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edwinmusic's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksA title not very educatededwinmusic2020-02-21 12:15:18
HacksAmazing hack with improvements for all types of players!edwinmusic2020-02-21 12:13:28
HacksWhere are Skate?edwinmusic2019-12-01 19:32:46
HacksBeautiful, It seems made by Nintendo professionals!edwinmusic2019-11-13 16:52:40
HacksExcellent improvement in Sprites, It needs to be applied to S.C.A.T Special Cybernetic Attack Teamedwinmusic2019-11-12 10:21:30
Hacksits playability improved! but you need color palette improvementsedwinmusic2019-10-30 08:14:17
HacksAwesome job! as it should have been!edwinmusic2019-10-29 00:21:48
HacksThe killer coins stink and damage the game! They should make modifications!edwinmusic2019-10-18 17:22:31
HacksExcellent improvements to version 1.1 Mode easy!edwinmusic2019-10-17 13:41:38
HacksBeautiful and almost perfect job, but with lack of some improvementsedwinmusic2019-09-11 09:35:37
HomebrewGreat experience!edwinmusic2019-08-15 00:27:02
HacksCool! Great experience!edwinmusic2019-08-01 22:06:59
HacksNeed to make control point improvements like the Japanese versionedwinmusic2019-07-22 16:01:29
HacksNew experienceedwinmusic2019-06-12 21:50:09
HacksAwesome job! Good experience!edwinmusic2019-05-28 09:20:05
HacksGood job!! Great job!edwinmusic2019-05-12 09:25:26
HacksAwesome!!edwinmusic2018-10-16 08:59:51
HacksAwesome controledwinmusic2018-07-26 07:19:29