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ReviewsNewHacks - Mega Man II Music Improvement2019-10-02 21:20:36
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2019-07-24 22:19:55Old screenshots were not in the correct scaling mode
CommunityEditSpooniest2018-07-12 00:28:12security
CreditsEditHacks - Final Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2017-11-05 03:44:52No naked people
CreditsEditHacks - Final Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2017-11-03 02:48:31Lord J for Graphic De-Censoring of Last Boss
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2017-10-05 19:43:00v6.3.2 - A space has been added after Kefka's line "Emperor Gestahl was right!" in the Big Battle Captions. - The NPC dialogue featuring the line "Try humiliating them by steal their clothes!" has been edited to remove a line overflow error. - Cait Sith's line in Terra's Eidolon World Flashback has been edited to remove a similar line overflow error. - The dialogue before Locke and Celes fight Tunnel Armor has been brought up to speed with the GBA version.
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2017-09-30 09:34:18Typo in imperial banquet, 'gone' repeated
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2017-09-29 07:04:11One little mistake
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2017-09-25 05:45:21Something about manual processing required for the links I provided and someone didn't notice and yadda yadda ...Now I think I know how to use the scratchpad. Thanks Aerdan.
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2017-09-24 23:04:32The word "Returners" needed to be moved to a point one space away from the next line down's first horizontal edge in South Figaro. Also, the hash info you requested. :) Moshi moshi.
CreditsEditHacks - Final Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2017-09-24 10:03:20SilentEnigma's Sliding Dash patch included
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2017-09-24 10:02:07From the readme file: v6.1 - Wouldn't you know it, I missed a 'Banan' in the Big Battle Captions. A few other fixes. Character names are now properly cased by default. For old time's sake. When I first submitted it I was submitting corrections for the next 5 hours or so until the staff contacted me and 'reeducated' me, ^_^ fun times.
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2017-09-23 20:04:57Large update
ReviewsNewHacks - Rewards Display2017-02-13 09:30:45
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy V2017-02-09 12:47:55Vivify93 produced an edit that fixed some typos/etc
ReviewsNewHacks - Super CV IV - CV 1 & 3 Font and HUD2016-05-29 19:06:39
CreditsNewTranslations - Final Fantasy II2016-04-03 12:51:09
NewsNewFinal Fantasy IV - The Un-J2e Version2016-04-03 12:15:01
TranslationsNewFinal Fantasy II2016-04-03 01:18:58
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy III2016-04-01 23:47:15Description now incorrect sorry
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy III2016-04-01 23:18:13Original upload included complete game data (!)
TranslationsEditFinal Fantasy V2016-03-29 20:32:25Incorrect ROM/ISO Info, thanks to the webmaster at Vimm's Lair feeling it necessary to advertise inside of a ROM image. :/
HacksEditFF4 - Cosmetic Changes 22015-12-01 23:49:31New informations
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI RPGOne Alt Menu Font2015-12-01 22:24:37New informations
NewsNewStop Beating Yourself Up2015-07-18 00:37:47
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2015-07-16 03:11:26Installation instructions were wrong and I cleaned up a couple of text overflows. Plus the last description I wrote was the result of intoxication. :( Sorry.
HacksNewFinal Fantasy II Rebalanced2015-07-16 03:06:10
ReviewsNewHacks - Final Fantasy IV User Options2015-03-09 09:45:23
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2015-02-04 14:52:31Subtlety, conciseness
HacksEditFinal Fantasy V - Legend of the Crystals2014-02-10 16:28:13Faris is reffered to as "her" before the clothes-drying scene. This is now fixed.
CreditsEditHacks - Final Fantasy V - Legend of the Crystals2014-02-09 15:38:52You listed me as a credit, or I did, not sure...meant to put vivify93
HacksEditFinal Fantasy V - Legend of the Crystals2014-02-09 12:33:04New version!
CreditsNewHacks - Final Fantasy V - Legend of the Crystals2014-02-05 11:17:32
HacksEditFinal Fantasy V - Legend of the Crystals2014-02-05 11:13:51Suggested by NC
NewsNewFinal Fantasy V - Legend of the Crystals v0.4 rele2014-02-04 15:47:10
HacksNewFinal Fantasy V - Legend of the Crystals2014-02-03 23:06:08
ReviewsNewHacks - Project II2013-11-25 04:29:31
CreditsEditHacks - FF4 - Cosmetic Changes 22013-09-03 02:00:46Forgot to credit J2e (oops)
HelpAdsNewFinal Fantasy VI - Stand Guard2013-08-24 14:18:07
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2013-08-11 10:37:08I made these corrections five days after my previous submission, but never did get around to submitting them. Also, I think I've written a slightly better description now.
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2013-03-15 11:25:38It does need a header
CreditsEditHacks - Final Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2013-03-15 10:42:06Patch applied to new version
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2013-03-15 10:37:24Narshe Classroom Tutorial corrections
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2013-03-14 01:17:25Minor Corrections
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2013-03-13 18:45:55Yes, I did a whole nother version of it
HacksNewMario + Luigi Color Fix2013-03-09 15:55:19
ReviewsNewHacks - Super Samus2013-02-25 09:02:45
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2013-02-20 15:47:02Buggy version submitted
HacksEditFF4 - Cosmetic Changes 22013-02-16 10:45:27Wordwrap in read me file, corrected a typo
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2013-02-16 06:21:16Update
HacksEditFF4 - Cosmetic Changes 22012-08-27 15:35:00readme update
CommunityEditSpooniest2012-08-27 15:14:49link to email
HacksNewFF4 - Cosmetic Changes 22012-07-16 03:09:37
GamesEditSection Z2012-07-11 10:48:57Add title screen
GamesEditBaseball Stars2012-07-11 10:42:59Add title screen
GamesEditBaseball Simulator 1.0002012-07-11 10:39:46Add title screen
CreditsNewHacks - Final Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2012-06-20 19:26:21
GamesEditDragon Quest V: Hand of the Heavenly Bride2012-06-10 06:10:07Titlescreen submission
ReviewsEditGames - Final Fantasy VI Advance2012-06-09 10:26:51typo
ReviewsNewGames - Final Fantasy VI Advance2012-06-07 02:26:24
ReviewsEditHacks - Final Fantasy VI - Sound Restoration hack2012-06-04 10:27:19error in bbc code
ReviewsNewHacks - Color Restoration Patch2012-06-04 01:38:30
ReviewsNewHacks - Final Fantasy VI - Sound Restoration hack2012-06-04 01:33:24
ReviewsEditHacks - Phantasy Star II Proper-caser2012-05-30 09:15:22proper info
HacksNewFinal Fantasy VI RPGOne Alt Menu Font2012-05-28 13:15:44
ReviewsNewTranslations - Final Fantasy VI2012-05-28 11:22:50
ReviewsNewHacks - Phantasy Star II Easy Mode2012-05-28 09:42:27
ReviewsNewTranslations - Phantasy Star II2012-05-28 09:32:59
ReviewsNewHacks - Phantasy Star II Proper-caser2012-05-28 04:44:01
ReviewsNewHacks - Secret of Mana Variable Width Font Edition2012-05-28 04:38:35
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2012-02-02 09:41:47
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2012-01-17 22:03:27
HacksNewSimon's Redaction2011-12-15 13:27:09
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2011-11-02 16:08:05
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2011-10-01 09:25:14
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2011-10-01 09:12:12
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2011-10-01 09:06:52
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2011-10-01 07:34:29
HelpAdsNewFinal Fantasy VI2011-09-07 09:49:41
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2011-08-25 13:29:47
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2011-08-21 02:49:39
HacksEditFinal Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2011-08-18 16:12:34
HacksNewFinal Fantasy VI: Stand Guard2011-08-17 02:42:57
ReviewsEditUtilities - Final Fantasy III US Multi Editor (FF32011-06-25 05:58:05
ReviewsNewUtilities - Final Fantasy III US Multi Editor (FF32011-06-23 11:47:06
GamesEditMetroid Fusion2011-05-20 08:48:59
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