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Darkflame87's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
Hacksgreat combination of classic hacksDarkflame872020-09-07 09:46:53
Homebrewgreat Homebrew port to sega genesisDarkflame872020-08-22 00:28:21
HacksGreat Hack to fix Turn FlawDarkflame872020-08-15 15:12:24
Hacksdecent HackDarkflame872019-01-11 08:26:21
HacksNeatDarkflame872018-06-17 00:12:28
HacksThis is surprisingly fittingDarkflame872018-04-14 22:38:13
Hacksmakes the game better with Battery backup featureDarkflame872018-03-28 22:51:02
Hacksgreat conceptDarkflame872018-03-26 02:13:37
HacksClassic ICOM Point and Click RestoredDarkflame872010-09-25 23:01:25