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    Added the Readme from the download ZIP and corrected patching information. ROM checksums did not match the listed ROM -- may have been post-patching checksums at some point, as they do not appear in any database. I've added the correct info for the clean ROM.
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Submissions for User
HacksNewSuper Mario World (NES) Improvement2017-05-30 02:31:32
HacksNewSonic The Hedgehog (NES) Improvement V1.02016-11-20 18:51:07
HacksEditAladdin (BUTTON FIX + improvement)2016-05-08 20:10:17- Fixed genie's palette on stage 4-1,minor change of palettes on some levels.
HacksEditSuper Turrican Plus2016-05-08 19:23:44Vertical scrolling adjusted,falling speed reduced, final boss take fewer shots to kill.
CreditsNewHacks - Alien 3 Plus2015-12-25 12:29:06
CreditsNewHacks - Dragon's Lair improvement2015-12-20 22:47:28
CreditsNewHacks - Joe & Mac Improvement2015-12-20 22:45:56
HacksNewAlien 3 Plus2015-12-20 21:51:10
HacksNewJoe & Mac improvement2015-11-08 20:55:53
CommunityEditthe jabu2015-10-17 11:50:53update logo
HacksEditFester's Quest Improvement2015-10-14 19:38:56title change
HacksNewFester's Quest (U) improvement V 1.02015-10-12 18:28:03
HacksNewDragon's Lair improvement2015-06-21 23:45:57
HacksEditShinobi Arcade2015-03-17 21:25:55Improved the sprites of some enemies, and added more patches.
CreditsNewHacks - Shinobi Arcade2015-03-15 23:18:31
HacksNewShinobi Arcade2015-03-10 02:22:06
HacksNewConan (Button Fix)2014-12-30 20:22:26
HacksNewGyromite Special Edition2014-12-17 23:53:21
HacksEditSuper Turrican Plus2014-12-17 20:51:57A minor change on Turrican's sprite.
HacksEditSuper Turrican Plus2014-12-09 23:54:41The score in game has been removed to avoid the "8 Sprites Per Scanline" problems on the top of the screen.
HacksNewSuper Turrican Plus2014-12-03 05:15:22
HacksEditAladdin (BUTTON FIX + improvement)2014-10-22 03:23:04jump 100% fixed ,and fixed the walking/stop speed of aladdin.
HacksEditAladdin (BUTTON FIX + improvement)2014-10-15 15:47:30fixed some remaining problem with the jump,and readjust the walking/stop speed of aladdin.
HacksNewAladdin (BUTTON FIX + improvement)2014-10-13 06:44:22