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TranslationsNewAllied Death Squad2019-02-22 14:54:47
TranslationsNewGu Mu Li Ying2018-12-07 10:11:58
TranslationsEditThe Legend of Zelda: San Shen Zhi Li2018-12-01 00:29:51The translation has been updated to clean up the text, and fix the spacing in the words on the screen. The menu text has also been translated.
TranslationsEditChik Bik Ji Jin: Saam Gwok Ji2018-11-23 00:00:02The translation has been updated to clean up the text, and fix the spacing in the words on the screen.
TranslationsNewHuang Di - Zhuo Lu Zhi Zhan (Asder)2018-11-16 23:14:48
HacksNewPooyan (Enhanced)2018-11-09 17:29:55
HacksNewNCAA Football 20192018-10-03 18:12:20
HacksNewRambo - First Blood Part 22018-07-23 21:48:13
HacksEditThe Terminator2018-04-21 23:51:51This update should be the last for a while. It updates the cutscenes to more closely resemble what the game could have looked like, and also extends the intro cutscene music so that it doesn't get cut short. Other small tweaks as well.
HacksEditThe Terminator2018-04-15 23:44:48The cutscenes have been updated, some enemies have been updated, the ending scrolling is now minimized so that it looks like it’s still text, and the bullets are now fixed so when he lays down the bullets aren’t above his head.
HacksEditThe Terminator2018-04-06 17:05:27Many requests were made to change the title screen music back to the original tune. This update now has the original music on the title screen.
HacksEditThe Terminator2018-04-05 23:33:31This version updates the title screen to color, as we as updated the level 1 boss, and some enemies in the game. It also adds a futuristic font.
HacksNewThe Terminator2018-03-21 20:56:10
TranslationsNewThree Kingdoms - Sichuan Mahjong2018-02-12 22:39:11
HacksEditMetroid - Dark Alliance2018-01-28 12:07:50This patch upgrades a few of the horrible sprites from the original hack, as well as fixed various bugs. Some level graphics were also improved. Samus's gun power also doesn't go down when hit, like in the original. Only when she dies, will her gun power go back to zero.
TranslationsNewBio Hazard2018-01-06 19:25:44
TranslationsNewLin Zexu - No Smoking2017-11-24 16:15:51
TranslationsNewGenuine Monkey2017-11-18 22:22:31
HacksEditBig Trouble in Little China2017-10-08 12:24:07This update removes the "Hail to the Chief" music when you beat the game, as it doesn't make sense in the Big Trouble game. It also removes the helicopter noises from the final boss battle.
HacksEditCaptain America - The Winter Soldier2017-10-07 14:18:12This update removes the Christmas music that is played during the intro, and replaces it with another track.
TranslationsNewThe Universe Soldiers2017-10-06 17:43:24
HacksEditHyrule Warriors2017-08-26 19:35:43This update makes the in game HUD transparent.
HacksNewHyrule Warriors2017-08-20 13:52:10
TranslationsNewTunnel War2017-07-29 16:22:02
TranslationsNewThe Legend of Zelda - Triforce of the Gods2017-07-25 22:05:47
TranslationsEditPi Nuo Cao De Fu Su2017-07-15 17:07:31This patch fixes a spelling error in the in game text.
TranslationsNewPi Nu Cao De Fu Su2017-07-09 20:22:38
TranslationsNewJing Hua Yuan2017-07-05 00:35:35
TranslationsNewThe Hacker2017-06-21 21:09:18
HacksNewThe LJN Defender2017-06-01 21:29:16
HacksEditSuperman 2 - General Zod Edition2017-04-28 17:14:04This update restores the original stage clear screen, and corrected the graphics and text to make the screen feel more authentic.
HacksEditSuperman 2 - Lex Luthor Edition2017-04-28 17:12:40This update restores the original stage clear screen, and corrected the graphics and text to make the screen feel more authentic.
HacksEditSuperman 2 - Specter Edition2017-04-28 17:11:07This update restores the original stage clear screen, and corrected the graphics and text to make the screen feel more authentic.
HacksEditThe Legend of Zelda - DX (Relocalized Version)2017-04-23 14:29:42This updated version adds the automap feature that was missing in the previous version.
TranslationsNewHydlide 3: Yami Kara no Houmonsha2017-02-25 15:09:11
TranslationsNewSakigake!! Otokojuku - Shippuu Ichi Gou Sei2016-12-01 22:03:58
TranslationsNewLu Ye Xian Zong2016-11-27 17:11:47
HacksEditNCAA Football 20162016-11-27 17:05:50Some minor bugs were fixed in this new file.
HacksNewNCAA Football 20162016-11-21 17:30:57
CommunityEditpacnsacdave2016-09-20 13:45:23Wanted to update URL picture.
HacksNewDeflower2016-07-31 14:52:09
HacksNewSuperman 2 - General Zod Edition2016-06-10 19:29:48
HacksNewSuperman 2 - Lex Luthor Edition2016-06-10 19:23:00
HacksNewSuperman 2 -Specter Edition2016-06-10 19:08:18
HacksNewThe Legend of Zelda - DX (Relocalized Version)2016-04-20 17:26:07
TranslationsEditKyoryu Sentai ZyuRanger2016-03-19 10:32:07This patch is the real patch. It fixes the password screen graphical errors. MrRichard99 uploaded the wrong patch.
TranslationsNewDoki! Doki! Yuuenchi2016-03-14 23:20:52
TranslationsNewTotsuzen! Machoman2016-03-13 17:28:57
TranslationsNewDouble Dragon 3 - The Rosetta Stone2016-03-13 01:21:17
HacksNewALF Escapes!2016-03-06 12:29:11
HacksNewGhostbusters (SMS Edition)2015-12-25 17:54:31
TranslationsEditTsuri Kichi Sanpei - Blue Marlin Hen2015-11-29 00:04:56MrRichard99's patch was created off a bad rom and wasn't patching correctly. He gave me permission to reupload this patch that fixes that.
TranslationsNewSuper Contra X2015-11-23 14:13:28
TranslationsNewWu Shi Hun2015-11-23 14:09:13
TranslationsNewAtlantis no Nazo2015-11-20 23:55:42
TranslationsNewFamicom Wars2015-11-20 16:13:20
TranslationsNewOnyanko Town2015-11-20 00:08:00
TranslationsNewCaptain Tsubasa Vol. II: Super Striker2015-11-19 00:14:27
TranslationsNewAnkoku Shinwa: Yamato Takeru Densetsu2015-11-18 23:18:00
TranslationsNewMusashi no Bouken2015-11-18 22:48:17
TranslationsNewGekitotsu Yonku Battle2015-11-18 22:34:49
TranslationsNewTaito Chase H.Q.2015-11-18 21:17:41
HacksEditR-Type2015-11-18 21:11:59This new patches fixes some bugs that were present in the first release, and also updates the title screen graphics.
HacksNewBS Super Mario USA2015-11-18 10:10:22
TranslationsNewGanso Saiyuuki: Super Monkey Daibouken2015-11-15 17:06:24
HacksNewBack to the Future (Enhanced)2015-11-15 00:12:05
HacksNewR-Type2015-11-03 22:47:06
TranslationsNewThe Lion King Legend2015-07-11 23:28:13
TranslationsNewMonkey King2015-07-07 00:35:32
TranslationsNewThe Hummer2015-07-05 18:50:53
TranslationsNewNangoku Shirei!! - Spy Vs Spy2015-07-05 12:47:58
TranslationsEditTitanic2015-07-05 12:08:14This new patch fixes the character select screen. The colors were messed up in Jack's name and have now been fixed.
TranslationsNewJanggun ui Adeul (General's Son)2015-06-29 01:05:03
HacksNewWarioland 22015-06-27 21:49:13
HacksEditAdventures in the Magic Kingdom - Sora Edition2015-05-01 22:34:38Kingdom was misspelled in the description.
HacksNewAdventures in the Magic Kingdom - Sora Edition2015-04-27 19:26:19
HacksNewDouble Dragon - Chuck Norris Edition2015-04-18 23:38:01
NewsNewMasked Ninja Hanamaru English Translation for NES Released!!!2015-04-12 14:16:04
TranslationsNewKamen No Ninja - Hanamaru2015-04-11 00:33:36
HacksEditMetroid Origin2015-04-01 17:58:47The third patch does not turn the game into mmc5, but rather enhances the gameplay by adding new elements.
CreditsEditHacks - Metroid Origin2015-03-30 23:37:42The game couldn't be finished because it was imcomplete. Pacnsacdave and Draziw Eht fixed every bug and made the imcomplete game fully playable. Also, Snarfblam's wavy ice was added to the hack as well. Just want to make sure everyone involved gets credit.
HacksEditMetroid Origin2015-03-30 23:34:04The game was unbeatable. There are several areas that were sealed off with no way to get through. There were also spots in the game where the game would glitch up because the area wasn't finished. The hack itself was an imcomplete hack and couldn't be finished. Everything was fixed and the hack is now fully playable from start to finish.
TranslationsEditSuper Marou2015-03-29 20:55:47The name of the game was incorrect and needed to be fixed
GamesEditSuper Maruo2015-03-29 20:55:04Updating and title name edit
TranslationsNewSuper Marou2015-03-27 21:38:58
NewsNewSky Kid - Enhanced released for NES!!!2015-01-01 14:09:37
HacksEditGod of War2014-12-30 20:12:40This patch fixes the title screen lettering, and also updating the rom information.
HacksNewSky Kid - Enhanced2014-12-30 02:05:23
HacksNewThe Legend of Zelda - DX2014-11-28 13:52:50
NewsNewCaptain America - The Winter Soldier for NES Released!!!2014-10-22 10:56:59
HacksNewCaptain America - The Winter Soldier2014-10-21 00:39:03
NewsNewSuperstar Pro Wrestling NES English Translation Released!2014-09-28 21:05:29
NewsNewBatman - Shadows of Night Released!!!2014-09-28 12:44:48
TranslationsNewSuperstar Pro Wrestling2014-09-25 19:54:04
NewsNewGod of War 2 for NES Released!!!2014-09-17 11:23:32
HacksNewGod of War 22014-09-14 14:38:51
HacksEditFreddy Vs. Jason2014-08-26 22:51:15This patch fixes freddy's glove that was wrong in the first release. It also fixes when freddy dies in the cabin, that was also wrong.
HacksEditJason Vs. Freddy2014-08-26 22:48:39This patch adds the freddy cutscenes after you beat him.
HacksNewJason Vs. Freddy2014-08-25 00:44:31
HacksNewBoss2014-08-17 15:15:05
HacksNewPerfectDark2014-08-16 20:34:39
HacksNewImpact Wrestling2014-08-04 01:55:24
HacksEditWWE Wrestling2014-07-04 12:15:15The wrestlers have all been fixed. Also the checksums were wrong and have been corrected.
GamesEditChik Bik Ji Jin - Saam Gwok Ji2014-06-30 21:00:56it's actually red cliffs, not red cliff
TranslationsNewChik Bik Ji Jin - Saam Gwok Ji2014-06-29 16:37:32
GamesEditSuper Donkey Kong - Xiang Jiao Chuan2014-06-26 14:01:12that is the alternate title
TranslationsNewChess Academy2014-06-22 10:10:51
TranslationsNewSuper Donkey Kong - Xiang Jiao Chuan2014-06-21 20:14:04
TranslationsEditRally Bike2014-06-18 20:04:42The MD5 Checksum was incorrect and needed to be changed
TranslationsEditDragon Knife2014-06-18 20:02:44MD5 checksum was incorrect and needed to be changed
TranslationsNew1991 Du Ma Racing2014-06-14 20:06:32
GamesEditObake no Q-tarō: WanWan Panic2014-06-13 18:51:44It needed to be updated!
TranslationsNewObake no Q-tarō: WanWan Panic2014-06-13 14:15:03
GamesEditNinja Hattori-kun2014-06-12 07:54:49Because the alternate title I added is the direct translation of the Japanese Title.
GamesEditNinja Kun: Majou no Bouken2014-06-12 07:54:20Because the alternate title I added is the direct translation of the Japanese Title.
TranslationsNewNinja Hattori Kun - Ninja ha Syugyou de Gozaru2014-06-12 01:26:16
TranslationsNewNinja Kun - Majou no Bouken2014-06-12 01:21:12
TranslationsNewDash Yarou2014-06-04 20:32:52
TranslationsNewSuper Contra 72014-05-31 00:27:38
TranslationsNewCaptain Tsubasa 22014-05-24 15:19:20
TranslationsNewAnkoku Shinwa: Yamato Takeru Densetsu2014-05-23 14:59:37
TranslationsNewAtlantis no Nazo2014-05-21 23:13:33
TranslationsNewMusashi no Bouken2014-05-19 20:31:58
CreditsEditTranslations - Musashi no Bouken2014-05-18 22:50:37Because I translated the title screen into English
TranslationsEditDragon Knife2014-05-16 19:22:51This is an update patch that fixes the graphics in the cutscene after level one.
GamesEditDragon Knife2014-05-13 10:14:32For this information about the game to be entered into the database.
TranslationsNewDragon Knife2014-05-12 20:48:47
HacksNoncompliantNinja Gaiden - Final Boss Death Fix2014-05-08 17:24:59The patch does not work and should be removed immediately!!!
HacksEditMetroid - Dark Alliance2014-04-09 08:25:59Changed title screen to credit Alan Jacobs
HacksNewMetroid - Dark Alliance2014-04-09 01:44:26
HacksNewFreddy Vs. Jason2014-03-23 15:58:48
HacksNewNCAA Football2014-03-18 09:51:58
HacksEditGod of War2014-03-07 20:10:47The intro screen has has fixed making it larger. Also the ares face sprite has been altered to make it look better.
HacksEditSuperman2014-03-06 18:33:11This release fixes the intro screen making the superman logo larger!
HacksNewNCAA Baseball2014-03-06 11:45:52
HacksNewWWE Wrestling2014-03-04 17:47:12
TranslationsEditTitanic2014-02-22 19:49:20I've fixed all of the broken text in the previous release. Now, the game has it's true translation from Chinese, and the character select screen has been fixed.
HacksNewGod of War2014-02-20 13:42:00
HacksEditSpiderman 22014-02-14 20:54:47The first isp patch was not patching properly
HacksNewNinja Gaiden - Final Boss Death Fix2014-02-12 20:10:47
HacksNewSpiderman 22014-02-06 23:36:56
HacksNewSuperman2014-02-06 23:28:19
ReviewsNewHacks - Super Mario World The Lost Adventure Episo2012-09-17 12:39:13
GamesEditTitanic2011-04-02 14:45:45
TranslationsNewTitanic2011-03-29 18:01:46