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UtilitiesEditRainbow2017-11-06 17:24:22Previous submission was older.
CreditsNewTranslations - The 3rd Birthday2017-07-31 14:05:55
UtilitiesEditDelta Patcher2017-07-19 12:46:35Updated version.
UtilitiesEditDelta Patcher2015-06-12 06:04:38Fixed minor issues in wine/linux
UtilitiesEditDelta Patcher2015-06-09 11:42:17New version.
UtilitiesEditRainbow2015-01-05 06:22:48Moved short description at the beginning, in order to show up in Utilities section.
UtilitiesEditRainbow2014-12-27 06:27:39Updated version. Now the tool supports more TIM2 files and some game specific formats.
UtilitiesEditRainbow2014-09-17 10:02:08Updated version and some new informations on automated builds. This way people can always download the latest dev version as soon as there is a code commit on github.
CommunityEditPhoenix2014-07-14 08:45:35Trying to sync my forum profile with this author name.
NewsNewRainbow: texture format converter2014-07-13 09:56:52
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