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TranslationsEditEcho Night #2: Nemuri no Shihaisha2015-07-12 16:10:39Edited disclaimer screen to reflect revision change.
TranslationsEditEcho Night #2: Nemuri no Shihaisha2015-07-12 12:05:35Release of v1.0a.
CreditsEditTranslations - Echo Night #2: Nemuri no Shihaisha2015-07-10 09:31:58Replaced Shivalva with Tom, the translator's current profile.
TranslationsEditEcho Night #2: Nemuri no Shihaisha2015-07-10 09:31:21Patch added.
NewsNewThe Lord of Nightmares awakens, after a 15 year slumber2015-07-09 12:21:59
CreditsNewTranslations - Echo Night #2: Nemuri no Shihaisha2015-07-02 17:33:14
GamesEditEcho Night #2: Nemuri no Shihaisha2015-07-02 17:24:56Added release date, publisher and title screen.
TranslationsNewEcho Night #2: Nemuri no Shihaisha2015-07-01 17:52:02
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CommunityEditMarkGrass2013-07-08 01:33:36MarkGrass recently subscribed to this board and he isn't really 'dead'.
UtilitiesEditDino Clasher2013-01-12 08:45:56Recompiled to make it work on all machines with no VC++2005 Redist (the previous build conflicted between Dll Multithread and Multithread libraries).
UtilitiesNewDino Clasher2013-01-03 10:32:30
UtilitiesEditCPE2EXE2012-05-26 09:27:30added sources and fixed a stupid bug
UtilitiesNewCPE2EXE2012-05-26 05:17:13
FontsNewBlood of Bahamut2012-05-03 14:18:25
GamesEditRadical Dreamers: Le Trésor Interdit2011-06-13 19:29:55
ReviewsEditGames - Far East of Eden Zero2011-02-10 14:09:35
UtilitiesNewPsy-Q flirt signatures2011-01-16 10:42:24
HacksEditTerranigma 8x162010-12-25 12:53:48
ReviewsNewUtilities - spAsm2010-11-21 15:58:33
UtilitiesEditPCSX Agemo debugger2010-08-11 07:08:06
DocumentsEditHow to encode quality Playstation videos2010-02-03 11:52:46
FontsNewMelissa2009-11-02 11:54:20
FontsNewMelissa2009-11-02 11:54:16
TranslationsNewCastlevania: Symphony of the Night2009-09-06 05:57:31
HacksNewSpirit bug fix2009-01-09 11:21:08
TranslationsEditPersona 2: Innocent Sin ~ Tsumi2008-10-15 18:17:45
TranslationsEditPersona 2: Innocent Sin ~ Tsumi2008-10-14 22:03:16
TranslationsEditPersona 2: Innocent Sin ~ Tsumi2008-09-09 15:26:15
TranslationsEditPersona 2: Innocent Sin ~ Tsumi2008-04-06 04:13:58
GamesEditPersona 2: Innocent Sin ~ Tsumi2008-02-28 13:45:31
TranslationsNewPersona 2: Innocent Sin ~ Tsumi2008-02-28 12:17:59
TranslationsEditTales of Phantasia2007-12-24 05:57:40
TranslationsEditTales of Phantasia2007-12-10 07:57:43
TranslationsNewTales of Phantasia2007-11-05 09:33:26
UtilitiesNewPCSX Agemo debugger2007-10-22 14:56:15
GamesEditCastlevania: Symphony of the Night2007-08-20 14:33:58
GamesEditCastlevania: Symphony of the Night2007-08-19 16:02:26
TranslationsEditCastlevania: Symphony of the Night2007-08-17 16:42:27
GamesEditAkumajō Dracula X: Gekka no Yasōkyoku2007-08-01 15:42:39
TranslationsNewAkumajō Dracula X: Gekka no Yasōkyoku2007-07-30 23:31:12
HelpAdsNewPersona 2: Innocent Sin (Tsumi)2007-07-21 16:44:47
UtilitiesNewspAsm (revision)2007-07-13 16:22:04
UtilitiesNewTIM plug-in set for Photoshop2007-07-13 03:09:02
UtilitiesNewPsx V-Ram2007-06-09 21:21:33