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ifightdragons's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksNow it's an easy recommend.ifightdragons2020-11-21 18:15:58
HacksAn issue with the font usedifightdragons2020-10-10 20:59:00
HacksFinally, it's here!ifightdragons2020-10-02 17:49:26
HacksToo garish and little thought put into the colorwaysifightdragons2020-09-29 17:33:46
HacksWhat a (short) masterpiece!ifightdragons2020-09-01 20:46:02
HacksCan't recommendifightdragons2020-09-01 08:56:57
HacksThis shows promise, but needs a little attentionifightdragons2020-06-24 12:57:51
HacksAlmooost there, but not quite yet!ifightdragons2020-06-23 15:32:29
HacksJust a little halloween twist, no improvements.ifightdragons2020-06-23 08:28:55
HacksFantasticifightdragons2020-05-08 10:02:22
HacksThank youifightdragons2020-04-18 19:09:33
HacksWay too many bugsifightdragons2020-02-15 16:39:42
HacksFinally.ifightdragons2020-02-15 12:07:49
HacksUninspired, not a lot of funifightdragons2020-02-06 09:43:12
HacksNot an improvementifightdragons2020-01-31 14:54:48
TranslationsFantastic.ifightdragons2020-01-28 08:05:26
HacksFinally, such great workifightdragons2020-01-28 08:02:28
HacksNot fun, seriously overrated.ifightdragons2020-01-09 14:47:56
HacksDoes the opposite of its intentifightdragons2019-12-27 15:17:52
HacksGreat addition of censored content. Ignore the crazed and negative review below.ifightdragons2019-12-16 15:58:30
HacksIgnore the negative review below! Fantastic work restoring the original featuresifightdragons2019-12-16 15:58:13
HacksGreat addition, and ignore the negative reviewifightdragons2019-12-16 15:57:54
HacksPlease ignore the reviewer below meifightdragons2019-12-16 09:56:19
HacksUnintuitive level design spoils all funifightdragons2019-12-12 16:55:57
HacksThe name almost kills it... but it's still great.ifightdragons2019-12-08 21:06:41
HacksEasily recommendedifightdragons2019-11-04 00:55:29
HacksNot a lot of funifightdragons2019-10-31 18:54:08
HacksPerfectifightdragons2019-10-26 18:29:57
HacksExcellent!ifightdragons2019-10-11 19:01:45
HacksJust fantastic, but not compatible with Reduxifightdragons2019-07-21 12:23:48