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    I had no idea that the game would not start because of the bankswitch code. All have been fixed now.
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    "No title screen" was checked even though the hack had included a new title screen, and was already uploaded.
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    Removed screenshot
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    Removed changes like level tables and treasure chest content as they are outside the scope of this patch.
phantom_with_a_rose's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksThank you very much!phantom_with_a_rose2019-07-24 20:50:44
HacksA classic is reborn in stunning COLOR!phantom_with_a_rose2019-04-23 07:20:29
HacksMuch better font for an already great game!phantom_with_a_rose2019-02-24 14:44:01
HacksDon't bother with the Steam rendition. Check out this version instead!phantom_with_a_rose2019-02-24 14:43:13
HacksBeautifully done (and amusing) holiday-themed hack!phantom_with_a_rose2019-01-03 19:07:41
HomebrewPretty fun and addicting!phantom_with_a_rose2019-01-03 19:07:20
HacksNeeds improvement.phantom_with_a_rose2019-01-03 19:07:01
HacksFun way to ring in the New Year!phantom_with_a_rose2019-01-03 18:59:10
HacksNot fun, just frustrating.phantom_with_a_rose2018-12-18 02:29:46
HacksAn interesting concept, but needs more work.phantom_with_a_rose2018-12-18 02:28:58
HacksShort, but sweet!phantom_with_a_rose2018-12-18 02:28:03
HacksUndoubtedly THE best version of MMX3!phantom_with_a_rose2018-12-18 02:27:28
TranslationsDeJap Translations' English patch of "Star Ocean" still holds up pretty well today!phantom_with_a_rose2018-12-18 02:27:11
HacksA neat (albeit minor) change!phantom_with_a_rose2018-12-18 02:26:41
HacksThe BEST version to play!phantom_with_a_rose2018-12-16 20:24:38
HacksHighly recommended if you want the best of both worlds!phantom_with_a_rose2018-12-16 20:24:10