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Mother Kojiro's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksWhat a Swan Song!Mother Kojiro2019-05-16 08:49:02
HacksAnother Great Conversion!Mother Kojiro2019-04-27 07:23:17
HacksA Great New Twist!Mother Kojiro2019-04-18 07:53:06
HacksNice, Solid HackMother Kojiro2019-04-17 08:57:51
HacksPsychedelic Easy ModeMother Kojiro2019-04-10 09:01:54
HacksSo Fresh!Mother Kojiro2019-04-10 09:01:14
HacksDon't Miss it!Mother Kojiro2019-04-05 07:38:32
HacksNeat Concept!Mother Kojiro2019-04-05 07:36:07
HacksA Unique DesertMother Kojiro2019-04-05 07:29:13
HacksDescent into MadnessMother Kojiro2019-04-03 08:47:06
HacksInteresting ConceptMother Kojiro2019-04-03 08:45:38
HacksHow is This Just a Hack?Mother Kojiro2019-03-30 10:56:06
HacksRich, Unique VisualsMother Kojiro2019-03-28 08:30:24
HacksA Solid HackMother Kojiro2019-03-28 08:29:34
HacksStrange, Colorful AdventureMother Kojiro2019-03-28 08:28:39
HacksBeauty Must SufferMother Kojiro2019-03-27 03:27:03
HacksA Colorful OdysseyMother Kojiro2019-03-23 02:27:55
HacksA Brand New ExperienceMother Kojiro2019-03-22 09:09:50
HacksInteresting CompositionMother Kojiro2019-03-18 23:14:06
HacksA Familiar New ExperienceMother Kojiro2019-03-14 07:41:53
HacksA Wild ExperienceMother Kojiro2019-03-12 08:42:38
HacksGreat Artwork!Mother Kojiro2019-03-10 08:09:31
HacksA Beautiful Follow-upMother Kojiro2019-03-05 03:32:24
HacksGreat ConceptMother Kojiro2019-03-05 03:31:32
HacksAUBREY HAKOMI IS MY SPIRIT ANIMALMother Kojiro2019-03-03 06:56:45
HacksColorful in Many WaysMother Kojiro2019-03-01 07:22:46
HacksGood, Simple FunMother Kojiro2019-02-27 07:34:26
HacksMany Great IdeasMother Kojiro2019-02-27 07:28:37
HacksMaybe not Quite Finished?Mother Kojiro2019-02-25 07:35:28
HacksThoughtful TwistMother Kojiro2019-01-26 04:30:03
HacksGreat Artwork!Mother Kojiro2018-11-14 06:46:35
HacksFrom Classic to MasterpieceMother Kojiro2018-01-01 04:14:57
HacksUnbound CreativityMother Kojiro2017-12-28 07:32:11
HacksA Beautiful NightmareMother Kojiro2017-12-26 22:40:26
HacksA Little SloppyMother Kojiro2017-12-25 23:34:26
HacksA Big SurpriseMother Kojiro2017-12-25 21:25:05
HacksA Wonderful DreamMother Kojiro2017-12-24 09:43:17
HacksA Lovely Evening GlowMother Kojiro2017-12-23 23:17:12
HacksLearn Some New TricksMother Kojiro2017-12-22 21:55:54
HacksGreat for Players and ProsMother Kojiro2017-12-21 20:56:11
HacksHumble, but WorthyMother Kojiro2017-12-21 09:11:40
HacksThere's Something Funny About This PrincessMother Kojiro2017-12-21 09:11:14
HacksHit or MissMother Kojiro2017-12-19 09:05:11
HacksA Solid BuildMother Kojiro2017-12-18 22:35:16
HacksThe Ultimate TestMother Kojiro2017-12-17 20:18:47
HacksA Haunting DreamscapeMother Kojiro2017-12-16 22:07:57
HacksA Wonderful ExperimentMother Kojiro2017-12-15 23:43:03
HacksMasterfully DoneMother Kojiro2017-12-14 19:26:34
HacksA New Coat of PaintMother Kojiro2017-12-14 00:18:33
HacksA Beautiful NightmareMother Kojiro2017-12-12 20:30:07
HacksSome Interesting IdeasMother Kojiro2017-12-12 08:57:33
HacksJaw-Droppingly GorgeousMother Kojiro2017-12-10 20:53:36
HacksSimple, but LovelyMother Kojiro2017-12-09 20:37:58
HacksI AM THE GADGET MASTER!Mother Kojiro2017-12-09 20:33:26
HacksDecent, but a Bit Too HardMother Kojiro2017-12-09 01:32:48
HacksA Little BuggyMother Kojiro2017-12-07 20:20:16
HacksI Don't Even Like Ponies!Mother Kojiro2017-12-07 20:07:49
HacksForget About BrochuresMother Kojiro2017-12-06 10:45:26
HacksHit or MissMother Kojiro2017-12-05 01:04:58
HacksStunningly BeautifulMother Kojiro2017-12-05 00:57:19
HacksA RevolutionMother Kojiro2017-12-02 21:13:29
HacksLike Lightning in Your Shorts!Mother Kojiro2017-12-01 23:28:04
HacksSo Much PotentialMother Kojiro2017-12-01 07:45:40
HackslolwutMother Kojiro2017-11-29 20:35:41
HacksWelcome to the BlenderMother Kojiro2017-11-29 01:27:32
HacksMaster of PalettesMother Kojiro2017-11-27 22:57:55
HacksSeizure Warning!Mother Kojiro2017-11-26 19:33:08
HacksReasonable Level Design!Mother Kojiro2017-11-25 21:53:13
HacksVery FreshMother Kojiro2017-11-25 21:52:54
HacksLittle MomentsMother Kojiro2017-11-23 19:48:41
HacksA New ClassicMother Kojiro2017-11-23 08:19:38
HacksFast-Paced and IntenseMother Kojiro2017-11-22 02:55:35
HacksNot BadMother Kojiro2017-11-21 03:16:24
HacksResponsibly ExperimentalMother Kojiro2017-11-20 06:31:13
HacksPretty OriginalMother Kojiro2017-11-17 21:14:08
HacksHellish Fever DreamMother Kojiro2017-11-16 22:58:43
HacksGreat Little HackMother Kojiro2017-11-15 19:30:48
HacksA Neat TwistMother Kojiro2017-11-15 03:17:22
HacksSurreal as EverMother Kojiro2017-11-13 20:51:44
HacksUnbelievable!Mother Kojiro2017-11-13 19:35:35
HacksSeveral ImprovementsMother Kojiro2017-11-10 21:52:22
HacksTotal OverhaulMother Kojiro2017-11-10 03:17:47
HacksIntense, but InterestingMother Kojiro2017-11-09 07:12:16
HacksPersonal Aesthetic BiasMother Kojiro2017-11-08 06:28:35
HacksDark, Beautiful New ColorsMother Kojiro2017-11-06 21:55:51
HacksShort Ride but a Wild One!Mother Kojiro2017-10-29 23:47:57
HacksA Great ExperienceMother Kojiro2017-10-29 23:47:30
HacksTwo Clever HacksMother Kojiro2017-10-28 21:51:21
HacksPrehistoric Duck HuntMother Kojiro2017-10-28 21:48:39
TranslationsRecommended for a Second PlaythroughMother Kojiro2017-01-28 19:21:33
HacksThe Final Fantasy 5 of my DreamsMother Kojiro2016-12-31 23:47:00
HacksVery Interesting StructureMother Kojiro2016-12-23 08:40:20
HacksNothing New, but Wonderfully RearrangedMother Kojiro2016-10-09 23:11:12
HacksA Nice, Even RideMother Kojiro2016-10-09 21:16:38
HacksAnother Great Entry in a Great SeriesMother Kojiro2016-06-26 20:49:59
HacksA Magnificent PremiseMother Kojiro2016-06-20 01:27:39
HacksA Lot of PotentialMother Kojiro2016-06-15 01:43:59
HacksThis Beauty's a Real BruiserMother Kojiro2016-05-17 01:07:30
HacksImpressive, but...Mother Kojiro2016-05-15 20:10:58
HacksShort, but BeautifulMother Kojiro2016-05-10 21:34:21
HacksAn Unbelievable ExperienceMother Kojiro2016-05-05 08:34:34
HacksSuper Mario MuseumMother Kojiro2016-05-03 01:07:16
HacksStrange and DreamlikeMother Kojiro2016-04-30 07:08:02
TranslationsAn Unforgettable Adventure!Mother Kojiro2016-04-28 09:06:20
HacksGreat Hack of a Rarely-Hacked GameMother Kojiro2016-04-26 02:56:57
HacksNew Heroine; Same Great Music!Mother Kojiro2016-04-26 00:04:06
HacksIncredible SpriteworkMother Kojiro2016-04-25 02:54:39
HacksGreat Twist on a ClassicMother Kojiro2016-04-25 02:54:10
HacksPlay as Roll in Mega Man 2!Mother Kojiro2016-04-24 19:16:49
HacksSimple, Yet MeaningfulMother Kojiro2016-04-24 19:01:14
HacksStunningMother Kojiro2016-04-19 21:03:54
HacksSimply BreathtakingMother Kojiro2016-04-18 20:40:42
HacksBeautiful First AreaMother Kojiro2016-04-17 23:53:23
HacksAt Long LastMother Kojiro2016-01-03 21:30:08