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Lunaria's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksShort but sweetLunaria2021-03-14 22:28:53
HacksThe best ALTTP hack so far!Lunaria2021-03-14 20:54:02
HacksDull & BuggyLunaria2021-01-09 15:34:33
HacksPromising but the balance suffersLunaria2020-11-02 22:07:07
HacksBetter balanced but a bit overtunedLunaria2020-03-23 18:25:57
HacksLacks polishLunaria2019-12-02 12:56:19
HacksDefinitively for pros only.Lunaria2016-12-09 02:56:19
HacksGood enough gameplayLunaria2014-01-05 11:21:13
UtilitiesMight be good, but fails at being userfriendlyLunaria2012-08-17 21:49:15