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    Titlescreen, description, date and genre updated.
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    Formatting error with Headline, it was necessary to remove the Italics bbCode. I assume that bbCode doesn't work in the entry box for Headlines, not that it matters. That was unknown to me, this being my first review entry. Also some minor touch-ups to the main review text, and placed [List] bbCode for the Luna and Dryad subsections. That hopefully improves the readability of such a lengthy text block!
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    Mana Beast now immune to all elements.
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    Fixed broken bbcode for lists in description.
Submissions for User
HacksEditBleach Pac-Man2015-12-01 21:35:52General update, now with ROM information.
HacksEditArkanoid - Advanced Edition2015-08-28 14:25:04Updated to 1.2.
HacksEditArkanoid - Amiga Alternate Levels2014-08-13 12:51:28Updated the text, plus added the text to the final level.
HacksEditArkanoid - Advanced Edition2014-07-23 13:25:41Updated to most recent version.
HacksEditArkanoid - Riddle Of Pythagoras Conversion2014-06-27 11:53:45Fixes several issues in the ROM, as well as difficulty adjustments.
HacksEditArkanoid - Bigger Ball2014-06-21 23:32:23Provided a more detailed description defining the exact changes this hack does.
HacksEditArkanoid - Chinese Edition2014-05-22 21:14:23Made sure the patch was updated to the most recent version.
HacksEditTaan Hak Fung Wan King Tank2014-02-08 19:50:46Included an English version of the hack.
HacksEditXXXX2013-10-05 21:57:10Updated to actual author
CreditsEditHacks - Super Mario Bros. - Alcatraz2013-10-05 21:36:15Corrected.
HacksEditSuper Mario Bros. - Alcatraz2013-10-05 21:35:49Corrected author.
CreditsEditHacks - Love and Star2013-10-05 21:30:48Corrected
HacksEditLove and Star2013-10-05 21:30:08Corrected to proper author.
CreditsEditHacks - Super Mushroom2013-09-23 19:48:23Correcting to proper author.
HacksEditSuper Mushroom2013-09-23 18:23:13Updating to most recent build from original author and gave credit to the proper author of the hack, as well as correcting the release date. Dijitrex, the current-credited author, had no part in developing this hack.
CommunityNewGaruna2013-09-23 14:03:15
CommunityEditCHIKO2013-08-05 17:15:05A lot of the given details on CHIKO were either missing or incorrect.
HacksEditMiku Runner2013-07-05 21:48:19Duplicate image
HacksNewMiku Runner2013-07-05 15:07:03
CommunityNewmonakaK2013-06-02 19:04:20
HacksNewRockman Cross X2012-12-19 10:33:43
CommunityNewTsurara2012-12-19 00:17:29
HacksEditBleach Pac-Man2012-09-15 19:26:47Removed spare unnecessary pellets on Round 7.
HacksEditBleach Pac-Man2012-09-15 11:28:15There was a missing pellet that was re-added in this updated version.
HacksEditBleach Pac-Man2012-09-11 01:22:45Updated description. Also proper use of "Release Date".
HacksEditBleach Pac-Man2012-09-10 22:45:49Updated maze and graphic design.
HacksNewBleach Pac-Man2012-08-28 18:29:44
CommunityNewSuperjustinbros2012-02-15 13:50:29
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