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The_Lunatic_IPS's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksIs on a good pathThe_Lunatic_IPS2020-10-15 17:51:52
HacksThe game feels more alive (0o0)The_Lunatic_IPS2020-09-18 08:40:48
HacksThis is how smb levels are made!!The_Lunatic_IPS2020-09-16 12:36:03
HacksNice, it was like having a new cartridgeThe_Lunatic_IPS2020-09-06 13:34:10
HacksAwesome!The_Lunatic_IPS2020-09-02 06:57:43
HacksNice, it's very well done, but...The_Lunatic_IPS2020-08-07 08:38:03