire2017-04-17 22:36:27Fixed entry for title screen (Not altered in this patch)
TranslationsEditWizardry Empire2017-04-17 22:26:19Bug Fix :P Updated to 1.02
TranslationsEditWizardry Empire2017-04-16 14:52:45Updated to 1.01 (Fixed critical bug)
CommunityEditRenhoek2017-04-13 01:16:48Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditcynTech2017-04-13 01:14:26Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditYave2017-04-13 01:12:59Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditArchAngelleofJustice2017-04-13 01:10:03Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditLunarFire2017-04-09 13:20:20Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditOsman Color - Osman Garcia2017-03-25 19:25:16Updated
CommunityNoncompliantOsman Color2017-03-25 19:22:32Duplicate Profile -
CommunityEditemotionengine2017-03-25 19:20:39Linked to forum profile
CommunityEditbigboo2017-03-25 19:20:00Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditq8fft2017-03-25 19:19:15Linked to forum profile.
HacksEditBatman: The Dark Knight2017-03-25 19:17:47Linked to correct profile who submitted it.
CreditsEditTranslations - Wizardry Empire2017-03-10 05:12:18Updated credits
TranslationsEditWizardry Empire2017-03-10 05:09:14Updated info
HacksEditSuper Mario All Stars NES2017-03-10 05:05:23Updated version.
CommunityEditMarioDesigner2017-03-09 14:44:07Linked to forum profile.
TranslationsEditWizardry Empire: Fukkatsu no Tsue2017-02-27 20:20:15Updated to version 1.15. More fixes and used classic Wizardry style spell naming now.
CreditsEditTranslations - Wizardry Empire: Fukkatsu no Tsue2017-02-27 20:18:15Updated
HelpAdsNewWizardry Empire III2017-02-26 22:40:55
TranslationsNoncompliantHydlide 3: Yami Kara no Houmonsha2017-02-26 15:11:23pacnsacdave took over project -
TranslationsEditWizardry Empire: Fukkatsu no Tsue2017-02-24 15:34:51Updated to V1.14
TranslationsEditWizardry Empire: Fukkatsu no Tsue2017-02-19 14:29:14Updated to 1.13
CommunityEditA.D.R.I.A.N2017-02-19 03:38:07Linked to forum profile.
TranslationsNewSchwarzschild III: Wakusei Desperan2017-02-19 03:36:32
TranslationsEditWizardry Empire: Fukkatsu no Tsue2017-02-18 23:31:44Updated to 1.11
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Kart - F1 Tracks2017-02-18 18:11:40
CommunityEditEmmy2017-02-18 18:07:33Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditTrisma2017-02-18 18:05:23Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditSchicksal882017-02-18 18:04:26Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditBig Hairy Marty2017-02-18 18:03:01Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditSupper2017-02-18 18:00:49Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditfugly2017-02-18 17:58:08Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditeinride2017-02-17 23:25:26Linked
CommunityEditApollyon2017-02-17 23:24:39Linked
HacksNewSuper Mario Kart - F1 Tracks2017-02-12 21:37:54
CreditsNewHacks - Megaman CX - English2017-02-12 21:21:47
HacksNewMegaman CX - English2017-02-05 19:59:59
CreditsEditTranslations - Wizardry Empire: Fukkatsu no Tsue2017-01-27 13:20:28Updated
TranslationsEditWizardry Empire: Fukkatsu no Tsue2017-01-27 13:19:20Updated to V1.0! Many updates and corrections have been made to polish this up!
CreditsNewTranslations - Dusty Diamond's All-Star Softball2017-01-16 11:30:23
CreditsEditHacks - Super Mario Bros. Special for NES2017-01-16 11:27:38Added current author of patch, was missing on list.
UtilitiesNewMega Man 7 Compression / Decompression Tools2017-01-14 14:27:06
CreditsNewHacks - Metroid - Rogue Dawn2017-01-14 13:41:45
HacksNewMetroid - Rogue Dawn2017-01-14 11:40:12
HacksEditSuper Mario All Stars NES2017-01-14 11:27:26Updated - Fixed proper SRAM preparation
NewsNewFamicom Grand Prix I & II now in English!2017-01-09 08:53:30
CreditsNewTranslations - Famicom Grand Prix: F1 Race2017-01-09 08:45:01
CreditsNewTranslations - Famicom Grand Prix II: 3D Hot Rally2017-01-08 15:15:32
TranslationsNewFamicom Grand Prix - F1 Race2017-01-07 11:57:03
CreditsNewHacks - Lufia: The Legend Returns -- Run Toggle2017-01-07 05:46:43
GamesEditFamicom Grand Prix II: 3D Hot Rally2017-01-07 01:07:23Updated
CommunityEditikusatatsu_ushiromiya2017-01-07 01:01:51linked to forum profile.
TranslationsNewFamicom Grand Prix II - 3D Hot Rally2017-01-06 00:03:30
CreditsNewHacks - Legend of Zelda: Awakening of Onyx2017-01-05 05:23:55
CommunityEditnoisecross2017-01-05 05:22:11Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditAtomizer_Zero2017-01-05 01:26:08Linked to forum profile.
HacksNewLegend of Zelda: Awakening of Onyx2017-01-04 00:08:29
CommunityEditSuperLineBros2017-01-03 23:50:51Updated.
CommunityEditHeavyMetal Rocker 19882017-01-03 23:34:21Updated
CommunityEditrainponcho2017-01-03 23:30:45Linked to forum profile.
GamesEditSuper F1 Circus 22017-01-03 08:51:55Updated.
CreditsNewTranslations - Super F1 Circus 22017-01-03 08:47:35
TranslationsNewSuper F1 Circus 22017-01-03 04:08:39
HacksEditZelda3 Parallel Worlds2017-01-03 03:10:45Corrected Patching Info to "No-Header" required.
HacksEditCastlevania II English Re-translation (+Map)2016-12-31 16:59:59Updated to
HacksNewNCAA Tecmo Bowl 20172016-12-29 20:16:05
HacksNewRBI: 2016 World Series2016-12-29 20:03:03
HacksNewNCAA: TSB 20172016-12-29 18:55:47
HacksNewTecmo Grey Cup 20162016-12-29 18:40:41
HacksNewTecmo Super Bowl 20172016-12-29 17:04:01
CommunityEditMainMemory2016-12-29 03:16:15Updated
HacksNoncompliantE.V.O.: The Theory of Evolution2016-12-28 17:42:27Translation accidentally submitted as a hack...
HacksNewChristmas Woodman2016-12-26 21:09:47
CommunityEditHimajin Jichiku2016-12-26 21:03:53Updated
CommunityEditirvgotti4522016-12-25 23:29:07Linked to forum profile.
TranslationsEditThousand Land2016-12-25 23:09:32Updated - Opponent comments are the only thing left! :D
CreditsEditTranslations - Thousand Land2016-12-25 16:29:19Added another credit.
CommunityEditZeroShift2016-12-24 15:00:51Linked to forum profile.
HacksNewThe 9th Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest: Collaboration Hack2016-12-21 17:31:22
GamesEditTetsudou Ou: Famicom Boardgame2016-12-20 16:21:28Updated
CreditsEditTranslations - Thousand Land2016-12-19 21:37:49Updated Credits
TranslationsEditThousand Land2016-12-19 21:37:04Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Lode Runner Grey2016-12-19 11:48:40
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Kart - Sylvain Kart Custom Tracks2016-12-19 11:47:43
TranslationsEditTetsudou Ou: Famicom Boardgame2016-12-19 11:08:38Fixed small typo
NewsNewTetsudou Ou: Famicom Boardgame now available in English!2016-12-19 11:01:00
CreditsNewTranslations - Tetsudou Ou: Famicom Boardgame2016-12-19 10:57:01
TranslationsNewTetsudou Ou - Famicom Boardgame2016-12-19 02:02:31
CommunityEditTheDarkBanshee2016-12-19 01:49:48Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditNetsrotti2016-12-18 18:30:38Linked to forum profile.
CreditsNewHacks - Mega Man III - Hyperion 32016-12-14 19:49:12
CommunityEditJriva2016-12-14 12:36:52Updated with Blog Link.
HomebrewNewUWOL - Quest for Money2016-12-11 17:02:07
UtilitiesNewNESSort2016-12-11 08:24:12
UtilitiesNewSNES Game Sound System2016-12-11 08:21:21
HomebrewNewChristmas Craze2016-12-11 08:17:30
UtilitiesEditNES Screen Tool2016-12-11 07:53:19Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Mega Man X - Generation2016-12-10 10:35:21
CreditsNewHacks - Retroid2016-12-10 10:34:38
CommunityEditNotBit2016-12-09 11:26:23Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditSouris2016-12-09 11:25:27Linked to forum profile
CommunityEditNebulous Translations2016-12-09 11:20:27Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditEvolutions2016-12-09 10:49:14Updated with working link.
CommunityEditEroneous Waylay2016-12-09 10:45:20Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditDynamic-Designs2016-12-09 10:42:57Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditCyndeline Translations2016-12-09 10:35:47Linked to forum profile.
HacksNewRetroid2016-12-09 08:43:03
CommunityEditSOPHIA2016-12-09 08:22:51Updated with links.
HacksNewMega Man X - Generation2016-12-09 08:17:52
CreditsNewHacks - Rockman CX2016-12-09 08:09:21
HacksNewRockman CX2016-12-08 18:01:16
HacksNewTodos Contra TCHECO2016-12-07 12:12:39
HacksNewSuper Mario MCB Color Edition2016-12-07 12:05:06
HacksNewF-Zero - Stage 12 - Caught!2016-12-07 08:30:08
TranslationsEditTear Ring Saga2016-11-30 03:11:58Updated
CommunityEditZafarion2016-11-29 03:46:29Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditLord Hiryu2016-11-29 03:45:38Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditAlanJacobs2016-11-27 05:11:12Linked to forum profile.
TranslationsEditThousand Land2016-11-14 03:33:17Updated translation.
HacksNewMega Man X1 - No armor GFX2016-11-12 21:33:00
TranslationsNoncompliantLast Armageddon2016-11-09 21:58:06Continued from and completed here Please take down as this will no longer be updated here.
CommunityEditChably2016-11-09 13:35:42Linked to forum profile.
HacksEditFinal Strikyu2016-11-06 15:53:19Fixed UNKNOWN Status of Author.
CreditsNewHacks - Zelda3 IQ test Remodel2016-11-06 13:54:13
CreditsNewHacks - Pokémon Altair and Sirius2016-11-06 12:21:25
CreditsNewHacks - Final Fantasy V: Ancient Cave2016-11-06 12:19:50
CreditsNewHacks - Final Strikyu2016-11-06 12:16:30
HacksEditMonster Party Prototype Restoration2016-11-06 12:07:09Corrected UNKNOWN author listing.
GamesEditWizardry Gaiden IV: Throb of the Demon's Heart2016-11-06 12:05:16Updated description.
CreditsNewHacks - Monster Party Prototype Restoration2016-11-06 10:16:33
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI - T-Edition + EX2016-11-05 22:37:02Updated to 2.10.0
HacksEditSuper Metroid Cristener Homenag2016-10-30 11:44:43Fixed Author from Unknown
CreditsNewHacks - Super Metroid Cristener Homenag2016-10-30 02:54:18
HacksEditWonder Momo sprite hack2016-10-30 02:51:32Public Maintenance - Fixed Patching Info
TranslationsEditSuper Morph2016-10-30 02:50:56Public Maintenance - Fixed Patching Info
TranslationsEditPopeye: Ijiwaru Majo Sea Hag no Maki2016-10-30 02:50:21Public Maintenance - Fixed Patching Info
TranslationsEditPhantasy Star2016-10-30 02:49:38Public Maintenance - Fixed Patching Info
CommunityNoncompliantMooZ, Shubibiman2016-10-29 20:26:26Separate entries of authors already made. Also submitted Author correction for entry -
TranslationsEditMärchen Maze2016-10-29 20:24:37Fixed Author Input
TranslationsEditBS Dragon Quest2016-10-29 18:46:52Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDoReMi Fantasy: Milon no DokiDoki Daibouken2016-10-29 18:38:13Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditTales of Phantasia2016-10-29 18:31:58Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
CommunityEditKnobbe2016-10-29 13:06:21Updated
CommunityEditNoOneee2016-10-28 12:02:49Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditByvegeta2016-10-28 12:00:25Updated info.
CreditsNewHacks - CXSZELDA - Hyrule's Doom2016-10-28 11:55:13
CommunityEditBarbarian2016-10-28 11:53:09Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditChase Xavier Squires (CXS)2016-10-28 11:48:13Linked to forum profile.
HacksNewAdoventoro Tcheco2016-10-26 15:11:26
HacksNewBomberman Zero2016-10-26 15:02:42
HacksNewFIFA World Cup2016-10-26 14:48:21
HacksNewMacBee's Adventure Island2016-10-26 14:39:43
HacksNewMega Man III 1.22016-10-26 14:19:49
HacksNewThe Simpsons - Return of the Space Mutants2016-10-26 14:10:00
HacksNewPinball MacBee2016-10-26 13:57:37
HacksNewMetroid Alpha2016-10-26 01:40:23
TranslationsEditSylviana: Ai Ippai no Boukensha2016-10-24 23:21:18Public Maintenance - Patching Info
TranslationsEditTales of Phantasia2016-10-24 13:02:25Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMarble Cooking2016-10-24 12:57:25Public Maintenance - Patching Info
TranslationsEditFarland Story 62016-10-24 12:45:23Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditThe Highly Responsive to Prayers2016-10-24 12:43:31Public Maintenance - ROM Info / Patching Info
TranslationsEditThe Highly Responsive to Prayers2016-10-24 02:51:00Public Maintenance - ROM INFO / Patching Info
TranslationsEditYugekitai Kakuto Hen ~Saikyoushin Fukkatsu no Maki~2016-10-24 02:47:19Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditYugekitai: Saikyoushin Fukkatsu no Maki2016-10-24 02:44:34Public Maintenance - Patching / ROM Info
TranslationsEditFarland Story 62016-10-24 02:37:10Public Maintenance - Patching info
TranslationsEditMugen Senshi Valis II2016-10-24 02:25:44Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRPG Maker 22016-10-24 01:50:40Public Maintenance - Patching Info
CreditsNewTranslations - Puyo Puyo 72016-10-24 01:48:02
TranslationsEditPuyo Puyo 72016-10-24 01:38:57Public Maintenance - Patching Info
TranslationsEditRPG Maker - Super Dante2016-10-24 01:37:01Public Maintenance - Patching Info
TranslationsEditCastlevania: Rondo of Blood2016-10-24 01:29:32Public Maintenance - Patching Info
TranslationsEditThe Battle of Vietnam 20012016-10-23 22:25:07Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
FontsEditAction 52 NES Font2016-10-22 22:29:10Added font table.
FontsEdit8 Eyes NES Font2016-10-22 22:22:09Added font table.
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy I+II2016-10-22 22:12:26Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy IV Easy Type2016-10-22 22:03:14Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditBlue Blink2016-10-22 21:14:59Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
CreditsNewTranslations - SonSon II2016-10-22 21:09:49
TranslationsEditSonSon II2016-10-22 21:09:05Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditBikkuriman World2016-10-22 21:02:52Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMärchen Maze2016-10-22 20:55:52Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditGaia no Monshou2016-10-22 20:52:03Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditTales of Phantasia2016-10-22 20:35:53Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsNoncompliantTales of Phantasia2016-10-22 20:31:50 is an updated version of the authors work.
CreditsEditTranslations - Tales of Phantasia2016-10-22 20:31:29Updated
TranslationsEditTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time2016-10-22 19:16:21Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditWedding Peach2016-10-22 13:44:32Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditTreasure Hunter G2016-10-22 13:41:25Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditStar Ocean2016-10-22 13:22:25Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsNoncompliantStar Ocean2016-10-22 13:19:34Project was merged with with Cidolfas's Involvement..
TranslationsNoncompliantStar Ocean2016-10-22 13:14:17This patch was continued on at with Chief Ug
TranslationsEditSutte Hakkun BS Version 22016-10-22 13:06:56Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
CreditsNewTranslations - Igo: Kyuu Roban Taikyoku2016-10-22 11:28:56
NewsNewFamicom GO game, Igo: Kyuu Roban Taikyoku now in English!2016-10-22 11:24:44
TranslationsEditIgo: Kyuu Roban Taikyoku2016-10-22 11:13:14Minor Correction.
TranslationsEditSuper Robot Taisen Gaiden: Masou Kishin - The Lord of Elemental2016-10-22 00:02:01Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSuper Puyo Puyo 22016-10-21 23:57:31Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDragon Ball Z: Super Butouden 22016-10-21 23:52:49Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDragon Ball Z: Super Saiya Densetsu2016-10-21 23:46:55Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditWagyan Land 22016-10-21 23:21:30Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditFamicom Wars2016-10-21 23:11:22Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDragon Power2016-10-21 23:07:50Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditStreets of Rage 32016-10-21 22:59:37Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditPulseman2016-10-21 22:50:51Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditKingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories2016-10-21 22:45:03Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsNewIgo: Kyuu Roban Taikyoku2016-10-21 22:00:32
TranslationsEditSeiko-Chan SOS2016-10-21 15:59:28Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
CreditsNewTranslations - Seiko-Chan SOS2016-10-21 15:58:41
TranslationsEditThe Black Onyx2016-10-21 15:55:15Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditGenesis: Beyond the Revelation2016-10-21 15:19:41Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditFarland Story 52016-10-21 15:12:45Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditFarland Story 42016-10-21 15:08:59Public Maintenance - ROM INfo
TranslationsEditFarland Story 32016-10-21 15:03:53Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditFarland Story 22016-10-21 14:58:58Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditFarland Story2016-10-21 14:43:43Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
NewsNewSukeban Deka III now in English!2016-10-20 21:41:48
CreditsNewTranslations - Sukeban Deka III2016-10-20 09:02:42
TranslationsNewSukeban Deka III2016-10-19 21:37:46
CreditsNewTranslations - Lunatic Dawn: Passage of the Book2016-10-19 20:00:28
CreditsNewHacks - Wit's UNROM to MMC32016-10-15 04:30:05
CreditsNewHacks - Quarth CNROM to MMC32016-10-15 04:29:46
CreditsNewHacks - Puyo Puyo MMC1 to MMC32016-10-15 04:29:27
CreditsNewHacks - Mini Putt MMC1 to MMC32016-10-15 04:29:14
CreditsNewHacks - Magic Jewelry II to MMC32016-10-15 04:28:59
CreditsNewTranslations - Bomberman2016-10-15 04:28:22
CreditsNewTranslations - Mega Man V2016-10-15 04:27:50
CommunityEditFlame2016-10-15 04:26:30Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditNesrocks2016-10-15 02:18:09Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditThe Rooser2016-10-15 02:02:23Linked to forum profile.
CreditsNewHacks - Metroid Deluxe Reduxe2016-10-15 02:00:42
HacksEditAnother Super Mario 3D2016-10-14 19:07:48Updated to 1.09
CreditsNewHacks - Excitebike 7 maps2016-10-13 17:52:03
CreditsNewHacks - Castlevania - Sonia Belmont Edition2016-10-13 17:51:43
CreditsNewHacks - Donkey Kong Country - Competitive Edition2016-10-13 17:51:21
CreditsNewHacks - TMNT Hyperstone Heist With Friendly Fire2016-10-13 17:50:15
CreditsNewHacks - Mega Man 6: Next Loop2016-10-13 17:49:41
CreditsNewHacks - Mortal Kombat Mythologies: Quan Chi2016-10-13 17:48:53
CreditsNewTranslations - Last Ranker2016-10-13 17:46:27
CreditsNewHacks - Tomb Raider IV - Italian Audio Fix2016-10-13 17:42:54
CreditsNewHacks - Hyper Street Kart2016-10-13 17:42:17
CreditsNewHacks - Trojan UNROM to MMC32016-10-13 17:37:22
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Bros 3 Ridley X Hack 32016-10-13 17:36:47
CommunityEditMrRichard9992016-10-12 12:17:59Updated Link
HacksEditSuper Mario Bros: Johnny's Quest2016-10-11 06:52:30Public Maintenance - Fixed Patching Info
TranslationsEditLaplace no Ma2016-10-10 22:44:33Fixed with correct ROM info.
CommunityEditIceQueenZer02016-10-08 22:23:11Updated
TranslationsEditBodyConQuest I - Abakareshi Musume Tachi2016-10-08 13:31:35Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditGall Force: Eternal Story2016-10-08 13:29:27Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSamurai Sword2016-10-08 13:25:58Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSuishou no Dragon2016-10-08 13:24:00Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditEsper Dream2016-10-08 13:21:55Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMetroid2016-10-08 13:19:04Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditLutter2016-10-08 13:15:21Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
NewsNewFamily Circuit now in English!2016-10-08 12:50:14
CreditsNewTranslations - Family Circuit2016-10-08 12:41:28
TranslationsNewFamily Circuit2016-10-08 03:28:00
CommunityEditCay2016-10-06 22:01:44Linked to forum profile.
AbandonedNoncompliantRent-a-Hero2016-10-05 23:51:13Already has a complete translation for it -
CommunityEditcelcion2016-10-02 05:20:37Linked to forum profile.
CreditsNewHacks - Megaman III - Ridley X Hack 4 Gammas Revenge2016-10-02 04:59:02
TranslationsEditThe Wild Rings2016-10-01 16:30:20Fixed a spelling error in description.
NewsNewThe Wild Rings for Xbox is now fully playable in English!2016-10-01 07:08:33
TranslationsEditThe Wild Rings2016-10-01 07:03:53Updated to a complete version.
CreditsEditTranslations - The Wild Rings2016-10-01 06:07:33Added Credit
CreditsNewTranslations - Super Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium2016-09-29 23:25:38
CommunityEditFluffyQuack2016-09-25 23:47:58Updated Profile
TranslationsNoncompliantAgalta2016-09-25 23:39:09Project hasn't been updated for some time nor has the forum account holder logged on for over 5 years.
UtilitiesNewARCTool2016-09-25 18:51:54
HomebrewNewHilda2016-09-24 23:25:37
TranslationsEditFamily Trainer: Totsugeki! Fuuun Takeshi Jou2016-09-19 20:23:57Fixed a spelling goof - V1.01
HacksEditMetroid Origin2016-09-18 23:21:39fixed category of hack
CreditsNewTranslations - Family Trainer: Totsugeki! Fuuun Takeshi Jou2016-09-18 14:23:53
NewsNewFamily Trainer 8 - Totsugeki! Fuuun Takeshi-jou now in English!2016-09-18 14:20:21
TranslationsNewFamily Trainer 8 - Totsugeki! Fuuun Takeshi-jou2016-09-18 02:56:52
CommunityEditKaBooM!2016-09-17 20:44:18Linked to forum profile.
NewsNewFamily Trainer: Jogging Race now in English!2016-09-17 01:50:38
NewsNewF1 Circus now available in English!2016-09-17 01:31:10
CreditsNewTranslations - Family Trainer: Jogging Race2016-09-17 01:26:19
CreditsNewTranslations - F1 Circus2016-09-17 01:24:41
TranslationsEditFamily Trainer: Jogging Race2016-09-17 01:22:54New Patch with title screen done.
TranslationsNewFamily Trainer 4: Jogging Race2016-09-16 18:42:18
TranslationsNewF1 Circus2016-09-16 14:57:34
HacksNewSuper Metroid - Y-Faster2016-09-15 00:23:30
UtilitiesNewFalcom Data Archiver Conversion Tool2016-09-11 15:09:29
CreditsEditTranslations - Wizardry Gaiden IV: Throb of the Demon's Heart2016-09-08 04:47:02Added credit
TranslationsEditWizardry Gaiden IV: Throb of the Demon's Heart2016-09-08 04:45:47Version 1.01 - GamerHenky found that the race descriptions for Gnome and Hobbit are reversed. Fixed!
TranslationsEditWizardry Gaiden IV: Throb of the Demon's Heart2016-09-06 21:12:31Fully fixed version released! Version 1.0!!!!
CommunityEditharmony72016-09-02 00:37:50Linked to forum profile.
HacksNewSuper Mr.Krabs2016-09-02 00:30:57
HacksNewDouble Dragon II - Boss Edition2016-09-01 23:39:24
HacksEditDouble Dragon II (Easy)2016-09-01 23:00:03Fixed Name
HacksNewIce Cream!2016-09-01 22:53:40
HacksNewDonkey Kong Country 2 Remodeled2016-09-01 22:41:22
HacksNewGrump's Dream Course2016-08-31 23:49:13
CreditsNewHacks - Mega Man 3 Ultimate2016-08-31 23:25:26
GamesEditWizardry II: Knight of Diamonds2016-08-31 23:02:03Had to fix previous submission which was erroneous..
GamesEditWizardry III: Legacy of Llylgamyn2016-08-31 23:01:56Had to fix previous submission which was erroneous..
TranslationsEditWizardry II: Knight of Diamonds2016-08-31 14:52:23Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditWizardry III: Legacy of Llylgamyn2016-08-31 14:51:42Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
GamesEditWizardry II: Legacy of Llylgamyn2016-08-31 14:42:29Corrected name from being the 3rd to 2nd in series.
GamesEditWizardry III: Knight of Diamonds2016-08-31 14:42:09Corrected Game Entry, was named the 2nd when its the 3rd.
TranslationsEditWizardry Empire2016-08-31 02:04:25Public Maintenance - ROM Info and fixed game entry to correct one.
CommunityEditkarterfreak2016-08-31 01:32:35Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditnandobyker2016-08-31 01:31:08Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEditScouB2016-08-31 01:27:37linked to forum profile.
HacksNewDestroy 12016-08-31 00:14:16
HacksNewWorld Cup 20022016-08-30 23:57:37
HacksNewT.N.T2016-08-30 16:42:18
HacksNewSuper Mario World: The Megaman 29th Anniversary Adventure2016-08-29 19:58:29
HacksNewMario's Amazing Adventure Revitalized2016-08-29 19:48:12
HacksNewClassic Mario World 3: The Finale2016-08-29 19:40:10
HacksEditCVLegends - Goodbye Pigtail2016-08-29 18:13:46Corrected Hack name
CommunityEditChika Souko2016-08-29 18:11:43Updated Profile and fixed website link.
CommunityEditSMW Central2016-08-29 04:10:08Added description
HacksNewSuper Mario World - 1st Annual Vanilla Level Design Contest: Collaboration Hack2016-08-29 01:08:05
HacksNewSuper Mario World - The Devious Four Chronicles 4: Hunter's Revenge ReVised2016-08-29 01:03:50
HacksNewSuper Mario Logic2016-08-29 01:00:48
HacksNewSuper Metroid - Falling2016-08-28 13:38:13
HacksNewHyper Metroid2016-08-28 13:29:34
HacksNewSuper Metroid - Re-Imagined2016-08-28 13:21:54
HacksNewSuper Metroid - Arrival2016-08-28 13:10:16
HacksNewSuper Tio World Revived2016-08-28 04:57:37
HacksNewSuper Tio World - The Prequel2016-08-28 04:43:19
HacksNewSuper Mario Kart - Real World Imagined Tracks2016-08-28 04:21:43
HacksNewSuper Simple Kart 32016-08-27 05:26:40
HacksNewSuper Simple Kart 22016-08-27 05:21:07
HacksNewSuper Simple Kart2016-08-27 05:14:08
HacksNewSuper Pro Kart2016-08-27 05:09:12
HacksNewSuper Tio Kart Re-Wheeled2016-08-27 05:01:25
HacksNewSuper Tio Kart 32016-08-27 04:53:35
HacksNewSuper Tio Kart 22016-08-27 04:48:56
HacksNewSuper Tio Kart2016-08-27 04:44:22
HacksNewEpic Tio Kart2016-08-27 04:36:08
CommunityEditelricorico2016-08-27 03:36:03Linked to the forum profile.
CommunityEditTioHector782016-08-27 01:22:35Updated profile and added web link.
HacksNewSuper Mister Doom Kart2016-08-26 23:28:10
HacksNewSuper Mario Kart - Crazy Tracks2016-08-26 22:59:22
HacksNewSuper Mario Kart - 64 Reverse Remake2016-08-26 22:44:29
HacksNewSuper Mario Kart - Double Dash Reverse Remake2016-08-26 22:39:42
HacksNewSuper Mario Kart - Death's Courses2016-08-26 22:35:15
HacksNewSuper Mario Kart - Shelfall Series 42016-08-26 22:27:42
HacksNewSuper Mario Kart - Shelfall Series 32016-08-26 22:19:51
HacksNewSuper Mario Kart - Shelfall Series 22016-08-26 22:12:50
HacksNewSuper Mario Kart - Shelfall Series 12016-08-26 22:08:15
CommunityEditShelfall2016-08-26 22:08:08Fixed Spelling of user.
CommunityEditShellfall2016-08-26 06:17:37Updated
HacksNewSuper Mario Kart 20XX2016-08-26 06:12:22
HacksNewF-Zero - HeavyMetal Rocker1988's Tracks #2 (2015-2016)2016-08-26 06:04:37
CommunityEditTraumaFox2016-08-24 21:58:14Linked to forum profile.
CreditsEditTranslations - Lunatic Dawn - Book of Futures2016-08-24 20:21:51MOdified.
TranslationsEditLunatic Dawn - Book of Futures2016-08-24 19:03:31Removed Elegnaim from game credits as requested, no change to actual game made.
NewsNewLunatic Dawn - Book of Futures now fully playable in English!2016-08-24 01:46:51
TranslationsEditLunatic Dawn - Book of Futures2016-08-23 22:44:55Corrected submission.
TranslationsEditLunatic Dawn - Book of Futures2016-08-23 15:57:41Updated to V0.98b! Official release of a completed public beta!
TranslationsEditKaettekita Mario Bros.2016-08-21 13:44:04Updated to V0.98, fixed a spelling error.
TranslationsEditWizardry Chronicle2016-08-20 23:03:26Updated to V0.984b
HacksNewSuper Mario Kart - Sylvain Kart Custom Tracks2016-08-20 22:43:39
HacksNewSuper Mario Kart - Character Chaos2016-08-20 01:07:02
HacksNewSuper NikoNiko Kart2016-08-20 01:03:15
CommunityEditNytelyte2016-08-20 00:46:27Updated profile.
HacksEditF-Zero - Nytezero2016-08-20 00:41:46Found correct author,removing the Unknown status of who authored the hack.
HacksNewSuper Metroid - Custom Doors2016-08-19 18:31:21
HacksNewSuper Metroid - Custom Shutter Lock2016-08-19 18:22:33
HacksNewSuper Metroid - Custom Pirate Patch2016-08-19 18:08:34
UtilitiesEditSuper Metroid Editor2016-08-19 17:26:55Updated to 2.07
CommunityEditYP2016-08-19 17:07:37Updated with link to homepage
CreditsNewHacks - F-Zero - Nytezero2016-08-19 15:57:15
HacksNewF-Zero - HeavyMetal Rocker1988's Tracks #1 (2014)2016-08-19 15:50:44
CreditsNewHacks - Pitoid2016-08-19 08:17:08
HacksNewSuper Metroid - YP Hell2016-08-18 22:22:57
HacksNewPitoid2016-08-18 21:08:35
TranslationsEditWizardry Chronicle2016-08-18 15:16:12Updated V0.983
CommunityEditFrank Maggiore2016-08-18 00:55:15Updated with YouTube channel Link in description.
HacksNewSuper Mario Kart - sYs85 Version2016-08-17 18:48:40
HacksNewSuper Mario Land 20122016-08-17 18:22:06
HacksNewFrank's First Ultimate Super Mario Bros. 12016-08-17 17:53:09
CommunityNoncompliantFrank152016-08-17 17:45:03Actual user is this person -
CreditsEditHacks - Super Mario Land: New GFX Edition2016-08-17 17:44:25Corrected Credit
HacksNewFrank's Second Ultimate Super Mario Bros. 12016-08-17 17:43:23
HacksNewFrank's Super Mario Land2016-08-17 17:28:08
HacksNewSuper Super Mario Land2016-08-17 16:56:51
HacksNewFrank's Third Ultimate Super Mario Bros. 1 Hack2016-08-17 16:35:15
CommunityEditFrank Maggiore2016-08-17 14:51:25Linked to forum profile.
HacksNewThe Ultimate Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 22016-08-17 14:46:45
TranslationsEditSorcerian Forever2016-08-16 15:21:46Fixed some dialogues and menus.
CreditsNewTranslations - Sorcerian Forever2016-08-15 20:57:19
TranslationsEditSorcerian Forever2016-08-15 20:57:05Forgot to add translated Sample Save
TranslationsNewSorcerian Forever2016-08-15 19:55:24
TranslationsEditWizardry Chronicle2016-08-15 12:26:33Updated to 0.982 (Fixed a dungeon clue that was misleading.. See readme for details)
TranslationsNewBrandish 42016-08-12 07:36:04
HelpAdsEditKikou Heidan J-Phoenix +2016-08-09 04:09:31Changed
CommunityEditmlperry1232016-08-05 01:10:16Linked to forum profile.
CreditsEditTranslations - Lunatic Dawn - Book of Futures2016-08-04 13:11:55Updated
TranslationsEditLunatic Dawn - Book of Futures2016-08-04 13:05:41Updated to 0.71b - ALMOST DONE!!
TranslationsEditWizardry Chronicle2016-08-02 20:20:23Updated to 0.981b - Fixed text garble at the inn when resting.
TranslationsEditWizardry Gaiden II: Curse of the Ancient Emperor2016-07-27 21:29:59Fix version number and release date.
TranslationsEditWizardry Gaiden IV: Throb of the Demon's Heart2016-07-27 08:45:46Major updates have been done. V0.986b released
TranslationsEditWizardry Gaiden II: Curse of the Ancient Emperor2016-07-27 07:33:13Major FIXES!! Updated to Version 1.1!!
TranslationsNewIkusa Megami ZERO2016-07-27 04:09:51
GamesEditLunatic Dawn - Book of Futures2016-07-25 18:47:13Added game description.
HelpAdsNewLunatic Dawn - Book of Futures2016-07-25 18:37:31
CreditsNewTranslations - Wizardry: Seimei no Kusabi2016-07-25 04:23:20
TranslationsEditWizardry Chronicle2016-07-24 17:18:04Added to description a helpful link for those experiencing video related issues while running this game.
TranslationsNewWizardry - Inochi no Kusabi2016-07-24 04:04:57
NewsNewWizardry Chronicles for PC (Windows) is now fully playable in English!2016-07-22 16:56:40
TranslationsEditWizardry Chronicle2016-07-22 16:53:00Updated to a Fully Complete Release!
CreditsEditTranslations - Wizardry Chronicle2016-07-22 16:42:57Updated Credits
CreditsNewHacks - Rockman X - 2016 New Year's Hack (Boss Rush)2016-07-20 21:16:09
CreditsNewTranslations - The Wild Rings2016-07-20 21:13:24
CreditsNewTranslations - Kikou Heidan J-Phoenix +2016-07-20 21:12:41
HacksNewSuper Mario Kart - Speedometer Patch2016-07-20 21:11:36
HacksNewRockman X - 2016 New Year's Hack (Boss Rush)2016-07-20 17:33:41
CommunityEditQuezacotl2016-07-20 13:29:16Linked to forum profile.
CommunityEdith26432016-07-20 13:28:39Linked to forum profile.
TranslationsEditDeep Dungeon IV: Kuro no Youjutsushi2016-07-20 01:40:07Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
CommunityEditSalHe2016-07-20 01:34:08Linked to forum profile.
TranslationsEditThe Wild Rings2016-07-20 01:15:05Uploaded fixed .RAR, before the file haD a .RAR in a .RAR.
TranslationsNewKikou Heidan J-Phoenix +2016-07-17 23:50:13
TranslationsNewWild Rings2016-07-17 23:43:15
CreditsNewHacks - Xenon 2: Megablast Amiga colors2016-07-16 13:32:23
TranslationsEditWizardry Gaiden IV: Throb of the Demon's Heart2016-07-13 16:03:58UPDATE Version 0.984b -Corrected Special Item Ability Invoking screen. -Cleaned up Battle Engine. -Fixed some typos.
CreditsNewHacks - Alien 3 Hack Vision2016-07-13 02:21:51
HacksEditAlien 3 - Vision Hack2016-07-13 02:21:33Fixed name
TranslationsEditWizardry Gaiden IV: Throb of the Demon's Heart2016-07-12 02:45:34Updated to v0.983b!
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI - T-Edition + EX2016-07-11 23:40:43Updated to version 2.0.9
HomebrewNewSuper Boss Gaiden2016-07-11 13:34:01
HacksEditSMB3_Battery Hack2016-07-09 12:19:12Patching Info Missing
TranslationsEditWizardry Gaiden IV: Throb of the Demon's Heart2016-07-05 23:49:42Fixed a minor pointer bug where giving items to party members was listed as MAGIC instead of GIVE :P
CreditsNewTranslations - Thousand Land2016-07-05 21:42:29
TranslationsEditWizardry Chronicle2016-07-04 23:22:03Updated w/ Monster & Item DAT files. Almost 100% done!
TranslationsEditWizardry Gaiden IV: Throb of the Demon's Heart2016-07-04 22:36:48Updated to version 0.981b!
TranslationsEditLunatic Dawn - Book of Futures2016-07-04 20:02:21Updated to V0.70b
CreditsEditHacks - Euro 2016 Soccer2016-07-04 18:51:39Fixed Credits
CommunityEditlancuster2016-07-04 18:50:23Linked to forum profile.
UtilitiesEditSuper Mario Bros 2 NES Editor2016-07-04 18:48:47Fixed Title Name
HomebrewNewMega Q*bert2016-07-04 16:28:30
CommunityEditJaklub2016-07-04 16:22:23Updated
HacksNewCastlevania - Eternal Confrontation2016-07-04 16:02:07
CommunityNoncompliantJane Caution2016-07-04 10:49:21Was on a project I had but project was deleted.
CommunityNoncompliantJames X Caution2016-07-03 08:07:53Can be removed.
TranslationsNewThousand Land2016-07-02 03:13:36
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario World Redrawn2016-07-02 02:41:44
HacksEditSuper Mario World Redrawn2016-07-02 02:40:37Fixed release name
CreditsEditTranslations - Wizardry Gaiden IV: Throb of the Demon's Heart2016-06-30 08:36:37Fixed credit entry
NewsNewWizardry Gaiden IV for the SNES now fully playable in English! :D2016-06-30 05:40:08
TranslationsEditWizardry Gaiden IV: Throb of the Demon's Heart2016-06-30 05:26:40Updated to a Completed Version! Enjoy!
CreditsEditTranslations - Wizardry Gaiden IV: Throb of the Demon's Heart2016-06-30 04:30:44Added credit
CommunityEdit6paklover2016-06-28 02:37:36Linked to profile
UtilitiesEditZelda Labyrinth Randomizer2016-06-27 05:59:28Updated
TranslationsEditWizardry Empire: Ikoshie no Oujo2016-06-23 17:30:11Updated with item/enemy names done.
UtilitiesNewDSBuff2016-06-23 16:27:54
TranslationsEditWizardry Empire II: Oujo no Isan2016-06-23 16:15:07Updated to 0.982
CommunityEditNintendoComplete2016-06-23 04:14:59Updated
TranslationsEditKaettekita Mario Bros.2016-06-23 03:32:06Minor corrections made by Proveaux
CreditsNewTranslations - Rockman & Forte: Mirai Kara no Chousensha2016-06-13 22:01:58
CreditsNewHacks - Zelda - Link's Awakening DX Hero Mode2016-06-13 22:00:47
CreditsNewTranslations - Batman2016-06-13 21:59:17
CreditsNewTranslations - Super Mario Bros.2016-06-13 21:58:57
CreditsNewHacks - Super Ghouls N Ghosts - Super Arthur2016-06-13 21:58:39
CreditsNewTranslations - Hyper Iria2016-06-13 21:57:59
TranslationsEditPanzer Dragoon Saga2016-06-07 22:04:32Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditWizardry Chronicle2016-06-07 21:48:55Updated for beta testing. (Almost near the end!!)
CreditsNewTranslations - Rampart2016-06-07 13:29:34
TranslationsNewRampart2016-06-07 02:43:37
TranslationsEditPhantasy Star II: Rudger's Adventure2016-06-05 03:16:39Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditPhantasy Star II: Nei's Adventure2016-06-05 03:15:55Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditPhantasy Star II: Yushis's Adventure2016-06-05 03:15:09Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditPhantasy Star II: Amia's Adventure2016-06-05 03:14:33Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditPhantasy Star II: Huey's Adventure2016-06-05 03:13:54Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditPhantasy Star II: Anne's Adventure2016-06-05 03:13:14Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditPhantasy Star II: Shilka’s Adventure2016-06-05 03:12:24Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditPhantasy Star II: Kinds’s Adventure2016-06-05 03:11:26Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditLangrisser II2016-06-05 03:09:23Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDynamite Headdy2016-06-05 03:07:15Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditGley Lancer2016-06-05 03:04:35Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditWizardry Empire II: Oujo no Isan2016-06-04 04:58:26Updated to Version 0.98 (Inserted English GFX into data files successfully!)
CommunityEditThisNameIsFree2016-05-31 06:43:11Updated
CreditsEditTranslations - Wizardry Empire II: Oujo no Isan2016-05-31 06:41:14Updated
CommunityEditRikoren2016-05-30 18:05:53Added link
CommunityEditcccmar2016-05-30 04:05:37Linked to profile
CreditsEditTranslations - Lunatic Dawn - Book of Futures2016-05-30 00:26:27Added credit for another translator.
HacksEditPokémon - Shiny Gold2016-05-29 21:44:54fixed ROM INFO
CommunityEditAweigh2016-05-29 16:46:03Updated
TranslationsEditWizardry Empire II: Oujo no Isan2016-05-29 05:36:44Forgot something in the .EXE
TranslationsEditWizardry Empire: Ikoshie no Oujo2016-05-29 03:29:19Public Beta for testers.
CreditsEditTranslations - Wizardry Empire II: Oujo no Isan2016-05-29 02:25:44Updated
TranslationsEditWizardry Empire II: Oujo no Isan2016-05-29 02:24:19Updated to 0.952 - Fixed Spell/Item names to be more faithfully represented to the series as some were not. - Corrected Item Characteristics Box - Fixed some dialogue lines & battle text.
TranslationsEditWizardry Empire II: Oujo no Isan2016-05-26 02:17:10Updated to version 0.951 - Made corrections(See readme)
NewsNewWizardry Empire II PLUS : Oujo no Isan - Legacy of the Princess for PC Translation - Completed!2016-05-25 17:39:38
TranslationsEditWizardry Empire II: Oujo no Isan2016-05-25 10:46:50Added notation.
TranslationsEditWizardry Empire II: Oujo no Isan2016-05-25 04:22:35Updated patch to full public beta release.
CreditsEditTranslations - Kaettekita Mario Bros.2016-05-24 22:59:32Added additional credit
TranslationsEditKaettekita Mario Bros.2016-05-24 22:57:21UPDATED
NewsNewKaettekita Mario Bros.2016-05-19 01:55:12
CreditsNewTranslations - Kaettekita Mario Bros.2016-05-18 12:05:27
CreditsEditTranslations - Wizardry Empire II: Oujo no Isan2016-05-17 22:46:24Added another credit.
GamesEditWar in the Gulf2016-05-17 03:39:16Added title screen
TranslationsNewKaettekita Mario Bros.2016-05-16 23:34:29
TranslationsEditElnark no Zaihou2016-05-16 17:35:23Changed patch from IPS to BPS for better accuracy in patching.
TranslationsEditWizardry Gaiden III: Yama no Seiten2016-05-16 17:16:54Changed patch from IPS to BPS for better accuracy.
TranslationsEditWizardry Gaiden II: Curse of the Ancient Emperor2016-05-16 17:13:50Changed IPS patch to BPS patch for accuracy.
TranslationsEditWizardry Gaiden: Suffering of the Queen2016-05-16 17:09:14Changed IPS patch to BPS patch for better accuracy of patching.
GamesEditLunatic Dawn: Passage of the Book2016-05-16 02:07:54Updated
TranslationsEditLunatic Dawn: Passage of the Book2016-05-16 02:00:23Updated - Downloadable patch available.
TranslationsEditBattle Mania Daiginjou2016-05-15 13:32:36Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditKing Colossus2016-05-15 13:29:28Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditPhantasy Star II2016-05-15 13:26:25Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditFire Emblem: Thracia 7762016-05-15 13:16:57Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditChrono Trigger - Music Library2016-05-15 13:13:32Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDer Langrisser2016-05-15 13:02:54Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditTreasure Hunter G2016-05-15 12:54:22Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditHamelin no Violin Hiki2016-05-15 12:48:10Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditTorneko no Daibouken: Fushigi no Dungeon2016-05-15 12:44:51Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDai-4-Ji Super Robot Taisen2016-05-14 18:37:14Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsNoncompliantSlayers2016-05-14 18:32:46Project was picked up by Dynamic-Designs and completed here -
TranslationsEditSuper Gachapon World: SD Gundam X2016-05-14 18:30:17Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRPG Maker - Super Dante2016-05-14 18:27:46Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRomancing SaGa 32016-05-14 18:25:57Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRomancing SaGa 32016-05-14 18:23:53Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRomancing SaGa2016-05-14 18:21:32Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRomancing SaGa2016-05-14 18:18:45Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy III2016-05-14 18:12:57Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsNoncompliantFinal Fantasy III2016-05-14 18:08:12Project was completed with RPGONE on this entry -
TranslationsEditWorld Soccer: Winning Eleven 6 - Final Evolution2016-05-14 07:31:23Public MaintenaNCE - rom info
TranslationsEditMotteke Tamago2016-05-14 02:20:34Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditWelcome to Pia Carrot2016-05-14 02:19:42Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRuruli ra Rura2016-05-14 02:18:17Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDragon Force II: Kamisarishi Daichi ni2016-05-14 02:16:44Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditGame no Kanzume Vol. 1 & 22016-05-14 02:13:46Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
CommunityEditShenmue Master2016-05-13 11:32:49Updated
TranslationsNewShenmue II2016-05-13 11:30:19
TranslationsEditShenmue II2016-05-13 11:21:37Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditAdvanced Daisenryaku 20012016-05-13 11:15:11Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRed Dog: Superior Firepower2016-05-13 11:13:39Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDance Dance Revolution Club Version Dreamcast Edition2016-05-13 11:11:10Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
GamesEditDance Dance Revolution Club Version Dreamcast Edition2016-05-13 11:09:49Image incorrect, one that was used was for the DDR 2nd Mix
TranslationsEditFire Emblem: Monshou no Nazo2016-05-11 13:34:38Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditFire Emblem: Monshou no Nazo2016-05-11 13:29:17Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditFire Emblem: Thracia 7762016-05-11 13:18:59Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDaikaijyuu Monogatari2016-05-11 13:13:06Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditFEDA: The Emblem of Justice2016-05-11 12:53:39Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRudra no Hihou2016-05-11 12:48:01Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRanma 1/2: Akanekodan Teki Hihou2016-05-11 12:38:01Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditEien no Filena2016-05-11 12:32:43Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditKunio-kun no Dodge Ball: Zenin Shuugou!2016-05-11 12:23:20Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditPower Soukoban2016-05-11 12:20:09Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditUchuu no Kishi Tekkaman Blade2016-05-11 03:53:39Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditTales of Phantasia2016-05-11 03:50:06Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy III2016-05-11 03:45:28Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSuper Mario World2016-05-11 03:39:32Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMusya2016-05-11 03:37:27Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy: Mystic Quest2016-05-11 03:33:27Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditNinja Gaiden Trilogy2016-05-11 03:31:08Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditJikkyo Power Pro Wresling2016-05-11 03:25:37Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
GamesEditJikkyou Power Pro Wrestling '96 - Max Voltage2016-05-11 03:21:40Corrected title name
TranslationsEditThe House of The Dead III (The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return)2016-05-11 01:08:32Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMetal Wolf Chaos2016-05-11 00:50:48Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSuper Robot Taisen EX2016-05-10 10:36:39Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditUltra Baseball Jitsumeiban2016-05-10 10:32:47Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSuper Ultra Baseball 22016-05-10 10:29:21Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditChrono Trigger2016-05-10 10:27:07Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSmart Ball2016-05-10 10:22:19Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSengoku Denshou2016-05-10 10:16:34Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSuper Mario World2016-05-10 10:13:28Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditShin Megami Tensei2016-05-10 10:07:13Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditShin Megami Tensei II2016-05-10 09:58:10Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditTales of Phantasia2016-05-10 09:52:55Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditChrono Trigger2016-05-10 09:50:04Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditJazz Jackrabbit2016-05-09 22:56:46Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditWorld Soccer Winning Eleven2016-05-09 22:54:48Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditWorld Soccer Winning Eleven2016-05-09 22:53:32Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMega Man Battle Network2016-05-09 22:51:11Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRockman EXE 4.5: Real Operation2016-05-09 22:46:40Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditPokémon: Ruby Version2016-05-09 22:41:55Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditTales of the World: Narikiri Dungeon 22016-05-09 22:33:55Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSuper Robot Taisen R2016-05-09 22:27:18Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditPokémon Pinball2016-05-09 22:24:59Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditGen the Carpenter2016-05-09 22:17:25Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMahou Kishi Rayearth2016-05-09 22:12:03Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMaraya no Hihou (MSX2)2016-05-09 22:05:19Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
CommunityEditOzomaLp2016-05-09 22:00:38Updated
TranslationsEditSD Snatcher (MSX2)2016-05-09 21:57:44Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRolling Thunder 22016-05-09 21:51:14Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksNewBig Trouble in Little China2016-05-09 21:17:48
TranslationsEditMercs2016-05-09 15:38:12Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditShinobi III - Return of the Ninja Master2016-05-09 15:35:34Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditPulseman2016-05-09 15:34:22Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditThe Revenge of Shinobi2016-05-09 15:30:06Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSonic Eraser2016-05-09 15:26:21Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditAdvanced Military Commander2016-05-09 15:24:58Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRent a Hero2016-05-09 15:23:30Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditPanzer Commander2016-05-09 15:21:03Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDragon Ball Z: Buyuu Retsuden2016-05-09 15:18:50Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditShadow Dancer2016-05-09 02:44:10Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDick Tracy2016-05-09 02:39:37Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditTales of Innocence2016-05-09 02:37:28Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditTokimeki Memorial: Girl's Side - 1st Love Plus2016-05-09 02:34:28Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
CommunityEditCrimson Nocturnal2016-05-09 02:27:29Updated
TranslationsEditSaGa 2: Hihou Densetsu - Goddess of Destiny2016-05-09 02:26:04Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditFire Emblem: Shin Monshou no Nazo - Hikari to Kage no Eiyuu2016-05-09 02:18:56Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditCrayon Shin Chan: Ora to Poi Poi (Datach)2016-05-09 02:12:05Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMini Putt2016-05-09 02:10:42pUBLIC mAINTENANCE - ROM INFO
CommunityEditMrRichard9992016-05-08 04:29:06Updated
HacksEditDevil Bros.2016-05-07 18:02:54Fixed Title Screen
TranslationsEditIshido2016-05-05 13:19:49Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditAlmana no Kiseki2016-05-05 13:17:51Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditPuzzle Boys2016-05-05 13:14:49Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDeep Dungeon: Yuushi no Monshou2016-05-05 13:13:19Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditGal's Dungeon: Yakyuuken Part II2016-05-05 13:11:23Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSeiken Psycho Caliber: Maju no Mori Densetsu2016-05-05 13:09:51Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditYoukai Yashiki2016-05-05 13:08:25Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMoero Yakyuuken2016-05-05 13:07:17Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditBishoujo Sexy Derby2016-05-05 13:06:31Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditElectrician2016-05-05 13:05:36Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDirty Pair: Project Eden2016-05-05 13:04:44Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditZero Wing2016-05-03 11:38:51Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditBarver Battle Saga: Tai Kong Zhan Shi2016-05-03 11:37:36Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMario Party2016-05-03 11:36:10Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditBanjo-Kazooie2016-05-03 11:35:19Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde2016-05-03 11:32:31Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditHigh School! Kimengumi2016-05-03 11:25:21Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRenegade2016-05-03 11:23:31Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditThe Black Onyx2016-05-03 11:22:06Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditHydlide2016-05-03 11:16:51Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRockman Battle & Fighters2016-05-03 11:15:28Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSNK vs. Capcom: Card Fighters 2 Expand Edition2016-05-03 11:14:36Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditLufia: Curse of the Sinistrals2016-05-03 00:35:39Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditLufia: Curse of the Sinistrals2016-05-03 00:34:44Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditJump Ultimate Stars2016-05-03 00:33:38Public Maintenance -ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSoma Bringer2016-05-03 00:32:51Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditPuyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary2016-05-03 00:32:01Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMahou Kishi Rayearth2016-05-03 00:27:14Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSassou Shounen Eiyuuden: Coca-Cola Kid2016-05-03 00:26:34Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditHead Buster2016-05-03 00:25:30Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSD Gundam: Winner's History2016-05-03 00:24:45Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditPhantasy Star Gaiden2016-05-03 00:24:05Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditPhantasy Star Adventure2016-05-03 00:23:24Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditLufia: The Ruins of Lore2016-05-02 12:55:59Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy VI Advance2016-05-02 12:54:15Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditFlashback Legends2016-05-02 12:53:12Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditThe Morning Adventure2016-05-02 12:52:06Public Maintenance- ROM INFO
TranslationsEditTekken Advance2016-05-02 12:50:58Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMega Man Zero2016-05-01 20:27:28Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditNapoleon2016-05-01 20:23:06Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditLove Hina Advance2016-05-01 20:20:03Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditBooby Boys2016-05-01 20:18:54Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditHeracles no Eikou: Ugokidashita Kamigami - The Snap-Story2016-05-01 20:18:03Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditCastle Quest2016-05-01 20:17:10Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRolan's Curse 22016-05-01 20:16:02Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRolan's Curse2016-05-01 20:15:18Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditYu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters 4: Kaiba Deck2016-05-01 20:09:10Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDoraemon Kart2016-05-01 20:08:12Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditNobunaga no Yabou: Game Boy Han 22016-05-01 20:05:55Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
CreditsEditHacks - Super Mario Land 2 DX2016-05-01 17:02:06Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Land 2 - MB5 Mapper Patch2016-05-01 17:00:55
CreditsEditHacks - Metroid II DX2016-05-01 17:00:30Fixed credit
TranslationsEditPhantasy Star2016-05-01 12:17:22Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSukeban Deka II: Shoujo Tekkamen Densetsu2016-05-01 12:16:15Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRockman EXE WS2016-05-01 12:14:02Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMakai Toushi SaGa2016-05-01 12:12:43Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditBanana2016-05-01 11:55:40Public Maintenance - Missing patching information
TranslationsEditArmadillo2016-05-01 11:54:21Public Maintenance - Missing patching information
HacksEditSonic Advance 3: Extreem Manseckz2016-05-01 11:52:36Public Maintenance - Missing patching information
HacksEditRevelations - The Demon Slayer Improvement2016-05-01 11:52:08Public Maintenance - Missing patching information
HacksEditPhantasy Star III Easy Edition2016-05-01 11:51:23Public Maintenance - Missing patching information
HacksEditPhantasy Star II Easy Mode2016-05-01 11:50:59Public Maintenance - Missing patching information
HacksEditCanada Cup Rosters2016-05-01 11:50:21Public Maintenance - Missing patching information
HacksEditLegend Of Zelda: Automap Plus2016-04-30 23:51:33Public Maintenance - Missing Patching Info
HacksEditBLOCKER2016-04-30 23:51:01Public Maintenance - Missing Patching Info
HacksEditSuper Greyscale Brothers2016-04-30 23:50:18Public Maintenance - Missing Patching Info
HacksEditMr. Pac-Man2016-04-30 23:50:03Public Maintenance - Missing Patching Info
HacksEditAfter World 82016-04-30 23:49:40Public Maintenance - Missing Patching Info
HacksEditMaverick Revenge II2016-04-30 14:06:00Public Maintenance - Patching Info Missing
HacksEditMega Man Eons of Dreams Part 42016-04-30 14:05:31Public Maintenance - Patching Info Missing
HacksEditMetroid - Captive2016-04-30 14:05:11Public Maintenance - Patching Info Missing
HacksEditRockman 2 NEO2016-04-30 14:04:54Public Maintenance - Patching Info Missing
HacksEditMega Man IV: Ridley X Hack 12016-04-30 14:04:36Public Maintenance - Patching Info Missing
HacksEditMonster Party Prototype Restoration2016-04-30 14:04:09Public Maintenance - Patching Info Missing
HacksEdit7th Saga+2016-04-30 14:03:42Public Maintenance - Patching Info Missing
HacksEditSeiken Densetsu 3 (Japan) (title-screen patches)2016-04-30 14:02:38Public Maintenance - Patching Info Missing
HacksEditSMB3J Damage System2016-04-30 14:01:14Public Maintenance - Patching Info Missing
CreditsNewHacks - Nekketsu Kouha - Kunio Kun sprite hack2016-04-30 14:00:04
HacksEditRockman 2 TP2016-04-30 10:23:26Public Maintenance - Missing Patching Information
HacksEditRockman 2 SP2016-04-30 10:23:01Public Maintenance - Missing Patching Information
HacksEditRockman 2 - Wed of Slasher2016-04-30 10:22:36Public Maintenance - Missing Patching Information
HacksEditRockman2MIN2016-04-30 10:22:07Public Maintenance - Missing Patching Information
CreditsNewHacks - Rockman2MIN2016-04-30 10:21:55
HacksEditSuper Bovine Battle - The Search For Milk2016-04-30 10:21:15Public Maintenance - Missing Patching Information
CommunityEditDrakon2016-04-30 10:09:08Updated profile.
HacksEditMetroid II DX2016-04-30 10:07:34Corrected one of the authors names.
HacksNoncompliantMario Land 2 Colour - Bug Fix2016-04-30 10:06:24Duplicate entry, proper patch is here - which has been fixed as an .ips download due to corrupt GB Colorizer patch.
HacksEditSuper Mario Land 2 DX2016-04-30 10:04:40Fixed author name.
HacksEditSuper Mario Land 2 - MB5 Mapper Patch2016-04-30 10:02:42Fixed author name.
HacksEditRunic Forever2016-04-30 02:15:18Public Maintenance - MISSING PATCHING INFO
HacksEditEquipable Umaro2016-04-30 02:14:17Public Maintenance - MISSING PATCHING INFO
HacksEditFinal Fantasy Tactics Advance - FFTA2 music insertion hack2016-04-30 02:13:22Public Maintenance - MISSING PATCHING INFO
HacksEditSword Tech Ready Stance2016-04-30 02:12:04Public Maintenance - MISSING PATCHING INFO
HacksEditProtect/Shell Routine Mod2016-04-30 02:09:59Public Maintenance - MISSING PATCHING INFO
HacksEditEl Viento Enhancement2016-04-30 02:09:24Public Maintenance - MISSING PATCHING INFO
HacksEditSpell Name Modernization Patch2016-04-30 02:07:45Public Maintenance - MISSING PATCHING INFO
HacksEditDouble Dragon (Jimmy Edition)2016-04-30 02:07:24Public Maintenance - MISSING PATCHING INFO
HacksEditYuan Shao's Revenge2016-04-30 02:07:12Public Maintenance - MISSING PATCHING INFO
HacksEditDD2 Enemy HP Recovery Bugfix2016-04-30 02:06:50Public Maintenance - MISSING PATCHING INFO
HacksEditPalette of Dignity2016-04-30 02:06:28Public Maintenance - MISSING PATCHING INFO
CreditsNewHacks - The Legend of Zelda - DX (Relocalized Version)2016-04-29 11:22:37
TranslationsEditDicing Knight.2016-04-29 00:18:11Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSD Gundam: Dimension War2016-04-29 00:15:52Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
UtilitiesNewNES PAL Hacker2016-04-28 23:59:43
HacksNewSuper Mario Land 2 - MB5 Mapper Patch2016-04-28 23:21:57
CreditsEditHacks - Metroid II DX2016-04-28 23:06:01Added additional credits.
HacksEditMetroid II DX2016-04-28 23:03:46Found an updated patch which corrects issues and also can run on real hardware.
CommunityEditDaniel Davis2016-04-28 22:42:16Linked to forum profile
HacksEditSuper Mario Land 2 DX2016-04-28 22:38:55Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksNewF-Zero - Stage 11 NUMEROUS2016-04-28 22:14:14
HacksEditSoap Panic Full Repair2016-04-27 10:49:03Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditMegaman Wily Wars SRAM Save Hack2016-04-27 10:44:47Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditProbotector (E) Hit Point Restoration Hack2016-04-27 10:42:27Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic Drift 2 SMS2016-04-27 10:38:59Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditFFVI Advance Font Enhancement2016-04-27 10:35:01Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditFF5a: Custom Classes2016-04-27 10:33:08Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditResident Evil (GBC) - Bugfixed version2016-04-27 10:30:06Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSplatterhouse Chrome2016-04-27 10:25:46Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSMB Special World 4-4 Bug Fix2016-04-27 10:23:17Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic CD + +2016-04-27 10:19:35Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditFF 1 and 2 DOS: Mod of Balance2016-04-26 23:49:40Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditGBA Doom Blood Decensoring Patch2016-04-26 23:44:56Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditCastlevania HOD: Revenge of the Findesiecle2016-04-26 23:42:25Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic in Chaotix2016-04-26 23:38:14Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditDOOM 32X 24 Level Expansion Addendum2016-04-26 23:34:32Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditDOOM 32X 24 Level Expansion2016-04-26 23:31:49Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditTales of Phantasia European Font Enhancement2016-04-26 23:27:14Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditBreath of Fresh Fire 22016-04-26 23:19:48Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditZelda's Birthday2016-04-26 23:13:01Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditCaptain Tsubasa III2016-04-26 23:06:12Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditBurning Pro Wrestling2016-04-26 23:01:06Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditBreath of Fire II2016-04-26 21:55:20Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditChrono Trigger2016-04-26 17:51:48Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditChrono Trigger2016-04-26 17:49:05Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditLode Runner: Lost Labyrinth2016-04-25 17:13:56Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditShanghai2016-04-25 17:12:18Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMaison Ikkoku2016-04-25 17:10:04Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDie Hard2016-04-25 17:00:32Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMärchen Maze2016-04-25 16:59:23Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditBattle Ace Cheat Enable2016-04-25 16:41:22Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditDaimakaimura SGX Debug menu2016-04-25 16:38:28Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMetal Slug 42016-04-25 16:22:00Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditMr. Do! +2016-04-25 16:20:58Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditBubble Bobble Ultra2016-04-25 16:17:48Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditTecmo Cup Soccer Game2016-04-25 00:19:32Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditTecmo Cup Soccer Game2016-04-25 00:18:26Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSugoro Quest: The Quest of Dice Heroes2016-04-25 00:14:56Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMinna no Taabou no Nakayoshi Daisakusen2016-04-25 00:10:28Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditPenguin-kun Wars2016-04-25 00:09:02Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditIce Hockey2016-04-25 00:05:04Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditHammerin’ Harry2016-04-25 00:01:36Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditToujin Makyou Den: Heracles no Eikou2016-04-24 23:44:16Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditPescatore2016-04-24 23:36:18Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditReign of the Koopa (Hack 1 of 10)2016-04-24 09:14:01Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSuper Mario Impossibros2016-04-24 09:13:05Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditHacked Mario Bros.2016-04-24 09:12:16Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSuper Mario Bros. and the 32 Lost Levels2016-04-24 09:11:24Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSuper Mario Bros Rebirth2016-04-24 09:10:20Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditYoonA: The Raid of the Black Girls' Generation2016-04-24 09:09:17Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSuper Mario Bros HF 22016-04-24 09:08:14Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSuper Mario Unlimited2016-04-24 09:07:18Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditPeach's Cream2016-04-24 09:05:46Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditJet Force Gemini Trainer and Co-Op Hack2016-04-23 23:58:29Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEdit40 Winks Crack2016-04-23 23:55:56Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditKirby Bowl debug patch2016-04-23 23:53:49Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditControl a NOOB2016-04-23 23:51:44Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditMega Man X - Debug Menu2016-04-23 23:49:05Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditDynamiTracer - SRAM Fix2016-04-23 23:46:37Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditArtea Name Fix Patch2016-04-23 23:36:59Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditFinal Fantasy 2 Modernization Hack2016-04-23 23:34:35Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditStar Ocean no S-DD1/96Mbit hack2016-04-23 23:31:14Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditReserve_22//.2016-04-23 23:25:31Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditFF2us 8×16 Dialogue Font Patch2016-04-23 01:19:30Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditPersonality Shrine Bugfix2016-04-23 01:17:05Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
CommunityEditMasterflow2016-04-23 01:15:34Updated
HacksEditSecret of Mana Hard Mode2016-04-23 01:12:14Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditWarp Animation Enabling Patch2016-04-23 01:09:38Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic Triple Trouble SMS2016-04-23 01:02:13Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSpace Manbow Fixes2016-04-23 00:58:17Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditBrandish Name Restore2016-04-22 23:00:43Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditGate of Thunder Force2016-04-22 22:57:30Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditXak III: The Eternal Recurrence2016-04-22 22:36:30Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditYs IV: The Dawn of Ys2016-04-22 20:40:49Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSuper Daisenryaku2016-04-22 20:39:46Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditTales of the Abyss2016-04-22 20:25:16Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditZill O'll Infinite2016-04-22 20:24:05Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditNamco x Capcom2016-04-22 20:23:17Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditTales of Destiny 22016-04-22 20:21:31Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditStandard Daisenryaku: Shiwareta Shouri2016-04-21 00:18:17Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditTobal 22016-04-21 00:15:33Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditNekketsu Oyako2016-04-21 00:13:57Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditParasite Eve2016-04-21 00:12:39Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditTales of Destiny II2016-04-21 00:10:59Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditPolicenauts2016-04-21 00:07:52Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditThe Mystic Dragoons2016-04-21 00:04:07Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditTales of Destiny2016-04-21 00:03:17Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditT.R.A.G. - Tactical Rescue Assault Group: Mission of Mercy2016-04-20 23:53:41Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditLangrisser IV2016-04-20 23:03:10Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
UtilitiesNewKH2DumperX2016-04-20 22:59:11
TranslationsEditKingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + (Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories)2016-04-20 22:49:56Public Maintenance - ROM INFO, and also separated entry for English patch and Italian one (created new entry for Italian patch)
TranslationsNewKingdom Hearts II: Final Mix + (Kingdom Hearts Re: Chain of Memories)2016-04-20 22:49:51
TranslationsEditKing's Field2016-04-20 22:31:17Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditKakuge-Yaro: Fighting Game Creator2016-04-20 22:29:39Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditImadoki no Vampire: Bloody Bride2016-04-20 22:28:19Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditCotton: Fantastic Night Dreams2016-04-20 22:20:06Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditCotton: Fantastic Night Dreams2016-04-20 22:19:24Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditGrandia2016-04-20 22:17:32Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDragon Quest V: Tenkuu no Hanayome2016-04-20 22:15:16Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDragon Quest & Final Fantasy in Itadaki Street Special2016-04-20 22:02:37Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditCrossroad Crisis2016-04-20 21:59:22Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditBreath of Fire IV2016-04-20 21:52:31Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditArc the Lad2016-04-20 21:50:54Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditChoro Q 32016-04-20 21:49:01Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditChoro Q 22016-04-20 21:48:08Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditChrono Cross2016-04-20 14:33:16Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy Tactics2016-04-20 14:30:13Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMega Man X32016-04-20 14:27:18Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditiS - internal section2016-04-20 14:25:26Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditParasite Eve2016-04-20 14:24:03Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy VII2016-04-20 14:22:49Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditXenogears2016-04-20 14:19:21Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditChrono Cross2016-04-20 14:17:55Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditTales of Phantasia2016-04-20 14:14:17Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditCaptain Tsubasa 20072016-04-20 13:31:15Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditFinger Flashing2016-04-20 02:05:32Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditStar Ocean: First Departure Difficulties2016-04-20 02:03:26Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditJade Cocoon 2 Complete Edition V22016-04-20 02:01:31Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditDigimon World - Giromon Jukebox Fix2016-04-20 01:57:06Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VII HardType2016-04-20 01:55:34Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSpirit bug fix2016-04-20 01:52:00Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditFinal Fantasy Tactics 1.32016-04-20 01:50:25Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditChrono Cross: Magus Unmasked2016-04-20 01:44:45Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditMega Man Legends Bug Fix2016-04-20 01:41:00Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditFF2: Demonic Pandemonium2016-04-20 01:34:11Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditFinal Fantasy V: Ancient Cave2016-04-18 23:01:15Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditFinal Fantasy 5 Spoof2016-04-18 22:59:42Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditGBA FF6 Font2016-04-18 22:56:48Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditFFIV-TAY Tileset for FFVI2016-04-18 22:55:31Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI/III (U) Save Anywhere Patch2016-04-18 22:53:34Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditFinal Fantasy 6 - A Complete Hack2016-04-18 22:51:39Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditFinal Fantasy - Revelations (Core Hack)2016-04-18 22:49:57Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditFinal Fantasy 3 Eviltype2016-04-18 22:46:57Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditFF6 US hard challenge2016-04-18 22:44:12Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditFF6 PAL-fix2016-04-18 22:41:07Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditPC Genjin round select2016-04-18 15:19:18Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditRobotnik's Revenge2016-04-18 15:16:45Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditSonic 2: Sonic 3 Edition2016-04-18 15:16:00Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic 2 Dimps Edition2016-04-18 15:15:45Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditFly with Tails in Sonic the Hedgehog 22016-04-18 15:15:31Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditHoming Attack and Jumpdash in Sonic 22016-04-18 15:15:19Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic the Hedgehog Classic Heroes2016-04-18 15:15:06Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic 2 Time Attack2016-04-18 15:14:54Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic the Hedgehog 2 XL2016-04-18 15:13:11Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic 2 Delta2016-04-18 15:12:46Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic 2 Long Version2016-04-18 02:26:39Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic 1 and 22016-04-18 02:26:02Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic 2 Reversed Frequencies2016-04-18 02:25:37Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic the Hedgehog - The Lost Worlds2016-04-18 02:25:19Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic VR2016-04-18 02:24:58Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic Zeta Overdrive2016-04-18 02:24:35Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic 3 Complete2016-04-18 02:23:05Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditKnuckles & Tails2016-04-18 02:22:03Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic 3 & Knuckles: The Challenges2016-04-18 02:22:00Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditTHE Another of Super Metroid2016-04-18 02:19:07Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksNewThe Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past - Gender Neutral2016-04-08 01:30:31
HacksNewZelda starring Zelda 2 (SNES)2016-04-08 01:14:52
HelpAdsNewLunatic Dawn 1 & 22016-04-04 00:48:43
TranslationsEditWizardry Empire: Ikoshie no Oujo2016-04-03 01:50:10Updated Info
CreditsEditTranslations - Wizardry Empire: Ikoshie no Oujo2016-04-03 01:48:41Added another member
TranslationsEditCheetahmen II2016-04-02 23:54:53Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditTecmo Futebol Brasileiro2016-04-02 23:53:36Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditAoki Densetsu Shoot!2016-04-02 23:53:34Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditPescatore Bug Fix2016-04-02 23:51:16Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditPunch Out No TKO!2016-04-02 23:47:59Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditDonkey Kong Country2016-04-02 23:45:18Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditCheetahmen II - Bugfixed version 2.12016-04-02 23:37:04Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditBuzz & Waldog MMC-3 Hack2016-04-02 23:35:17Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditBio Miracle MMC-5 Hack2016-04-02 23:33:02Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditAirball (later beta) Direction Fix2016-04-02 23:30:10Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
CommunityEditAweigh2016-03-20 19:03:28Updated
CreditsNewTranslations - Kyoryu Sentai ZyuRanger2016-03-20 19:00:13
GamesEditWizardry Empire: Ikoshie no Oujo2016-03-19 11:54:19Title screen.
CreditsNewTranslations - Wizardry Empire: Ikoshie no Oujo2016-03-19 11:49:55
TranslationsNewWizardry Empire - Ikoshie no Oujo2016-03-19 03:27:42
TranslationsNewKyoryu Sentai ZyuRanger2016-03-18 13:13:48
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy III2016-03-14 02:30:28Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMega Man X32016-03-14 02:28:11Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditFire Emblem: Thracia 7762016-03-14 02:25:32Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRecord of Lodoss War2016-03-12 03:50:24Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRadical Dreamers: Nusumenai Houseki2016-03-12 03:48:19Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditNankoku Shounen Papuwa-kun2016-03-12 03:45:47Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMystic Ark2016-03-12 03:42:48Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditLive a Live2016-03-12 03:39:32Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditLittle Master: Nijiiro no Maseki2016-03-12 03:35:41Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsNoncompliantLittle Master: Nijiiro no Maseki2016-03-12 03:35:01Project was continued over here
TranslationsEditHanjuku Heroes: Ah, Sekai yo Hanjuku Nare...!!2016-03-12 03:33:02Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditHanjuku Heroes: Ah, Sekai yo Hanjuku Nare...!!2016-03-12 03:32:21Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditHanjuku Heroes: Ah, Sekai yo Hanjuku Nare...!!2016-03-12 03:31:14Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditKunio-kun no Dodge Ball: Zenin Shuugou!2016-03-11 02:13:56Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditFire Emblem: Monshou no Nazo2016-03-11 02:12:07Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRomancing SaGa 22016-03-11 02:09:59Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRomancing SaGa 22016-03-11 02:09:31Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRockman & Forte2016-03-11 02:05:48Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRockman & Forte2016-03-11 02:05:17Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRudra no Hihou2016-03-11 02:02:09Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRudra no Hihou2016-03-11 02:01:09Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRudra no Hihou2016-03-11 02:00:20Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRudra no Hihou2016-03-11 01:59:30Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSmart Ball2016-03-10 02:13:35Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditGo Go Ackman2016-03-10 02:11:25Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsNoncompliantFire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu2016-03-10 02:08:43Was continued on this link
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy V2016-03-10 02:06:04Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy II2016-03-10 02:05:29Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditFEDA: The Emblem of Justice2016-03-10 02:04:07Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDragon Quest VI: Maboroshi no Daichi2016-03-10 02:02:09Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDragon Quest VI: Maboroshi no Daichi2016-03-10 02:01:47Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDragon Quest V: Tenkuu no Hanayome2016-03-10 01:59:01Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDragon Quest V: Tenkuu no Hanayome2016-03-10 01:58:27Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDragon Quest III: Soshite Densetsu e...2016-03-09 12:59:04Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDragon Quest III: Soshite Densetsu e...2016-03-09 12:57:41Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDragon Quest I+II2016-03-09 12:55:58Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDragon Ball Z: Super Butouden 32016-03-09 12:52:20Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDragon Ball Z: Super Butouden 12016-03-09 12:49:37Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDragon Ball Z: Super Saiya Densetsu2016-03-09 12:44:37Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension2016-03-09 12:37:06Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditAlcahest2016-03-09 12:27:07Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
CreditsNewTranslations - Langrisser I: The Art of the Swords War2016-03-09 12:13:20
TranslationsEditLangrisser I: The Art of the Swords War2016-03-09 12:09:28Updated the files together and fixed the read-me as the old one was directed towards an SNES game.
TranslationsEditCyber Knight2016-03-09 02:42:54Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditCu-On-Pa SFC2016-03-09 02:41:41Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditClock Tower2016-03-09 02:39:19Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditChrono Trigger2016-03-09 02:37:53Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditChoumahou Tairiku Wozz2016-03-09 02:37:09Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditBurning Pro Wrestling2016-03-09 02:35:36Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditGourmet Squadron Barayarou2016-03-09 02:32:30Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditBahamut Lagoon2016-03-09 02:29:54Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditBahamut Lagoon2016-03-09 02:29:50Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditBahamut Lagoon2016-03-09 02:29:46Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditAngelique2016-03-09 02:27:07Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditCI Firing Range GoldenEye Gun Name Display2016-03-04 01:16:20Public Maintenance - ROM INfo
HacksEditAdvance Wars: Days of Ruin - Japanese Language Enabler2016-03-02 20:39:15PUBLIC MAINTENANCE - rom info
HacksEditSonic 3D: No Flickies2016-03-02 20:28:38Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSuper Sonic in Sonic 3D2016-03-02 20:28:25Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditAyrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II '91 Season2016-03-02 20:26:32Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditIce Age2016-03-02 20:25:34Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditKid Chameleon Puzzle Map2016-03-02 20:24:37Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditAbnormal Family2016-03-02 20:23:40Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditMortal Kombat II Unlimited2016-03-02 20:22:46Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditGod Hates You!2016-03-02 20:17:41Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditDOOM Spinball2016-03-02 20:15:22Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditStormlord Decensored Hack2016-03-02 01:24:16Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic & Knuckles Reversed Frequencies2016-03-02 01:07:48Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditShining Tactics2016-03-02 00:51:08Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditShining Force II - Cheaters Edition2016-03-02 00:49:52Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditShining Force - Cheaters Edition2016-03-02 00:48:02Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic 3 Reversed Frequencies2016-03-02 00:46:47Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic 1 Alt2016-03-02 00:39:54Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditStella the Cat2016-03-02 00:39:51Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
GamesEditLunatic Dawn - Passage of the Book2016-03-02 00:19:33Updated
TranslationsNewLunatic Dawn - Passage of the Book2016-03-01 22:45:09
HacksEditSonic ERaZor2016-02-29 14:20:37Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic the Hedgehog Genesis (Genesis)2016-02-29 14:20:34Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic: The One Ring2016-02-29 14:20:30Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic the Hedgehog - The Final Showdown2016-02-29 14:20:27Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic 1 The Blue Blur2016-02-29 14:20:23Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic 1: Bouncy Edition2016-02-29 14:20:19Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic the Hedgehog - Westside Island2016-02-29 14:20:16Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditJester's Challenge2016-02-29 14:20:13Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSoniNeko2016-02-29 14:20:10Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic 1 Reversed Frequencies2016-02-29 14:20:08Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic the Hedgehog 1 @ SAGE 20102016-02-28 23:00:23Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic 1 - Return to the Origin2016-02-28 23:00:20Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic 1 Remastered2016-02-28 23:00:17Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditDoctor Robotnik's Creature Capture2016-02-28 23:00:14Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditNEW Sonic The Hedgehog2016-02-28 23:00:11Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditTails in Sonic 12016-02-28 23:00:08Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSonic1 Spike Bug Fix & Spindash2016-02-28 23:00:05Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSuper Sonic in Sonic the Hedgehog2016-02-28 23:00:02Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditShadow the Hedgehog in Sonic the Hedgehog2016-02-28 22:59:59Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditKnuckles in Sonic 1 - Rev 012016-02-28 22:56:30Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditHoshi wo Sagashite...2016-02-28 18:18:41Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditPhantasy Star2016-02-28 18:16:11Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditMega Man IV: Ridley X Hack 22016-02-28 18:08:59Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditMega Man IV: Ridley X Hack 12016-02-28 18:08:57Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditThe All New? Punch-Out!!2016-02-28 18:07:31Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditNew Ghostbusters II Plus2016-02-28 18:00:53Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksNoncompliantEmily Hearts: EarthBound for Girls2016-02-28 17:59:59Says in description... The game freezes after the intro, please wait a bit for a new patch to be uploaded that fixes this issue. No contact info and web site is down for author... It looks like it was never fixed.
HacksEditDonner Party2016-02-28 17:55:59Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditCross Fire De-Engrish Hack2016-02-28 17:49:38Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditSuper Bovine Battle - The Search For Milk2016-02-28 17:47:32Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditAfter Lolo 22016-02-28 17:41:19Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditKid Niki 3 MMC-3 Hack2016-02-27 12:45:02Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditStargazers SRAM hack2016-02-27 12:43:55Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditQ-Bert Kong2016-02-27 12:43:13Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditThe Jehovah’s Witnesses2016-02-27 12:42:39Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
HacksEditCastlevania III Bugfixes2016-02-27 12:40:20Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMega Man V2016-02-27 12:31:19Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMother2016-02-27 12:30:33Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditNekketsu! Street Basket: Ganbare Dunk Heroes2016-02-27 12:29:53Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditNekketsu! Street Basket: Ganbare Dunk Heroes2016-02-27 12:29:43Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
GamesEditLunatic Dawn - Book of Futures2016-02-27 12:19:07Updated
TranslationsEditNinja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos2016-02-27 01:25:27Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSaint Seiya: Ougon Densetsu Kanketsu Hen2016-02-27 01:23:49Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditJajamaru no Daibouken2016-02-27 01:22:20Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditJuuryoku Soukou Metal Storm2016-02-27 01:21:01Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMaharaja2016-02-27 01:20:03Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditKaguya Hime Densetsu2016-02-27 01:18:58Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditNinja Jajamaru-kun2016-02-27 01:17:55Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDevilman2016-02-27 01:16:30Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMach Rider2016-02-27 01:15:27Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMother2016-02-27 00:53:40Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditKing Kong 2: Ikari no Megaton Punch2016-02-27 00:52:37Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditOverlord2016-02-26 12:39:38Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditOishinbo: Kyukyoku no Menu 3bon Syoubu2016-02-26 12:38:17Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMakai Island2016-02-26 12:37:13Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMirai Shinwa Jarvas2016-02-26 12:35:54Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditHonoo no Doukyuuji: Dodge Danpei 22016-02-26 12:33:53Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditHonoo no Doukyuuji: Dodge Danpei2016-02-26 12:33:03Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditThe Legend of Zelda2016-02-26 12:28:53Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMoon Crystal2016-02-26 12:26:31Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
CreditsNewTranslations - Itadaki Street: Watashi no Mise ni Yottette2016-02-26 12:12:31
CreditsNewTranslations - Lunatic Dawn - Book of Futures2016-02-26 12:09:25
TranslationsEditNinja Gaiden2016-02-26 01:05:07Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditNinja Gaiden II: The Dark Sword of Chaos2016-02-26 01:04:19Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditNorth and South2016-02-26 01:02:53Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditKabuki Quantum Fighter2016-02-26 01:00:59Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditKid Icarus2016-02-26 00:56:47Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditHeracles no Eikou II: Titan no Metsubo2016-02-26 00:55:03Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditFire Emblem Gaiden2016-02-26 00:53:30Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDragon Warrior III2016-02-26 00:47:50Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsNewItadaki Street - Watashi no Mise ni Yottette2016-02-26 00:37:38
TranslationsNewLunatic Dawn - Book of Futures2016-02-26 00:24:06
CommunityEditSword Legion2016-02-25 21:43:54Added Info
CreditsNewHacks - Rockman 3 - Stalker Attack2016-02-25 06:22:58
TranslationsEditNinja Kid2016-02-24 23:42:33Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDemon Sword2016-02-24 23:41:31Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditPower Blazer2016-02-24 23:40:15Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRobocco Wars2016-02-24 23:37:46Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditM.U.S.C.L.E.2016-02-24 23:37:00Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditJ-League: Winning Goal2016-02-24 23:34:52Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditHokuto no Ken2016-02-24 23:34:02Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditCosmic Epsilon2016-02-24 23:33:11Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditCrisis Force2016-02-24 23:32:18Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditKujaku Ou2016-02-24 23:31:28Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditP.O.W.: Prisoners of War2016-02-24 23:27:18Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditNinja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom2016-02-24 12:43:42Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditInsector X2016-02-24 12:42:11Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditThe Adventures of Bayou Billy2016-02-24 12:41:12Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDonkey Kong2016-02-24 12:38:37Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles2016-02-24 12:37:47Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditNakayoshi to Issho2016-02-24 12:36:08Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRygar2016-02-24 12:34:09Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditJikuu Yuten: Debias2016-02-24 12:32:39Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDisney's TaleSpin2016-02-24 12:31:35Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditFelix the Cat2016-02-24 12:30:33Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditJaws2016-02-24 12:29:07Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditGorby’s Pipeline: Great Military Operation2016-02-24 00:01:08Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMouryou Senki Madara2016-02-23 23:59:31Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditEsper Dream 2: Aratanaru Tatakai2016-02-23 23:58:37Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSaint Seiya: Ougon Densetsu2016-02-23 23:49:46Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditGun.Smoke2016-02-23 23:47:09Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditZombie Nation2016-02-23 23:45:12Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDisney's Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers 22016-02-23 22:37:24Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditBucky O'Hare2016-02-23 22:34:21Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditNinja Gaiden2016-02-23 22:33:03Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMinna no Taabou no Nakayoshi Daisakusen2016-02-23 22:31:00Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMega Man II2016-02-23 06:04:30Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRush'n Attack2016-02-22 19:37:16Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMetal Gear2016-02-22 19:35:36Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDark Lord2016-02-22 19:30:19Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditAirwolf2016-02-22 19:29:10Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSaint Seiya: Ougon Densetsu2016-02-22 19:28:35Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditBikkuriman World: Gekitou Sei Senshi2016-02-22 19:26:10Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditRadia Senki: Reimei Hen2016-02-22 19:25:04Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMusashi no Bouken2016-02-22 19:24:19Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditAttack Animal Gakuen2016-02-22 19:23:27Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditBanana Prince2016-02-22 19:20:05Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditLabyrinth: Maou no Meikyuu2016-02-22 19:16:30Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditKaiketsu Yancha Maru 2: Karakuri Land2016-02-22 19:15:34Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMetal Max2016-02-22 19:14:11Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDragon Ball 3: Gokuu Den2016-02-22 19:13:16Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMinna no Taabou no Nakayoshi Daisakusen2016-02-22 19:12:33Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDusty Diamond's All-Star Softball2016-02-22 19:11:26Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditPuyo Puyo2016-02-22 19:10:24Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditPenguin-kun Wars2016-02-22 19:09:34Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditOtaku no Seiza: Adventure in the Otaku Galaxy2016-02-22 19:08:39Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditNinja Rahoi!2016-02-22 19:07:36Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditNinja-Kun: Ashura no Shou2016-02-22 19:05:31Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditNekketsu! Street Basket: Ganbare Dunk Heroes2016-02-22 19:04:08Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditPanic Restaurant2016-02-22 19:02:03Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditFushigi no Umi no Nadia2016-02-22 18:59:27Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMotocross Champion2016-02-22 18:55:18Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMoai Kun2016-02-21 23:52:06Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMitsume ga Tooru2016-02-21 23:50:44Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMirai Senshi: Lios2016-02-21 23:48:24Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMajou Densetsu II: Daimashikyou Galious2016-02-21 23:46:44Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditLittle Magic2016-02-21 23:43:43Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditKunio Kun no Nekketsu Soccer League2016-02-21 23:41:37Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditAkumajou Special: Boku Dracula-kun2016-02-21 23:40:44Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditKeroppi to Keroriinu no Splash Bomb!2016-02-21 23:39:13Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditKero Kero Keroppi no Daibouken 2: Donuts Ike ha Oosawagi!2016-02-21 23:37:07Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditKero Kero Keroppi no Daibouken2016-02-21 23:36:13Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditJust Breed2016-02-21 23:33:47Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditGetsu Fuuma Den2016-02-21 03:26:08Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditFuzzical Fighter2016-02-21 03:23:35Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditFist of the North Star2016-02-21 03:22:10Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditEgypt2016-02-21 03:19:07Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDouble Moon Densetsu2016-02-21 03:14:13Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDoraemon: Giga Zombie no Gyakushuu2016-02-21 03:13:09Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDoki! Doki! Yuuenchi2016-02-21 03:12:24Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditDeburas2016-02-21 03:10:42Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditCosmo Police Galivan2016-02-21 03:09:22Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditCosmic Wars2016-02-21 03:08:29Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditCocoron2016-02-21 03:07:35Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSanrio Carnival 22016-02-20 03:29:39Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSanrio Carnival 22016-02-20 03:29:37Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSanrio Cup: Pon Pon Volley2016-02-20 03:28:06Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSD Keiji Blader2016-02-20 03:26:58Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditShadow of the Ninja2016-02-20 03:25:22Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditShikinjou2016-02-20 03:23:47Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditShinsenden2016-02-20 03:22:47Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditShufflepuck Cafe2016-02-20 03:21:43Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSilva Saga2016-02-20 03:21:02Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditWizardry Gaiden IV: Throb of the Demon's Heart2016-02-20 03:12:19Updated patch to V0.80b
CreditsEditTranslations - Wizardry Gaiden IV: Throb of the Demon's Heart2016-02-20 01:10:59Added more credits
TranslationsEditSin and Punishment: Successor of the Earth2016-02-19 13:14:30Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSky Destroyer2016-02-19 13:12:37Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSore Ike! Anpanman - Minna de Hiking Game!2016-02-19 13:07:57Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSpelunker II: Yuushahe no Chousen2016-02-19 13:06:32Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSqoon2016-02-19 13:05:37Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSquare no Tom Sawyer2016-02-19 13:04:53Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditStar Voyager2016-02-19 13:03:04Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSpace Invaders2016-02-19 13:00:35Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditKnights of the Round2016-02-19 12:59:21Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditStreet Fighter: Anniversary Collection2016-02-19 12:57:19Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditStar Wars2016-02-19 12:55:22Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSuper Bomberman 42016-02-19 01:22:50Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSuper Mario Bros. 22016-02-19 01:19:42Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSuper Mario Bros. 32016-02-18 20:38:02Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSurging Aura2016-02-18 20:36:12Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSweet Home2016-02-18 20:34:51Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSylvan Tale2016-02-18 20:33:47Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditTaiyou no Yuusha: Fighbird2016-02-18 20:32:19Public Maintenance
TranslationsEditTao2016-02-18 20:29:15Public Maintenance - NOINTRO
TranslationsEditTashiro Masashi no Princess ga Ippai2016-02-18 20:28:28Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditTetra Star: The Fighter2016-02-18 20:27:01Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditThe Adventures of Batman & Robin2016-02-18 20:24:26Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditThe Addams Family2016-02-18 20:22:41Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditTokkyuu Shirei Solbrain2016-02-18 20:21:15Public Maintenance - ROM INFo
TranslationsEditThe Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past2016-02-18 06:34:59Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditThe Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past2016-02-18 06:33:46Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditThe Terminator2016-02-18 06:31:18Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditToki2016-02-18 06:29:29Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditToukon Club2016-02-18 06:26:51Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditTsuppari Oozumou2016-02-18 06:25:30Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditTwinkle Tale2016-02-18 06:23:58Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditUndead Line2016-02-18 06:21:45Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditUrusei Yatsura: Lum no Wedding Bell2016-02-18 06:20:21Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditUshio & Tora2016-02-18 06:19:18Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditUtsurun Desu.: Kawauso Hawaii e Iku2016-02-18 06:18:27Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditValis: The Fantasm Soldier2016-02-18 06:17:32Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditVenus Senki2016-02-18 06:16:35Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditWidget2016-02-18 00:30:49Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditWit's2016-02-18 00:29:11Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditWonder Boy in Monster World2016-02-18 00:26:36Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditWonder Project J2: Koruro no Mori no Josette2016-02-18 00:24:52Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditWonder Project J: Kikai no Shonen Pino2016-02-18 00:23:59Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditYs2016-02-18 00:18:25Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditYs III: Wanderers from Ys2016-02-18 00:11:36Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditYuu Yuu Hakusho II: Gekitou! Nanakyou no Tatakai2016-02-18 00:07:45Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditYuu Yuu Hakusho: Makyo Touitsusen2016-02-18 00:05:27Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditZillion2016-02-18 00:00:39Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditMonster World IV2016-02-17 23:58:31Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditMonster World IV2016-02-17 21:57:21Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditMonster World IV2016-02-17 21:56:03Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditDisney Adventures in the Magic Kingdom2016-02-17 21:54:50Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy Adventure2016-02-17 21:53:40Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditDragon Warrior II2016-02-17 21:52:40Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditCrayon Shin-Chan: Ora to Poi Poi2016-02-17 21:51:21Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditWagyan Land2016-02-17 21:49:43Public Maintenance - ROM INfo
TranslationsEditSugoro Quest: The Quest of Dice Heroes2016-02-17 21:49:06Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMinelvaton Saga: Ragon no Fukkatsu2016-02-17 21:48:00Public Maintenance - ROM INfo
TranslationsEditMoon Crystal2016-02-17 21:45:57Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditSection Z2016-02-17 21:43:06Public Maintenance - ROM INFo
TranslationsEditKaijuu Monogatari2016-02-17 13:50:20Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditKanshakudama Nage Kantarou no Toukaido Gojuusan Tsugi2016-02-17 13:49:16Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditThe Great Maze: Master of the Maze2016-02-17 13:47:38Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditPuzzle Boy2016-02-17 13:45:47Public Maintenance - ROM INfo
TranslationsEditHoshi wo Miru Hito2016-02-17 13:38:12Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditTotally Rad2016-02-17 13:35:32Public Maintenance - ROM INfo
TranslationsEditFushigi no Umi no Nadia2016-02-17 13:33:32Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditDeep Dungeon IV: Kuro no Youjutsushi2016-02-17 13:31:09Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditMomotarou Densetsu2016-02-17 13:30:07Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditTakeshi no Chousenjou2016-02-17 13:29:01Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditSUPER MARIO BROS Special X1 for NES2016-02-17 13:25:04Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditSupreme Mario Bros.2016-02-16 23:52:06Public Maintenance - ROM info
HacksEditTKB Super Mario Bros. Volume II2016-02-16 23:50:28Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditStrange Mario Bros. Fix2016-02-16 23:49:48Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditThe New Strange Mario Bros 12016-02-16 23:48:46Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditToad's Treasure Quest2016-02-16 23:45:40Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditSuper Mario Bros. DX2016-02-16 23:44:41Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditKirby’s Adventure 22016-02-16 23:43:07Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditLady Opera: Swf Panic2016-02-16 23:42:27Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditToad's Christmas Adventure2016-02-16 23:41:48Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditToadette's Christmas Adventure2016-02-16 23:41:16Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditSMB2 - Prototype Music2016-02-16 23:38:32Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditRed Rocket2016-02-16 00:41:04Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditPyokotan no Dai Meiro Debug Menu2016-02-16 00:37:24Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditGo! Dizzy Go! UxROM Mapper Hack2016-02-16 00:35:03Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditPony Poki Panic2016-02-16 00:28:21Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditNEW NEW Super Mario Bros. 3 (1990)2016-02-16 00:26:32Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditNEW Super Mario Bros. 3 (1988)2016-02-16 00:25:09Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditSuper Mario Bros. 3 Raeneske V.2.02016-02-16 00:22:09Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditSuper Mario Kart Difficulty Curve Fix2016-02-16 00:18:28Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditPervo Hare's NAMBLA Blowjob2016-02-16 00:15:04Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditTetris Zero2016-02-16 00:13:53Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditGreen Dizzy2016-02-16 00:11:55Public Maintenance - ROM Information
HacksEditRecca - Pure2016-02-15 20:17:32Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditShadowgate Font Improvement2016-02-15 20:16:34Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditSted Easy2016-02-15 20:15:20Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditSuper Dodge Ball 4 Player Hack2016-02-15 20:14:33Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditDoReMi Fantasy: Milon no DokiDoki Daibouken2016-02-15 20:11:49Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditSMW - Burning in Hell2016-02-15 20:09:34Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditSuper Mario World: Death Land2016-02-15 20:09:09Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditSuper Mario Bros: The Lost Levels Deluxe2016-02-15 20:07:59Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditPanic in the Mushroom Kingdom 22016-02-15 20:07:22Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditSuper Soccer: Euro Edition2016-02-15 20:04:58Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditNTSC Patch2016-02-15 19:56:06Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditX-Men - Easy Mode Patches2016-02-15 13:34:01Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditValis++2016-02-15 13:32:59Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditWizardry I spell disambiguation patch2016-02-15 13:31:30Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditWolverine Easy Version2016-02-15 13:30:36Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditYs US Master System FM sound patch2016-02-15 13:29:33Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditBorfes to 5-jin no Akuma2016-02-15 13:27:43Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditMashou no Yakata Goblin2016-02-15 13:26:59Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditOtenba Becky no Daibouken2016-02-15 13:19:10Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditBomb Jack - Sega SG-1000 to MSX conversion2016-02-15 13:18:18Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditZippy Race - Sega SG-1000 to MSX conversion2016-02-15 13:17:01Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditOh No! More Zombies Ate My Neighbors!2016-02-15 12:44:03Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditKonami Wai Wai World Centered Camera2016-02-14 19:03:13Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditBuster Busts Loose Train Bugfix2016-02-14 19:02:12Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditDecatus Guard Bug Fix2016-02-14 19:01:04Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditZombie Hunter2016-02-14 18:59:51Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditZombie Hunter Bug Fix2016-02-14 18:59:26Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditPaladin's Quest EasyType2016-02-14 18:58:01Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditLufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals EasyType2016-02-14 18:56:36Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditLufia: And the Fortress of Doom Easy Type2016-02-14 18:55:26Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditContra Hard Corps Hit Points Restoration Hack2016-02-14 18:42:56Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditSuper Bomberman 2 Go For Pro Edition2016-02-14 18:23:00Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksNoncompliantAirship Palette Fix2016-02-14 00:04:29File download is mediafire HTML page, author e-mail is dead, no other copy or contact means can be found.
HacksEditMario Chronicles2016-02-13 23:59:55Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditSuper Mario Bros. Chaos Control2016-02-13 23:58:22Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditMario in: Some Usual Day2016-02-13 23:55:27Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditTimecrisis: Fall Of The Moon2016-02-13 23:43:04Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditCute Zelda2016-02-13 23:36:10Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditZelda Challenge: Outlands2016-02-13 23:30:41Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditKouryuu no Mimi2016-02-13 22:21:33Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditAce wo Nerae!2016-02-13 22:14:35Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditBatman2016-02-13 22:02:58Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditCastlevania: Symphony of the Night2016-02-13 21:42:53Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditESWAT2016-02-13 10:36:57Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditRobocco Wars2016-02-13 10:35:44Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditMike Tyson's Punch Out!!2016-02-13 10:34:10Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditSonic the Hedgehog2016-02-13 10:32:53Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditMichael Jackson's Moonwalker2016-02-13 10:31:54Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditSonic the Hedgehog2016-02-13 10:30:37Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditIsolated Warrior2016-02-13 10:13:58Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditMega Man Eons of Dreams Part 42016-02-13 10:10:41Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditMega Man Soccer - 99 "S. Shoots"2016-02-13 10:08:54Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditRollerGames2016-02-13 10:07:48Public Maintenance - ROM Info
HacksEditGenghis Khan II: Clan of the Gray Wolf (Leader Hack)2016-02-13 10:06:52Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditGolden Axe2016-02-12 22:32:12Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditThunder Force II2016-02-12 22:31:02Public Maintenance - ROM INFO
TranslationsEditThunder Force III2016-02-12 22:30:08Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditGolden Axe II2016-02-12 22:29:12Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditBattle Squadron2016-02-12 22:28:17Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditGhouls ’n Ghosts2016-02-12 22:27:03Public Maintenance - ROM Info and submitted correct readme file.
TranslationsEditGolden Axe III2016-02-12 22:23:47Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditRolling Thunder2016-02-12 22:22:42Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditWai Wai World 2: SOS!! Paseri Jou2016-02-12 22:20:59Public Maintenance - ROM Info
TranslationsEditWagyan Land