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NewsNewTINA'S ADVENTURE ISLAND 1 RELEASED!2019-09-13 23:20:43
CreditsNewHacks - Tina's Adventure Island2019-09-13 23:15:00
HacksNewTina's Adventure Island2019-09-13 08:07:51
HacksEditSOR2 - One Piece - Pirate Warriors2019-08-31 02:46:07Non-compliant titlescreen replaced with romhack's titlescreen
GamesEditThe Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past2019-04-28 07:55:54Replaced review-ish description with a generic one.
CreditsNewHacks - Superstar Mario World2019-04-28 07:39:29
CreditsNewHacks - Super Samuroy Adventures2019-04-28 07:39:13
CreditsNewHacks - New Mario Bros.2019-04-28 07:38:55
CreditsNewHacks - Another Mario World 2: Luigi's Mission2019-04-28 07:38:39
CreditsNewHacks - Another Mario World2019-04-28 07:38:22
CommunityEditSuper Stiviboy2019-04-28 07:33:29Forum Name added
GamesEditThe Goonies2019-04-28 07:03:53Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Land DX2019-04-27 07:28:31
CreditsNewHacks - Pokémon Red/Blue Gender Selection2019-04-27 07:26:28
CreditsNewHacks - Vegetable Valley Nightmare2019-04-25 12:01:29
CommunityEditRhysOwens1012019-04-25 12:00:27Forum Name added
CreditsNewHacks - Rockman & Forte - Player Switching2019-04-25 11:33:12
CreditsNewHacks - Rockman & Forte - Multiple Equipment2019-04-25 11:32:54
HacksEditRockman & Forte - Player Switching2019-04-25 11:32:28Readme fixed
HacksNewRockman & Forte - Multiple Equipment2019-04-25 11:00:50
HacksNewRockman & Forte - Player Switching2019-04-24 09:12:05
GamesEditDeath Duel2019-04-23 07:57:12Updated
GamesEditCastlequest2019-04-23 07:51:26Titles swapped
GamesEditPuyo Pop2019-04-22 11:02:24Updated
GamesEditWorld Heroes 22019-04-22 08:27:23Updated
GamesEditMonster Party2019-04-22 07:59:55Replaced lengthy review-ish description to a generic one.
GamesEditHeavy Unit: Mega Drive Special2019-04-22 07:51:33Updated
GamesEditFinal Fantasy VII2019-04-22 07:46:41Replaced lengthy review-ish description with a generic one.
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GamesEditHyper Sports 32019-04-18 11:08:07Updated
GamesEditHyper Sports 22019-04-18 11:07:09Updated
GamesEditHyper Sports2019-04-18 11:06:20Updated
GamesEditGalaga2019-04-18 11:05:09Updated
GamesEditVenom - Spider-Man: Separation Anxiety2019-04-18 11:03:12Updated
GamesEditSpider-Man: Mysterio's Menace2019-04-18 10:53:44Updated
GamesEditOrguss2019-04-18 10:52:14Updated
GamesEditElevator Action2019-04-18 10:51:18Updated
GamesEditDragon Wang2019-04-18 10:50:24Updated
GamesEditAtomic Robo-Kid Special2019-04-18 08:55:50Updated
GamesEditVenom - Spider-Man: Separation Anxiety2019-04-18 08:52:22Updated
GamesEditUltimate Qix2019-04-18 08:50:43Updated
GamesEditSpace Invaders '912019-04-18 08:49:16Updated
GamesEditDino Land2019-04-18 08:47:25Updated
GamesEditAtomic Robo-Kid2019-04-18 08:46:24Updated
GamesEditArrow Flash2019-04-18 08:44:46Updated
GamesEditTag Team Wrestling2019-04-18 08:42:40Updated
GamesEditNantettatte!! Baseball2019-04-18 08:40:14Updated
GamesEditCity Connection2019-04-18 08:38:41Updated
GamesEditAlpha Mission2019-04-18 08:36:43Updated
GamesEditThe King of Fighters 20012019-04-18 08:12:26Updated
HacksNoncompliantMega Man 2 Remix2019-04-18 08:00:40Unfinished hack in its Beta state is noncompliant.
GamesEditGarry Kitchen's Battletank2019-04-17 11:00:40Updated
GamesEditVirtua Fighter 4: Evolution2019-04-17 08:14:38Updated
GamesEditPokemon Stadium 22019-04-16 09:14:00Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Super Monaco GP En Español2019-04-13 12:03:13
CommunityEditkdubmods2019-04-13 11:58:59Forum Name added
TranslationsEditThe Krion Conquest2019-04-13 11:00:59Hacked titlescreen added
CreditsNewHacks - Fuji Mario Bros.2019-04-13 08:33:55
CreditsNewHacks - SMB feat. Piranha Plant2019-04-13 08:33:37
CreditsNewHacks - Kirby's Halloween Adventure2019-04-13 08:32:51
CreditsNewHacks - Final Fantasy Tactics Advanced Battle2019-04-13 08:32:21
GamesEditKung Fu2019-04-12 08:40:14Replaced review-ish description with a generic one.
GamesEditAero the Acro-Bat2019-04-12 08:28:11Updated
GamesEditAero the Acro-Bat2019-04-12 08:25:28Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Super Monaco GP Brunette Edition (Color Hack)2019-04-11 08:22:05
TranslationsEditThe Quest of Ki2019-04-09 09:01:35Update v2.0
CreditsEditHacks - Pokemon New Emerald2019-04-08 11:49:00Added igorfs10
TranslationsEditKonami Wai Wai World2019-04-08 08:59:23Update v2.2
CreditsNewTranslations - Mega Man X52019-04-08 02:39:06
CreditsNewHacks - Street Fighter EX2 Plus - Playable Bison II2019-04-08 02:38:20
CreditsNewHacks - Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter - Hidden Character2019-04-08 02:38:07
CreditsNewHacks - Digimon World 2 Fix patch2019-04-08 02:37:56
CreditsNewHacks - Black Agumon & Black Greymon in Digimon World2019-04-08 02:37:42
CommunityEditpraetarius50182019-04-08 02:36:35Forum Name added
CreditsNewHacks - Lufia II: Age of the Sinistrals2019-04-08 02:36:24
GamesEditDemon Sword2019-04-05 07:31:49Review-ish description replaced with generic one.
GamesEditStreet Fighter EX2 Plus2019-04-04 00:00:05Updated
GamesEditWorld Heroes Anthology2019-04-02 09:47:27Updated
TranslationsNoncompliantMother 32019-03-30 11:34:08It was resubmitted with an update and people comment that it should be in the Hacks section even though the patch is severely dependent on the English translation v1.2 prepatched ROM. I can't believe the author can't find the Mother 3 Japan ROM and use that as base ROM. Sheesh. Anyways, this is the new link to the Claus hack -
GamesEditThe New Zealand Story2019-03-26 09:14:16Updated
GamesEditThe New Zealand Story2019-03-26 09:12:38Updated
GamesEditKiwi Kraze2019-03-26 09:10:09Updated
GamesEditTeen Titans2019-03-26 09:06:21Updated
GamesEditJames Bond 0072019-03-26 08:58:37Updated
GamesEditFinal Fight One2019-03-26 08:57:08Description fixed
HacksEditAfter Lolo 22019-03-20 21:13:12Changed category to Improvement. Revised Description to third person.
HacksEditAyrton Senna's Super Monaco GP II - Complete 1991 Season2019-03-20 21:11:33Changed category to Improvement.
CommunityEdittag20152019-03-20 21:10:36Forum Name added
HacksEditSnifit Returns2019-03-20 21:08:33Changed category to Improvement. Credits removed from Description.
CreditsNewHacks - Faster or Slower Spell Grinding2019-03-20 21:04:52
CreditsNewHacks - Faerie Coconut2019-03-20 21:04:37
CommunityEditRosieDilly2019-03-19 03:57:33Logo added
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Bros with Demo and Iris2019-03-19 03:56:43
CommunityEditTyrukia2019-03-19 03:54:20Forum Name added
CreditsNewHacks - Hydlide Rebalance2019-03-19 03:52:03
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Advance 2 - Instrument Restoration2019-03-19 03:51:32
CreditsNewHacks - Neko and Watts in the Mana Fortress2019-03-19 03:50:17
CreditsNewHacks - Harder Final Boss2019-03-19 03:50:03
CreditsNewHacks - Gaia's Navel With the Girl Without Doubling Back2019-03-19 03:49:50
GamesEditX-Men Mutant Apocalypse2019-03-19 03:48:47Updated
GamesEditChallenge of the Dragon2019-03-19 03:46:47Updated
HacksEditThe Quest of Ki sprite hack2019-03-19 03:36:09Changed category to Improvement since no levels were changed for it to be Complete.
HacksEditBionic Metroid2019-03-19 03:35:49Changed category to Improvement since no levels were changed for it to be Complete.
HacksEditQuest for the Missing Hat2019-03-19 03:35:21Changed category to Improvement since no levels were changed for it to be Complete.
HacksEditAtari Man II2019-03-19 03:30:01Changed category to Improvement since no levels were changed for it to be Complete.
GamesEditThe King of Fighters 20002019-03-18 04:48:03Updated
GamesEditPac-Man2019-03-16 04:34:21Updated
GamesEditNishijin Pachinko Monogatari 22019-03-16 04:32:47Updated
GamesEditMoero!! Juudou Warriors2019-03-16 04:28:47Updated
GamesEditGauntlet2019-03-16 04:26:02Updated
GamesEditForgotten Worlds2019-03-16 04:24:59Updated
GamesEditChakan: The Forever Man2019-03-16 04:22:15Updated
GamesEditChakan2019-03-16 04:21:19Updated
GamesEditADK Tamashii2019-03-16 04:19:33Updated
GamesEditJun Classic C.C. & Ropé Club2019-03-16 02:26:51Updated
GamesEditSengoku Anthology2019-03-16 02:22:46Updated
GamesEditThe King of Fighters Neowave2019-03-13 21:52:25Updated
GamesEditSamurai Shodown Anthology2019-03-12 09:09:46Updated
CommunityEditamuseum2019-03-12 08:28:44Forum Name added
GamesEditSled Storm2019-03-10 08:02:15Updated
CommunityEditPyriel2019-03-10 07:47:51Forum name added
CreditsNewTranslations - Rockman.EXE: Operate Shooting Star2019-03-07 21:59:27
UtilitiesNoncompliantTecmo Roster Extractor2019-03-06 07:19:22This seems to be an exact duplicate of
CreditsNewHacks - Mega Man X1 - Air Dash/Wall Jump QoL2019-03-06 07:13:13
CreditsNewHacks - Pokemon Emerald: Greenless Version2019-03-05 22:56:22
CreditsNewHacks - Pokémon Emerald Real 512Kb Flash Memory Patch2019-03-05 22:53:52
GamesEditYoukai Douchuuki2019-03-03 08:35:05Updated
GamesEditTaz-Mania 22019-03-03 08:31:21Updated
GamesEditTaleSpin2019-03-03 08:30:07Updated
GamesEditSuper Shadow of the Beast2019-03-03 08:28:14Updated
GamesEditRadical Rex2019-03-03 08:22:50Updated
GamesEditRadical Rex2019-03-03 08:21:34Updated
GamesEditPanorama Cotton2019-03-03 08:20:02Updated
GamesEditMetal Slug: 2nd Mission2019-03-03 08:18:02Updated
GamesEditShadow of the Beast II2019-03-03 07:34:17Pic changed
HacksEditRockman No Constancy2019-03-01 07:46:17v1.3 Update
CommunityEditTedzja2019-03-01 07:05:41Language
CreditsNewHacks - Fnassy2019-03-01 07:03:21
CreditsNewHacks - Final Cocoron2019-03-01 07:03:03
CreditsNewHacks - Killer Queen2019-03-01 07:02:42
HacksNewFnassy2019-03-01 07:01:07
HacksEditKiller Queen2019-03-01 06:55:59Description fix
HacksNewFinal Cocoron2019-03-01 06:55:00
HacksNewKiller Queen2019-03-01 06:00:37
TranslationsNoncompliantLast Armageddon2019-02-28 07:54:28English is not good, looks like it was ran with machine translation and just copy/pasted it without regard with context.
CreditsNewTranslations - Faxanadu2019-02-28 07:42:21
CommunityEditTBG2019-02-28 07:41:56Language
CommunityEditGoutetsu2019-02-28 07:41:30Name
CommunityEditTheSkipper19952019-02-28 07:37:49Forum Name
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CommunityEditYaroneko2019-02-28 07:07:52Language
CommunityEditYulina2019-02-28 07:05:53Language
CommunityEditSensenic2019-02-28 07:00:19Language
CreditsNewHacks - Pokemon Gold 1997 Spaceworld Fixes2019-02-28 02:45:31
CreditsNewHacks - EarthBound Beginnings Uncut2019-02-27 06:47:44
GamesEditGhostbusters II2019-02-25 06:57:11Updated
GamesEditAriel: The Little Mermaid2019-02-25 06:54:13Updated
GamesEditAriel: The Little Mermaid2019-02-25 06:43:24Updated
GamesEditAriel: The Little Mermaid2019-02-25 06:40:54Updated
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CommunityEditspyblack2019-02-22 07:34:11Forum Name added
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GamesEditBatman: The Video Game2019-02-21 08:18:57Name and description
GamesEditMega Man X52019-02-21 04:04:41Description updated
CommunityEditPeto Translations2019-02-21 02:26:15Fixed Name
CommunityNoncompliantPeto Translations2019-02-21 02:25:26Duplicate of -
CreditsNewHacks - Misty Chronicles2019-02-21 02:23:49
HacksEditMisty Chronicles2019-02-21 02:23:17Changed author, who are the same person.
CommunityNoncompliantDexterity62019-02-21 01:55:48Duplicate of destreza6
CreditsEditTranslations - Danganronpa: Kibou no Gakuen to Zetsubou no Koukousei2019-02-21 01:53:54destreza6 and dexterity6 is the same person. Removing dexterity6.
CommunityEditChronoSP Team2019-02-21 01:50:35Single to Group
GamesEditMega Man & Bass2019-02-18 08:20:24Updated
GamesEditDisney's Pinocchio2019-02-18 07:53:36Updated
GamesEditDisney's Pinocchio2019-02-18 07:43:46Updated
GamesEditClue2019-02-18 07:22:53Updated
GamesEditThe Adventures of Rad Gravity2019-02-17 02:30:48Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Hokuto no Ken 3 - Sprite Fix2019-02-15 06:33:27
HacksNewHokuto no Ken 3 - Sprite Fix2019-02-15 03:52:41
GamesEditHokuto no Ken 3: Shin Seiki Souzou Seiken Restuden2019-02-15 02:40:50Updated
GamesEditColumns2019-02-15 02:37:38Updated
GamesEditArt of Fighting Anthology2019-02-15 02:36:31Updated
GamesEditRockman & Forte2019-02-14 20:59:21Description update
GamesEditSuper Columns2019-02-14 20:51:31Updated
GamesEditStar Wars: The Empire Strikes Back2019-02-11 02:09:40Updated
GamesEditMetal Slader Glory: Director's Cut2019-02-11 01:50:03Updated
GamesEditWorld Heroes 2 Pro2019-02-09 08:29:48Updated
GamesEditThe Berenstain Bears: Camping Adventure2019-02-09 08:28:03Updated
GamesEditRainbow Islands: Bubble Bobble 22019-02-09 08:25:52Updated
GamesEditRainbow Islands Extra2019-02-09 08:22:11Updated
GamesEditRainbow Islands2019-02-09 08:20:58Updated
GamesEditFatal Fury: Battle Archives Volume 12019-02-09 08:16:52Updated
GamesEditDisney's TaleSpin2019-02-09 08:16:02Updated
GamesEditChocobo Racing2019-02-09 08:14:26Updated
GamesEditBlades of Steel2019-02-09 08:13:39Updated
GamesEditBattleship (GBC)2019-02-09 08:11:34Updated
GamesEditBattleship2019-02-09 08:10:02Updated
GamesEditTower & Shaft: Aleck Bordon no Fuyukai na Nakamatachi2019-02-09 08:07:53Updated
GamesEditRoad Rash2019-02-09 07:57:29Updated
GamesEditRoad Rash2019-02-09 07:54:58Updated
GamesEditBonkers: Wax Up!2019-02-09 07:51:40Added a colon to the title
GamesEditBonkers: Wax Up!2019-02-09 07:50:44Updated
GamesEditBonkers Wax Up!2019-02-09 07:47:59Updated
GamesEditBonkers2019-02-09 07:41:58Updated
GamesEditFatal Fury: Battle Archives Volume 22019-02-09 07:30:51Updated
TranslationsEditUndercover Cops2019-02-09 06:51:31BBCode link added in the description
TranslationsEditIhatovo Monogatari2019-02-09 06:50:20BBCode ink added in the description
GamesEditKouryuu no Mimi2019-02-04 08:32:19Title fixed
CreditsNewHacks - FFT Slowdown Fix and Unstretch Screen Patch2019-02-04 07:53:39
CreditsNewHacks - Black Borders to the Original Games2019-02-04 07:53:12
CreditsNewHacks - 999: Faster Text Speed2019-02-04 07:52:47
CreditsNewTranslations - Donkey Kong2019-02-04 06:38:39
TranslationsEditDragon Ball Z II: Gekishin Freeza!!2019-02-03 07:10:01Changed category to Addendum since this hack used Saiya Translation's work as base.
GamesEditRPG Jinsei Game2019-02-02 07:04:32Updated
GamesEditDisney's TaleSpin2019-02-02 06:54:47Updated
GamesEditThe Berenstain Bears: Camping Adventure2019-02-02 06:30:40Updated
GamesEditDragon Ball Z: Super Butouden2019-01-29 19:27:22Description changed
GamesEditBattleship2019-01-28 07:46:46Updated
CommunityEditTNomad2019-01-28 06:27:55Updated
CommunityEditCh33sE2019-01-28 06:26:23Updated
CommunityEditchocotimes2019-01-26 04:42:26Language
CommunityEditnameless2019-01-26 04:42:15Language
CommunityEditKOR_INFO2019-01-26 04:39:50Language
CommunityEditlestat (M0nsieurL)2019-01-26 04:18:09Forum name added
DocumentsEditGradius 3 disassembly of bank $00 and $022019-01-26 04:12:50Reuploaded docs
GamesEditDigimon Tamers: Battle Spirit Ver. 1.52019-01-25 03:34:03Updated
CreditsNewTranslations - Hanjuku Heroes: Ah, Sekai yo Hanjuku Nare...!!2019-01-25 02:30:27
GamesEditRobo Warrior2019-01-23 03:01:15Updated
GamesEditMicro Machines2019-01-23 02:59:57Updated
GamesEditMicro Machines2019-01-23 02:57:49Updated
GamesEditMicro Machines2019-01-23 02:56:50Updated
GamesEditMicro Machines2019-01-23 02:55:20Updated
GamesEditMicro Machines2019-01-23 02:53:50Updated
GamesEditLord of the Sword2019-01-23 02:52:23Updated
GamesEditCrossFire2019-01-23 02:51:09Updated
GamesEditFire & Ice2019-01-23 02:13:38Updated
GamesEditThe King of Fighters NESTS Collection2019-01-23 02:10:41Updated
GamesEditBee 522019-01-23 02:06:50Updated
GamesEditAfter Burner II2019-01-23 02:05:28Updated
GamesEditAfter Burner II2019-01-23 02:04:17Updated
GamesEditAfter Burner Complete2019-01-23 02:01:07Updated
GamesEditAfter Burner2019-01-23 01:59:44Updated
GamesEditRoadBlasters2019-01-23 01:58:27Updated
GamesEditKonami GB Collection Vol. 32019-01-21 08:48:04Updated
GamesEditS.C.A.T.: Special Cybernetic Attack Team2019-01-21 08:38:58Description changed
HacksEditBowsette 22019-01-19 04:29:36Just replacing 3 images.
CreditsNewHacks - Bowsette 22019-01-19 04:02:46
CommunityEditArchael2019-01-19 03:24:18Fixed pic. Not Group.
CreditsNewTranslations - Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake (MSX2)2019-01-19 02:21:09
HomebrewEditAnguna2019-01-19 01:52:48Author corrected. Added readme file.
HacksNewBowsette 22019-01-19 00:51:12
GamesEditHudson Hawk2019-01-17 02:11:04Updated
GamesEditHudson Hawk2019-01-17 02:07:58Updated
GamesEditAfter Burner II2019-01-13 02:43:59Updated
GamesEditGargoyle's Quest2019-01-09 08:27:42Updated
GamesEditUniversal Soldier2019-01-09 08:22:39Updated
GamesEditTurrican2019-01-09 08:18:57Updated
GamesEditTurrican2019-01-09 08:16:31Updated
GamesEditPopulous2019-01-09 08:13:33Updated
GamesEditCannon Fodder2019-01-09 08:09:21Updated
GamesEditCannon Fodder2019-01-09 08:07:08Updated
GamesEditSuper James Pond2019-01-05 08:31:10Updated
GamesEditMega Turrican2019-01-05 08:30:04Updated
GamesEditMarble Madness2019-01-05 08:27:09Updated
GamesEditMarble Madness2019-01-05 08:23:54Updated
GamesEditLinkle Liver Story2019-01-05 08:21:22Updated
GamesEditFirepower 20002019-01-05 08:18:53Updated
GamesEditCastle Excellent2019-01-05 08:17:48Updated
GamesEditCastelian2019-01-05 08:16:45Updated
GamesEditCastelian2019-01-05 08:15:51Updated
GamesEditThe King of Fighters: The Orochi Saga2019-01-05 08:14:18Updated
HacksEditBatman - Playable Ezio from Assassin's Creed2019-01-05 07:39:19Removed image from titlescreen field box since its not a titlescreen.
HacksNewRockman 2019 New Year's Hack2019-01-01 02:50:03
HacksEditRoll-chan: Mini World2019-01-01 02:41:33Updated to v1.1
GamesEditCybernator2018-12-31 09:01:52Assault Suit Valken and Cybernator have duplicate game pages
TranslationsEditAssault Suits Valken2018-12-31 09:01:01Changed game. Duplicate of Assault Suits Valken.
TranslationsEditAssault Suits Valken2018-12-31 08:52:19Titlescreen for Assault Suits Valken added
TranslationsEditAssault Suits Valken2018-12-31 08:50:54Titlescreen for Assault Suits Valken added
GamesEditEvil Twin: Cyprien's Chronicles2018-12-31 08:40:25Updated
GamesEditTurbo Outrun2018-12-31 08:28:15Updated
GamesEditSuper James Pond2018-12-31 08:23:08Updated
GamesEditCrayon Shin-Chan: Taiketsu! Quantum Panic!!2018-12-29 06:58:23Alternate title
GamesEditThe Blues Brothers2018-12-29 06:56:56Updated
GamesEditCrayon Shin-Chan: Taiketsu! Quantum Panic!!2018-12-29 06:53:26Updated
TranslationsNewMother 32018-12-29 01:58:42
GamesEditSuper Off Road2018-12-26 20:15:34Updated
GamesEditSuper Off Road2018-12-26 20:10:03Updated
GamesEditPink Panther in Pink Goes to Hollywood2018-12-26 20:07:05Updated
GamesEditThe Blues Brothers: Jukebox Adventure2018-12-26 20:02:59Updated
GamesEditThe Blues Brothers2018-12-26 20:00:50Updated
TranslationsEditKonami Wai Wai World2018-12-22 02:57:51Updated v2.1 New titlescreen, Restored original sprites, fixed YES/NO and EVEN/ODD
GamesEditThe Terminator2018-12-22 00:20:53Updated
GamesEditSuper Nova2018-12-22 00:17:20Updated
GamesEditSuper Naxat Open: Golf de Shoubu da! Dorabocchan2018-12-22 00:13:10Updated
GamesEditRambo2018-12-21 23:00:44Updated
GamesEditOutRunners2018-12-21 22:48:08Updated
GamesEditOutRun 20192018-12-21 22:45:15Updated
GamesEditKawasaki Superbike Challenge2018-12-21 22:43:50Updated
GamesEditDarius Plus2018-12-21 22:39:21Updated
GamesEditBike Daisuki! Hashiriya Tamashii - Rider's Spirits2018-12-21 22:27:55Updated
GamesEditDead or Alive 22018-12-21 21:37:06Updated
GamesEditStar Wars2018-12-21 21:25:04Updated
GamesEditPredator2018-12-21 21:23:03Updated
GamesEditOutRun Europa2018-12-21 21:20:25Updated
GamesEditNinja Gaiden2018-12-21 21:01:41Description and genre changed
CommunityEditLas2018-12-18 02:25:32Updated
HacksEditRockman: Spirit of Hackers2018-12-18 02:21:08Typo fix
NewsNewROLL-CHAN: MINI WORLD (Game Gear) RELEASED!!2018-12-17 21:45:30
CreditsNewHacks - Roll-chan: Mini World2018-12-17 21:21:26
CreditsNewHacks - Rockman: Spirit of Hackers2018-12-17 21:20:58
CreditsNewHacks - Rockman 6: Magical Jet Tour2018-12-17 21:20:45
HacksNewRoll-chan: Mini World2018-12-17 10:33:16
HacksNewRockman: Spirit of Hackers2018-12-17 10:04:26
HacksNewRockman 6: Magical Jet Tour2018-12-17 09:54:33
GamesEditTabaluga2018-12-15 04:15:01Updated
GamesEditPaperboy2018-12-15 00:54:23Updated
GamesEditPaperboy2018-12-15 00:51:27Updated
GamesEditPaperboy II2018-12-15 00:48:27Updated
GamesEditPaperboy2018-12-15 00:44:11Updated
GamesEditPaperboy 22018-12-15 00:41:25Updated
GamesEditBrandish 2: The Planet Buster2018-12-11 20:19:53Game description added
GamesEditMetal Slug 22018-12-11 00:36:44Updated
CommunityEditVurez2018-12-10 21:19:28Updated
GamesEdit19422018-12-07 20:58:30Add description
HacksEditF-Zero Nebula Highway2018-12-06 08:16:02Version number fixed
GamesEditSega Chess2018-12-04 02:59:46Updated
GamesEditMs. Pac-Man2018-12-04 02:54:46Updated
GamesEditBattletech: A Game of Armored Combat2018-12-02 09:18:33Updated
GamesEditPhantasy Star2018-11-30 20:25:39Replaced review-ish description with a generic one.
GamesEditF-Zero2018-11-30 20:24:00Added Alternate title
GamesEditR-Type2018-11-30 00:10:52Updated
GamesEditKetsui Death Label: Kizuna Jigoku Tachi2018-11-30 00:08:28Updated
GamesEditFire Emblem: Path of Radiance2018-11-30 00:07:35Updated
GamesEditRescue: The Embassy Mission2018-11-29 23:00:54Updated
GamesEditThe Hunt for Red October2018-11-29 22:59:47Updated
GamesEditThe Legendary Axe II2018-11-29 22:56:18Updated
GamesEditToxic Crusaders2018-11-29 22:55:31Updated
GamesEditXenon 2: Megablast2018-11-29 22:54:32Updated
GamesEditTransbot2018-11-29 22:53:46Updated
GamesEditTeddy Boy2018-11-29 22:52:57Updated
GamesEditTecmo World Cup '932018-11-29 22:51:26Updated
GamesEditSubmarine Attack2018-11-29 22:48:37Updated
GamesEditScramble Spirits2018-11-29 22:47:49Updated
GamesEditRocky2018-11-29 22:43:47Updated
GamesEditR-Type2018-11-29 22:42:32Updated
GamesEditPac-Man2018-11-29 22:41:18Updated
GamesEditFantasy Zone Gear2018-11-29 22:40:19Updated
GamesEditCool Spot2018-11-29 22:38:25Updated
GamesEditCool Spot2018-11-29 22:36:47Updated
GamesEditCool Spot2018-11-29 22:35:44Updated
GamesEditBank Panic2018-11-29 22:34:25Updated
GamesEditAlex Kidd: The Lost Stars2018-11-29 22:33:38Updated
GamesEditAlex Kidd: BMX Trial2018-11-29 22:32:38Updated
GamesEditAction Fighter2018-11-29 22:06:04Updated
GamesEditWonder Boy2018-11-21 02:12:56Updated
GamesEditWonder Boy2018-11-21 02:10:35Updated
CommunityEditemerilfryer2018-11-21 01:24:28Forum Name added
GamesEditDinocity2018-11-17 23:28:22Updated
GamesEditChrist ~Ai no Tabitachi~2018-11-14 19:46:43Updated
GamesEditTaz-Mania2018-11-14 19:43:07Updated
GamesEditTarget Earth2018-11-14 19:41:26Updated
GamesEditMick & Mack as The Global Gladiators2018-11-14 19:39:50Updated
GamesEditMick & Mack as the Global Gladiators2018-11-14 19:38:48Updated
GamesEditMick & Mack as the Global Gladiators2018-11-14 19:36:58Updated
HacksEditRush Coil Bugfix2018-11-14 08:52:27Grammar check
CreditsNewHacks - Star Wars Easy2018-11-14 08:48:48
CreditsNewHacks - Assault Suit Leynos - Reloaded2018-11-14 08:48:22
CreditsNewHacks - Wheel of Fortune Gamer Edition2018-11-14 08:48:01
CreditsNewHacks - Alien 3 - Kinoppi version2018-11-14 08:46:40
CreditsNewHacks - BMF vs. HPPH 2k62018-11-14 08:45:39
CreditsNewHacks - Rush Coil Bugfix2018-11-14 08:44:09
HacksNewRush Coil Bugfix2018-11-14 07:42:57
HacksEditPooyan (Enhanced)2018-11-14 07:32:15ROM Information/hashes is for a trained ROM copy
HacksEditSMB feat. Piranha Plant2018-11-14 07:21:14Chnaged category to Improvement; no level changes were made to qualify as Complete.
GamesEditToxic Crusaders2018-11-14 06:44:33Updated
GamesEditMs. Pac-man2018-11-14 06:28:16Updated
TranslationsNoncompliantAlex Kidd in Miracle World2018-11-14 06:10:06There is no such thing as a Alex Kidd in Miracle World 2. This is a translation of a ROM hack. Should be submitted under Hacks.
GamesEditPop Flamer2018-11-10 07:11:02Updated
GamesEditPenguin Land2018-11-10 07:09:45Updated
GamesEditFinal Fight 22018-11-10 07:08:02Updated
GamesEditChuck Rock2018-11-10 07:06:46Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Phantasy Star II - Revised Edition2018-11-10 07:00:29
CreditsNewHacks - Dr. Mario - Renewed2018-11-10 06:58:54
CreditsNewHacks - SOR3 - Bruce Lee in Game of Death2018-11-10 06:58:05
CreditsNewHacks - SOR3 - Blaze of Fury2018-11-10 06:57:14
CreditsNewTranslations - DoReMi Fantasy: Milon no DokiDoki Daibouken2018-11-10 06:49:31
CreditsEditTranslations - DoReMi Fantasy: Milon no DokiDoki Daibouken2018-11-10 06:45:27Add Credits
GamesEditPower Strike 22018-11-10 06:33:39Updated
GamesEditPower Strike2018-11-10 06:30:28Updated
GamesEditPac-Mania2018-11-10 06:23:20Updated
GamesEditThe Ninja2018-11-10 06:19:55Updated
GamesEditDouble Dragon II2018-11-10 06:14:57Replaced review-ish description with a generic one.
GamesEditDoReMi Fantasy: Milon no DokiDoki Daibouken2018-11-09 06:11:33Replaced review-ish description with a generic one.
GamesEditShin Sangoku Musou: Multi Raid 22018-11-09 06:02:56Updated
GamesEditChuck Rock2018-11-08 06:59:01Updated
GamesEditChuck Rock2018-11-08 06:54:45Updated
GamesEditChuck Rock2018-11-08 06:50:57Updated
GamesEditChuck Rock2018-11-08 06:47:20Updated
GamesEditChuck Rock II: Son of Chuck2018-11-08 06:42:37Updated
GamesEditChuck Rock II: Son of Chuck2018-11-08 06:39:52Updated
GamesEditChuck Rock II: Son of Chuck2018-11-08 06:36:15Updated
GamesEditKuon2018-11-08 06:29:46Updated
HacksEditRoll-chan 42018-11-07 08:10:49Recreated patch for the Japanese version; no other changes have been made; Corrected ROM Info for the Japanese version
GamesEditWheel of Fortune2018-11-07 03:21:59Updated
GamesEditSuper Tank2018-11-07 03:18:49Updated
GamesEditStar Wars (JVC)2018-11-07 03:17:42Updated
GamesEditMachine Gun Joe2018-11-07 03:14:46Updated
GamesEditH.E.R.O.2018-11-07 03:08:43Updated
GamesEditDisney's Magical Quest 3 Starring Mickey & Donald2018-11-07 03:05:38Updated
GamesEditDino Crisis2018-11-07 03:02:32Updated
GamesEditCaptain Silver2018-11-07 02:59:43Updated
GamesEditCaptain Planet and the Planeteers2018-11-07 02:58:06Updated
CreditsEditTranslations - Final Fantasy II2018-11-07 02:55:24Added missing contributor. Not sure why was this blank...
CreditsEditHacks - Akumajou Densetsu - Localization / Title Screen Redone2018-11-07 02:53:43Added missing contributor, not sure why was this blank...
CommunityEditVanya2018-11-07 02:50:47Updated
CommunityEditReinhardt2018-11-07 02:41:21Language
CommunityEditCyclops2018-11-07 02:41:06Language
CommunityEditBlanky2018-11-07 02:40:55Language
CreditsNewHacks - River City Ransom Improvement2018-11-07 02:16:38
GamesEditCyborg 0092018-11-05 01:02:30Replaced review-ish description with a generic one.
GamesEditStar Wars (Namco)2018-11-05 00:36:10Replaced review-ish description with a generic one.
HacksEditMr. Gimmick - JPN to PAL Title Screen2018-11-04 22:35:09Applicable modifications box checked
GamesEditLaser Ghost2018-11-03 01:58:46Updated
GamesEditMr. Gimmick2018-11-01 09:12:15Cut down the review-ish parts in the description.
GamesEditJoJo no Kimyou na Bouken: Ougon no Kaze2018-11-01 09:08:44Updated
NewsEditKoryu No Mimi v2.0 English Translation Update Released2018-10-29 20:14:11Related URL updated
GamesEditTom and Jerry: The Movie2018-10-25 08:12:29Updated
GamesEditTom and Jerry: The Movie2018-10-25 08:11:27Updated
GamesEditThe Lost World: Jurassic Park2018-10-25 08:09:16Updated
GamesEditKung Fu Kid2018-10-25 08:08:03Updated
GamesEditGolgo 132018-10-25 08:07:00Updated
GamesEditBram Stoker's Dracula2018-10-25 08:05:08Titlescreen and genre changed
GamesEditBram Stoker's Dracula2018-10-25 07:46:12Replaced titlescreen
GamesEditBatman Returns2018-10-25 07:44:39Updated
HacksEditThe Lost Vikings - Palette Restoration2018-10-23 00:00:42Better title, unchecked titlescreen check box
CreditsNewHacks - Palette restoration2018-10-22 23:59:40
CreditsNewHacks - Blackthorne - Palette restoration2018-10-22 23:59:15
CreditsNewTranslations - Rockman Battle & Fighters2018-10-22 23:58:56
GamesEdit7th Dragon 2020-II2018-10-22 23:42:44Updated
CommunityEditNati2018-10-22 21:09:08Forum Name added. Link to Gamefaqs.
GamesEditWolfchild2018-10-22 20:52:48Updated
GamesEditWolfchild2018-10-22 20:50:44Updated
GamesEditWolfchild2018-10-22 20:49:28Updated
GamesEditWolfchild2018-10-22 20:46:30Updated
GamesEditTactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together2018-10-22 20:44:20Updated
GamesEditSonic the Hedgehog 22018-10-22 20:38:22Updated
GamesEditSonic Chaos2018-10-22 20:36:05Updated
GamesEditMonaco GP2018-10-22 20:31:13Updated
GamesEditHang-On 22018-10-22 20:28:02Updated
GamesEditSonic Chaos2018-10-22 20:25:05Updated
GamesEditSlap Fight MD2018-10-22 20:22:19Updated
GamesEditE-SWAT: City Under Siege2018-10-22 20:21:06Updated
GamesEditDJ Boy2018-10-22 20:18:23Updated
HacksEdit7th Saga: The New Class2018-10-22 07:41:06Screenshot in titlescreen moved to images as it is not a titlescreen. Added BBCode in the description.
CommunityEditduyduc272018-10-22 07:25:15Language
GamesEditUrban Champion2018-10-21 06:07:12Removed review-ish parts.
GamesEditFire Emblem: Thracia 7762018-10-21 05:29:35Replaced review-ish description with a generic one.
CreditsNewHacks - Streets of Rage 2: Doraemon2018-10-20 01:08:01
CreditsNewHacks - Arkanoid II Password2018-10-20 01:07:41
CreditsNewHacks - Swamp Thing Easy2018-10-20 01:07:21
CreditsNewHacks - SMB3 - The New Xiuluo2018-10-20 01:05:43
CreditsNewHacks - SMB3 - The Dorio Challenge2018-10-20 01:05:27
CommunityEditRemm2018-10-20 01:04:04Language
CreditsNewHacks - The New R2018-10-20 01:03:39
CreditsNewHacks - Learn SMB3 Skills2018-10-20 01:03:15
CreditsNewHacks - The Final Challenge2018-10-20 01:02:54
CreditsNewHacks - Custom Robo Arena Redux2018-10-20 01:01:52
HacksNoncompliantZelda: A Link to the Past - NTSC Patch2018-10-20 00:57:01Author repacked all similar patches here -
HacksNoncompliantToy Story - NTSC Patch2018-10-20 00:56:48Author repacked all similar patches here -
HacksNoncompliantSuper Probotector - NTSC Patch2018-10-20 00:56:39Author repacked all similar patches here -
HacksNoncompliantSuper Bomberman 3 - NTSC Patch2018-10-20 00:56:29Author repacked all similar patches here -
HacksNoncompliantSoul Blazer - NTSC Patch2018-10-20 00:56:20Author repacked all similar patches here -
HacksNoncompliantSimCity - NTSC Patch2018-10-20 00:56:08Author repacked all similar patches here -
HacksNoncompliantSecret of Mana - NTSC Patch2018-10-20 00:55:58Author repacked all similar patches here -
HacksNoncompliantSecret of Evermore - NTSC Patch2018-10-20 00:55:46Author repacked all similar patches here -
HacksNoncompliantPop'n TwinBee RBA - NTSC Patch2018-10-20 00:52:58Author repacked all similar patches here -
HacksNoncompliantPop'n TwinBee - NTSC Patch2018-10-20 00:52:47Author repacked all similar patches here -
HacksNoncompliantMystical Ninja - NTSC Patch2018-10-20 00:52:37Author repacked all similar patches here -
HacksNoncompliantMystic Quest Legend - NTSC Patch2018-10-20 00:52:27Author repacked all similar patches here -
HacksNoncompliantMagical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse - NTSC Patch2018-10-20 00:52:17Author repacked all similar patches here -
HacksNoncompliantLufia II - NTSC Patch2018-10-20 00:51:58Author repacked all similar patches here -
HacksNoncompliantLost Vikings II - NTSC Patch2018-10-20 00:51:47Author repacked all similar patches here -
HacksNoncompliantLost Vikings - NTSC Patch2018-10-20 00:51:36Author repacked all similar patches here -
HacksNoncompliantLagoon - NTSC Patch2018-10-20 00:51:22Author repacked all similar patches here -
HacksNoncompliantIllusion of Time - NTSC Patch2018-10-20 00:51:09Author repacked all similar patches here -
HacksNoncompliantHarvest Moon - NTSC Patch2018-10-20 00:47:42Author repacked all similar patches here -
HacksNoncompliantGoof Troop - NTSC Patch2018-10-20 00:47:32Author repacked all similar patches here -
HacksNoncompliantDBZ: Super Butouden 3 - NTSC Patch2018-10-20 00:47:23Author repacked all similar patches here -
HacksNoncompliantDBZ: Super Butouden 2 - NTSC Patch2018-10-20 00:47:12Author repacked all similar patches here -
HacksNoncompliantDBZ: Super Butouden - NTSC Patch2018-10-20 00:47:03Author repacked all similar patches here -
HacksNoncompliantDBZ: Hyper Dimension - NTSC Patch2018-10-20 00:46:53Author repacked all similar patches here -
HacksNoncompliantBlackhawk - NTSC Patch2018-10-20 00:46:42Author repacked all similar patches here -
HacksNoncompliantAladdin - NTSC Patch2018-10-20 00:46:30Author repacked all similar patches here -
HacksNoncompliantActRaiser 2 - NTSC Patch2018-10-20 00:46:07Author repacked all similar patches here -
HacksNoncompliantActRaiser - NTSC Patch2018-10-20 00:45:52Author repacked all similar patches here -
HacksEditNinja Gaiden / Shadow Warriors - updated2018-10-20 00:32:11Removed .exe file which was reported to trigger AVs. Reuploaded file.
GamesEditPocky & Rocky with Becky2018-10-16 08:42:16Updated
CommunityEditMakoInfused2018-10-15 08:37:16Image broken. Fixed.
CommunityEditsmoking2018-10-15 00:27:58Language and link
CommunityEditggdjr2018-10-15 00:27:53Language and link
CreditsNewHacks - Streets of Rage 2: Battletoads & Double Dragon2018-10-11 04:23:09
CreditsNewHacks - Pac-Bomber2018-10-11 04:22:46
CreditsNewHacks - Punch Out Lag Fix2018-10-11 04:22:10
CreditsNewHacks - FF:CRASH2018-10-11 04:19:29
CreditsNewHacks - Castlevania Chronicles Arrange Mode - Knockback Restoration2018-10-11 04:17:55
GamesEditThe King of Dragons2018-10-09 23:21:19Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Learn 2 Kaizo2018-10-09 23:11:35
CommunityEditNeXuS152018-10-09 23:11:09Pic does not display correctly. Reuploaded.
CommunityEditNOKOH2018-10-09 20:54:23Language
CommunityEditYagotzirck2018-10-08 10:07:03Link added
UtilitiesEditDragon Quest III Map Viewer2018-10-08 09:18:44Game changed from SNES to NES.
UtilitiesEditDragon Quest III Enemy Viewer2018-10-08 09:18:21Game changed from SNES to NES.
UtilitiesNewCDmage2018-10-08 08:37:35
GamesEditWonder Boy2018-10-08 03:19:35Updated
GamesEditSin and Punishment2018-10-07 23:24:56Replaced the tower of review-ish description to a generic one. Alternate Title reads as Hoshi not Chikyu.
GamesEditChaos World2018-10-06 09:37:28Replaced review-ish description with generic description
CommunityEditThe Shining Force III Translation Project2018-10-06 08:33:34Added link to credits page
TranslationsEditShining Force III: Scenario 12018-10-06 08:22:35Update v19
GamesEditThe Pirates of Dark Water2018-10-06 07:35:41Updated
GamesEditThe Pirates of Dark Water2018-10-06 07:32:28Updated
CommunityEditDarkMage2018-10-04 07:38:44Forum Name added
CreditsNewHacks - Shadow's shadow Fix2018-10-04 07:17:24
CreditsNewHacks - Optional Gradient Patch2018-10-04 07:17:09
CreditsNewHacks - Opened Eyes Terra Fix2018-10-04 07:16:35
CreditsNewHacks - FF3us SRAM Expansion2018-10-04 07:15:59
HacksEditTransFormers: Episode Two: The Return of Unicron2018-10-03 23:06:20Changed category to Improvement.
CreditsNewHacks - YY-SMB2018-10-03 09:08:28
CreditsNewHacks - Poison Mushroom2018-10-03 09:08:11
CreditsNewHacks - Luigi game2018-10-03 09:07:52
TranslationsEditGrandia2018-10-03 07:41:24Reuploaded file. Patches should remain.
GamesEditSangokushi Koumeiden2018-10-02 07:37:30Titlescreen added
GamesEditThe King of Fighters EX: Neo Blood2018-10-01 07:54:38Updated
GamesEditDriver: You are the Wheelman2018-10-01 07:49:01Updated
GamesEditChallenger2018-10-01 07:22:42Replaced titlescreen
GamesEditMini Putt2018-10-01 07:20:17Replaced review-ish description with a generic game description.
GamesEditFinal Fantasy Legend II2018-10-01 07:10:36Replaced lengthy review-ish description into a generic game description.
UtilitiesEditAdvance-Text2018-09-30 21:06:28Reuploaded file
CreditsNewHacks - Pac-Man GB - Redux2018-09-30 10:14:23
CreditsNewHacks - Klax E1M1: At Doom's Gate2018-09-30 10:14:00
CreditsNewHacks - Hell Crawlers2018-09-30 10:13:28
CreditsNewHacks - Blades of Steel Goon mod2018-09-30 10:13:09
CreditsNewHacks - Castlevania 2: Improved Controls2018-09-30 10:12:33
CreditsNewHacks - Frog Suit Challenge2018-09-30 10:11:49
CreditsNewHacks - Kamikaze 3 - Luigi's Ghost House Clothed2018-09-30 10:11:27
CreditsNewHacks - Bowsette2018-09-30 10:10:20
GamesEditInindo: Way of the Ninja2018-09-30 10:05:15Updated
GamesEditZool: Ninja of the "Nth" Dimension2018-09-30 09:59:11Updated
GamesEditTwo Crude Dudes2018-09-30 09:55:20Updated
GamesEditField Combat2018-09-30 09:52:31Updated
GamesEditExerion2018-09-30 09:50:50Updated
GamesEditEcco the Dolphin2018-09-30 09:48:59Updated
GamesEditCastle of Deceit2018-09-30 09:46:30Updated
GamesEditUniracers2018-09-30 09:39:17Updated
HacksNewBowsette2018-09-30 08:58:52
UtilitiesNewSMB Graphics Workshop2018-09-30 08:21:11
GamesEditOutlanders2018-09-29 00:59:16Updated
GamesEditQuest for the Shaven Yak starring Ren & Stimpy2018-09-29 00:54:07Updated
GamesEditQuest for the Shaven Yak starring Ren & Stimpy2018-09-29 00:51:50Updated
GamesEditEcco the Dolphin2018-09-29 00:47:19Updated
GamesEditEcco the Dolphin2018-09-29 00:44:18Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Super Riff Bros. 32018-09-29 00:38:12
CreditsNewHacks - Weird Mario Bros (Graphics)2018-09-28 08:04:58
HacksEditSuper Mario Bros: Johnny's Quest2018-09-28 07:48:31Changed category from Improvement to Spoof.
GamesEditStar Luster2018-09-27 20:50:10Updated
GamesEditShooting Range2018-09-27 20:47:35Updated
GamesEditKarateka2018-09-27 20:45:47Updated
GamesEditBird Week2018-09-27 20:44:00Updated
GamesEditBible Buffet2018-09-27 20:41:04Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Rockman 2: Advanced2018-09-27 20:30:29
GamesEditValkyrie Profile2018-09-27 03:13:10Updated
GamesEditOutRun2018-09-27 03:09:26Updated
GamesEditMortal Kombat II2018-09-27 03:04:58Updated
GamesEditMortal Kombat2018-09-27 03:03:41Updated
GamesEditKlax2018-09-27 03:02:08Updated
GamesEditJackie Chan's Action Kung Fu2018-09-27 02:53:04Updated
GamesEditGulkave2018-09-27 02:46:34Updated
GamesEditGremlins 2: The New Batch2018-09-27 02:44:28Updated
GamesEditGremlins 2: The New Batch2018-09-27 02:41:47Updated
GamesEditGigantic Gear2018-09-27 02:40:13Updated
GamesEditBuster Brothers2018-09-27 02:26:36Updated
GamesEditCastlevania Chronicles2018-09-27 02:01:42Updated
HacksNewRockman 2: Advanced2018-09-26 09:44:46
GamesEditRadical Dreamers: Nusumenai Houseki2018-09-25 21:05:05Trimmed out the game review parts.
GamesEditThe King of Fighters '95 GB2018-09-23 22:14:36Updated
GamesEditHokuto no Ken2018-09-21 08:42:38Replaced review-ish description with a generic one.
GamesEditShatterhand2018-09-21 07:43:54Replaced lengthy game review with a generic game description. Anyone who has the time writing a better description, feel free NOT to copy paste it from other sites. :(
GamesEditAkumajou Special: Boku Dracula-kun2018-09-21 07:36:44Replaced lengthy game review to a generic game description.
CommunityEditDarthatron2018-09-19 01:21:32Updated
CommunityEditNewDenverCity2018-09-19 01:16:38Updated
CommunityEditDizzyEgg2018-09-19 01:15:37Updated
CommunityEditSpherical Ice2018-09-19 01:14:13Updated
CommunityEditShiny Quagsire2018-09-19 01:12:22Updated
CommunityEditZodiacDaGreat2018-09-19 01:11:36Updated
CommunityEditPokemon_XY2018-09-19 01:09:55Link added
CommunityEditFBI2018-09-19 01:08:54Updated
CommunityEditJambo512018-09-19 01:07:20Updated
CommunityEditSagiri2018-09-19 01:04:55Updated
CommunityEditghoulslash2018-09-19 01:00:41Updated
CommunityEditdaniilS2018-09-19 00:58:39Updated
CommunityEditMechakhan2018-09-18 23:56:04Updated
CommunityEditdiegoisawesome2018-09-18 23:51:19Updated
CommunityEditjiangzhengwenjzw2018-09-18 23:46:23Forum Name added
CreditsNewHacks - Batadvantage mod2018-09-18 22:59:50
CreditsNewHacks - Lemmings (Enhanced Color + Graphics Hack)2018-09-18 22:59:24
CreditsNewHacks - Crystalis Computer Repair2018-09-18 22:59:05
CreditsNewHacks - Blaster Master - Metafight Alpha2018-09-18 22:58:53
CreditsNewHacks - Castlevania II: Game Over Penalty Reduction2018-09-18 22:56:17
CreditsNewHacks - Final Fantasy IV - Ultima2018-09-18 22:56:02
CreditsNewHacks - Resident Evil 2 Classic REbirth2018-09-18 22:55:08
CreditsNewHacks - Breath of Fire text relocator2018-09-18 22:54:56
CreditsNewHacks - Spekkio Lufia2018-09-18 22:54:04
CreditsNewHacks - Kureji Lufia2018-09-18 22:53:50
CreditsNewHacks - Frue Lufia2018-09-18 22:53:36
CreditsNewHacks - Castlevania Aria of Sorrow Zangetsu Hack2018-09-18 22:52:57
CreditsNewHacks - Castlevania Aria of Sorrow Gebel Hack2018-09-18 22:52:45
CreditsNewHacks - Castlevania Aria of Sorrow Alfred Hack2018-09-18 22:52:33
GamesEditLost Word of Jenny: Ushinawareta Message2018-09-18 22:51:20Fixed JeNnY to Jenny
GamesEditMortal Kombat 22018-09-15 03:30:42Title fixed
GamesEditMortal Kombat 22018-09-15 03:30:20Title fixed
GamesEditMortal Kombat 22018-09-15 03:29:54Title and description revised
GamesEditMortal Kombat 22018-09-15 03:29:15Title and description revised
GamesEditWizards & Warriors III - Kuros: Visions of Power2018-09-15 03:24:42Updated
GamesEditRastan Saga II2018-09-15 03:23:19Updated
GamesEditMortal Kombat 32018-09-15 03:21:23Updated
GamesEditMortal Kombat 32018-09-15 03:19:14Updated
GamesEditFormula One: Built To Win2018-09-15 03:17:50Updated
GamesEditDevilish: The Next Possession2018-09-15 03:14:38Updated
GamesEditDevilish2018-09-15 03:13:23Updated
GamesEditBio-Hazard Battle2018-09-15 03:12:00Updated
GamesEditBorderline2018-09-15 03:09:32Updated
GamesEditGhoul Patrol2018-09-15 01:55:56Updated
CommunityEditQuietust2018-09-14 07:23:36Add logo
GamesEditDragon Slayer: The Legend of Heroes2018-09-11 07:13:10Updated
GamesEditBart Simpson's Escape From Camp Deadly2018-09-09 05:59:19Updated
GamesEditThe New Zealand Story2018-09-09 05:56:02Updated
GamesEditSanma no Meitantei2018-09-09 05:52:06Updated
GamesEditLemmings2018-09-09 05:50:12Updated
GamesEditHyper Sports2018-09-09 05:47:12Updated
GamesEditBiohazard 22018-09-09 05:41:30Updated
GamesEditLufia II: Rise of the Sinistrals2018-09-09 05:39:51Replaced lengthy review-ish description to a generic one.
GamesEditStreets of Rage2018-09-07 02:20:44Titlescreen updated
TranslationsEditSuper Punch-Out!!2018-09-07 01:34:32Date fixed
TranslationsEditSega Galaga2018-09-07 01:34:04Date fixed
TranslationsEditThe Jetsons: Robot Panic2018-09-07 01:33:30Date fixed
TranslationsEditEarthworm Jim2018-09-07 01:33:00Date fixed
TranslationsEditEarthworm Jim2018-09-07 01:32:39Date fixed
TranslationsEditEarthworm Jim2018-09-07 01:32:14Date fixed
TranslationsEditEarthworm Jim2018-09-07 01:31:47Date fixed
TranslationsEditEarthworm Jim2018-09-07 01:31:18Date fixed
GamesEditEarthworm Jim2018-09-03 03:02:08Updated
GamesEditThe Jetsons: Robot Panic2018-09-03 03:01:04Updated
GamesEditSega Galaga2018-09-03 02:59:34Updated
GamesEditThe Simpsons: Bart vs. the World2018-09-03 02:56:52Updated
GamesEditThe Simpsons: Bart vs. The World2018-09-03 02:55:49Updated
GamesEditMy Hero2018-09-03 02:53:47Updated
GamesEditEarthworm Jim2018-09-03 02:51:29Updated
GamesEditEarthworm Jim2018-09-03 02:50:12Updated
GamesEditEarthworm Jim2018-09-03 02:48:16Updated
GamesEditEarthworm Jim2018-09-03 02:45:08Updated
CreditsNewTranslations - Lupin Sansei: Pandora no Isan2018-09-03 02:34:39
CreditsNewTranslations - Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance2018-09-03 02:33:21
CreditsNewTranslations - Castlevania: Aria of Sorrow2018-09-03 02:32:29
CommunityEditBinarynova2018-09-03 02:31:19Forum Name added
CreditsNewHacks - Shadowrun: Vikfield's Mod2018-09-03 02:30:50
CreditsNewHacks - Alien 3 - Survivor mod2018-09-03 02:30:33
CreditsNewHacks - Joshua: the Restored Levels2018-09-03 02:29:37
HacksEditCastlevania: Call of Chaos2018-09-02 02:03:12Category changed to Improvement since no levels were changed.
HacksEditCastlevania: Reaper's Reckoning2018-09-02 02:02:24Category changed to Improvement since no levels were changed.
GamesEditToeJam & Earl in Panic on Funkotron2018-09-02 01:38:06Updated
GamesEditDragon: The Bruce Lee Story2018-09-02 01:28:33Updated
GamesEditDragon: The Bruce Lee Story2018-09-02 01:25:28Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Wendy: Every Witch Way - Force GBA Enhanced Mode2018-08-31 07:23:12
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CreditsNewHacks - Rockman 4: Advanced2018-08-30 07:58:49
HacksNewRockman 4: Advanced2018-08-30 07:57:52
CreditsNewTranslations - Super Bomberman 42018-08-30 07:17:35
HacksEditSMB3 - Extended Edition2018-08-29 07:59:21ROM Information updated
GamesEditLupin Sansei: Pandora no Isan2018-08-28 07:47:52Changed description
CreditsNewHacks - Mega Man 4 - Ridley X Hack 92018-08-28 07:25:29
CreditsNewHacks - Good Ending Bug Fix2018-08-28 07:25:09
CreditsNewHacks - Mendel Palace Vapor2018-08-28 07:24:49
CreditsNewHacks - Metal Gear MSX + Style2018-08-28 07:23:39
CreditsNewHacks - Donkey Kong Redux2018-08-28 07:22:55
CreditsNewHacks - New Ghostbusters II – 2 players2018-08-28 07:22:12
HacksEditCastlevania - Opposing Bloodlines2018-08-28 04:45:32Correct ROM Information, not PRG0
HacksEditCastlevania - Poisonous Offering2018-08-28 04:36:49Reuploaded file from source. Correct ROM Information, not PRG0
HacksEditCastlevania - Skels Revenge2018-08-28 04:24:20File reuploaded from source. Correct ROM Information, not PRG0
GamesEditSuper Punch-Out!!2018-08-26 01:09:15Updated
GamesEditJ.League Live 642018-08-24 04:36:52Updated
GamesEditRipple Island2018-08-23 08:28:34Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Rockman 3: Winternight Endless Version2018-08-22 21:05:15
CreditsNewHacks - Rockman 3: Winternight2018-08-22 21:05:07
CreditsNewHacks - Metroid 2 DX2018-08-22 20:58:13
CreditsNewHacks - Ranger of Rage 22018-08-22 20:54:11
CreditsNewHacks - SWAT Out-Of-Bounds Fix2018-08-22 20:52:14
CreditsNewHacks - Mega Man X3 PSOne PAL to NTSC2018-08-22 20:50:36
CreditsNewHacks - Crystal Beans - turhope mods2018-08-22 20:50:12
CreditsNewHacks - Vine Man2018-08-22 20:49:31
CreditsNewHacks - Grandia Voices & Video cutscenes Undub NTSC-U English2018-08-22 20:49:11
HacksNoncompliantSuper Mario Bros. 2 Japan with SMB1 Graphics MMC3 Hack2018-08-19 04:54:50This hack should not have been approved. There is no SMB2 for the NES, only for the FDS. There is a hack that recreated the FDS game to NES, but a patch is needed. However, the author of FDS2NES hack is unknown, so it won't get archived.
HacksEditSmb2jplus2018-08-19 03:47:32Correct ROM Information
HacksEditSMB Paradyce2j2018-08-19 03:47:30Correct ROM Information
HacksEditSmb2jplus 22018-08-19 03:47:29Correct ROM Information
GamesEditQuake III Revolution2018-08-18 03:57:13Updated
GamesEditDouble Dragon 3: The Rosetta Stone2018-08-18 03:42:21Updated
GamesEditDouble Dragon 3: The Arcade Game2018-08-18 03:41:06Updated
GamesEditDouble Dragon 2: The Revenge2018-08-18 03:37:37Updated
GamesEditDouble Dragon2018-08-18 03:28:05Updated
GamesEditNinja-Kun: Ashura no Shou2018-08-16 08:13:58Replaced review-ish description with a generic one.
GamesEditMercenary Force2018-08-16 08:12:47Updated
GamesEditJajamaru Ninpou Chou2018-08-16 08:05:18Updated
CreditsNewTranslations - Okaeri! Chibi-Robo! Happy Richie Oosouji2018-08-13 20:42:07
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GamesEditSolomon no Kagi: Oujo Rihita no Namida2018-08-12 21:41:56Updated
GamesEditRainbow Islands: The Story of Bubble Bobble 22018-08-12 07:48:26Updated
GamesEditSnow Bros.: Nick & Tom2018-08-11 04:23:09Updated
GamesEditShinobi2018-08-11 04:17:13Updated
GamesEditMighty Morphin Power Rangers2018-08-11 04:13:08Updated
GamesEditFantasy Zone II: The Tears of Opa-Opa2018-08-11 04:11:49Updated
GamesEditDick Tracy2018-08-11 04:10:17Updated
GamesEditRunning Battle2018-08-11 03:52:50Updated
GamesEditQuartet2018-08-11 03:47:03Updated
GamesEditThe Lost World: Jurassic Park2018-08-11 03:43:04Updated
GamesEditJames Pond: Underwater Agent2018-08-11 03:39:07Updated
CreditsNewTranslations - Dragon Warrior III2018-08-06 21:55:39
CreditsNewTranslations - Ganpuru: Gunman's Proof2018-08-06 21:54:36
GamesEditSuper Robot Taisen Alpha Gaiden2018-08-06 21:49:31Replaced review-ish description
CreditsNewTranslations - Rudra no Hihou2018-08-06 21:36:13
GamesEditDragon Warrior III2018-08-06 21:23:47Replaced review-ish description with a generic one.
CreditsNewTranslations - Yu Yu Hakusho: Tournament Tactics2018-08-06 21:19:44
CreditsNewTranslations - Magical Pop'n2018-08-06 21:18:48
GamesEditGanpuru: Gunman's Proof2018-08-06 21:13:50Revised description to not sound like a review.
CreditsNewTranslations - Star Ocean2018-08-06 21:04:43
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CommunityEditMetalwario642018-08-06 20:29:44Forum Name, pic added
HacksNoncompliantBattletoads & Double Dragon - on Ragnarok2018-08-06 09:01:55Emulator-Specific hacks are noncompliant.
GamesEditStar Ocean2018-08-06 08:50:39Replaced review-ish description with a generic one.
CommunityEditgblues2018-08-06 04:55:38Forum Name added
CreditsNewHacks - Dragon Warrior 1 - Updated spell names2018-08-06 04:55:24
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Bros. Deluxe - NES triangle patch2018-08-06 04:46:12
CreditsNewHacks - Project S-11 final boss music patch2018-08-06 04:46:00
CreditsNewHacks - Altered Space - Wave channel fix2018-08-06 04:45:26
GamesEditDick Tracy2018-08-05 22:27:53Updated
CommunityEditSKQZ_64_D&D2018-08-04 08:16:44Forum Name added
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Kart Devanny Dark Edition2018-08-04 08:15:52
CreditsNewHacks - Super Sheffy Bros.2018-08-04 08:15:03
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CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Bros: Death Moon2018-08-02 21:30:12
CreditsNewHacks - Megaman 2 - Speed Patches2018-08-02 21:29:21
CreditsNewHacks - Megaman 1 - Speed Patches2018-08-02 21:29:06
CreditsNewHacks - Strider Proofread2018-08-02 21:28:21
CreditsNewHacks - Ikari Warriors Proofread2018-08-02 21:28:08
CreditsNewHacks - Ghosts 'n Goblins Proofread2018-08-02 21:27:55
CreditsNewHacks - Bubble Bobble Proofread2018-08-02 21:27:42
GamesEditDudes with Attitude2018-08-02 21:25:42Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Rockman 2 Slide and Charge Shot2018-08-02 21:08:10
HacksEditRockman 2 - Slide and Charge Shot2018-08-02 21:07:54Added JP title screen for target ROM only
CreditsNewHacks - Rockman 3 EX: Blues no Kage2018-08-01 08:25:19
HacksNewRockman 3 EX: Blues no Kage2018-08-01 08:24:30
CreditsNewHacks - Shadow's GP Rain2018-07-31 23:49:44
CreditsNewHacks - Everybody Gets a Chocobo2018-07-31 23:49:27
CreditsNewHacks - Mega Man: Dr. Wily's Revenge - Sprite Improvement2018-07-31 23:49:07
CreditsNewHacks - Blaster Basterd2018-07-31 23:48:39
CreditsNewHacks - Over the Moon2018-07-31 23:48:03
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Advance 2 Luigi2018-07-31 23:47:35
CreditsNewHacks - Wendy 2: Lost Krion2018-07-31 23:47:15
CreditsNewHacks - Castlevania - Order of Ecclesia - Shanoa Remade2018-07-31 23:46:43
GamesEditMahou Kishi Rayearth2018-07-31 23:43:21Description updated
GamesEditGhostbusters2018-07-29 05:14:41Replaced review-ish description with generic description.
GamesEditSafari Hunting2018-07-28 07:15:54Updated
GamesEditIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade2018-07-28 07:11:50Updated
GamesEditIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade2018-07-28 07:02:31Updated
GamesEditBack to the Future Part III2018-07-28 06:33:10Updated
GamesEditBack to the Future Part III2018-07-28 06:31:15Updated
GamesEditBack to the Future Part II2018-07-28 06:29:22Updated
GamesEditIndiana Jones and the Last Crusade2018-07-28 06:24:04Updated
GamesEditTakahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima IV2018-07-23 22:33:39Description updated
GamesEditMega Man 72018-07-23 22:15:13Added more Description
CreditsNewHacks - Metroid II: Return of Samus VirtualBoy2018-07-23 21:50:59
CreditsNewHacks - Metroid II: Return of Samus Restoration2018-07-23 21:49:57
CreditsNewHacks - Crystalis Proofread2018-07-23 21:49:10
CreditsNewHacks - Mario Oasis2018-07-23 21:48:54
CreditsNewHacks - Mega Man X3 - Zero Project V4.0 (Base Mod)2018-07-23 21:47:52
GamesEditSword of Vermilion2018-07-23 21:47:23Updated
GamesEditPuzznic2018-07-23 21:45:19Updated
GamesEditMercs2018-07-23 21:43:10Updated
GamesEditGain Ground2018-07-23 21:40:45Updated
GamesEditGain Ground2018-07-23 21:39:11Updated
GamesEditFrankenstein: The Monster Returns2018-07-23 21:35:14Updated
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NewsEditAdventure Island IV English Translation RELEASED!2018-07-16 22:15:05Project Page link was for an image. Replaced it with the project link.
GamesEditPower Instinct2018-07-16 09:46:36Updated
GamesEditDoomsday Warrior2018-07-16 09:28:51Updated
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NewsNewAdventure Island IV English Translation RELEASED!2018-07-16 08:43:26
TranslationsEditTakahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima IV2018-07-16 08:41:34Changed image 1
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CreditsNewHacks - Megaman 7 Redux2018-07-14 10:13:04
CreditsNewHacks - Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo: Akuma color fix2018-07-14 10:12:02
CreditsNewHacks - Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 - Redux2018-07-14 10:11:43
CreditsNewHacks - Captain Commando: Arcade Edition2018-07-14 10:11:13
CreditsEditTranslations - Zelda II: The Adventure of Link2018-07-14 10:04:12Removed Yoshi not related to this hack. G-trans is a group and does not have a specific hacker for this translation mentioned.
CommunityEditYoshi (a butt)2018-07-14 09:28:47Updated
CreditsEditTranslations - Puyo Puyo 72018-07-14 09:26:33Changed Yoshi
CreditsNewTranslations - Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima IV2018-07-14 08:31:35
GamesEditThe Simpsons: Bart vs. The Space Mutants2018-07-14 08:29:21Updated
GamesEditThe Simpsons: Bart vs. The Space Mutants2018-07-14 08:26:33Updated
GamesEditThe Simpsons: Bart vs. The Space Mutants2018-07-14 08:23:54Updated
GamesEditLife Force2018-07-14 08:21:02Replaced review-ish description with a generic one.
TranslationsNewTakahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima IV2018-07-14 08:09:45
GamesEditGanbare Goemon! Karakuri Douchuu2018-07-12 22:51:24Description, genre, alternate title fixed
GamesEditTwinBee 3: Poko Poko Dai Maou2018-07-12 22:46:22Review-ish description replaced with generic one
CreditsNewTranslations - Super Castlevania IV2018-07-12 21:50:19
CreditsNewTranslations - Mega Man X52018-07-12 21:48:39
CreditsNewTranslations - Star Fox 642018-07-12 21:47:47
CreditsNewTranslations - Mega Man X22018-07-12 21:45:25
CreditsNewTranslations - Mega Man X2018-07-12 21:44:49
CreditsNewTranslations - Mega Man 82018-07-12 21:42:47
CreditsNewTranslations - Mario Kart 642018-07-12 21:42:08
CreditsNewTranslations - Final Fantasy Tactics: The War of the Lions2018-07-12 21:40:56
CreditsNewTranslations - Conker's Bad Fur Day2018-07-12 21:40:19
CreditsNewTranslations - Contra2018-07-12 21:23:22
CreditsNewTranslations - Castlevania III: Dracula’s Curse2018-07-12 21:19:18
HacksEditRoll-chan2018-07-11 08:17:00v1.2 Update
HacksEditUncharted Territory Kaizo2018-07-09 20:36:50It seems that the files were set to hidden when extracted. Reuploaded file.
CreditsNewHacks - Restore Unused Fanfares2018-07-09 08:06:11
CreditsNewHacks - Early Luna2018-07-09 08:05:55
CreditsNewHacks - Drop Table Balance2018-07-09 08:05:39
CreditsNewTranslations - Kaze no Klonoa: Moonlight Museum2018-07-09 08:03:55
CreditsNewHacks - Dune Razor Missions Origins2018-07-09 08:02:50
CreditsNewHacks - Battle City: Liquid mod2018-07-09 08:02:14
CreditsNewHacks - Galaxian: Liquid mod2018-07-09 08:01:55
CommunityEditJoe Smo2018-07-09 08:01:32Forum Name added
CreditsNewHacks - Uncharted Territory Kaizo2018-07-09 08:00:51
CreditsNewHacks - Mortal Kombat II: Johnny Cage in "Back in Blue"2018-07-09 08:00:04
CreditsNewHacks - Mortal Kombat II Special: Johnny Cage in "Back in Bootleg"2018-07-09 07:59:34
CreditsNewHacks - LoD Full XP2018-07-09 07:59:16
NewsEditMight & Magic Book Two Already out in English!2018-07-09 07:58:11Its a Fan-Translation. Not an Official release of the game.
CreditsNewHacks - DKDC2018-07-09 07:33:58
CreditsNewTranslations - Nuts & Milk2018-07-09 07:27:38
TranslationsEditNuts & Milk2018-07-09 07:26:48Reuploaded missing file
GamesEdit2010: The Graphic Action Game2018-07-08 09:52:47Updated
HacksEditRoll-chan 62018-07-08 09:35:08Minor fixes, nothing significant
CreditsNewHacks - Shadow Dragon - Always Recruit Norne2018-07-08 07:43:15
CreditsNewHacks - Super Doki Bros2018-07-08 07:41:55
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mitch Bros. 32018-07-08 07:41:27
CreditsNewHacks - Virtual Lab English Translation2018-07-08 07:40:49
CreditsNewHacks - Harvest Moon - Intuitive Ranch Master2018-07-08 07:39:13
CommunityEditmattdog10000002018-07-08 07:39:02Forum Name added
CreditsNewHacks - Exodus (Redesign)2018-07-08 07:37:43
CreditsNewHacks - Bible Adventures (7.0 Update)2018-07-08 07:37:27
CreditsNewHacks - Rockman 5 EX: Shijou Saidai no Kiki!!!2018-07-08 07:36:31
HacksNewRockman 5 EX: Shijou Saidai no Kiki!!!2018-07-08 07:35:25
GamesEditTrue Lies2018-07-08 07:03:03Updated
GamesEditYie Ar Kung-Fu2018-07-08 06:57:59Updated
GamesEditThe Adventures of Captain Comic2018-07-08 06:55:12Updated
GamesEditStreets of Rage 22018-07-08 06:53:59Updated
GamesEditStreets of Rage2018-07-08 06:52:56Updated
GamesEditCommando2018-07-08 06:51:24Updated
GamesEditMight and Magic: Book Two2018-07-08 06:45:37Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Lunar Silver Star Harmony Complete UNDUB2018-07-08 06:41:33
CommunityEditGoodTofuFriday2018-07-08 06:41:04Forum Name added
GamesEditThe Legend of Dragoon2018-07-08 05:44:41Description unnecessarily long and review-ish
CreditsNewHacks - Super Barb Bros.2018-07-07 04:19:45
CommunityEditLuckyLewin2018-07-07 04:19:22Forum Name added
CreditsNewHacks - Donkey Kong Country Palette restoration2018-07-04 21:56:04
CreditsNewHacks - Terranigma - Boss rush2018-07-04 21:55:03
GamesEditThe Death and Return of Superman2018-07-02 07:50:16Updated
GamesEditThe Death and Return of Superman2018-07-02 07:48:51Updated
GamesEditGoofy's Hysterical History Tour2018-07-02 07:47:43Updated
GamesEditChoplifter2018-07-02 07:46:30Updated
GamesEditAlisia Dragoon2018-07-02 07:44:53Updated
GamesEditFlashback: The Quest for Identity2018-07-02 07:43:35Updated
GamesEditSuper Mario Land2018-07-02 07:36:30Titkescreen
HacksEditLunar Silver Star Harmony Complete UNDUB2018-06-29 22:04:32Mods check boxes checked
GamesEditAdventure Island II2018-06-28 04:23:20Better title screenshot
GamesEditBible Adventures2018-06-28 02:57:59Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Rockman 6 EX: Aratanaru Chousensha!!2018-06-28 02:54:15
GamesEditVirtual Lab2018-06-28 02:32:52Updated
GamesEditRockman.EXE: Operate Shooting Star2018-06-28 01:40:33Updated
CreditsNewTranslations - Zelda II: The Adventure of Link2018-06-28 00:57:56
CommunityEditjackic2018-06-28 00:57:06Forum Name added
HacksNewRoockman 6 EX: Aratanaru Chousensha!!2018-06-25 09:58:22
GamesEditMortal Kombat 32018-06-25 09:24:18Updated
GamesEditWorld of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse & Donald Duck2018-06-23 08:15:14Updated
GamesEditTerminator 2: Judgment Day2018-06-23 08:13:56Updated
GamesEditParasol Stars: The Story of Bubble Bobble 32018-06-23 08:08:56Updated
GamesEditMystic Defender2018-06-23 07:58:49Updated
GamesEditDonkey Kong Country2018-06-23 07:56:16Updated
CommunityEditEverything2018-06-22 23:53:21Forum Name added
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GamesEditSonic Adventure 22018-06-22 04:48:56Title screen and description
GamesEditSolstice: The Quest for the Staff of Demnos2018-06-21 08:24:01Updated
CreditsNewHacks - The Walking Binary2018-06-20 23:55:32
CreditsNewHacks - Adventure Island 3 - Googie Edition2018-06-20 23:52:33
GamesEditLittle Master: Nijiiro no Maseki2018-06-20 04:33:54Description updated
GamesEditArmed Dragon Fantasy Villgust2018-06-20 04:33:06Description updated
GamesEditNazo no Murasame-jou2018-06-20 04:16:56Changed Description. Quoted a decent description out of Spinner 8's translation readme, for once.
GamesEditYume Koujou: Doki Doki Panic2018-06-20 04:07:43Revised description
GamesEditSuper Mario Bros. 22018-06-20 04:07:37Minor fix
GamesEditSuper Mario Bros. 22018-06-20 04:01:41Replaced review-ish description.
CreditsNewHacks - Pokemon Crystal Restoration2018-06-20 03:23:39
CommunityEditTatsu2018-06-20 03:21:07Language
GamesEditPokémon: Red Version2018-06-20 02:46:15Revised description
GamesEditMega Man2018-06-20 02:30:01Removed review-ish parts.
CreditsNewHacks - Pokemon Red - Walk Through Walls2018-06-18 21:13:40
CreditsNewHacks - Pokemon Blue - Walk Through Walls2018-06-18 21:13:29
CreditsNewHacks - Grandia Voices & Video cutscenes Undub German2018-06-18 21:12:28
CreditsNewHacks - Grandia Voices & Video cutscenes Undub French2018-06-18 21:12:19
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CreditsNewHacks - Ancient Chozo2018-06-17 08:39:47
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CreditsNewHacks - Streets of Rage 2: Looney Tunes edition2018-06-17 08:31:05
GamesEditDarius Alpha2018-06-17 08:25:15Updated
GamesEditSkeleton Krew2018-06-17 07:56:21Updated
GamesEditSpider-Man and Venom: Maximum Carnage2018-06-17 07:55:01Updated
GamesEditFantasy Zone2018-06-17 07:52:57Updated
GamesEditAssault City2018-06-17 07:50:06Updated
GamesEditShadow of the Beast2018-06-16 10:09:02Updated
GamesEditPink Goes to Hollywood2018-06-16 10:05:13Updated
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CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Bros: The Early Years2018-06-14 09:14:02
CreditsNewHacks - Mario is Missing Done Right2018-06-14 09:13:48
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Land 3: Tatanga's Return2018-06-14 09:13:34
CreditsNewHacks - Mario & Luigi: Starlight Island Adventure2018-06-14 09:13:17
CreditsNewHacks - Kamek's Island2018-06-14 09:13:02
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario World: Bowser's Cataclysmic Trap2018-06-14 09:12:46
CreditsNewHacks - Mario & Luigi: Kola Kingdom Quest2018-06-14 09:12:30
GamesEditLittle Master: Raikuban no Densetsu2018-06-13 01:20:12Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Overkill 32,0002018-06-13 00:58:35
GamesEditAnimal Crossing2018-06-12 02:01:14Updated
GamesEditThe Lost World: Jurassic Park2018-06-12 01:49:13Updated
GamesEditSuper Gachapon World: SD Gundam X2018-06-12 01:39:12New title screen
GamesEditSparkster2018-06-12 01:38:15Updated
GamesEditSparkster2018-06-12 01:35:24Updated
GamesEditRocket Knight Adventures2018-06-12 01:33:42Updated
GamesEditFlicky2018-06-12 01:32:32Updated
GamesEditFlicky2018-06-12 01:31:28Updated
GamesEditKick Master2018-06-12 01:28:18Updated
GamesEditSD Gundam: Gachapon Senshi 2 - Capsule Senki2018-06-12 01:26:36Updated
GamesEditSD Gundam World: Gachapon Senshi - Scramble Wars2018-06-12 01:24:19Updated
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CommunityEditDevin_Morgan2018-06-10 20:52:27Name changed and removed unnecessary trivia.
CreditsNewHacks - Rockman EX2018-06-10 06:03:02
CreditsNewHacks - Bomb Man2018-06-10 06:02:38
HacksNewBomb Man2018-06-10 04:07:27
HacksNewRockman EX2018-06-10 03:56:18
GamesEditDoubutsu no Mori2018-06-10 03:37:08Removed review-ish sentences
HacksEditSuper Mario Bros. Another World2018-06-09 23:16:12File reuploaded
GamesEditMobile Suit Z Gundam: Hot Scramble2018-06-07 08:07:07Typo fix
GamesEditCongo Bongo2018-06-07 07:52:37Updated
GamesEditAztec Adventure: The Golden Road to Paradise2018-06-07 07:49:54Updated
GamesEditNavy Seals2018-06-07 07:47:17Updated
GamesEditMobile Suit Z Gundam: Hot Scramble2018-06-07 07:38:49Updated
GamesEditHappily Ever After2018-06-07 07:32:14Updated
GamesEditDouble Dragon Advance2018-06-07 07:27:47Updated
HacksEditSuper Mario Bros. 3 - Ridley X Hack 42018-06-05 09:56:58Title fix
HacksEditSuper Mario Bros. 3 - Ridley X Hack 32018-06-05 09:55:53Title fix
HacksEditSuper Mario Bros. 3 - Ridley X Hack 12018-06-05 09:54:52Title fix
HacksEditSuper Mario Bros. 3 - Ridley X Hack 2 (Giana Sisters Levels)2018-06-05 09:54:42Title fix and hacked titlescreen added
HacksEditMega Man 6 - Ridley X Hack 1 (Rockman 6)2018-06-05 09:45:00Title fix
HacksEditMega Man 6 - Ridley X Hack 22018-06-05 09:42:19Title fix
CreditsNewHacks - Megaman 6: Ridley X Hack 22018-06-05 09:41:02
HacksEditMega Man 5 - Ridley X Hack 5 (Proto Man's Revenge)2018-06-05 09:40:10Title fix again
HacksEditMega Man 5 - Ridley X Hack 42018-06-05 09:36:39Title fix again
HacksEditMega Man 5 - Ridley X Hack 32018-06-05 09:33:40Title fix and Sound mod ticked
HacksEditMega Man 5 - Ridley X Hack 22018-06-05 09:31:27Title fix again
HacksEditMega Man 5 - Ridley X Hack 12018-06-05 09:30:16Title fix again
CreditsNewHacks - Mega Man 4 - Ridley X Hack 82018-06-05 09:24:09
HacksEditMega Man 4 - Ridley X Hack 82018-06-05 09:23:52Minor title fix
CreditsNewHacks - Mega Man IV: Ridley X Hack 72018-06-05 09:17:49
HacksEditMega Man 4 - Ridley X Hack 72018-06-05 09:17:33Title fix again
HacksEditMega Man 4 - Ridley X Hack 6 (Dr. Cossack's Revenge)2018-06-05 09:15:54Title fix again
HacksEditMega Man 4 - Ridley X Hack 52018-06-05 09:14:00Title fix again
HacksEditMega Man 4 - Ridley X Hack 42018-06-05 09:12:07Title fix
HacksEditMega Man 4 - Ridley X Hack 32018-06-05 09:08:37Title fix
HacksEditMega Man 4 - Ridley X Hack 22018-06-05 09:06:00Title fix
HacksEditMega Man 4 - Ridley X Hack 12018-06-05 09:04:12Title fix
HacksEditMega Man 3 - Ridley X Hack 4 (Gamma's Revenge)2018-06-05 09:00:24Title fix again
HacksEditMega Man 3 - Ridley X Hack 32018-06-05 08:57:41Title fix again
HacksEditMega Man 3 - Ridley X Hack 22018-06-05 08:55:01Title fix again
HacksEditMega Man 3 - Ridley X Hack 12018-06-05 08:53:43Title fix again
GamesEditTinhead2018-06-02 09:12:06Updated
GamesEditAx Battler: A Legend of Golden Axe2018-06-02 08:58:47Updated
GamesEditMelpool Land2018-06-02 08:55:25Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Super Street Fighter II Turbo Revival colour restoration2018-06-01 02:01:23
CommunityEditAyanamiRei02018-06-01 02:00:35Forum name added
CommunityEditMarc Laidlaw2018-05-31 07:51:55Forum name added
HacksEditSMB3 - The New Xiuluo2018-05-30 08:22:14File reuploaded.
GamesEditChoro Q 64 2: Hacha Mecha Grand Prix Race2018-05-30 07:54:56Updated
TranslationsNoncompliantGrandia2018-05-30 07:47:00Resubmitted under Hacks section -
TranslationsNoncompliantGrandia2018-05-30 07:46:24Resubmitted under Hacks section -
HacksEditGrandia Voices & Video cutscenes Undub French2018-05-30 07:45:00Changed category to Improvement
GamesEditProject S-112018-05-29 08:09:11Updated
GamesEditMetal Slug 22018-05-29 07:56:15Updated
CommunityEditFyr2018-05-27 06:47:04Forum name and logo added
GamesEditNoobow2018-05-26 09:13:43Updated
GamesEditSpace Hunter2018-05-26 08:47:16Updated
GamesEditBubble Bobble2018-05-25 09:08:48Updated
GamesEditThe Jungle Book2018-05-25 09:06:16Updated
GamesEditBank Panic2018-05-25 09:01:10Updated
GamesEditThe Magic of Scheherazade2018-05-25 08:57:41Updated
GamesEditJurassic Park: Rampage Edition2018-05-25 08:55:49Updated
GamesEditBlack Belt2018-05-25 08:52:02Titles swapped and titlescreen changed to the US version.
GamesEditYoukai Douchuuki2018-05-25 07:55:55Updated
HacksNoncompliantCastlevania Extreme2018-05-24 01:47:59This hack is in beta version which is noncompliant.
CreditsNewTranslations - Super Robot Taisen Gaiden: Masou Kishin - The Lord of Elemental2018-05-23 22:09:29
HacksEditThe Quest of Lala2018-05-23 21:55:38Typo fix in the readme.
CreditsNewHacks - Shadowhawk Stereo & Bug Fixes2018-05-23 04:23:31
CreditsNewHacks - Sonic CD Pal to NTSC Complete Patch2018-05-23 04:23:05
CommunityEditRoberMC2018-05-23 04:22:49Forum name added
CreditsNewHacks - Super Metroid: Unstuck - Unlock Tourian Doors2018-05-23 04:22:24
GamesEditSuper Robot Taisen Gaiden: Masou Kishin - The Lord of Elemental2018-05-23 04:20:14Removed 1st person reference. Changed 'mechanicals' to 'robots'.
HacksEditMega Man X - Debug Menu2018-05-22 09:31:48Correct ROM Information (see readme)
GamesEditShadowhawk2018-05-21 07:53:55Updated
CommunityEditSmokeMonster2018-05-21 07:41:01Forum name added
CommunityEditcloudZz2018-05-21 07:36:17Language
CommunityEditAlexander Trofast2018-05-21 07:26:37Language
CreditsNewHacks - Captain Toad Treasure Tracker for SNES II2018-05-20 08:18:51
CreditsNewHacks - Tetris - SNES Gravity2018-05-20 08:18:33
CreditsNewHacks - Mortal Kombat - Red Blood and Easy Moves2018-05-20 08:18:05
CreditsNewHacks - TMNT 4 - Increase Bosses Difficulty2018-05-20 08:17:48
GamesEditKikou Keisatsu: Metal Jack2018-05-20 05:38:07Updated
GamesEditGranada2018-05-20 05:35:28Updated
GamesEditAir Rescue2018-05-20 05:34:30Updated
GamesEditAction 522018-05-20 05:33:09Updated
GamesEditA Boy and His Blob: Trouble on Blobolonia2018-05-20 05:30:25Updated
CreditsNewTranslations - Final Fantasy III2018-05-17 07:58:06
CreditsEditTranslations - Final Fantasy III2018-05-17 07:52:56Corrected credits
CreditsNewHacks - The Adventures of Jerry Mouse: The Rescue of Nibbles2018-05-17 04:06:12
CreditsNewTranslations - Mario Bros.2018-05-17 04:05:43
CreditsNewHacks - Megaman 3 Justiley2018-05-17 04:03:52
CreditsNewHacks - Castlevania: Hugh Baldwin Hack2018-05-17 04:03:31
CreditsNewHacks - Kawa Mario Bros 32018-05-17 04:02:17
CreditsNewHacks - Castle Mario Bros 32018-05-17 04:02:03
GamesEditDiver's Dream2018-05-15 09:57:28Updated
CommunityEditLoz2018-05-15 09:47:32Language
CreditsNewTranslations - Naruto: Ninja Council2018-05-15 09:47:14
TranslationsNewNaruto: Ninja Council2018-05-15 09:45:59
HacksEditHyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition - Choose Hidden Gouki2018-05-15 09:19:02Changed category to Improvement.
HacksEditHyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition - Easy Move2018-05-15 09:17:49Changed category to Improvement.
HacksNoncompliantStreet Fighter II' Plus - Easy Move2018-05-15 08:48:20This is an outdated version of this hack by the same author -
HacksEditStreet Fighter II' Plus - Easy Move2018-05-15 08:46:57Changed category to Improvement. ROM Information updated.
HacksEditStreet Fighter II' Plus - Easy Move2018-05-15 08:07:17Changed category to Improvement. ROM Information updated.
HacksEditSuper Street Fighter II - Easy Move2018-05-15 08:01:12Changed category to Improvement. ROM Information updated.
GamesEditHyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition2018-05-15 07:54:31Title fixed
HacksEditMortal Kombat - Easy Move2018-05-15 07:44:21Changed category to Imrovement. ROM Information updated.
CommunityEditSKingBlue2018-05-15 07:03:17Forum name added
CreditsNewHacks - Legend of Banjo2018-05-12 07:22:45
CommunityEditCharade2018-05-12 07:21:56Forum name added
CreditsNewHacks - Sonic in Super Mario 64 DS2018-05-12 07:21:20
CreditsNewHacks - SM64DS - Waluigi in Super Mario 64 DS2018-05-12 07:21:03
CreditsNewHacks - SM64DS - Donkey Kong in Super Mario 64 DS2018-05-12 07:20:45
CreditsNewHacks - Play as Waluigi in Ocarina of Time2018-05-12 07:20:17
CommunityEditRussmarrs22018-05-12 07:19:27Forum name added
CreditsNewHacks - LoD Half Max HP2018-05-12 07:17:31
CommunityEditZychronix2018-05-12 07:17:18Forum name added
CreditsNewHacks - Rockman 4 EX: Dr. Wily no Yabou!!2018-05-12 07:15:38
CreditsNewHacks - Minnie Mousecapade2018-05-12 07:14:40
GamesEditZero the Kamikaze Squirrel2018-05-12 07:11:33Updated
GamesEditZero the Kamikaze Squirrel2018-05-12 07:06:55Updated
GamesEditToy Story2018-05-12 07:04:28Updated
HacksNewRockman 4 EX: Dr. Wily no Yabou!!2018-05-12 02:50:52
HacksNewMinnie Mousecapade2018-05-12 01:47:27
TranslationsEditNinja Gaiden2018-05-10 23:34:26Titlescreen added. ROM Information added.
HacksEditMs. Pac-Man Plus2018-05-10 23:13:25Change category to Complete
GamesEditGradius2018-05-10 21:07:10Uploaded better Title screen
CreditsNewHacks - Friday the 13th Improvement2018-05-10 08:33:17
HacksEditFriday the 13th Improvement2018-05-10 04:28:30Fixed title (the name is the same as the game's title...) and ROM Information added.
HacksEditSkeleton Bike2018-05-10 03:52:29Recreated patch. ROM Information updated. Changed category to Improvement.
HacksEditDemonbike 22018-05-10 03:25:36Canged category to Complete. ROM Information added.
HacksEditRisker2018-05-10 03:22:55Changed category to Improvement. ROM Information added.
HacksEditDragon Warrior 3 Hardtype2018-05-10 02:22:36Category changed to Improvement. ROM Information added.
UtilitiesEditDragon Warrior Monster Zone Editor2018-05-09 21:50:52Fixed description (see History). Added BBCode and fixed formatting the Description.
UtilitiesEditDragon Warrior - Text Editor2018-05-09 21:28:54Utility updated to Fixed title.
UtilitiesEditDragon Warrior Text Editor2018-05-09 21:12:20Title fixed. Fixed text formatting in the Description.
HacksNewTank 19902018-05-09 02:51:07
HacksEditTank 1990 (255) v2.12018-05-09 02:18:33Category chaged to Addendum. ROM Information updated.
HacksEditRoute-16 Turbo - Level 9 Fix2018-05-09 01:56:39ROM Information updated
HacksEditPinball - Music Hack2018-05-09 01:53:23ROM Information updated
HacksEditDr. Mario - 2 Players Inverse Hack2018-05-09 01:39:36ROM Information updated
CreditsNewHacks - Tank 1990 (255) v2.12018-05-08 22:34:37
CreditsNewHacks - Route-16 Turbo (level 9 fix)2018-05-08 22:31:54
CreditsNewHacks - Pinball (Music Hack)2018-05-08 22:31:34
CreditsNewHacks - Dr. Mario (2 Players Inverse Hack)2018-05-08 22:31:10
HacksEditDr. Wario2018-05-08 22:19:52Changed category to Improvement. Updated description. Corrected ROM Information.
HacksEditDr. Luigi2018-05-08 22:00:31Changed category to Improvement. ROM Information updated.
GamesEditDouble Dragon2018-05-08 21:53:17Replaced review-ish description with a generic one.
HacksEditDouble Dragon - Chuck Norris Edition2018-05-08 21:46:53Changed category to Improvement. Removed duplicate image.
HacksEditDouble Dragon - Easy2018-05-08 21:45:33Changed category to Improvement
CreditsNewTranslations - Donkey Kong Jr.2018-05-08 21:43:24
GamesEditSlayers2018-05-08 09:16:05Replaced lengthy description (that can directly be found at D-D) to a generic short description.
TranslationsEditSlayers2018-05-08 09:14:34New screenshots
GamesEditLittle Magic2018-05-08 08:24:49Fixed up the Description
TranslationsEditLittle Magic2018-05-08 08:19:42New screenshot with correct resolutions
CreditsNewHacks - Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 X360 Anime Music2018-05-07 21:26:21
CreditsNewHacks - Dragon Ball Raging Blast 2 PS3 Anime Music2018-05-07 21:26:09
CommunityNoncompliantZatos2018-05-07 21:23:56Double of Zatos Hacks -
CreditsEditTranslations - Gekibo: Gekisha Boy2018-05-07 21:22:26Changed 'Zatos' to 'Zatos Hacks' since they are the same user
CreditsEditTranslations - Blue Blink2018-05-07 21:22:12Changed 'Zatos' to 'Zatos Hacks' since they are the same user
CreditsNewHacks - Battletoads & Double Dragon 4 players2018-05-07 21:17:14
CreditsNewHacks - Battletoads 4 players2018-05-07 21:17:03
CreditsNewHacks - Shadow of the Ninja - 2 Player Friendly Edition2018-05-07 21:16:31
CreditsNewHacks - Bump 'n' Jump - 10 Lives Edition2018-05-07 21:16:19
CreditsNewHacks - SOR2 - International Action Heroes2018-05-07 21:15:27
CommunityEditDha_Lau_Hoo2018-05-07 21:14:05Forum name added
CommunityEditRetroReality2018-05-07 21:10:16Forum name added
CreditsNewHacks - Space Harrier II - Samples from the Arcade Game2018-05-07 21:09:28
CreditsNewHacks - Metal Slug2018-05-07 21:09:05
CommunityEditZatos Hacks2018-05-07 20:37:58Changed 'Group' to 'Single'
CreditsNewHacks - Contra - Mountain Challenge2018-05-06 21:38:44
CreditsNewHacks - Revenge of the Red Falcon2018-05-06 21:38:33
GamesEditSonic Adventure DX2018-05-06 01:48:25Updated
GamesEditThe Addams Family2018-05-06 01:21:49Updated
GamesEditThe Addams Family2018-05-06 01:20:37Updated
GamesEditClayFighter: Tournament Edition2018-05-06 01:14:27Updated
GamesEditCaptain Commando2018-05-06 01:03:43Updated
GamesEditJurassic Park2018-05-06 01:02:17Updated
GamesEditJurassic Park2018-05-06 01:00:33Updated
GamesEditJurassic Park2018-05-06 00:58:14Updated
GamesEditSoma Bringer2018-05-03 08:59:46Replaced review-sh long-winding description to a generic one.
HacksEditMario's 2 Ways to Victory2018-05-01 07:59:17Reuploaded file because the file was incorrect
NewsEditAsuka 120% Burning Fest: Limit Over (Saturn) Released by Ms. Tea2018-04-30 23:57:38Changed project page
TranslationsNoncompliantAsuka 120% Limited: Burning Fest.2018-04-30 23:08:03This is a Translation of a Hack. Transferred to the Hacks section -
CommunityEditSCO2018-04-30 23:06:59Forum name added
TranslationsNoncompliantAsuka 120% Limited: Burning Fest.2018-04-30 23:06:27This is a Translation of a Hack. Transferred to the Hacks section -
HacksNewAsuka 120% Limit Over - English patch2018-04-29 07:34:21
GamesEditCloud Master2018-04-29 07:11:25Updated
GamesEditGrowl2018-04-29 07:10:31Updated
GamesEditBlades of Vengeance2018-04-29 07:09:17Updated
HacksNewAsuka 120% Limit Over2018-04-28 10:38:46
GamesEditSpider-Man 3: Invasion of the Spider-Slayers2018-04-27 23:38:37Updated
GamesEditThe Amazing Spider-Man 22018-04-27 23:36:45Updated
GamesEditTerrifying 9112018-04-27 23:25:19Updated
GamesEditHook2018-04-27 23:22:02Updated
GamesEditBattletoads2018-04-27 09:56:17Replaced review-ish description to a generic one
GamesEditBump 'n' Jump2018-04-27 09:52:12Updated
GamesEditDragon Ball: Raging Blast 22018-04-25 09:25:22Updated
GamesEditDragon Ball: Raging Blast 22018-04-25 09:22:06Updated
GamesEditSenjou no Valkyria 3: Extra Edition2018-04-23 10:02:55Updated
GamesEditNayuta no Kiseki2018-04-23 09:48:52Updated
GamesEditSpace Harrier II2018-04-23 09:33:46Updated
GamesEditMen at Work! 22018-04-21 07:13:52Replaced review-ish description with generic description
TranslationsEditMen at Work! 22018-04-21 07:09:33Updated download links
CommunityEditL_Sky2018-04-21 01:05:44Forum name added
CreditsNewHacks - Dragon Ball Raging Blast PS3 Anime Music2018-04-20 22:57:53
CreditsNewHacks - Dragon Ball Raging Blast X360 Anime Music2018-04-20 22:57:35
CommunityEditSSJLVegeta2018-04-20 22:57:14Forum name, logo added
CreditsNewTranslations - Ghouls 'n Ghosts2018-04-20 22:55:19
CommunityEditcandidosobrinho.sa2018-04-20 22:54:37Forum name added
CommunityEditGaro-Mastah2018-04-20 22:50:00Forum name added
GamesEditGhouls 'n Ghosts2018-04-20 22:44:56Updated
CommunityEditCoachMoose2018-04-20 22:35:04Forum name added
CreditsNewHacks - Rockman 2: Plus!2018-04-20 09:20:07
CreditsNewHacks - Rockman 2: Another2018-04-20 09:19:52
CreditsNewHacks - Rockman 2 EX: Dr. Wily no Wana2018-04-20 09:19:38
GamesEditMega Man2018-04-20 08:53:58Small typo fix
GamesEditMichael Jackson's Moonwalker2018-04-20 08:51:33Updated
GamesEditRudra no Hihou2018-04-20 08:26:15Replaced review-ish description with a generic description
GamesEditWizardry Gaiden IV: Throb of the Demon's Heart2018-04-20 08:24:18Replaced review-ish description with a generic description.
CreditsNewHacks - Thousand-Year Door+2018-04-20 08:12:05
HacksEditRockman 2 EX: Dr. Wily no Wana2018-04-20 08:07:45Found author, added hashes to rom info., title and description fix
HacksNewRockman 2: Another2018-04-20 07:58:22
CommunityEditAYCNN2018-04-19 21:21:34Updated
HacksNewRockman 2: Plus!2018-04-19 10:14:20
GamesEditDragon Ball: Raging Blast2018-04-19 09:24:21Updated
GamesEditDragon Ball: Raging Blast2018-04-19 09:15:23Updated
GamesEditStar Fox 22018-04-19 08:04:41Description updated
CreditsEditTranslations - Gyakuten Kenji 22018-04-18 04:52:05Update credits
CommunityEditNakeuD20072018-04-16 22:23:54Forum name added
GamesEditJourney to Silius2018-04-16 22:12:57Alternate title and description fixed
HacksEditRockman No Constancy2018-04-15 08:24:52Republished v1.2 by IKA (aka irresolution)
CreditsNewHacks - Dragon Warrior 3 DX2018-04-14 22:47:44
CreditsNewHacks - Dragon Warrior 2 DX2018-04-14 22:47:29
CreditsNewHacks - Dragon Warrior DX2018-04-14 22:47:13
CreditsNewHacks - Wonder Boy2018-04-14 03:25:22
HacksNewWonder Boy2018-04-14 03:24:32
HacksEditDragon Warrior DX2018-04-14 02:24:53Wrong game changed
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Kart Reversed n' Remixed2018-04-13 22:16:26
CommunityEditJoseph Marshall2018-04-13 22:16:06Forum name added
GamesEditSagaia2018-04-13 08:14:02Updated
GamesEditSagaia2018-04-13 08:12:15Updated
GamesEditRolling Thunder 32018-04-13 08:11:05Updated
GamesEditRobocop Versus The Terminator2018-04-13 08:09:34Updated
GamesEditRoboCop Versus The Terminator2018-04-13 08:06:12Updated
GamesEditLast Bible III2018-04-13 08:01:51Updated
GamesEditBishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon2018-04-13 08:00:26Updated
CreditsNewTranslations - M.U.S.C.L.E.2018-04-13 04:03:57
CreditsNewTranslations - Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne2018-04-11 22:04:47
CommunityEditMiacis2018-04-11 21:16:30Link and logo
CommunityEditLCKhoa2018-04-11 21:07:14Forum name added and link
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CreditsNewTranslations - Tear Ring Saga2018-04-11 21:02:04
GamesEditTear Ring Saga: Yutona Eiyuu Senki2018-04-11 20:57:16Fixed title and description
TranslationsEditTear Ring Saga2018-04-11 20:51:39Category to Unfinished. Fixed description formatting (bullets) only.
CommunityEditAethin2018-04-11 20:40:48Forum name added
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CommunityEditMegamar2018-04-11 03:49:09Language
CommunityEditAlphaXanza2018-04-11 03:48:13Language
CommunityEditRockyou782018-04-11 03:47:45Language
CommunityEditRed DNA2018-04-11 03:47:02Language
CreditsNewTranslations - Gundemonium2018-04-11 03:42:30
GamesEditRanma 1/2: Chougi Ranbu Hen2018-04-10 08:03:30Description updated
GamesEditCleopatra no Mahou2018-04-10 01:13:19Updated
GamesEditVs. Excitebike2018-04-09 03:32:01Date fixed
GamesEditCollege Football USA 962018-04-09 03:20:11Updated
GamesEditVs. Excitebike2018-04-09 03:18:53Updated
GamesEditStar Fox 2 (Prototype)2018-04-07 08:33:52Name and description changed
GamesEditAtomic Runner2018-04-07 08:17:53Updated
GamesEditKenseiden2018-04-06 09:55:14Updated
GamesEditBasketball Nightmare2018-04-06 09:51:25Updated
GamesEditSuperman2018-04-06 09:47:44Updated
GamesEditSuperman2018-04-06 09:44:37Updated
GamesEditSuperman2018-04-06 09:39:29Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Low G Man - Crash Fix2018-04-06 09:34:21
GamesEditArmadillo2018-04-06 09:32:03Changed description to generic one
CommunityEditBulltorret2018-04-04 21:52:34Language and link
CommunityEditS.Firo2018-04-04 21:50:50Forum name added
CommunityEditSadiztykFish (Scyzer)2018-04-04 21:40:14Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Streets of Rage 2: Furious Fungus2018-04-04 02:57:42
CreditsNewHacks - Nick Fury in Street of Rage 22018-04-04 02:57:30
CreditsNewHacks - Kung-fu-man in Streets of Rage 22018-04-04 02:56:32
CreditsNewHacks - Ditto in Streets of Rage 22018-04-04 02:53:42
CreditsNewHacks - Zero Saber2018-04-04 02:46:58
CreditsNewHacks - Fair Random Battle2018-04-04 02:46:24
CreditsNewHacks - Enable Shin Akuma and Easy moves2018-04-04 02:46:01
CreditsNewHacks - Enable Ryo Sakazaki and Easy move2018-04-04 02:45:49
CommunityEditKasion2018-04-04 02:25:41Link added
CreditsNewTranslations - The Legend of Zelda2018-04-04 02:13:48
CreditsEditTranslations - Rittai Ninja Katsugeki Tenchu: Shinobi Gaisen2018-04-04 02:12:47Credit special info added
CreditsNewTranslations - Der Langrisser2018-04-04 02:11:51
CreditsNewTranslations - Resident Evil (Prototype)2018-04-04 02:09:42
CreditsNewHacks - DoraeBomb2018-04-04 02:08:28
CreditsNewHacks - Gradius AC 20002018-04-04 02:08:09
HacksNewDoraeBomb2018-04-04 01:44:50
HacksNewGradius AC 20002018-04-04 00:00:09
HacksEditLuidius2018-04-03 23:36:10Found original file; intended for the JP version
HacksEditBomber Mario2018-04-03 23:31:21Found original file; intended for the JP version
HacksEditBokosuka Quest III2018-04-03 22:29:09Found original patch; game intended for the JP version
CommunityEditKasion2018-04-03 22:26:49Language and Link added
GamesEditThe Legend of Zelda2018-04-03 21:19:21Replaced review-ish description with a generic description.
GamesEditAretha2018-04-02 21:17:32Updated
GamesEditDaikaijuu Monogatari II2018-04-02 21:12:07Updated
GamesEditDaikaijuu Monogatari2018-04-02 21:10:19Changed title and description
GamesEditBing Bing! Bingo2018-04-02 20:53:40Updated
CommunityEditMelonseller2018-04-02 20:38:37Forum name added
CreditsNewHacks - Zelda II - The Triforce Of Courage2018-04-02 20:37:26
CommunityEditRoss Adkin (TidusRenegade)2018-04-02 20:35:34Forum name added
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Land X2018-04-02 20:35:12
CreditsNewHacks - SMB3: The Rainbow Realms2018-04-02 20:34:44
CreditsNewHacks - Majou Densetsu II: Daimashikyou Galious SRAM save patch2018-04-02 20:34:17
CreditsNewTranslations - Nightshade2018-04-02 20:32:44
CreditsNewTranslations - Ranma 1/2: Chougi Ranbu Hen2018-04-02 20:31:42
CreditsNewTranslations - G.O.D: Mezameyo to Yobu Koe ga Kikoe2018-04-02 20:28:34
TranslationsEditThe Great Battle III2018-04-02 07:59:04Rom info written was for TGB4, corrected to TGB3
CreditsNewTranslations - The Great Battle V2018-04-02 07:56:06
GamesEditRanma 1/2: Chougi Ranbu Hen2018-04-02 07:52:03Updated
TranslationsEditG.O.D: Mezameyo to Yobu Koe ga Kikoe2018-04-02 07:37:30Changed author to Dynamic Designs; add more hashes in ROM Information
GamesEditG.O.D: Mezameyo to Yobu Koe ga Kikoe2018-04-02 07:34:27Updated
GamesEditMitsume ga Tooru2018-04-02 03:33:30Changed to generic description
CommunityEditTar2018-04-01 07:24:42Language
CreditsNewHacks - Shantae GBC palettes2018-03-31 08:36:54
CreditsNewHacks - Pokemon Silver - Time Changer2018-03-31 08:36:38
CreditsNewHacks - Pokemon Gold: Time Changer2018-03-31 08:36:07
CreditsNewHacks - Oracle of Seasons GBC palettes2018-03-31 08:35:51
CreditsNewHacks - Oracle of Ages GBC palettes2018-03-31 08:35:28
CreditsNewHacks - 10 Lives Code for Probotector/Operation C Colorized Version2018-03-31 08:34:15
CreditsNewHacks - Yoshi's Island - No Crying, Improved SFX and Red Coins2018-03-31 08:33:56
GamesEditMickey to Donald: Magical Adventure 32018-03-31 08:30:12Removed review in the description
HacksNoncompliantRockman 2 Plus2018-03-31 08:13:50Unknown author
CreditsNewTranslations - The Great Battle IV2018-03-31 02:44:25
CreditsNewTranslations - The Great Battle III2018-03-31 02:43:29
CreditsNewTranslations - Dig Dug2018-03-31 02:42:32
TranslationsEditDig Dug2018-03-31 02:42:02Removed double images.
CreditsNewTranslations - Street Fighter Alpha 22018-03-31 02:40:22
CreditsNewTranslations - Final Fantasy V2018-03-31 02:39:53
CreditsNewTranslations - The Battle of Olympus2018-03-31 02:39:18
CommunityEditultimaweapon2018-03-31 02:29:39Forum name added
CreditsNewHacks - Joshua (Redesign)2018-03-31 02:29:11
CreditsNewHacks - DKC Minimal Y Presses2018-03-31 02:28:47
CommunityEditRainbowSprinklez2018-03-31 02:28:32Forum name added
CreditsNewHacks - Streets of Rage 3 Better Music & Audio2018-03-31 02:27:34
CommunityEdithagelbreaker2018-03-31 02:27:19Forum name added
CreditsNewHacks - Pokemon Emerald - RTC Clock Patch2018-03-31 02:26:28
CreditsNewHacks - Chicken Berserk2018-03-31 02:26:11
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GamesEditTiny Toon Adventures 62018-03-29 23:56:10Updated
GamesEditDaze Before Christmas2018-03-29 23:31:19Updated
GamesEditDaze Before Christmas2018-03-29 23:28:37Updated
GamesEditSteam-Heart's2018-03-28 23:14:49Updated
CreditsNewTranslations - Steam-Heart's2018-03-28 23:11:55
GamesEditMajou Densetsu II: Daimashikyou Galious2018-03-26 20:21:28Description changed
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GamesEditAlien Storm2018-03-24 01:36:06Updated
GamesEditAlien Storm2018-03-24 01:34:26Updated
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HacksEditRoll-chan 62018-03-22 04:01:38US version title logo updated
CreditsNewTranslations - Yo! Noid2018-03-22 03:05:46
CreditsNewTranslations - The Great Battle II: Last Fighter Twin2018-03-22 03:04:59
CreditsNewTranslations - Zelda II: The Adventure of Link2018-03-22 03:03:53
CreditsNewTranslations - Metroid2018-03-22 03:03:34
CreditsNewTranslations - Hi no Tori Hououhen: Gaou no Bouken2018-03-22 03:03:05
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Advance - Sprites Consistency Hack2018-03-22 03:00:19
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Bros 3.87 Heartless (The Burst Shoes Edition)2018-03-22 02:59:50
CreditsNewHacks - Marilunker2018-03-22 02:59:14
CreditsNewHacks - Luigi Wars2018-03-22 02:58:52
CreditsNewHacks - Mario & Luigi2018-03-22 02:58:37
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HacksNewLuigi Wars2018-03-19 21:50:40
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GamesEditThe Great Battle IV2018-03-18 06:39:49Titlescreen fixed
GamesEditThe Great Battle III2018-03-18 06:34:53Titlescreen fixed
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GamesEditSpider-Man2018-03-16 23:02:56Updated
GamesEditSWAT: Special Weapons and Tactics2018-03-16 09:01:12Updated
GamesEditPitfall: The Lost Expedition2018-03-16 08:40:14Updated
GamesEditAlundra2018-03-16 08:20:39Updated
GamesEditPokémon: Sapphire Version2018-03-16 08:12:01Updated
CreditsEditHacks - Minish Cap Zelda2018-03-14 20:57:05Updated credits
HacksEditMinish Cap Link2018-03-14 20:39:53Found real author and patch.
CreditsNewHacks - Minish Cap Link2018-03-14 20:34:02
HacksEditMinish Cap Link2018-03-14 20:21:19Changed author to "Unknown" since the member placed as the author denies working on this.
CommunityEditNinjagamer2018-03-14 10:13:14Updated
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CreditsNewHacks - Minish Cap Zelda2018-03-14 09:50:10
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CreditsNewHacks - Eggman vs Bowser2018-03-13 09:52:53
CreditsNewHacks - Castlevania Dracula Edition2018-03-13 09:51:43
CreditsNewHacks - Assassins Creed Gaiden2018-03-13 09:51:28
CreditsNewHacks - Killer Instinct MSU-12018-03-13 09:50:53
CreditsNewHacks - Pokemon Stadium Kaizo2018-03-13 09:49:41
CreditsNewHacks - Cadash Arcade Colors2018-03-13 09:48:39
CreditsNewHacks - Ms. Pac-Man's Lost Levels2018-03-13 09:48:14
CreditsNewTranslations - Pokémon Trading Card Game 22018-03-13 09:46:55
CreditsNewTranslations - Arle no Bouken: Mahou no Jewel2018-03-13 09:44:12
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GamesEditSpider-Man vs. the Kingpin2018-03-10 00:15:42Updated
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GamesEditFarland Symphony2018-03-08 00:11:56Date fixed
GamesEditFarland Story Denki: Arc Ou no Ensei2018-03-08 00:03:21Fixed title
GamesEditThe Great Battle V2018-03-07 22:07:10Updated
GamesEditThe Great Battle IV2018-03-07 22:05:11Updated
GamesEditThe Great Battle III2018-03-07 22:01:49Updated
GamesEditThe Great Battle II: Last Fighter Twin2018-03-07 21:56:58Updated
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GamesEditShaman King: Master of Spirit 22018-02-26 07:21:28Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Datach Dragon Ball Z - Need not Barcode2018-02-25 03:41:18
CreditsNewHacks - Mighty Final Fight: The Ultimate Confrontation2018-02-25 03:40:55
GamesEditMafat Conspiracy - Golgo 132018-02-25 01:39:25Updated
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CreditsNewHacks - Robocop 3 - The Revenge v22018-02-21 08:12:03
CreditsNewHacks - Bomberman II The Revenge2018-02-21 08:10:26
CreditsNewHacks - Bomberman Cx2018-02-21 08:10:08
CreditsNewHacks - Bomberman Chaos2018-02-21 08:09:53
CreditsNewHacks - Bomberman 1/22018-02-21 08:09:39
CreditsNewTranslations - Takahashi Meijin no Bouken Jima IV2018-02-18 21:07:20
CreditsNewTranslations - Adventure Island III2018-02-18 21:06:17
CreditsNewTranslations - Perman Part 2: Himitsu Kessha Madoodan wo Taose!2018-02-18 21:05:18
CreditsNewTranslations - Dragon Ball Z III: Ressen Jinzou Ningen2018-02-18 21:02:42
CreditsNewTranslations - Shaman King: Master of Spirit 22018-02-18 20:59:25
CreditsNewHacks - Dragon Warrior I & II - Doubled2018-02-18 20:57:54
CreditsNewHacks - Final Fantasy - Doubled2018-02-18 20:57:44
CreditsNewHacks - Less-Blocky Bomberman2018-02-18 20:57:32
CreditsNewHacks - Unused Music Hack2018-02-18 20:57:18
CreditsNewHacks - Keep Bear Coins2018-02-18 20:57:04
CreditsNewHacks - Castlevania - Localization Fix2018-02-18 20:56:48
CreditsNewHacks - Keep Banana Coins2018-02-18 20:56:09
CreditsNewHacks - Virtual Console Safety Feature2018-02-18 20:55:51
CreditsNewHacks - Castlevania - No Recoil, No Remorse2018-02-18 20:54:50
GamesEditThe Jungle Book2018-02-18 05:40:37Updated
GamesEditThe Jungle Book2018-02-18 05:39:43Updated
GamesEditThe Jungle Book2018-02-18 05:36:25Updated
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HacksEditRockman E2018-02-18 01:22:34Author is Dr.RC only. Title and Description changed.
CreditsEditHacks - Rockman E2018-02-18 01:22:25Fixed credits.
GamesEditSanguo Chunqiu: Sichuan Sheng2018-02-16 04:23:19Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Zelda II Rev Edition2018-02-16 01:25:42
CreditsNewHacks - Clash at Demonhead - Map edit2018-02-14 07:33:46
HacksEditMagician2018-02-14 02:34:10Better screenshots. Changed category to Improvement.
HacksNewClash at Demonhead - Map edit2018-02-14 01:47:39
HacksEditSnake's Revenge - Modernized Portraits2018-02-13 19:50:48File reuploaded
GamesEditSpeedy Gonzales in Los Gatos Bandidos2018-02-13 07:59:48Updated
GamesEditDonkey Kong Land III2018-02-13 07:03:56Title changed
GamesEditDonkey Kong Land III2018-02-13 06:59:58Updated
GamesEditDonkey Kong Land 22018-02-13 06:51:33Updated
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CreditsNewTranslations - Shonen Jump's One Piece2018-02-11 20:54:08
CreditsNewTranslations - Adventures of Dino Riki2018-02-11 20:53:17
CreditsNewHacks - Super Hang-On Enhanced2018-02-11 20:47:50
CreditsNewHacks - Castlevania: Improved Controls2018-02-11 20:47:21
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Bros. Cozy With Death2018-02-11 20:46:51
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Bros. Vertical Balls Enable2018-02-11 20:45:59
CreditsNewHacks - Earthworm Jim 2 ISO9000 music restoration2018-02-11 20:43:46
CreditsNewHacks - Super NEET World2018-02-11 20:41:58
CreditsEditTranslations - The Terminator2018-02-11 20:41:07Special info added
CreditsEditTranslations - The Adventures of Batman & Robin2018-02-11 20:40:46Special info added
CreditsEditTranslations - Tekken Advance2018-02-11 20:40:15Special info added
CreditsEditTranslations - Jazz Jackrabbit2018-02-11 20:39:57Special info added
CreditsEditTranslations - GoldenEye 0072018-02-11 20:39:36Special info added
CreditsEditTranslations - The House of The Dead III (The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return)2018-02-11 20:39:07Special info added
CreditsNewTranslations - The House of the Dead 2 & 3 Return2018-02-11 20:38:28
CreditsNewTranslations - The House of the Dead 22018-02-11 20:38:04
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GamesEditAlien Syndrome2018-02-11 07:33:30Updated
GamesEditAlien Syndrome2018-02-11 07:32:30Updated
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GamesEditFire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu2018-02-07 06:47:52Alternate Title added
CreditsNewHacks - Mickey's Wild Adventure PAL to NTSC2018-02-07 02:43:34
CreditsNewHacks - Fire Emblem 4: Overpowered2018-02-06 22:52:55
GamesEditFire Emblem: Seisen no Keifu2018-02-06 22:50:16Title changed
CreditsNewTranslations - Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War2018-02-06 22:40:28
CreditsEditTranslations - Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War2018-02-06 22:39:07Updated credits
CreditsNewHacks - Zelda 2 Restart from palace at game over2018-02-06 22:16:38
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CreditsNewHacks - Zelda II: New Adventure of Link2018-02-05 19:51:47
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GamesEditMickey's Wild Adventure2018-02-05 07:49:27Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Yoshi's Island DS Music Hack2018-02-04 06:47:41
CreditsNewTranslations - Final Fantasy VI2018-02-04 06:47:15
GamesEditThe House of the Dead 22018-02-04 06:34:46Updated
GamesEditFinal Fantasy VI2018-02-04 06:33:26Updated
TranslationsNewFinal Fantasy VI2018-02-04 06:23:39
GamesEditDouble Dragon2018-02-04 01:10:36Updated
GamesEditDisney's Darkwing Duck2018-02-04 01:08:27Updated
GamesEditAnimaniacs2018-02-04 01:06:56Updated
GamesEditAnimaniacs2018-02-04 01:05:26Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Wario Land 2 - Enhanced Graphics2018-02-04 00:51:25
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CreditsNewHacks - Super Metroid - Custom Pirate Patch2018-02-04 00:24:45
CreditsNewHacks - Super Metroid - Custom Doors2018-02-04 00:24:27
GamesEditYoshi's Island DS2018-02-04 00:20:46Updated
GamesEditEarthworm Jim 22018-02-03 01:12:41Updated
CreditsNewHacks - The Legend of Zelda - Blue-er Ring2018-02-03 01:07:30
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Bros. 2 - POW and Eye Hack2018-02-03 01:07:12
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Ultimate2018-02-03 01:06:57
CreditsNewHacks - Dragon Quest I & II - Doubled2018-02-03 01:04:01
CreditsNewHacks - Pokemon Crystal - Walk Through Walls2018-02-03 01:03:42
CreditsNewHacks - Pokemon Crystal RTC Changer2018-02-03 01:03:22
CreditsNewHacks - Pokemon Leaf Green Walk/Jump everywhere2018-02-03 01:03:02
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Advance 4 - All Items2018-02-03 01:02:35
CreditsNewTranslations - Monster Party2018-02-03 01:02:01
CreditsNewHacks - Pokemon Perfect Crystal2018-02-03 01:01:01
CreditsNewHacks - Roomi in Streets of Rage 22018-02-03 01:00:03
CreditsNewHacks - Mega Man the Wily Wars SRAM+2018-02-03 00:53:49
CreditsNewHacks - Lost Vikings II - faster rom2018-02-03 00:53:28
CreditsNewHacks - Earthworm Jim 2 PSOne PAL to NTSC2018-02-03 00:50:27
CreditsNewHacks - Challenger DX2018-02-03 00:49:59
CreditsNewHacks - Batman: The Dark Knight2018-02-03 00:49:46
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TranslationsEditFire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem2018-02-03 00:09:47Changed category to Addendum since this is a separate update to the original translation of RPGuy96 & VincentASM.
CreditsNewTranslations - Fire Emblem: Mystery of the Emblem2018-02-03 00:05:46
CreditsEditTranslations - Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon and the Blade of Light2018-02-03 00:01:27Fixed contribution.
GamesEditExodus: Journey to the Promised Land2018-02-01 01:07:05Updated
CommunityEdit2CH2018-01-29 09:12:59Name, language
HacksEditMakaimura Arcade Conversion2018-01-29 09:12:20Found correct patch
CreditsNewHacks - StarTropics - No Movement Delay2018-01-28 06:26:10
CreditsNewHacks - Castlevania Gun2018-01-27 07:22:15
CreditsNewHacks - Cacoma Knight - faster rom2018-01-27 07:21:58
GamesEditTaz-Mania2018-01-27 07:11:59Updated
GamesEditTaz in Escape from Mars2018-01-27 07:02:43Updated
GamesEditShonen Jump's One Piece2018-01-26 21:49:11Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Switchblade II - Continue2018-01-26 07:57:12
GamesEditSwitchblade II2018-01-26 07:42:43Updated
CreditsNewTranslations - Final Fantasy III2018-01-24 08:38:25
CreditsNewTranslations - Final Fantasy2018-01-24 08:29:13
TranslationsNewFinal Fantasy2018-01-24 08:22:57
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GamesEditFamily Diamond Game2018-01-24 07:12:15Updated
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CreditsNewHacks - Wrecking Two2018-01-24 07:03:17
CreditsNewHacks - Game Boy Wars 3 PAL-style balancing2018-01-24 07:02:51
CreditsNewHacks - Mega Man ZX Advent Voice Clip Removal2018-01-24 07:02:28
CreditsNewHacks - Yume Nikki: FC Demon's Revenge2018-01-24 07:02:10
CreditsNewHacks - Harmony of Dissonance - Localisation Fix2018-01-24 07:01:54
CreditsNewHacks - Dragon Warrior - Doubled2018-01-24 07:01:12
CreditsNewHacks - Tengai Makyou Zero Date Unlocker2018-01-24 07:00:53
CreditsNewHacks - Dragon Warrior 2 - Doubled2018-01-24 07:00:34
CreditsEditTranslations - Yume Penguin Monogatari2018-01-24 05:23:48Fixed credits s11me and sl1me are the same person.
GamesEditMario Kart 642018-01-21 08:23:12Updated
GamesEditThe Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey & Minnie2018-01-21 00:33:41Updated
GamesEditThe Great Circus Mystery Starring Mickey & Minnie2018-01-21 00:32:43Updated
GamesEditMega Man ZX Advent2018-01-20 02:53:03Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Final Fantasy II *is* Easy Type2018-01-16 20:33:16
GamesEditFinal Fantasy IV2018-01-16 20:27:35Titlescreen
GamesEditFinal Fantasy II2018-01-16 20:27:11Titlescreen
HacksEditCeles + Terra2018-01-16 20:23:26Changed Game to FF4J & category to Spoof; Added info into the description and more ROM info.
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy II2018-01-16 20:10:46Changed Game to FF2US
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy II2018-01-16 20:00:58Changed Game to FF2US
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy IV2018-01-16 19:59:31Changed Game to FF4J
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy IV2018-01-16 19:58:56Changed Game to FF4J
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy IV2018-01-16 19:58:10Changed game to FF4J
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy IV2018-01-16 19:57:25Changed game to FF4J
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy IV2018-01-16 19:56:49Changed Game to FF4J, added info in the description and ROM info
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy IV2018-01-16 19:54:34Game fixed, Added for info in the description. Added more ROM info.
HacksEditFinal Fantasy II US HardType+ (FF2usHT)2018-01-16 19:40:11Changed game again. Category from Complete to Improvement.
GamesEditFinal Fantasy IV2018-01-16 19:38:35FF4 to FF2. Changed game profile made cross-referencing mess.
GamesEditFinal Fantasy II2018-01-16 19:37:10FF2 US to FF4 Japan
CreditsEditHacks - Phantasy Star II Improvement2018-01-15 19:30:32Replaced kingofcrusher with Setevn Seehorn, same person with the latter the older profile.
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CreditsNewHacks - Boring Bros. v1.52018-01-15 07:16:56
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CreditsNewHacks - Aria of Sorrow: Julius Story Mode Hack2018-01-15 07:08:04
CreditsNewHacks - Dr. Mario Black and White TV2018-01-15 07:06:19
CreditsNewHacks - Opoona Re-localization Patch2018-01-15 07:05:43
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CreditsNewHacks - Zanac Famicom Music Restoration2018-01-15 06:50:01
CreditsNewHacks - Xexyz - SRAM Saving Edition2018-01-15 06:48:25
CreditsNewHacks - Little Nemo - The Dream Master - A Wonderful Wand Edition2018-01-15 06:47:59
CreditsNewHacks - Goonies II - SRAM Saving Edition2018-01-15 06:47:39
CreditsNewHacks - Clash at Demonhead - SRAM Saving Edition2018-01-15 06:47:22
CreditsNewHacks - Battle of Olympus - SRAM Saving Edition + Re-balanced2018-01-15 06:47:08
CommunityEditRocky2018-01-15 06:43:48Language, decription
GamesEditBattletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team2018-01-15 06:39:14Updated
GamesEditBioMetal2018-01-15 06:37:33Updated
GamesEditCliffhanger2018-01-15 06:36:01Updated
CreditsNewTranslations - Brigandine: Grand Edition2018-01-14 20:57:32
CreditsNewTranslations - Asuncia: Matsue no Jubaku2018-01-14 20:46:11
CreditsNewTranslations - King's Field2018-01-14 20:25:26
CreditsNewHacks - Master of Monsters Fix2018-01-14 20:21:30
CommunityEditSayans Traductions2018-01-14 19:42:34Added s in Traductions
CreditsNewTranslations - Final Fantasy II2018-01-14 09:10:15
CreditsNewTranslations - Cliffhanger2018-01-14 09:09:24
CreditsNewTranslations - BioMetal2018-01-14 09:08:48
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy II2018-01-14 08:55:05Changed game, ROM information, added images
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy II2018-01-14 08:47:59Change game. Again.
GamesEditFinal Fantasy II2018-01-14 08:46:26Updated
GamesEditFinal Fantasy IV2018-01-14 08:40:10Changed name and titlescreen
TranslationsNewFinal Fantasy II2018-01-14 08:36:44
TranslationsNewFinal Fantasy II2018-01-14 08:16:23
TranslationsNewDragon Ball Z: Super Saiya Densetsu2018-01-14 08:05:41
TranslationsNewCliffhanger2018-01-14 07:53:58
TranslationsNewBioMetal2018-01-14 07:38:45
TranslationsNewBattletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team2018-01-14 07:27:27
GamesEditBattletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team2018-01-14 07:18:48Title, genre
GamesEditBattletoads & Double Dragon: The Ultimate Team2018-01-14 07:17:10Replaced lengthy review-ish description with generic description.
TranslationsNewBattletoads in Battlemaniacs2018-01-14 07:11:47
GamesEditBattletoads in Battlemaniacs2018-01-14 07:11:25Replaced lengthy review-ish description with generic description.
TranslationsNewBastard!!: Ankoku no Hakaishin2018-01-14 06:51:42
TranslationsNewActRaiser 22018-01-14 06:38:24
CommunityEditMagimoogle2018-01-14 05:22:04Correct name, Link
TranslationsEditDragon Ball Z: Buyuu Retsuden2018-01-14 05:09:39Author change, reuploaded file, removed unrelated readme file, revised description
CommunityEditDBZ Game2018-01-14 05:08:45Update
CommunityEditKanjiHack Translations2018-01-14 04:44:01Link, logo
CommunityEditMageCraft Translations2018-01-14 04:34:44Link, logo
CommunityEditNaoki Yakata2018-01-14 03:53:34Update
CreditsEditTranslations - Dragon Ball Z III: Ressen Jinzou Ningen2018-01-14 03:48:27Update credits
CreditsEditTranslations - Dragon Ball Z II: Gekishin Freeza!!2018-01-14 03:46:38Update credits
CreditsEditTranslations - Dragon Ball Z Gaiden: Saiya Jin Zetsumetsu Keikaku2018-01-14 03:44:35Update credits
CommunityEditSaiya Translations2018-01-14 03:41:02Updated
CommunityEditBessaB2018-01-14 03:30:59Logo
CommunityEditBes2018-01-14 03:15:25Updated
CommunityNewBessaB2018-01-14 03:11:03
CommunityEditRyoko Uchino2018-01-14 03:08:06Updated
CommunityEditGrampybone2018-01-14 03:07:01Updated
CommunityEditPerfect Eddy2018-01-14 03:06:49Updated
CreditsEditTranslations - Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiya Densetsu2018-01-14 03:04:48Update credits
TranslationsEditDragon Ball Z: Super Saiya Densetsu2018-01-14 02:32:06Changed author
CommunityEditVincent2018-01-14 02:13:20Additional info
TranslationsEditDragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension2018-01-14 01:54:55Author changed
CreditsNewTranslations - Dragon Ball Z: Hyper Dimension2018-01-14 01:54:36
CommunityEditSS4Squall2018-01-14 01:50:20Updated
CommunityEditVincent2018-01-14 01:41:01Link
CommunityEditDragonBallZ Translations2018-01-14 01:35:33Link
GamesEditRomancing SaGa 32018-01-14 01:20:07Replaced description with generic description.
CreditsEditTranslations - Tales of Phantasia2018-01-14 01:13:20Update credits
CreditsNewTranslations - Romancing SaGa 32018-01-14 01:09:23
TranslationsEditRomancing SaGa 32018-01-14 01:09:07Readme file added
CreditsNewTranslations - Final Fantasy III2018-01-14 01:06:37
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy III2018-01-14 01:04:53Readme file added
CreditsNewTranslations - The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past2018-01-14 00:37:26
CommunityEditPablito's2018-01-14 00:35:15Link, logo
CommunityEditSayans Traduction2018-01-14 00:33:47Updated
CreditsEditTranslations - Phantasy Star2018-01-13 23:52:26Updated credits
GamesEditDisney's Aladdin2018-01-13 23:19:46Updated
GamesEditDisney's Aladdin2018-01-13 23:17:21Updated
GamesEditDisney's Aladdin2018-01-13 23:15:21Updated
GamesEditDisney's Aladdin2018-01-13 23:12:20Fixed title
GamesEditDisney's Aladdin2018-01-13 23:10:30Fixed title
GamesEditDisney's Aladdin2018-01-13 23:10:09Fixed title
GamesEditOpoona2018-01-13 22:25:12Updated
GamesEditBastard!!: Ankoku no Hakaishin2018-01-13 04:10:43Description
CreditsNewTranslations - Bastard!!: Ankoku no Hakai-shin2018-01-13 04:07:17
CreditsNewTranslations - Banana Prince2018-01-13 01:28:38
CreditsNewTranslations - Deep Dungeon III: Yuushi heno Tabi2018-01-13 01:27:26
GamesEditArabian Nights: Sabaku no Seirei Ou2018-01-13 01:10:25Replaced review-ish description to generic decription
GamesEditXexyz2018-01-13 00:42:44Updated
GamesEditTekken 22018-01-13 00:41:29Updated
GamesEditFinal Fantasy V2018-01-13 00:38:27Removed review-ish tone in the description
TranslationsNewFinal Fantasy V2018-01-13 00:34:27
HacksNoncompliantCount Monsters2018-01-13 00:30:38Transferred to Translation Section because the hack is a direct Addendum of a translation hack -
HacksNoncompliantUnbastard Magic2018-01-13 00:25:26Transferred to Translation Section because the hack is a direct Addendum of a translation hack -
CreditsNewHacks - Super Nuts & Milk GST2018-01-13 00:16:25
HacksEditSuper Nuts & Milk GST2018-01-13 00:08:45Changed category to Complete, add hacked titlescreen, changed correct ROM Information, added description fact (The Spoony Bard/toma/ELEETGST the same person/s).
CommunityEditLagoLunatic2018-01-12 23:35:49Link, logo
CommunityEditRirika2018-01-12 02:49:07Language
CreditsNewHacks - MUSCLE Supreme hack2018-01-12 02:46:48
CommunityEditMaverickZero2018-01-12 02:35:19Forum name
CreditsNewHacks - Final Fantasy V Advance new sprites hack2018-01-12 02:34:28
CreditsNewHacks - Name Fix Patch2018-01-12 02:32:10
CreditsNewHacks - Final Fantasy V - GBA Script Port2018-01-12 02:27:06
CreditsNewHacks - FF5r2018-01-12 02:24:34
CreditsNewHacks - GBA FF6 Font2018-01-12 02:20:15
CreditsNewHacks - Regen Power-up Patch2018-01-12 02:01:19
CreditsNewHacks - Medicine Power-up Patch2018-01-12 02:00:54
CreditsNewHacks - Adding Spells to Spell Lists Patch2018-01-12 02:00:37
CommunityEditmr-volk2018-01-12 01:46:14Image broken
CreditsEditHacks - Tower RE (Mario Tower)2018-01-12 01:05:33Changed to correct author
CommunityEditJulie Dillon2018-01-12 00:52:13Link
CommunityEditCuteLucca2018-01-12 00:37:19Link
CommunityEditnightmare9752018-01-12 00:19:58Link
CreditsNewHacks - Magical Rockman2018-01-12 00:13:12
CreditsNewHacks - Dr. Chaos with Japanese Text2018-01-12 00:12:24
CreditsNewHacks - Simplified with Druid Dagger Fix2018-01-12 00:08:42
CreditsNewHacks - Secondary Weapon Slot and Remote Barrier2018-01-12 00:08:03
CreditsNewHacks - Chrono Trigger: Prophet's Guile2018-01-11 23:59:20
CommunityEditChrono'992018-01-11 23:00:01Link, logo, Single
CreditsNewHacks - Chrono Trigger Coliseum2018-01-11 22:45:47
CreditsNewHacks - BS Super Mario USA Base patch2018-01-11 22:42:18
CreditsNewHacks - Unfusing Less2018-01-11 22:40:43
CommunityEditPHA_PHX_PHY_PHP2018-01-11 22:39:12Forum name
GamesEditSD Gundam G Next2018-01-11 20:31:46Removed review-ish description.
GamesEditStreet Fighter Alpha 22018-01-11 20:25:07Updated
CreditsNewTranslations - Langrisser II2018-01-11 08:39:09
CreditsNewTranslations - Warsong2018-01-11 08:38:38
GamesEditDragon Ball Z: Buyuu Retsuden2018-01-11 08:26:01Removed review-ish tone in the description
HacksEditSuper Mario Bros. 11th Root of 32018-01-11 08:13:29Changed author.
CommunityEditβetaWorld2018-01-11 06:25:13Language, link
HacksNoncompliantBanana Guy2018-01-10 08:29:26Transferred to Translation Section because the hack is a direct Addendum of a translation hack -
TranslationsNewBanana Prince2018-01-10 08:28:40
GamesEditBanana Prince2018-01-10 07:59:30Removed review-ish tone in the description.
HacksNoncompliantDeep Dungeon 3 Graphics Mod2018-01-10 07:44:03Transferred to Translation Section because the hack is a direct Addendum of a translation hack -
TranslationsNewDeep Dungeon III: Yuushi heno Tabi2018-01-10 07:42:58
GamesEditDeep Dungeon III: Yuushi heno Tabi2018-01-10 07:42:41Generic description replaced retarded description.
GamesEditMother 1+22018-01-09 08:30:19Replaced review-ish description with a generic description. Anyone is welcome to writeup a decent game description.
GamesEditMother2018-01-09 08:28:20Replaced review-ish description with a generic description. Anyone is welcome to writeup a decent game description.
GamesEditEarthBound2018-01-09 08:25:56Replaced review-ish description with a generic description. Anyone is welcome to writeup a decent game description.
GamesEditAsuncia: Matsue no Jubaku2018-01-09 08:18:18Updated
CommunityEditDarkPrinceAlucard2018-01-09 00:34:56Logo
TranslationsEditDragon Warrior II2018-01-08 20:02:09Update images
CreditsNewTranslations - Shaman King: Master of Spirits2018-01-07 21:43:23
CreditsNewTranslations - Ice Climber2018-01-07 21:42:32
CreditsNewTranslations - Circus Charlie2018-01-07 21:42:04
CreditsNewTranslations - The Goonies II2018-01-07 21:40:37
CreditsNewTranslations - The Goonies2018-01-07 21:40:21
CreditsNewHacks - Final Fantasy II Turbo2018-01-07 21:39:11
CommunityEditb0ardface2018-01-07 21:38:08Forum name
GamesEditDragon Warrior II2018-01-07 21:32:45Removed review-ish tone in the description.
GamesEditShaman King: Master of Spirits2018-01-07 21:10:45Updated
GamesEditThe Goonies2018-01-07 21:05:08Description
GamesEditIce Climber2018-01-07 21:01:51Description
CommunityEditMoogie2018-01-07 20:53:35Description, Links
CommunityEditMoogy2018-01-07 20:20:14Updated
CreditsNewTranslations - Shining Force Gaiden: Final Conflict2018-01-07 20:12:14
CommunityEditGigasoft2018-01-07 07:37:40Forum name and description
CommunityEditJonFeilds2018-01-07 07:35:12Description
CommunityEditTaichou2018-01-07 07:35:01Description
CommunityEditVivalavivi2018-01-07 07:34:49Description
CommunityEditLady Aino Minako2018-01-07 07:34:35Description
CommunityEditPepsiBeth2018-01-07 07:34:25Description
CreditsNewTranslations - Tales of Phantasia2018-01-07 07:31:33
CommunityEditAndroid 182018-01-07 07:28:49Description
CreditsEditTranslations - Ike Ike! Nekketsu Hockey Bu: Subette Koronde Dairantou2018-01-07 07:18:17Replaced Zero (who may not be the same person) with jiji (based on the reflection he said he hacked the game)
CommunityEditJust4Fun2018-01-07 07:09:14Language
CreditsNewHacks - Aladdin 4 Music Replacement2018-01-07 06:59:14
CreditsEditTranslations - Tales of Phantasia2018-01-07 06:50:59Credits
CommunityEditDean2018-01-07 06:45:24Language
CreditsNewHacks - Bomber Pikachu2018-01-06 02:18:50
CreditsNewTranslations - Harvest Moon2018-01-05 22:33:52
CommunityEditRaph_friend2018-01-05 22:32:47Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Sirius Mario Bros. 62018-01-05 22:17:05
CreditsEditHacks - Super Parigo Kart2018-01-05 21:13:33Fixed credit
HacksEditSuper Parigo Kart 22018-01-05 21:12:48Changed Category from Complete to Spoof
CreditsNewHacks - Super Parigo Kart 22018-01-05 21:12:20
HacksEditSuper Parigo Kart2018-01-05 21:11:50Changed Category from Complete to Spoof. Revised description.
CommunityEditRafaelGC2018-01-05 02:47:57Language, link, logo
CommunityEditJinnDEvil2018-01-05 02:41:41Language, link, logo
CommunityEditMarco Antonio Porcho Souza2018-01-05 02:39:23Language
CommunityEditDiego José Camboim de Souza2018-01-05 02:39:09Language
CommunityNoncompliantFoxhack2018-01-05 02:14:01Duplicate of KitsuneSniper aka Foxhack -
CreditsEditTranslations - Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge2018-01-05 02:11:42Update credits
GamesEditHokuto No Ken2018-01-04 22:19:22Updated
GamesEditOverblood 22018-01-03 20:28:06Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Rockman 2014 New Year's Hack2018-01-03 00:01:18
CreditsNewHacks - Rockman 2015 New Year's Hack2018-01-03 00:01:08
CreditsNewTranslations - Volleyball2018-01-02 06:56:53
CommunityEditOLAF2018-01-02 06:56:20Updated
CreditsEditTranslations - Heracles no Eikou III: Kamigami no Chinmoku2018-01-02 06:54:24Correct credits DeMarsMan to DaMarsMan
CreditsNewTranslations - Mega Man Zero2018-01-02 06:51:06
CreditsNewTranslations - Mega Man Zero2018-01-02 06:48:39
CommunityEditStresslation2018-01-02 06:48:03Forum name, language
CreditsNewHacks - Battle City - Zeng Ge Hack2018-01-02 06:42:27
CreditsNewTranslations - The Goonies2018-01-02 06:40:21
CommunityEditIyasu2018-01-02 06:39:38Updated
CreditsNewTranslations - The Addams Family2018-01-02 06:34:41
CreditsNewTranslations - Wolverine2018-01-02 06:34:04
CommunityEditKaji2018-01-02 06:32:38Updated
TranslationsEditWolverine2018-01-02 06:30:00Titlescreen check box checked
CreditsNewTranslations - Banishing Racer2018-01-02 06:16:22
GamesEditBanishing Racer2018-01-01 21:27:22Updated
CommunityEditDaVince2018-01-01 20:56:07Update
CommunityEditwaldrumpus2018-01-01 20:52:12Update
CreditsNewTranslations - Landstalker: The Treasures of King Nole2018-01-01 07:29:43
GamesEditIrodzuki Tingle no Koi no Balloon Trip2018-01-01 07:24:55Updated
CommunityEditPaspallas2018-01-01 07:23:35Forum name, logo
CreditsNewHacks - A Shocking Relic2018-01-01 07:22:12
CommunityEditRobo Jesus2018-01-01 07:21:55Forum name
CommunityEditVallenatero20152018-01-01 07:20:52Forum name, language
CreditsNewTranslations - Zombie Nation2018-01-01 07:19:22
CreditsNewHacks - Rockman 2018 New Year's Hack2018-01-01 03:43:57
HacksNewRockman 2018 New Year's Hack2018-01-01 01:28:27
CommunityEditChief_exb2017-12-31 06:50:00Link, logo, description
CreditsNewTranslations - Disney Adventures in the Magic Kingdom2017-12-31 06:44:18
CreditsNewHacks - Megaman 5 Japanese Style Title Screen2017-12-31 06:34:55
CommunityEditKupo2017-12-31 06:28:51Language
CreditsNewHacks - Rockman 20002017-12-31 03:27:00
HacksEditPac-Land Control Normalizer2017-12-30 21:40:53Added ROM Info c/o KingMike. Added info in the Description on how to activate the hack (its in the readme too).
CommunityEditnicepi2017-12-30 06:48:31Language, link
CreditsNewTranslations - Mother 32017-12-30 06:14:43
TranslationsNewMother 32017-12-30 05:04:30
GamesEditMother 32017-12-30 04:59:49Removed review-ish description with generic description. Anyone should write up a proper game description without personal review.
GamesEditClash at Demonhead2017-12-30 04:39:46Updated
GamesEditAliens: Alien 22017-12-30 04:05:01Updated
GamesEditRistar2017-12-30 03:56:57Updated
GamesEditTakahashi Meijin no Bug-tte Honey2017-12-30 03:54:58Updated
HacksEditMega Man 3 Improvement2017-12-30 03:38:12Fixed doubled image, title and mod G and T checked for new intro.
CreditsNewTranslations - Final Fantasy I+II2017-12-30 03:28:25
CreditsNewTranslations - Final Fantasy I+II2017-12-30 03:27:25
CreditsNewHacks - Ultimate Castlevania2017-12-30 03:20:55
HacksNoncompliantFinal Fantasy I & II (Unofficial Update #2)2017-12-30 02:58:46The hack is broken. The Final Fantasy II game does not play (only a black screen when selected).
CreditsNewTranslations - Sweet Home2017-12-30 02:02:28
CommunityEditJMN2017-12-30 02:01:56Updated
CreditsEditTranslations - Bastard!!: Ankoku no Hakai-shin2017-12-30 01:23:19Fixed credits. AWJ aka Alex W. Jackson.
CreditsEditTranslations - Dragon Quest V: Tenkuu no Hanayome2017-12-30 01:23:03Fixed credits. AWJ aka Alex W. Jackson.
CommunityEditJonesy472017-12-29 23:51:35Forum name
CreditsEditHacks - Mother: 25th Anniversary Edition2017-12-29 23:36:27Add credits
CommunityEditLuffym172017-12-29 23:11:21Forum name
HacksNoncompliantFinal Fantasy 1 & 2 Unofficial Update2017-12-29 09:28:58Resubmitted into Translations Section - This is a direct addendum hack of Demiforce's translation patch.
CommunityEditLilFishINC2017-12-29 09:08:28Forum name
TranslationsNewFinal Fantasy I+II2017-12-29 09:07:16
CreditsNewHacks - Dezaemon SRAM Fix2017-12-29 08:56:02
CreditsNewHacks - Castlevania III Bugfixes2017-12-29 08:54:10
CommunityEditJezze2017-12-29 08:22:50Language
CreditsNewHacks - Seiken Densetsu 3 (Japan) (title-screen patches)2017-12-29 08:21:27
CommunityEditGinBunBun2017-12-28 21:47:23Forum name, Link
CreditsNewHacks - Secret of Mana MSU-12017-12-28 21:37:50
CommunityEditExort2017-12-28 21:27:34Link, logo
CreditsNewHacks - Mega Man X2 MSU-12017-12-28 21:17:06
CreditsEditHacks - Super Metroid MSU-12017-12-28 21:12:53Update credits
CommunityEditBlake Robinson2017-12-28 21:07:07Updated
CommunityEditRay2017-12-28 20:54:59Link, language
CommunityEditMarvin Dalkiri2017-12-28 20:54:43Link, language
CommunityEditShin`2017-12-28 20:34:29Updated
CommunityEditAbyss Rebirth2017-12-28 20:23:44Updated
CommunityEditKrzysztof Slowikowski2017-12-28 20:11:51Updated
CommunityEditeskhotline2017-12-28 19:59:12Updated
CommunityEditTheRetromancer2017-12-28 19:40:12Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time MSU-12017-12-28 19:36:42
CreditsEditHacks - Mega Man X MSU-1 Audio2017-12-28 19:35:43Fixed Credits. Dark Shock & MLarouche are the same user.
CreditsNewHacks - ActRaiser MSU-12017-12-28 19:28:35
CreditsNewHacks - Mega Man 7 MSU-12017-12-28 19:26:47
CreditsNewHacks - Megaman Bass2017-12-28 19:25:34
CreditsNewHacks - ReturnerScum's Final Fantasy VI2017-12-28 08:29:53
CreditsNewHacks - Dynamic Action Selection Unofficial Update2017-12-28 08:25:46
GamesEditHenry Hatsworth in The Puzzling Adventure2017-12-27 22:55:03Updated
GamesEditYu Yu Hakusho: Tournament Tactics2017-12-27 22:53:58Updated
CreditsEditHacks - Super Mario World MSU-1(+)2017-12-27 22:29:30Updated
CommunityEditHatsu_Haru2017-12-27 21:50:07Updated
CommunityEditEnder2017-12-27 21:39:21Forum name, Link
CommunityEditCStrife2017-12-27 20:16:17Description
CommunityEditMO2017-12-27 20:07:40Link
CreditsNewHacks - Wario Land 2 - 5-2 Wall Fix2017-12-27 08:52:34
CreditsNewHacks - Dr. Alex2017-12-27 08:52:19
CreditsNewTranslations - Friday the 13th2017-12-27 00:54:00
CreditsNewHacks - Pop'n TwinBee - NTSC Patch2017-12-27 00:52:04
CreditsNewHacks - Pop'n TwinBee RBA - NTSC Patch2017-12-27 00:51:49
CreditsNewHacks - Secret of Evermore - NTSC Patch2017-12-27 00:51:21
CreditsNewHacks - Secret of Mana - NTSC Patch2017-12-27 00:51:03
CreditsNewHacks - SimCity - NTSC Patch2017-12-27 00:50:44
CreditsNewHacks - Soul Blazer - NTSC Patch2017-12-27 00:47:14
CreditsNewHacks - Super Bomberman 3 - NTSC Patch2017-12-27 00:46:21
CreditsNewHacks - Super Probotector - NTSC Patch2017-12-27 00:46:07
CreditsNewHacks - Toy Story - NTSC Patch2017-12-27 00:45:51
CreditsNewTranslations - Sweet Home2017-12-27 00:45:05
CreditsNewHacks - Shantae dance floor hang bugfix2017-12-27 00:44:11
CreditsNewHacks - Lost Vikings II - always stereo2017-12-27 00:43:46
CreditsNewHacks - Lost Vikings II - password saving2017-12-27 00:43:42
CreditsNewHacks - Lost Vikings II - always stereo2017-12-27 00:43:00
CreditsNewTranslations - Nightmare on Elm Street2017-12-27 00:41:13
CreditsNewTranslations - Rampage2017-12-27 00:40:31
GamesEditRampage2017-12-27 00:40:01Updated
GamesEditNightmare on Elm Street2017-12-27 00:38:29Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Mystical Ninja - NTSC Patch2017-12-27 00:10:46
CreditsNewHacks - Mystic Quest Legend - NTSC Patch2017-12-27 00:10:30
CreditsNewHacks - Magical Quest Starring Mickey Mouse - NTSC Patch2017-12-27 00:10:16
CreditsNewHacks - Lufia II - NTSC Patch2017-12-27 00:09:58
CreditsNewHacks - Lost Vikings II - NTSC Patch2017-12-27 00:09:41
CreditsNewHacks - Lost Vikings - NTSC Patch2017-12-27 00:09:28
CreditsNewHacks - Lagoon - NTSC Patch2017-12-27 00:09:12
CreditsNewHacks - Illusion of Time - NTSC Patch2017-12-27 00:08:55
CreditsNewHacks - Harvest Moon - NTSC Patch2017-12-27 00:08:38
CreditsNewHacks - Goof Troop - NTSC Patch2017-12-27 00:08:20
CommunityEditRelnqshd2017-12-27 00:06:30Link
CreditsNewHacks - DBZ: Super Butouden 3 - NTSC Patch2017-12-26 23:56:55
CreditsNewHacks - DBZ: Super Butouden 2 - NTSC Patch2017-12-26 23:56:30
CreditsNewHacks - DBZ: Super Butouden - NTSC Patch2017-12-26 23:56:14
CreditsNewHacks - DBZ: Hyper Dimension - NTSC Patch2017-12-26 23:56:00
CreditsNewHacks - Blackhawk - NTSC Patch2017-12-26 23:55:42
CreditsNewHacks - Aladdin - NTSC Patch2017-12-26 23:55:26
CommunityEditShinto-Cetra2017-12-26 01:15:11Logo, link
CommunityEditKyence2017-12-26 01:03:22Link, logo
CreditsEditTranslations - Phantasy Star Generation:22017-12-26 00:59:57Removed tools authors
CommunityEditOrakioRob2017-12-26 00:01:07Updated
CreditsEditTranslations - Phantasy Star Generation:12017-12-25 23:59:01Credits added
CommunityEditMARIOFANATIC642017-12-25 23:24:58Updated
CommunityEditStrangulation Games2017-12-25 23:17:49Link
CommunityEditSTORMENT2017-12-25 23:17:44Logo
CommunityEditDark Claw2017-12-25 23:05:29Logo
CommunityEditsnkenjoi2017-12-25 23:01:01Description
CommunityEditSodeko2017-12-25 22:59:25Language
CreditsNewTranslations - Dark Half2017-12-25 22:56:06
CreditsNewTranslations - Dragon Ball Z: Super Saiya Densetsu2017-12-25 22:55:43
CommunityEditSirYoink2017-12-25 22:31:43Forum name
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CommunityEditShadow-Kn2017-12-25 22:15:27Language
CommunityEditShadowJake2017-12-25 22:02:54Language
CommunityEditSerede2017-12-25 22:00:54Language
CommunityEditScrooge2017-12-25 21:58:46Language
TranslationsEditPhantasy Star Generation:12017-12-25 21:55:38Update v2.1
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Land 2 DX2017-12-25 21:27:27
CreditsNewTranslations - The Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening DX2017-12-25 21:26:44
CreditsNewHacks - Christmas Woodman2017-12-25 00:00:20
CommunityEditsluffy2017-12-24 23:07:58Forum name
CreditsNewHacks - Wonder Boy in Monster World - Sram / Pad / Enhancement hack2017-12-24 23:06:17
CreditsNewHacks - Wonder Boy III - SRAM Save2017-12-24 23:05:51
CreditsNewHacks - Spellcaster - SRAM save2017-12-24 23:05:32
CreditsNewHacks - Golvellius - SRAM save2017-12-24 23:05:14
TranslationsEditPower Blade2017-12-24 22:20:06New images
CreditsNewHacks - Excite Mario Bros.2017-12-24 09:43:38
CommunityEditMHS2017-12-24 08:59:54Link
LinksNew 08:59:38
CreditsNewHacks - Bomber Mario2017-12-24 08:40:09
CreditsNewHacks - Super Luigi Bros.2017-12-24 08:38:57
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Bros. Desert Land2017-12-24 08:38:02
CommunityEditL.Soft Hacks2017-12-24 08:36:27Changed group to Single
CreditsNewHacks - Sonic the Hedgehog Genesis (Genesis)2017-12-24 08:31:25
CreditsNewHacks - Sonic 1: Bouncy Edition2017-12-24 08:30:36
CommunityEditOerg8662017-12-24 08:14:34Update
CommunityEditAfti2017-12-24 08:13:04Update
CommunityEditXenowhirl2017-12-24 08:02:46Update
CommunityEditMikel2017-12-24 07:59:47Update
CommunityEditDalekSam2017-12-24 07:55:37Update
CommunityEditUtopiaUK2017-12-24 07:54:40Update
CommunityEditSelbi2017-12-24 07:53:30Update
CommunityEditSMTP2017-12-24 07:50:11Updated
CommunityEditroxahris2017-12-24 07:47:12Update
CommunityEditNineko2017-12-24 07:40:21Update
CommunityEditKaeri2017-12-24 07:35:03Language
CreditsNewTranslations - Ninja Gaiden2017-12-24 07:32:32
CreditsNewTranslations - Castlevania2017-12-24 07:31:07
CreditsNewTranslations - Castlevania2017-12-24 07:30:24
CommunityEditJeremy Bash2017-12-24 07:28:32Forum name
CreditsNewHacks - Mario Misadventures2017-12-24 07:24:10
CreditsEditHacks - Sonic Zeta Overdrive2017-12-24 07:23:05Fix credits
CommunityEditPeppermint Patty2017-12-24 07:19:50Updated
CreditsNewHacks - EDS Mario2017-12-24 07:08:37
CommunityEditKheldarn2017-12-24 07:07:30Updated
CommunityEditSpectrum XD2017-12-24 07:03:44Language
CreditsNewHacks - 2600 Bros.2017-12-24 06:59:27
CreditsNewHacks - Autobot Bros.2017-12-24 06:59:11
CreditsNewHacks - Mark McGwire Bros.2017-12-24 06:58:54
CreditsNewHacks - Super Luigi: The Forgotten Adventure2017-12-24 06:55:04
CreditsNewHacks - Super Wario Bros.2017-12-24 06:54:34
CreditsNewHacks - SMB w/ SMB3 GFX Hack2017-12-24 06:52:35
HacksEditSMB w/ SMB3 GFX Hack2017-12-24 06:52:22Changed category to Improvement
CreditsNewHacks - The Ultimate Bugs Bunny Crazy Castle 22017-12-24 06:43:16
CreditsNewHacks - Frank's Third Ultimate Super Mario Bros. 1 Hack2017-12-24 06:43:01
CreditsNewHacks - Frank's Super Mario Land2017-12-24 06:42:44
CreditsNewHacks - Frank's Second Ultimate Super Mario Bros. 12017-12-24 06:42:29
CreditsNewHacks - Frank's First Ultimate Super Mario Bros. 12017-12-24 06:42:12
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario 263 Shiki2017-12-24 06:39:05
CreditsNewHacks - Ende's SMB Hack 32017-12-24 06:37:28
CreditsNewHacks - Ende's SMB Hack 12017-12-24 06:37:13
CreditsNewHacks - Water Mario2017-12-24 06:36:17
CreditsNewHacks - Sigma Mario I+II2017-12-24 06:34:38
CommunityEditEclypsis2017-12-24 06:33:59Forum name
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Bros SUICIDEXTREME V2017-12-24 06:32:42
CreditsNewHacks - Super Weeg Land2017-12-24 06:25:58
CreditsNewHacks - Lode Runner Mini2017-12-24 06:23:02
CreditsNewHacks - Sorcerian for the NES2017-12-24 06:22:47
CreditsNewHacks - Super Bubba Bros.2017-12-24 06:22:21
CreditsNewHacks - Moveset Update2017-12-24 06:22:02
CommunityEditByvegeta2017-12-24 06:20:59Better logo
CreditsNewHacks - Metroid Alpha2017-12-24 06:16:10
CreditsNewHacks - Mega Man III (V1.2)2017-12-24 06:15:55
CreditsNewHacks - FIFA World Cup2017-12-24 06:15:34
CreditsNewHacks - Bomberman Zero2017-12-24 06:15:14
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Bros. NEW2017-12-24 06:14:15
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CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Bros. - Extra Adv Edition2017-12-24 06:06:00
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Bros - Escalator2017-12-24 06:05:45
CreditsNewHacks - SMB1 - Beginner's Edition2017-12-24 06:05:33
CommunityEditalexey22017-12-24 06:04:37Forum name
CreditsNewHacks - Megaman in the Mushroom Kingdom2017-12-24 06:03:27
CreditsNewHacks - SMB Instant Death Spike patch2017-12-24 06:02:03
CreditsNewHacks - PeCaMario2017-12-24 06:01:39
CreditsNewHacks - Promotion Mario Bros.2017-12-24 06:00:57
CreditsNewTranslations - Princess Minerva2017-12-24 05:57:54
CommunityEditbreakin2017-12-24 02:09:09Forum name
CreditsNewHacks - Animamundi - Missing items fix2017-12-24 01:06:12
GamesEditHarvest Moon DS Cute2017-12-24 00:52:23Updated
GamesEditDecap Attack2017-12-24 00:50:37Updated
GamesEditOkami HD2017-12-24 00:47:47Updated
GamesEditPrincess Minerva2017-12-24 00:35:24Updated with description c/o Dynamic Designs.
GamesNewPrincess Minerva2017-12-24 00:27:38
GamesEditThe Incredible Hulk2017-12-24 00:19:24Updated
GamesEditThe Incredible Hulk2017-12-24 00:18:27Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Harvest Moon DS Cute - Pete Version2017-12-23 23:26:29
HacksEditSilhouette Mario Bros.2017-12-23 23:15:32Changed category to Improvement
HacksEditNormal Mario Bros.2017-12-23 23:11:56Spell check
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CreditsEditHacks - Project II: Final Fantasy IV2017-12-23 22:19:23Changed Phoenix to Phoenix Hacks
CreditsNewHacks - Bowser Vs. Wario2017-12-22 20:55:13
CreditsNewTranslations - King Arthur's World2017-12-22 07:16:01
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GamesEditAnimamundi: Dark Alchemist2017-12-21 20:53:30Titlescreen
GamesNewAnimamundi: Dark Alchemist2017-12-21 20:50:43
CreditsEditTranslations - The Legend of Zelda2017-12-21 09:33:59Update
CreditsEditTranslations - Sword of Mana2017-12-21 09:33:42Update
CreditsEditTranslations - Lufia: The Ruins of Lore2017-12-21 09:33:22Update
CreditsNewTranslations - Revelations: The Demon Slayer2017-12-21 09:32:48
CreditsNewTranslations - Worms Armageddon2017-12-21 09:32:17
CreditsNewTranslations - Metal Gear2017-12-21 09:31:55
TranslationsEditWorms Armageddon2017-12-21 08:30:41Changed author
TranslationsEditRevelations: The Demon Slayer2017-12-21 08:30:14Changed author
TranslationsEditMetal Gear2017-12-21 08:29:01Changed author
CreditsEditTranslations - Front Mission 5: Scars of the War2017-12-21 08:13:26Updated credits
CreditsNewTranslations - Hamelin no Violin Hiki2017-12-21 07:43:34
CreditsNewHacks - Snake's Revenge - Modernized Portraits2017-12-19 08:59:55
CreditsNewHacks - TX-55 in Metal Gear2017-12-19 08:59:42
HacksNewTX-55 in Metal Gear2017-12-19 08:44:36
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CreditsNewTranslations - Ranma 1/2: Akanekodan Teki Hihou2017-12-18 07:49:54
CreditsNewTranslations - Daikaijyuu Monogatari2017-12-18 07:49:26
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CommunityEditFiresage2017-12-18 07:38:31Updated
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CreditsNewHacks - Harvest Moon DS: Claire & Jill Version2017-12-18 07:09:57
CommunityEditunx2017-12-18 07:08:12Updated
GamesEditHarvest Moon DS2017-12-18 07:06:42Updated
HacksNoncompliantMegaman CX - English2017-12-17 20:21:07Rockman CX already has an official English release. So this hack is pointless.
CreditsNewHacks - Pepsiman (for NES)2017-12-16 22:22:24
GamesEditR.C. Grand Prix2017-12-16 22:21:33Updated
GamesEditDuckTales 22017-12-16 22:19:18Updated
GamesEditOperation C2017-12-15 23:55:24Titlescreen
GamesNewOperation C2017-12-15 23:53:36
CreditsNewHacks - Final Fight 3 Deluxe2017-12-15 23:48:13
CreditsNewTranslations - All Night Nippon Super Mario Bros.2017-12-14 00:20:05
CreditsNewHacks - Final Fantasy V bugfix patch collection2017-12-14 00:17:23
CommunityEditgc8tech2017-12-13 22:06:53Logo changed
CreditsNewTranslations - Final Fantasy III2017-12-13 07:16:27
CommunityEditSandman2017-12-13 07:13:24Updated
CreditsNewHacks - X-Men - Easy Mode Patches2017-12-13 06:55:45
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Advance - Classic Toad Voice2017-12-13 06:54:54
CreditsNewHacks - Snake Rattle 'n' Roll - Isometric D-Pad Adjustment2017-12-13 06:54:36
CreditsNewHacks - Mario's Alley2017-12-13 06:54:10
CreditsNewHacks - Double Dragon III - Difficulty Fix2017-12-13 06:53:36
CreditsNewHacks - Donkey Kong Country2017-12-13 06:53:00
CreditsEditTranslations - Contra2017-12-13 06:51:47Update credits
CreditsNewTranslations - Antarctic Adventure2017-12-13 06:50:55
CommunityEditJedi QuestMaster2017-12-13 03:54:51Updated
CreditsNewTranslations - Akumajou Special: Boku Dracula-kun2017-12-13 03:27:11
HacksNewFinal Fantasy V bugfix patch set2017-12-13 00:19:02
CreditsNewHacks - Breath of Fire - Sound Restoration2017-12-12 22:36:21
CreditsNewHacks - Breath of Fire II - Sound Restoration2017-12-12 22:36:11
CreditsEditHacks - Final Fantasy V: Ancient Cave2017-12-12 22:34:08Credit updated
HacksEditFinal Fantasy V: Ancient Cave2017-12-12 22:32:13Links to text files added in the description.
CommunityEditInu2017-12-12 22:31:23Link, language
CreditsNewHacks - F-Zero Original Ace Cars2017-12-12 21:19:35
HacksEditF-Zero Original Ace Cars2017-12-12 21:17:42Author found. Reuploaded original files.
CommunityEditFennor2017-12-12 21:08:39Updated
CreditsEditHacks - Pokémon Altair and Sirius (+ English translation patch)2017-12-12 20:37:04Credits for the English translation only. Author of original Japanese hack is still unknown.
HacksEditPokémon Altair and Sirius2017-12-12 20:22:42Including English patch. Added images.
CreditsEditTranslations - Ys2017-12-12 08:13:45Removed unknown.
HomebrewEditFroggy 1K2017-12-12 03:52:55Author found -
CommunityEditRob2017-12-12 03:51:21Updated
HomebrewEditFighter F-80002017-12-12 03:39:10Found author. Reuploaded original file with text files. -
CommunityEditKalle Suikola2017-12-12 03:30:15Updated
CommunityEditDr. Akimbo2017-12-12 03:10:07Updated
GamesEditTreasure Hunter G2017-12-12 00:17:17Replaced reviewish description
GamesEditSuper Fire Pro Wrestling X Premium2017-12-12 00:16:32Replaced reviewish description
GamesEditSonSon II2017-12-12 00:14:57Replaced reviewish description
GamesEditSD Snatcher (MSX2)2017-12-12 00:14:23Replaced reviewish description
CreditsNewTranslations - Final Fantasy III2017-12-12 00:13:48
CreditsNewTranslations - Burning Pro Wrestling2017-12-12 00:12:21
GamesEditBurning Pro Wrestling2017-12-12 00:11:47Replaced reviewish description
GamesEditRadia Senki: Reimei Hen2017-12-12 00:10:26Replaced reviewish description
GamesEditMetal Gear 2: Solid Snake (MSX2)2017-12-12 00:09:52Removed reviewish description
GamesEditYs II: Ancient Ys Vanished - The Final Chapter (MSX2)2017-12-12 00:01:45Replaced reviewish description
GamesEditYs: Ancient Ys Vanished Omen (MSX2)2017-12-12 00:01:03Replaced reviewish description
GamesEditTenshi no Uta: Shiroki Tsubasa no Inori2017-12-11 23:59:52Replaced reviewish description
GamesNoncompliantFinal Fantasy IV Easy Type2017-12-11 22:53:02Duplicate of this -
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy II2017-12-11 22:38:32Titlescreen added, game changed
GamesEditFinal Fantasy II2017-12-11 22:15:57Alternate titles added. Description added
GamesEditFinal Fantasy IV Advance2017-12-11 22:12:12Replaced reviewish description
GamesEditFinal Fantasy IV2017-12-11 22:11:48Removed reviewish tone in the description
GamesEditFinal Fantasy IV2017-12-11 22:10:23Replaced reviewish description
GamesEditFinal Fantasy III2017-12-11 22:07:26Replaced reviewish description
GamesEditFinal Fantasy III2017-12-11 22:06:25Replaced reviewish description
GamesEditFinal Fantasy III2017-12-11 22:04:30Replaced reviewish description
GamesEditFinal Fantasy III2017-12-11 22:03:20Replaced reviewish description
GamesEditFinal Fantasy II2017-12-11 22:02:26Replaced reviewish description
GamesEditFinal Fantasy II2017-12-11 22:00:50Replaced reviewish description
GamesEditFinal Fantasy II2017-12-11 21:53:54Replaced reviewish description
GamesEditFinal Fantasy I+II2017-12-11 21:53:25Replaced reviewish description
GamesEditFinal Fantasy I & II: Dawn of Souls2017-12-11 21:52:55Replaced reviewish description
GamesEditFinal Fantasy Adventure2017-12-11 21:49:30Replaced reviewish description
GamesEditFinal Fantasy2017-12-11 21:47:44Replaced reviewish description, publisher, date
GamesEditFinal Fantasy2017-12-11 21:44:55Replaced reviewish description, publisher
GamesEditFinal Fantasy2017-12-11 21:43:31Replaced reviewish description, date, publisher
GamesEditCastlevania: The Adventure2017-12-11 21:36:56Replaced reviewish description
GamesEditSuper Castlevania IV2017-12-11 21:34:15Replaced reviewish description
GamesEditCastlevania: Symphony of the Night2017-12-11 21:32:27Removed reviewish tone in the description, genre
GamesEditCastlevania: Rondo of Blood2017-12-11 21:28:38Desciption, genre
GamesEditCastlevania: Harmony of Dissonance2017-12-11 21:25:00Genre, removed reviewish tone in the description
GamesEditCastlevania: Dracula X2017-12-11 21:20:08Genre, description
GamesEditCastlevania: Dawn of Sorrow2017-12-11 21:18:57Description added
GamesEditCastlevania: Circle of the Moon2017-12-11 21:18:10Removed reviewish tone in the description
GamesEditCastlevania: Bloodlines2017-12-11 21:16:20Description
GamesEditCastlevania: Aria of Sorrow2017-12-11 21:15:34Date, genre, removed reviewish tone in the description
GamesEditCastlevania2017-12-11 21:12:01Description, removed reviewish tone
GamesEditCastlevania II: Belmont’s Revenge2017-12-11 21:10:11Description, genre
GamesEditCastlevania Legends2017-12-11 21:09:00Description, genre
GamesEditCastlevania II: Simon’s Quest2017-12-11 21:07:15Description
GamesEditFarland Story: Daichi no Kizuna2017-12-11 20:39:37Description
GamesEditFarland Story: Hakugin no Tsubasa2017-12-11 20:39:10Description
GamesEditStar Platinum2017-12-11 20:38:22Description
GamesEditAkuma-kun: Makai no Wana2017-12-11 20:37:40Description
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CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario World (NES) Improvement2017-12-11 19:24:20
CreditsNewHacks - Super Mario Bros: Johnny's Quest2017-12-11 19:16:08
CreditsNewHacks - Sonic The Hedgehog (NES) Improvement V1.0 + Graphics2017-12-11 00:04:00
CreditsNewTranslations - Go Go Ackman2017-12-10 23:58:10
CreditsNewTranslations - Fist of the North Star2017-12-10 23:55:43
CreditsNewTranslations - Legend of Wukong2017-12-10 23:54:35
CommunityEditAnti Justice2017-12-10 22:11:43Link, Logo, Lip
CommunityEditcaminopreacher2017-12-10 22:01:19Logo, Removed link which is already the Forum Name link
CreditsNewHacks - Castlevania: Reaper's Reckoning2017-12-10 21:56:46
CreditsNewHacks - Castlevania: Harmony of Dissonance - Belnades Belmont Palette2017-12-10 21:56:34
CreditsNewHacks - Castlevania: Call of Chaos2017-12-10 21:56:21
CreditsNewHacks - Metal Gear DX2017-12-10 21:53:02
CreditsNewHacks - Zelda 2 Refresh2017-12-10 21:53:00
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GamesEditPrince of Persia 2: The Shadow & The Flame2017-12-10 21:15:16Updated
GamesEditThe Adventures of Batman & Robin2017-12-10 21:07:39Updated
GamesEditPrince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the Flame2017-12-10 20:53:15Title fix
CreditsNewTranslations - Knight Lore: Majou no Ookami Otoko2017-12-10 20:47:01
TranslationsEdit46 Okunen Monogatari: THE Shinkaron2017-12-10 04:06:24Reuploaded readme
CreditsNewTranslations - Breeder2017-12-09 22:52:27
CommunityEditRichterWilker2017-12-09 22:51:42Forum name, logo
CreditsNewHacks - Portrait Ruin - Improved version2017-12-09 22:50:57
HacksNoncompliantThe New Strange Mario Bros 12017-12-09 22:31:54*This is a duplicate of this - *Original patches can be found here - *This hack is actually not an addendum, its a level patch found on the link, patch called "StrLevel.ips"
HacksEditThe New Strange Mario Bros!2017-12-09 22:22:27Reuploaded original patch and titlescreen.
CreditsNewTranslations - Donkey Kong2017-12-09 21:39:05
CommunityEditTSCOCT2017-12-09 21:38:29Forum name, language
GamesEditBreeder2017-12-09 21:11:16Titlescreen
GamesNewBreeder2017-12-09 21:08:48
UtilitiesEditNana2017-12-09 20:26:49New screenshot reuploaded
TranslationsEditBrandish 2: The Planet Buster2017-12-09 06:29:14File reuploaded
CreditsNewHacks - Altered Beast with Arcade Voice Samples2017-12-09 01:32:16
GamesEditMahjong2017-12-08 21:51:58Updated
GamesEditArgos no Juujiken2017-12-08 21:48:46Updated
CreditsNewTranslations - Argos no Juujiken2017-12-08 21:46:16
CreditsNewTranslations - Mahjong2017-12-08 21:45:31
CreditsNewHacks - DAS Trainer2017-12-08 21:43:47
CommunityEditLavos19992017-12-08 21:43:19Forum name
HacksEditAltered Beast with Arcade Voice Samples2017-12-08 21:40:36Description fix
CreditsNewHacks - Golden Axe II - Linkuei's Color Palette Hack2017-12-08 21:39:33
CommunityNoncompliantChop2017-12-08 20:51:10Duplicate of
CreditsEditTranslations - Xenogears2017-12-08 20:48:43Updated: Chop to Chop_
CreditsEditTranslations - Parasite Eve2017-12-08 20:48:17Updated: Chop to Chop_
CreditsEditTranslations - Parasite Eve2017-12-08 20:47:34Updated: Chop to Chop_
CreditsEditTranslations - Final Fantasy Tactics2017-12-08 20:47:18Updated: Chop to Chop_
CreditsEditTranslations - Chrono Cross2017-12-08 20:46:58Updated: Chop to Chop_
CommunityEditChop_2017-12-08 20:45:12Updated
GamesEditBrandish 2: The Planet Buster2017-12-05 02:27:05Updated. Needs titlescreen tho
GamesEditShiryou Sensen: War of the Dead2017-12-05 02:09:21Updated
GamesEditBonanza Bros.2017-12-05 01:59:19Updated
GamesEditBattletoads2017-12-05 01:56:11Updated
GamesEditBattlemaniacs2017-12-05 01:52:15Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Street Fighter II: The World Warrior - Easy move2017-12-05 01:07:47
CreditsNewHacks - Street Fighter II: The World Warrior Easy move2017-12-05 01:07:36
CreditsNewHacks - Super Street Fighter 2 Easy Move2017-12-05 01:07:26
CreditsNewHacks - Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers - Easy Move2017-12-05 01:07:13
CreditsNewHacks - Street Fighter II: Champion Edition Easy Move2017-12-05 01:00:24
CreditsNewHacks - Street Fighter II Hyper Fighting Easy Move2017-12-05 01:00:09
CreditsNewHacks - Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams Easy Move2017-12-05 00:59:57
CreditsNewHacks - Street Fighter 2 Plus - Easy Move2017-12-05 00:59:37
CreditsNewHacks - Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition Easy Move2017-12-05 00:59:22
CreditsNewHacks - Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition - True Gouki2017-12-05 00:59:11
CreditsNewHacks - Hyper Street Fighter II: The Anniversary Edition - Choose Hidden Gouki2017-12-05 00:58:59
CreditsNewHacks - Justice League Task Force - Easy Move2017-12-05 00:55:53
CreditsNewHacks - Castlevania: The Holy Relics2017-12-05 00:55:31
CommunityEditJegriva2017-12-05 00:54:16Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Dragon Warrior IV - Seamonsters fix2017-12-05 00:53:24
CreditsNewTranslations - Little Magic2017-12-05 00:49:48
CreditsNewTranslations - Lester the Unlikely2017-12-05 00:48:33
CreditsEditHacks - Loony Pool2017-12-03 21:17:22Update credits
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CreditsNewHacks - Prince of Persia 2 - Horse Level Fixed2017-12-02 21:29:15
CreditsNewHacks - Parody World Revisited2017-12-02 21:27:35
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CreditsNewTranslations - Wonder Boy III: The Dragon's Trap2017-12-02 21:25:35
GamesEditKendo Rage2017-12-02 21:21:56Updated
CreditsNewTranslations - Kendo Rage2017-12-02 21:18:42
CreditsNewHacks - Princess Pipe Panic2017-12-02 05:21:49
HacksNewPrincess Pipe Panic2017-12-02 05:11:58
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CreditsNewHacks - Rockman 3 - Claw2017-12-01 23:28:16
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CreditsNewTranslations - Iron Commando: Koutetsu no Senshi2017-11-29 01:21:39
CreditsEditTranslations - Final Fantasy II2017-11-28 22:52:55Removed special thanks and other indirect credits
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CreditsNewHacks - Final Fantasy IV Graphics Update2017-11-27 23:28:05
CommunityEditGedankenschild2017-11-27 23:27:39Updated
GamesEditDouble Dragon V: The Shadow Falls2017-11-27 20:15:12Title screen
GamesNewDouble Dragon V: The Shadow Falls2017-11-27 20:13:21
CreditsNewTranslations - Renegade2017-11-27 00:35:46
CreditsNewTranslations - Ninja Gaiden Trilogy2017-11-27 00:35:31
CreditsNewTranslations - Mega Man 32017-11-27 00:35:15
CreditsNewTranslations - Journey to Silius2017-11-27 00:34:24
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GamesEditZhen Jia Hou Wang2017-11-23 22:09:57Description, titlescreen
GamesEditZoids Saga DS: Legend of Arcadia2017-11-23 22:08:43Description
GamesEditBeyond Zero Tolerance2017-11-23 22:06:34Description, date, title
GamesEditYuu Yuu Hakusho: Makyo Touitsusen2017-11-23 22:05:17Description
GamesEditXenogears2017-11-23 22:04:41Description
GamesEditWorld Soccer Winning Eleven 20022017-11-23 22:04:21Description
GamesEditWonder Boy in Monster World2017-11-23 22:01:42Description, genre
GamesEditWild Arms 22017-11-23 22:00:34Description
GamesEditWild Arms2017-11-23 22:00:07Description
GamesEditWarsong2017-11-23 21:59:48Description
GamesEditWarioWare D.I.Y.2017-11-23 21:59:26Description
GamesEditWardner2017-11-23 21:57:17Description
GamesEditVenture2017-11-23 21:56:58Description, genre, date
GamesEditVapor Trail: Hyper Offence Formation2017-11-23 21:56:19Description
GamesEditVampire Hunter D2017-11-23 21:55:57Description
GamesEditVagrant Story2017-11-23 21:55:35Description
GamesEditUndeadline: Genjuuki2017-11-23 21:53:27Description
GamesEditUndead Line2017-11-23 21:53:07Description
GamesEditUchuu Senkan Gomora2017-11-23 21:52:44Description
GamesEditTun Shi Tiandi III2017-11-23 21:51:06Description, alternate title
GamesEditTruxton2017-11-23 21:47:33Description
GamesEditTrauma Center: Under the Knife 22017-11-23 21:47:13Description
GamesEditTomodachi Collection2017-11-23 21:46:29Description
GamesEditTokimeki Memorial: Girl's Side - 3rd Story2017-11-23 21:45:47Description, title
GamesEditTokimeki Memorial: Girl’s Side - 2nd Season2017-11-23 21:45:15Description
GamesEditTokimeki Memorial: Girl's Side - 1st Love Plus2017-11-23 21:44:31Description
GamesEditTiny Toon Adventures: Buster's Hidden Treasure2017-11-23 21:40:49Description, titlescreen
GamesEditTime Hollow2017-11-23 21:37:29Description
GamesEditTime Crisis2017-11-23 21:36:40Description, date
GamesEditThunder Pro Wrestling Retsuden2017-11-23 21:35:22Description
GamesEditThunder Force V: Perfect System2017-11-23 21:34:31Description
GamesEditThunder Force III2017-11-23 21:34:05Description
GamesEditThunder Force II2017-11-23 21:33:43Description
GamesEditThe Mystic Dragoons2017-11-23 21:33:24Description
GamesEditThe Lost Vikings2017-11-23 21:32:35Description
GamesEditTurrican2017-11-23 21:32:11Description
GamesEditThe Lion King2017-11-23 21:30:08Description
GamesEditThe Legend of Oasis2017-11-23 21:29:31Description
GamesEditThe King of Fighters Kyo2017-11-23 21:28:26Description
GamesEditThe Flintstones2017-11-23 21:27:59Description
GamesEditTenchu: Stealth Assassins2017-11-23 21:26:27Description, genre
GamesEditTecmo Cup Football Game2017-11-23 21:25:45Description, date
GamesEditTaz-Mania2017-11-23 21:22:14Description, titlescreen
GamesEditTask Force Harrier EX2017-11-23 21:19:30Description
GamesEditJoust2017-11-23 21:19:09Publisher
GamesEditAir Sea Battle2017-11-23 21:18:41Publisher
GamesEditTales of the Tempest2017-11-23 21:17:34Description
GamesEditTales of Innocence2017-11-23 21:17:07Description, genre
GamesEditTales of Destiny II2017-11-23 21:13:16Description, genre
GamesEditTales of Destiny2017-11-23 21:11:00Description
GamesEditT2: The Arcade Game2017-11-23 21:10:28Description
GamesEditT.R.A.G. - Tactical Rescue Assault Group: Mission of Mercy2017-11-23 21:10:06Description
GamesEditSyphon Filter2017-11-23 21:09:01Description, date
GamesEditSyd of Valis2017-11-23 21:07:42Description, titles
GamesEditSurround2017-11-23 21:05:41Description, date
GamesEditSuperman2017-11-23 21:04:51Description, genre
GamesEditSuper Street Fighter II: The New Challengers2017-11-23 21:03:43Description
GamesEditSunset Riders2017-11-23 21:03:22Description
GamesEditStreet Fighter II': Special Champion Edition2017-11-23 21:01:10Description
GamesEditStormlord2017-11-23 21:00:49Description
GamesEditStarmaster2017-11-23 21:00:18Description
GamesEditStar Wars: The Arcade Game2017-11-23 20:59:51Description
GamesEditSoul of the Samurai2017-11-23 20:59:23Description
GamesEditSorcerian2017-11-23 20:59:02Description
GamesEditSonic the Hedgehog 32017-11-23 20:58:42Description
GamesEditSonic Rush2017-11-23 20:58:19Description
GamesEditSonic & Knuckles2017-11-23 20:57:56Description, date
GamesEditShinseiki Evangelion: Ayanami Ikusei Keikaku with Asuka Hokan Keikaku DS2017-11-23 20:56:52Description
GamesEditShining Force III: Scenario 32017-11-23 20:52:04Description
GamesEditShining Force III: Scenario 22017-11-23 20:51:40Description
GamesEditShining Force III: Scenario 12017-11-23 20:51:16Description
GamesEditShining Force II2017-11-23 20:50:51Description
GamesEditShining Force2017-11-23 20:50:25Description
GamesEditShadowrun2017-11-23 20:48:14Description
GamesEditShadow of the Beast II2017-11-23 20:47:53Description
GamesEditShadow of the Beast2017-11-23 20:47:31Description
GamesEditSecond Samurai2017-11-23 20:47:03Description, genre
GamesEditSD Gundam: G Century2017-11-23 20:45:18Description
GamesEditSagaia2017-11-23 20:42:34Description
GamesEditSaGa Frontier2017-11-23 20:42:13Description
GamesEditSaGa 3: Rulers of Time and Space - Shadow or Light2017-11-23 20:41:50Description
GamesEditSaGa 2: Hihou Densetsu - Goddess of Destiny2017-11-23 20:40:40Description
GamesEditRosario to Vampire: Tanabata no Miss Youkai Gakuen2017-11-23 20:40:13Description
GamesEditRock n' Roll Racing2017-11-23 20:39:24Description
GamesEditRoboCop 32017-11-23 20:38:38Description
GamesEditRoad Rash II2017-11-23 20:37:43Description, date
GamesEditRoad Rash2017-11-23 20:36:37Description
GamesEditRittai Ninja Katsugeki Tenchu: Shinobi Gaisen2017-11-23 20:35:26Description
GamesEditRistar2017-11-23 20:24:42Description
GamesEditRings of Power2017-11-23 20:24:20Description
GamesEditResident Evil: Director's Cut2017-11-23 20:23:32Description, genre
GamesEditResident Evil: Deadly Silence2017-11-23 20:22:40Description
GamesEditR.B.I Baseball '942017-11-23 20:22:10Description
GamesEditQuackShot2017-11-23 20:21:50Description
GamesEditPuzzle Series Vol. 5: Slither Link2017-11-23 20:21:25Description
GamesEditPuzzle Series Vol. 12: Akari2017-11-23 20:21:06Description
GamesEditPuyo Puyo! 15th Anniversary2017-11-23 20:20:47Description
GamesEditPuyo Pop Fever2017-11-23 20:20:27Description
GamesEditPuyo Puyo 72017-11-23 20:16:39Description
GamesEditPulseman2017-11-23 20:16:19Description
GamesEditPokémon: White Version 22017-11-23 20:15:57Description
GamesEditPokémon: HeartGold Version2017-11-23 20:15:38Description
GamesEditPokémon: Black Version 22017-11-23 20:15:15Description
GamesEditPokémon: Black Version2017-11-23 20:14:57Description
GamesEditPhantasy Star II: Yushis's Adventure2017-11-23 20:14:24Description
GamesEditPhantasy Star II: Shilka’s Adventure2017-11-23 20:14:05Description
GamesEditPhantasy Star II: Rudger's Adventure2017-11-23 20:13:45Description
GamesEditPhantasy Star II: Kinds’s Adventure2017-11-23 20:13:26Description
GamesEditPhantasy Star II: Nei's Adventure2017-11-23 20:10:58Description
GamesEditPhantasy Star II: Huey's Adventure2017-11-23 20:10:34Description
GamesEditPhantasy Star II: Anne's Adventure2017-11-23 20:10:14Description
GamesEditPhantasy Star II: Amia's Adventure2017-11-23 20:09:50Description
GamesEditPaper Mario: Sticker Star2017-11-23 20:08:14Description, genre, platform
GamesEditPanzer Commander2017-11-23 20:04:09Description
GamesEditOutRun2017-11-23 20:03:50Description
GamesEditOtometeki Koi Kakumei Love Revo!! DS2017-11-23 20:03:30Description
GamesEditNostalgia2017-11-23 20:03:08Description
GamesEditNi no Kuni: Shikkoku no Madoushi2017-11-23 20:02:49Description
GamesEditNHL '942017-11-23 08:59:51Description, publisher, titles
GamesEditNBA Live ‘962017-11-23 08:57:47Description, publisher, date
GamesEditNaruto Shippuuden: Dairansen! Kage Bunshin Emaki2017-11-23 08:56:37Description
GamesEditNanashi no Game: Me2017-11-23 08:56:09Description
GamesEditMr. Nutz 22017-11-23 08:55:45Description
GamesEditPsy-O-Blade2017-11-23 08:53:03Title, description
GamesEditMonster World IV2017-11-23 08:51:34Description
GamesEditMidnight Resistance2017-11-23 08:49:03Description
GamesEditMicro Machines Turbo Tournament '962017-11-23 08:48:39Description
GamesEditMichael Jackson's Moonwalker2017-11-23 08:48:12Description
GamesEditMega SWIV2017-11-23 08:47:46Description
GamesEditLegend of Wukong2017-11-23 08:46:47Description, date
GamesEditLandstalker: The Treasures of King Nole2017-11-23 08:44:08Description
GamesEditKing Colossus2017-11-23 08:43:39Description
GamesEditKid Chameleon2017-11-23 08:43:12Description
GamesEditJoe & Mac2017-11-23 08:42:46Description
GamesEditGyakuten Kenji 22017-11-23 08:42:20Description
GamesEditMeitantei Conan & Kindaichi Shounen no Jikenbou: Meguri au Futari no Meitantei2017-11-23 08:39:36Description
GamesEditMega Man Battle Network 5: Double Team DS2017-11-23 08:39:03Description, titlescreen
GamesEditJump Ultimate Stars2017-11-23 08:37:40Description
GamesEditGo! Go! Cosmo Cops!2017-11-23 08:36:48Description
GamesEditGhost Trick: Phantom Detective2017-11-23 08:36:23Description, genre
GamesEditGame Center CX: Arino no Chousenjou 22017-11-23 08:34:04Description
GamesEditFinal Fantasy: The 4 Heroes of Light2017-11-23 08:33:12Description
GamesEditFinal Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings2017-11-23 08:32:36Description
GamesEditFinal Fantasy Tactics A2: Grimoire of the Rift2017-11-23 08:31:55Description
GamesEditCustom Robo Arena2017-11-23 08:31:20Description
GamesEditJames Pond 3: Operation Starfish2017-11-23 03:27:57Description
GamesEditJames Pond 2: Codename: RoboCod2017-11-23 03:27:37Description
GamesEditHigh Seas Havoc2017-11-23 03:27:15Description
GamesEditHerzog Zwei2017-11-23 03:22:01Description
GamesEditFengshen Yingjie Chuan2017-11-23 03:21:08Description, title changed
GamesEditGunstar Heroes2017-11-23 03:17:20Description
GamesEditGhostbusters2017-11-23 03:16:34Description
GamesEditFushigi no Umi no Nadia2017-11-23 03:15:50Description
GamesEditFatal Fury 22017-11-23 03:14:36Description
GamesEditExile2017-11-23 03:14:09Description
GamesEditDune: The Battle for Arrakis2017-11-23 03:13:43Description
GamesEditDesert Strike: Return to the Gulf2017-11-23 03:12:56Description
GamesEditChiki Chiki Boys2017-11-23 03:12:30Descrption
CommunityEditramkhamhaeng2017-11-22 23:03:15Updated
GamesEditYugekitai: Saikyoushin Fukkatsu no Maki2017-11-22 22:57:57Description
GamesEditYugekitai Kakuto Hen ~Saikyoushin Fukkatsu no Maki~2017-11-22 22:53:35Description
GamesEditTouhou Yumejikuu: Phantasmagoria of Dim. Dream2017-11-22 22:53:00Title, description, date
GamesEditTouhou Kaikidan: Mystic Square2017-11-22 22:51:30Description, date, title
GamesEditTouhou Gensoukyou: Lotus Land Story2017-11-22 22:50:16Description, date, title
GamesEditTouhou Fuumaroku2017-11-22 22:47:55Description
GamesEditThe Screamer2017-11-22 22:47:31Description
GamesEditSuper Mario Bros. Special2017-11-22 22:46:36Description
GamesEditThe Black Onyx2017-11-22 22:46:12Description
GamesEditSuper Jack2017-11-22 22:45:46Description
GamesEditWorld Soccer: Winning Eleven 6 - Final Evolution2017-11-22 22:40:51Description
GamesEditSuper Robot Taisen GC2017-11-22 22:40:29Description
GamesEditSuper Monkey Ball2017-11-22 22:40:04Description
GamesEditSkies of Arcadia Legends2017-11-22 22:39:24Description
GamesEditResident Evil Zero2017-11-22 22:38:59Description, genre
GamesEditDai Makaimura2017-11-22 22:34:17Description
GamesEditGate of Thunder2017-11-22 22:31:31Description
GamesEditEmerald Dragon2017-11-22 22:31:08Description
GamesEditDowntown Nekketsu Monogatari2017-11-22 22:30:46Description, genre
GamesEditNige-Ron-Pa2017-11-22 22:04:08Description, titlescreen
GamesEditMizuki Shigeru no Youkai Shashinkan2017-11-22 22:02:32Description
GamesEditCool Cool Jam2017-11-22 22:01:16Titlescreen, description
GamesEditDensetsu no Ogre Battle Gaiden: Zenobia no Ouji2017-11-22 21:59:17Description
GamesEditDrakengard 22017-11-22 21:55:34Updated
CreditsNewHacks - Soul Blade - Uncut Intro2017-11-22 03:11:54
CreditsNewHacks - Automatic Sprint and Learning2017-11-22 03:11:14
CreditsNewHacks - White Ninja II2017-11-22 03:08:26
CreditsNewHacks - OutLast2017-11-22 03:08:14
CreditsNewHacks - Disable flashing2017-11-22 03:08:03
GamesEditStrider Returns: Journey From Darkness2017-11-21 03:42:35Updated
GamesEditStrider Returns: Journey From Darkness2017-11-21 03:39:57Updated
GamesEditStrider II2017-11-21 03:38:11Updated
GamesEditStrider2017-11-21 03:35:06Updated
CommunityEditDave Phaneuf2017-11-18 21:45:06Updated
GamesEditStrider 22017-11-17 21:49:59Titlescreen, description
GamesEditM36: A Life Planet2017-11-17 21:35:06Description c/o Hubz
UtilitiesEditbsnes-plus2017-11-17 21:21:01New screenshot. Old one was broken.
CreditsNewHacks - Twinkle Tale - Alternate Style2017-11-17 21:09:54
GamesEditCrystal Castles2017-11-17 20:34:09Publisher, genre
GamesEditDonkey Kong2017-11-17 20:32:02Publisher, date
GamesEditYars' Revenge2017-11-17 20:30:36Publisher, description, date
GamesEditE.T. the Extra-Terrestrial2017-11-17 20:29:29Publisher
GamesEditSpace War2017-11-17 20:27:41Publisher, description, genre
GamesEditAsteroids2017-11-17 20:22:59Publisher
GamesEditCombat2017-11-17 20:15:34Publisher
GamesEditAdventure2017-11-17 20:15:11Publisher
GamesEditMangguk Jeon'gi: Ichyeojin Nara-ui Iyagi2017-11-17 03:53:49Removed third party link.
CreditsNewTranslations - Code Name: Viper2017-11-17 00:04:46
CreditsNewHacks - Code Name: Viper - Fully Clothed2017-11-17 00:04:09
GamesEditJr. Pac-Man2017-11-16 00:05:26Description, titlescreen
GamesEditChoujin Heiki Zeroigar2017-11-15 23:59:35Description
GamesEditRuruli ra Rura2017-11-15 23:58:41Description
GamesEditWelcome to Pia Carrot2017-11-15 23:58:17Description
CreditsNewTranslations - Perman Part 2: Himitsu Kessha Madoodan wo Taose!2017-11-15 23:00:10
GamesEditCrossbow2017-11-15 22:13:29Description, genre
GamesEditCommando2017-11-15 22:12:39Description, genre
GamesEditSpace Jockey2017-11-15 22:08:41Description, genre, date
GamesEditSpace Invaders2017-11-15 22:07:45Description
GamesEditSolaris2017-11-15 22:07:23Description, genre
GamesEditRiver Raid2017-11-15 22:06:38Description, genre
GamesEditRiddle of the Sphinx2017-11-15 22:05:52Description, genre
GamesEditRed vs. Blue2017-11-15 22:05:00Description
GamesEditPole Position2017-11-15 22:01:41Description
GamesEditOutlaw2017-11-15 22:01:06Description
GamesEditNight Driver2017-11-15 22:00:12Description, date
GamesEditMoonsweeper2017-11-15 21:59:22Description
GamesEditMontezuma's Revenge2017-11-15 21:56:49Description
GamesEditKaboom!2017-11-15 21:56:15Description
GamesEditJoust2017-11-15 21:55:42Description
GamesEditJawbreaker2017-11-15 21:55:24Description
GamesEditIndy 5002017-11-15 21:54:50Description
GamesEditFreeway2017-11-15 21:54:11Description
GamesEditDragonfire2017-11-15 21:53:34Description, genre
GamesEditDesert Falcon2017-11-15 21:52:37Description, genre
GamesEditCrack'ed2017-11-15 21:51:38Description, genre
GamesEditCosmic Ark2017-11-15 21:46:26Description, genre
GamesEditBattle Squadron2017-11-15 21:43:09Description
GamesEditBarver Battle Saga: Tai Kong Zhan Shi2017-11-15 21:42:48Description
GamesEditAlex Kidd in the Enchanted Castle2017-11-15 21:42:15Description
GamesEditZippy Race2017-11-15 21:41:48Description
GamesEditThe Black Onyx2017-11-15 21:41:10Description
GamesEditSpace Invaders2017-11-15 21:40:43Description
GamesEditNinja Princess2017-11-15 21:40:23Description
GamesEditChack'n Pop2017-11-15 21:38:45Description
GamesEditBomb Jack2017-11-15 21:36:13Description
GamesEditReady 2 Rumble2017-11-15 20:24:45Description, genre, title
GamesEditParasite Eve2017-11-15 20:24:23Description, genre
GamesEditOverblood2017-11-15 20:23:37Description
GamesEditNightmare Creatures II2017-11-15 20:23:12Description
GamesEditNeed For Speed: High Stakes2017-11-15 20:22:49Description
GamesEditNanotek Warrior2017-11-15 20:22:12Description
GamesEditMortal Kombat 42017-11-15 20:21:48Description
GamesEditMoorhuhn 2: Die Jagd Geht Weiter2017-11-15 20:21:20Description, date, publisher
GamesEditMoon: Remix RPG Adventure2017-11-15 20:16:33Description
GamesEditMediEvil II2017-11-15 20:16:11Description
GamesEditGensou Suiko Gaiden Vol. 1: Harmonia no Kenshi2017-11-15 20:12:22Title
GamesEditKakuge-Yaro: Fighting Game Creator2017-11-15 20:08:15Description
GamesEditKing's Field 3 Pilot Style2017-11-15 20:07:14Description
GamesEditLemmings & Oh No! More Lemmings2017-11-15 20:06:45Description
GamesEditiS: Internal Section2017-11-15 20:05:57Description
GamesEditGrandia2017-11-15 20:04:47Description
GamesEditGensou Suikogaiden Vol. 2: Crystal Valley no Kettou2017-11-15 20:04:26Description, titles
GamesEditGensou Suikogaiden Vol. 1: Harumonia no Kenshi2017-11-15 20:03:47Description, title
GamesEditGalerians2017-11-15 20:02:43Description
GamesEditFront Mission 22017-11-15 20:01:56Description, genre
GamesEditDriver 2: Back on the Streets2017-11-15 20:00:34Description, titles
GamesEditYs V Expert2017-11-15 19:57:53Description
GamesEditWinter Gold2017-11-15 19:45:30Description, date
GamesEditWedding Peach2017-11-15 19:44:24Description
GamesEditUltra Baseball Jitsumeiban2017-11-15 19:42:41Description
GamesEditDigimon World 22017-11-15 19:41:48Description
GamesEditDigimon Rumble Arena2017-11-15 19:41:16Description
GamesEditCrossroad Crisis2017-11-15 19:40:51Description
GamesEditColin McRae Rally 2.02017-11-15 19:40:30Description
GamesEditChoro Q 32017-11-15 19:40:04Description
GamesEditChoro Q 22017-11-15 19:39:40Description
GamesEditBrigandine: Grand Edition2017-11-15 19:39:17Description
GamesEditTrue Lies2017-11-15 03:56:59Description
GamesEditTop Gear 22017-11-15 03:56:03Description
GamesEditTop Gear2017-11-15 03:55:23Description, date, publisher
GamesEditZombies Ate My Neighbors2017-11-15 03:54:21Description
GamesEditThe Lawnmower Man2017-11-15 03:50:59Description
GamesEditTheme Park2017-11-15 03:49:45Description
GamesEditTiny Toon Adventures: Buster Busts Loose!2017-11-15 03:47:25Description
GamesEditTiny Toon Adventures: Wacky Sports Challenge2017-11-15 03:46:12Description
GamesEditTetris & Dr. Mario2017-11-15 03:43:41Description
GamesEditTenchi Muyo!: Game Hen2017-11-15 03:43:14Description
GamesEditTecmo Super NBA Basketball2017-11-15 03:42:27Description
GamesEditTecmo Super Bowl III2017-11-15 03:42:05Description
GamesEditSuper Ultra Baseball 22017-11-15 03:41:35Description
GamesEditSuper Soccer2017-11-15 03:41:11Description
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TranslationsEditSOS: The Final Escape2017-11-13 22:51:14Title screen, description, images
GamesEditDisaster Report2017-11-13 22:23:17Titles, description, title screen
GamesEditStandard Daisenryaku: Shiwareta Shouri2017-11-13 22:20:00Description
GamesEditTales of Destiny 22017-11-13 22:19:25Description
GamesEditTales of the Abyss2017-11-13 22:17:19Description
GamesEditZill O'll Infinite2017-11-13 22:16:52Description
GamesEditZ.O.E.: Zone of the Enders2017-11-13 22:16:23Description, title
GamesEditShin Master of Monsters Final EX2017-11-13 22:06:19Description
GamesEditPhantasy Star Generation:22017-11-13 22:05:49Description
GamesEditPhantasy Star Generation:12017-11-13 22:05:27Description
GamesEditMana Khemia: Alchemists of Al-Revis2017-11-13 22:04:54Description
GamesEditKingdom Hearts II: Final Mix +2017-11-13 22:04:21Description, title
GamesEditKenka Banchou 2: Full Throttle2017-11-13 21:58:08Description
GamesEditJade Cocoon 22017-11-13 21:57:43Description
GamesEditFront Mission 5: Scars of the War2017-11-13 21:57:14Description
GamesEditFootball Kingdom: Trial Edition2017-11-13 21:56:45Description
GamesEditAtelier Iris: Eternal Mana2017-11-13 21:55:07Description
GamesEditWonder Momo2017-11-13 21:48:18Description
GamesEditNecromancer2017-11-13 21:47:49Description
GamesEditLady Sword2017-11-13 21:47:28Description
GamesEditKnight Rider Special2017-11-13 21:47:03Description
GamesEditFinal Match Tennis2017-11-13 21:46:40Description
GamesEditFinal Lap Twin2017-11-13 21:46:04Description
GamesEditBubblegum Crash!: Knight Sabers 20342017-11-13 21:45:39Description
GamesEditBikkuriman World2017-11-13 21:43:48Description
GamesEditWizardry Chronicle2017-11-13 21:40:27Description
GamesEditWizardry Empire II: Oujo no Isan2017-11-13 21:40:02Description
GamesEditWizardry Empire: Ikoshie no Oujo2017-11-13 21:39:38Description
GamesEditWizardry: Llylgamyn Saga2017-11-13 21:39:16Description
GamesEditTouhou no Meikyuu: Gensokyo to Tennuki no Daiju2017-11-13 21:37:42Description
GamesEditTouhou Bunkachou: Double Spoiler2017-11-13 21:37:11Description
GamesEditTom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear2017-11-13 21:36:44Description
GamesEditTom Clancy's Rainbow Six2017-11-13 21:36:11Description
GamesEditThe world to reverse.2017-11-13 21:35:16Description
GamesEditMangguk Jeon'gi: Ichyeojin Nara-ui Iyagi2017-11-13 21:30:07Description, titles
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TranslationsEditThe Romance of Forgotten Kingdom2017-11-13 21:21:13Game changed. Removing duplicate game page.
GamesEditThe Legend of Sword and Fairy2017-11-13 21:19:02Description
GamesEditSWAT 4: The Stetchkov Syndicate2017-11-13 21:18:17Description, genre
GamesEditSuzuri2017-11-13 21:17:15Description
CreditsNewTranslations - Suzuri2017-11-13 21:14:48
GamesEditStarleaf YO2017-11-13 21:12:06Description
GamesEditShooter Tsukuru 952017-11-13 21:10:38Description
GamesEditShinseiki Evangelion: Koutetsu no Girlfriend Special Edition2017-11-13 21:10:10Description
GamesEditShinseiki Evangelion: Koutetsu no Girlfriend 22017-11-13 21:09:49Description
GamesEditSaya no Uta2017-11-13 21:09:25Description
GamesEditRosenkreuzstilette2017-11-13 21:09:00Description
GamesEditRockman 2 de Ippatsu Neta2017-11-13 21:08:33Description
CreditsNewTranslations - Rockman 2 de Ippatsu Neta2017-11-13 21:06:10
GamesEditRemember11: The Age of Infinity2017-11-13 21:04:26Description
GamesEditRakuen no Guardian2017-11-13 20:51:11Description
GamesEditPuyo Puyo Sun2017-11-13 20:50:43Description
GamesEditPrince of Persia 22017-11-13 20:50:19Description
GamesEditPrince of Persia2017-11-13 20:49:54Description
GamesEditOugon Musou Kyoku2017-11-13 20:49:30Description
GamesEditOjou-sama no DokiDoki Daisakusen: Nowareta Ko no Kan2017-11-13 20:49:02Description, alternate title
GamesEditNever7: The End of Infinity2017-11-13 20:39:45Description
GamesEditMonkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge2017-11-13 20:39:20Description
GamesEditMangguk Jeon'gi: Ichyeojin Nara-ui Iyagi2017-11-13 20:37:42Title, description, publisher, date
GamesEditMagna Carta2017-11-13 20:34:59Description
GamesEditLunatic Dawn: The 3rd Book2017-11-13 20:32:23Description
GamesEditLunatic Dawn III2017-11-13 20:31:42Description
GamesEditLa-Mulana2017-11-13 20:31:15Description, genre
GamesEditKatharsis2017-11-13 20:30:10Description
GamesEditIfrit2017-11-13 20:28:50Description
GamesEditI/O: Revision II2017-11-13 20:28:27Description
GamesEditHydra Castle Labyrinth2017-11-13 20:28:01Description
GamesEditHigurashi no Naku Koro ni Rei2017-11-13 20:27:37Description
GamesEditHigurashi no Naku Koro ni Hou2017-11-13 20:27:01Description
GamesEditHellsinker2017-11-13 20:26:26Description
GamesEditHatoful Boyfriend2017-11-13 20:17:59Description
GamesEditHammerwatch2017-11-13 20:10:33Description, genre
GamesEditGundemonium2017-11-13 20:09:13Description
GamesEditFate/Stay Night2017-11-13 20:08:47Description
GamesEditeXceed: Gun Bullet Children2017-11-13 20:08:10Description
GamesEditJabberwock no Hanayome2017-11-13 20:02:55Titles swapped, description
GamesEditCrescent Pale Mist2017-11-13 19:57:19Description
GamesEditContract J.A.C.K.2017-11-13 19:55:30Description
GamesEditComet Summoner2017-11-13 19:55:00Description, genre
GamesEditAstrocounter of Crescents2017-11-13 19:51:51Description, genre
GamesEditSuper Robot Taisen EX2017-11-12 22:22:46Description
GamesEditSuper Morph2017-11-12 22:21:17Description
GamesEditPinball Fantasies2017-11-12 22:20:53Description, genre
GamesEditSuper Metroid2017-11-12 22:01:28Description
GamesEditSuper Bomberman 42017-11-12 22:00:44Description
GamesEditSuper Bomberman 22017-11-12 22:00:11Description
GamesEditStunt Race FX2017-11-12 21:59:11Description
GamesEditSpace Megaforce2017-11-12 21:58:49Description
GamesEditSimCity2017-11-12 21:58:26Description
GamesEditSengoku Denshou2017-11-12 21:57:53Description
GamesEditRomance of the Three Kingdoms II2017-11-12 21:57:25Description
GamesEditRock N' Roll Racing2017-11-12 21:55:25Description
GamesEditSoul Blade2017-11-12 21:53:40Updated
GamesEditPinball Dreams2017-11-12 21:20:55Description, genre
GamesEditOkamoto Ayako to Match Play Golf: Ko Olina Golf Club in Hawaii2017-11-12 21:19:31Description
GamesEditOgre Battle: The March of the Black Queen2017-11-12 21:18:59Description
GamesEditNBA Jam: Tournament Edition2017-11-12 21:18:21Description
GamesEditNBA Hangtime2017-11-12 21:17:57Description
GamesEditMusya2017-11-12 21:17:28Description, genre
GamesEditLegend2017-11-12 21:16:11Description
GamesEditKnights of the Round2017-11-12 21:15:46Description
GamesEditKirby's Avalanche2017-11-12 21:15:20Description
GamesEditGenghis Khan II: Clan of the Gray Wolf2017-11-12 21:14:56Description
GamesEditGalaxy Robo2017-11-12 21:11:47Description
GamesEditFlying Hero: Bugyuru no Daibouken2017-11-12 21:11:18Description
GamesEditDynamiTracer2017-11-12 21:10:48Description
GamesEditDaisenryaku Expert WWII: War in Europe2017-11-12 21:07:59Description
GamesEditClockwerx2017-11-12 21:07:30Description
GamesEditChibi Maruko-Chan: Harikiri 365-Nichi no Maki2017-11-12 21:05:09Description
GamesEditCaptain Tsubasa V: Hasha no Shougou Campione2017-11-12 21:02:44Description
GamesEditCaptain America and The Avengers2017-11-12 21:00:09Updated
GamesEditCaptain America and the Avengers2017-11-12 20:58:15Updated
GamesEditCaptain America and the Avengers2017-11-12 20:55:52Updated
CreditsNewTranslations - Aero the Acro-Bat 22017-11-12 20:38:17
GamesEditUltraman Club: Kaijuu Daikessen!!2017-11-12 20:37:22Updated
GamesEditAero the Acro-Bat 22017-11-12 20:33:19Updated
GamesEditGargoyles2017-11-12 20:30:17Updated
GamesEditPrincess Crown2017-11-12 20:02:47Description
GamesEditPanzer Dragoon Saga2017-11-12 19:58:35Description
GamesEditLangrisser III2017-11-12 19:58:11Description
GamesEditDragon Force II: Kamisarishi Daichi ni2017-11-12 19:57:48Description
GamesEditFragile Dreams: Farewell Ruins of the Moon2017-11-12 19:56:54Description
GamesEditDead Space: Extraction2017-11-12 19:56:28Description
GamesEditBunny Must Die2017-11-12 19:55:38Description
GamesEditBleach: Versus Crusade2017-11-12 19:54:44Description
GamesEditAsuka 120% Limited: Burning Fest. Limited2017-11-12 19:53:41Description
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