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Klaviaturist's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksVery Cool HackKlaviaturist2015-01-27 20:10:37
TranslationsGood Translation WorkKlaviaturist2013-01-17 10:21:13
HacksThe Way Simon's Quest Should Have Been ReleasedKlaviaturist2012-12-28 12:31:29
TranslationsWell Worth the WaitKlaviaturist2012-12-27 12:31:05
TranslationsDefinitely a RPG Made Only For RPGersKlaviaturist2012-12-12 18:37:46
TranslationsOnly For Die Hard Phantasy Star FansKlaviaturist2012-11-28 16:20:07
TranslationsGood Translation for an OK RPGKlaviaturist2012-09-27 17:53:27
HacksExcellent RedesignKlaviaturist2012-09-12 15:04:09
HacksNot as Good as Some Hacks, But Still Worth the TimeKlaviaturist2012-09-01 22:01:57
HacksA Much Easier ExperienceKlaviaturist2012-07-31 11:37:02
HacksDoes What It's Suppose to DoKlaviaturist2012-07-13 05:54:26
HacksA Mystic Quest Finally Worth PlayingKlaviaturist2012-06-22 16:18:01
HacksFun and Not Too ChallengingKlaviaturist2012-05-17 10:43:49
HacksNothing Spectacular, But Worth a PlaythroughKlaviaturist2012-04-24 18:29:01
TranslationsPretty Good Re-TranslationKlaviaturist2012-04-11 19:06:56
HacksCalling This One Bizarre is an UnderstatementKlaviaturist2012-03-31 01:04:59
TranslationsGreat Game, Similar to the Mother SeriesKlaviaturist2012-03-26 13:55:21
TranslationsIt Tends to Grow on YouKlaviaturist2012-03-15 21:53:06
TranslationsInteresting Generic Little GameKlaviaturist2012-03-09 05:50:52
TranslationsD-D Does it Yet AgainKlaviaturist2012-03-05 05:20:19
TranslationsEverything About This is GoodKlaviaturist2012-02-01 16:07:31
TranslationsFinally!Klaviaturist2012-01-06 01:58:45
HacksJust Some ThoughtsKlaviaturist2011-12-15 17:22:30
HacksIt's Worth Playing just to check out the World of RuinKlaviaturist2011-08-13 22:14:15
TranslationsFun Dragon Quest CloneKlaviaturist2011-06-19 19:04:11
TranslationsNot Half BadKlaviaturist2011-06-15 13:22:00
HacksTerribly FrustratingKlaviaturist2011-06-09 16:17:28
HacksPerfect Name for the HackKlaviaturist2011-06-02 16:01:04
UtilitiesEasy to UseKlaviaturist2011-04-14 20:19:35
TranslationsTried For the Life of Me to Get Into ThisKlaviaturist2011-03-30 19:37:21
TranslationsEasy But Worth a Play ThroughKlaviaturist2011-03-18 12:11:56
HacksNot Perfect, But Innovative DW HackKlaviaturist2011-03-16 17:52:50
HacksThe Best FF1 Hack Out ThereKlaviaturist2011-03-16 12:49:35
HacksIf You Liked 7th Saga You Need to Play This Patch!Klaviaturist2011-03-08 16:00:07
TranslationsSuch High Expectations...Klaviaturist2011-03-08 15:58:46
TranslationsSounded Bad But Actually Really FunKlaviaturist2011-03-04 15:43:01
TranslationsAmazing RPGKlaviaturist2011-02-25 13:24:54
TranslationsOne of the Top 5 Best Games for the SNESKlaviaturist2011-02-25 13:19:54
TranslationsUnfinished Translation But Still PlayableKlaviaturist2011-02-25 10:42:06
TranslationsNot as Bad as It's Been Made Out to BeKlaviaturist2011-02-22 20:31:03
TranslationsPossible Recommendation, That is if you Like RepetitionKlaviaturist2011-02-18 17:52:00
TranslationsQuite Original For a Dungeon CrawlerKlaviaturist2011-02-18 15:48:47
TranslationsJust What This Game NeededKlaviaturist2011-02-17 18:13:21
HacksChallengingKlaviaturist2011-02-07 14:23:16
HacksFairly Goofy HackKlaviaturist2011-02-06 17:32:41
TranslationsA Surprisingly Good ParodyKlaviaturist2011-02-03 09:21:09
TranslationsDon't Expect a "True" Lunar ExperienceKlaviaturist2011-01-28 14:34:06
TranslationsMixes Many Other RPGsKlaviaturist2011-01-23 19:55:05
TranslationsStandard But EnjoyableKlaviaturist2010-12-24 18:41:05
TranslationsPretty AddictiveKlaviaturist2010-12-02 14:08:35
TranslationsFor Old School FansKlaviaturist2010-12-01 13:18:42
HacksShort But Worth ItKlaviaturist2010-11-30 13:47:58
HacksDifficult, But Quite Engaging!Klaviaturist2010-10-22 13:56:05
HacksBeware!Klaviaturist2010-08-08 10:20:39