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HacksEditFire Mario to Big Mario when hit2017-07-20 01:06:33This is in fact my own work. Released in in the ips patches folder, as early as 2011. Release post is (Chinese post)
NewsNewRohrleitung Gate - Action-puzzle SMB1 hack2016-09-13 10:22:16
HacksEditRohrleitung Gate2016-09-13 07:35:38There is an error in the readme file that says this hack contains accessible incomplete levels. (The leftover areas are now inaccessible.)
HacksNewRohrleitung Gate2016-09-13 00:32:30
ReviewsNewHacks - Extra Mario Bros.2016-07-16 00:51:05
HelpAdsNewMario Gaiden (Groundbreaking SMB1 Hack)2015-01-16 04:17:23
HacksNoncompliantTsurumi Shiki - Tsurumi Mario2014-07-27 09:59:15This is a plagiarized version of Fai Soft's Sakura Namiki. The author simply changed the graphics and then wrote his name on the title screen.
CommunityEditATA2013-12-22 03:08:39Starting up.
ReviewsNewHacks - Super Mario Bros: Time and Place2013-12-22 02:24:31
CommunityEditw7n2013-11-21 04:29:45Setting up stuff... (by w7n)
DocumentsNewSuper Mario Bros. Music Hacking Guide (New Version2012-09-25 10:18:37
HacksNewYoonA: The Raid of the Black Girls' Generatio2011-08-23 09:45:44