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Submissions for User
HacksEditConker's High Rule Tail2017-12-06 18:59:20minor bug detected and fixed along with a small gfx update
HacksEditConker's High Rule Tail2017-12-03 20:23:24Again, some gfx and monologue modifications
HacksEditConker's High Rule Tail2017-11-14 16:05:13Performance Update. Fixed some small remaining stuff.
HacksEditConker's High Rule Tail2017-08-14 20:37:05*sorry, again a glitch was found, that is the problem with such huge hack projects :)
HacksEditConker's High Rule Tail2017-08-13 10:03:47Still some glitches, added new item, graphical corrections
HacksEditConker's High Rule Tail2017-08-09 21:21:18small glitch in the version transmitted yesterday detected
HacksEditConker's High Rule Tail2017-08-08 17:45:05Some fixes and polish up
HacksEditConker's High Rule Tail2017-07-23 18:30:34v1.2.3 features a critical updated (msu1 crash), and many further nice updates (read the readme file to know what exactly has been done!)
CreditsEditHacks - Conker's High Rule Tail2017-06-29 10:04:07Added new contributor
HacksEditConker's High Rule Tail2017-06-29 10:01:09Again a small glitch in 1.2
HacksEditConker's High Rule Tail2017-06-25 13:14:43v1.2 features many changes and bug fixes. See the readme for details. Retransmission due to a small bug
HacksEditConker's High Rule Tail2017-06-24 06:21:15v1.2 features many changes and bug fixes.
HacksEditF-Zero MSU-12017-02-06 13:02:401.1 adjusted volume level to FF standard
HacksEditThe Legend of Zelda MSU-12017-02-03 05:41:071.1 update: fixed the volume to FF standard to match qwertymodo's new pcm files
HacksEditBS F-Zero Grand Prix 2 MSU-12016-07-26 12:25:52fixed broken links in the description and added mirrors to the pcm files
HacksEditBS F-Zero Grand Prix 12016-07-21 20:44:40Sorry, mixed this edit up with the F-Zero MSU project, so I gave the incorrect file in my submission Hacks Edit BS F-Zero Grand Prix 1 Con 2016-07-21 20:39:53 No This is the correct resubmission.
HacksEditThe Legend of Zelda MSU-12016-07-21 20:42:50Corrected broken links in the readme to download the music files. Necessary due to onedrive changing link system.
HacksEditF-Zero MSU-12016-07-21 20:40:56Corrected broken music file links in the readme due to MS onedrive linking system change
HacksEditBS F-Zero Grand Prix 12016-07-21 20:39:53Corrected broken music file links in the readme due to MS onedrive linking system change
HacksEditBS Super Mario Collection week 3 bugfix and week2 enable2016-04-08 07:00:06Week 2 bugged (game crash at certain circumstances). Fixed in this version
HacksEditBS Super Mario Collection week 3 bugfix and week2 enable2015-11-20 19:58:15Fixed bug in the week 2 transformation patch. Now Morton's airship is playable as well as the final stage.
HacksNewBS Super Mario Collection week 3 bugfix and week2 enable2015-11-17 13:21:25
HacksEditBS Super Mario USA Base patch2015-11-17 13:05:10Version Update (1.1) added sram support
HacksEditBS F-Zero Grand Prix 12015-11-17 13:01:16Added sram support (version update).
HacksNewBS Super Mario USA Base patch2015-11-11 15:46:23
HacksNewBS F-Zero Grand Prix 12015-11-06 07:44:35
HacksNewThe Legend of Zelda MSU-12015-07-09 05:10:29
HacksEditSuper Mario World MSU-12015-07-09 04:59:22small update: - fade out of music - a small bug fix for emulator play
HacksEditF-Zero MSU-12015-07-09 04:57:19Small bugfix in music fade in
HacksEditF-Zero MSU-12015-06-19 01:39:01Resubmitted because Download Link to the patch is missing on your page
HacksNewF-Zero MSU-12015-06-11 20:06:38
HacksEditSuper Mario World MSU-12015-06-11 19:54:31Small readme adjustments, also corrected an entry in the bml
HacksEditSuper Mario World MSU-12015-04-04 16:10:5404/04/15 a small bug fix: - sd2snes sfx Loop fix - pausing game now pauses msu - fixed a mute jingle
HacksEditSuper Mario World MSU-12015-04-03 18:59:35Bugfix (the hack is now sd2snes compatible)
HacksNewSuper Mario World MSU-12015-02-08 06:12:33
HacksEditAST Week 4 fix2009-03-30 11:14:58
HacksEditAST Week 3 fix2009-03-30 11:14:03
HacksEditAST Week 2 fix2009-03-30 11:12:24
HacksEditAST Week 1 fix2009-03-30 11:10:50
CommunityEditCon2009-01-29 18:23:34
HacksNewAST Week 4 fix2009-01-29 06:58:02
HacksNewAST Week 3 fix2009-01-29 06:55:55
HacksNewAST Week 2 fix2009-01-29 06:53:29
HacksNewAST Week 1 fix2009-01-29 06:51:24
HacksNewBS Zelda Map 1 Third Quest2009-01-20 13:18:26
HacksNewBS Zelda Map 2 Fourth Quest2009-01-20 13:16:05
HacksNewBS Zelda Map 2 Restoration2009-01-20 13:13:44
HacksNewBS Zelda Map 1 Restoration2009-01-20 13:06:58