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goldenband's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
TranslationsHeadbangin' gamegoldenband2019-06-25 08:38:34
TranslationsThis Crystal hasn't been misusedgoldenband2019-06-21 11:07:37
TranslationsOldie but goodiegoldenband2019-06-19 21:36:39
TranslationsInsert "Wit's end" pun heregoldenband2019-05-26 12:25:15
TranslationsNifty little game, great work from Aeon Genesisgoldenband2019-02-24 16:52:59
TranslationsQuick 'n dirty translation for a quick 'n dirty gamegoldenband2019-02-09 18:10:31
TranslationsExcellent translation with only very minor flawsgoldenband2019-01-15 03:19:36
TranslationsSweet translation of a sweet gamegoldenband2018-12-10 03:36:10
TranslationsNo reason to play or download this patchgoldenband2017-12-26 20:07:58
TranslationsWell-done translation of a so-so gamegoldenband2017-10-31 22:54:44
TranslationsGood translation (of a lackluster game)goldenband2017-10-21 23:06:39
TranslationsReally nice work on a fun gamegoldenband2017-07-19 08:26:59
TranslationsTerrific work on a deeply flawed but interesting gamegoldenband2017-03-26 22:33:37
TranslationsPolished and professional workgoldenband2017-03-21 20:36:12