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HacksEditStory of Thor / Beyond Oasis Retranslation2011-07-27 00:12:43
TranslationsEditKaeru no Tame ni Kane wa Naru2011-07-16 01:11:17
TranslationsEditDark Half2011-05-23 14:15:43
TranslationsEditCaptain Silver2011-05-23 14:14:17
TranslationsEditDragon Scroll - Resurrection of the Demon Dragon2011-05-23 14:13:24
TranslationsEditSuper Bikkuriman2011-05-23 14:12:16
TranslationsEditMiracle Girls2011-05-23 14:11:28
TranslationsEditKarnov2011-05-23 14:10:35
TranslationsEditEmerald Dragon2011-05-23 14:09:17
TranslationsEditAncient Magic2011-05-23 14:08:02
CommunityNewEien Ni Hen2011-05-17 22:45:03
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