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pocket's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksJust what I needed!pocket2020-10-07 07:14:58
HacksA Must play for fans of N64 Zeldapocket2020-08-19 09:53:30
HacksOne way to fix a problem but not the best waypocket2020-08-03 23:48:18
HomebrewPretty Faithful recreationpocket2020-02-03 21:57:17
Utilitiesvery basicpocket2019-12-21 08:17:10
Hackslooks promising but falls flatpocket2019-12-10 07:52:28
HacksInfidelity would have been better off remaking Zelda 1pocket2018-02-04 01:28:50
HacksClose to goodpocket2018-01-10 07:28:24
HacksGreat Hack, some hangupspocket2017-10-23 22:17:05
HacksWhat it says on the tinpocket2017-10-21 23:05:52
HacksSo close to perfectionpocket2017-10-20 22:29:01
HacksGood idea, questionable choicespocket2017-10-20 04:45:22
HacksNice text with a few hitchespocket2017-06-06 06:09:35