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Nintendo 64 Wizard's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksA Technical MarvelNintendo 64 Wizard2021-06-09 17:08:03
HacksLesser but CharmingNintendo 64 Wizard2021-06-08 01:50:47
HacksEqual to The OriginalNintendo 64 Wizard2021-06-07 14:50:18
HacksMakes the Game 10 Times BetterNintendo 64 Wizard2021-06-06 21:34:18
HacksThe Game is Actually Good NowNintendo 64 Wizard2021-06-06 21:33:56
HacksGreatest Romhack of All TimeNintendo 64 Wizard2021-06-05 22:06:04