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firedropdl's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
Homebrew:(firedropdl2019-04-18 08:32:46
HacksGrew on Me to the Point of Greatnessfiredropdl2018-11-21 01:47:53
HacksCute, Fun LoZ Hackfiredropdl2018-11-19 21:36:26
TranslationsBasic is as Basic Doesfiredropdl2018-11-19 21:35:59
HacksThis is Professional Work, Folksfiredropdl2018-11-16 03:19:32
TranslationsDefinitely not the SNES Version... but a Fine Translation Nonethelessfiredropdl2018-11-06 19:34:37
Translations2 Down, 1 To Go...firedropdl2018-11-06 19:26:12
TranslationsGreat Piece of RPG History, if Not Much Else...firedropdl2018-11-04 20:57:18
TranslationsFrustratingly Hard, Yet Satisfying... Until it Isn't...firedropdl2018-11-04 20:54:52
TranslationsUnique and Fun RPG style Survival Horrorfiredropdl2018-11-04 20:47:47
TranslationsExcellent NES RPG and Translation!!!firedropdl2018-10-25 08:16:59
TranslationsA good RPG we missed the first time aroundfiredropdl2018-10-23 01:57:35
HacksFantastic!firedropdl2018-10-22 08:04:30
HacksMuch Better!firedropdl2018-10-22 08:04:05
HacksQuite possibly my all time favorite hack (of Non-Translations)firedropdl2018-04-26 08:23:00