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Plint Michigan's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksRequires infinite patience.Plint Michigan2020-02-22 14:55:00
HacksNifty Sound PatchesPlint Michigan2019-05-09 08:49:09
HacksCompletely necessaryPlint Michigan2016-12-07 17:07:41
HacksNot for mortal Megaman players.Plint Michigan2016-10-10 23:15:20
HacksI dunnoPlint Michigan2016-09-15 17:52:18
HacksThis isn't a challenge, it's a torture device. V2Plint Michigan2014-02-20 11:01:57
HacksA nice Rockman 3 hack with understandable difficultyPlint Michigan2014-01-03 18:46:56
HacksTHE Hack to have?Plint Michigan2012-10-25 17:38:10
HacksDid I say this hack wasn't hard?Plint Michigan2012-01-03 19:50:45
HacksEnough is Enough!!!Plint Michigan2011-10-21 23:58:55
HacksPlint Michigan ReviewsPlint Michigan2011-09-20 21:55:36