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MiniComputer's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksVery cool looking but still needs more polishingMiniComputer2020-03-12 00:17:36
HacksA decent graphics hack but....MiniComputer2020-01-12 17:05:04
HacksA really good oldbie SMW hackMiniComputer2019-11-01 06:37:42
HacksNo more back tracking...MiniComputer2019-11-01 06:37:26
HacksThis is not like Metroid Zero Mission on GBAMiniComputer2019-09-03 21:37:36
HacksYou must not collect coins to winMiniComputer2019-08-25 17:51:54
HacksBreathless..MiniComputer2019-06-25 08:45:14
HacksWonderful hack!MiniComputer2019-06-25 08:42:34
HacksYes its worth it, if you dislike the Light ArmorMiniComputer2018-11-21 01:50:35