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Old_gamer's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksNot perfect, but deserves praise.Old_gamer2021-01-29 23:48:47
HacksNorthern RevengeOld_gamer2021-01-15 15:19:44
HacksSolid improvements.Old_gamer2020-12-21 21:14:34
HacksOne of a kind standard.Old_gamer2020-12-20 10:39:36
TranslationsChoose your pathOld_gamer2020-12-04 17:41:11
HacksA Facelift that sets the bar.Old_gamer2020-12-02 01:56:26
HacksSlight improvementOld_gamer2020-11-05 08:33:20
HacksPassOld_gamer2020-07-10 21:38:15
TranslationsTo Hell with the DevilOld_gamer2020-06-24 13:59:42
HacksFrom brilliance to silly.Old_gamer2020-03-12 00:20:30
HacksLittle more than a sprite hack.Old_gamer2020-02-21 12:16:32
HacksRock On!Old_gamer2020-02-19 17:36:14
HacksTremendous experience.Old_gamer2020-02-08 13:13:58
HacksLong and deep as an oceanOld_gamer2020-02-06 09:44:02
Hacks"Easy mode"Old_gamer2020-01-19 12:24:15
TranslationsA fun 4 hoursOld_gamer2020-01-17 00:23:18
TranslationsLiving throughout the agesOld_gamer2020-01-11 20:51:26
HacksCastlevania 2 1/2 - 8 EyesOld_gamer2019-12-21 18:14:42
TranslationsDon't expect to finish thisOld_gamer2019-12-18 05:20:05
HacksAbsolve the darkness withinOld_gamer2019-11-21 19:09:48
HacksFans of Metroid and Blaster Master rejoice!Old_gamer2019-10-22 20:28:13
UtilitiesCovers much, but not everythingOld_gamer2019-10-21 09:48:42
HacksA quick deathOld_gamer2019-10-17 13:40:19
HacksNow you will fear the WitchOld_gamer2019-10-16 23:12:55
TranslationsFair quality, but playable.Old_gamer2019-10-15 21:31:21
HacksThe Prototype returnsOld_gamer2019-09-24 15:10:25
HacksEnough balance to walk a tightropeOld_gamer2019-09-24 15:07:22
HacksSend a janitor to clean this mess up.Old_gamer2019-09-20 09:12:33
HacksRise of the PrototypeOld_gamer2019-09-19 17:05:43
TranslationsNothing to see here, move along.Old_gamer2019-09-11 09:35:07
TranslationsDemons in the hard driveOld_gamer2019-09-03 17:14:29
TranslationsGet ready to die!Old_gamer2019-09-02 16:45:28