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magictrufflez's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
TranslationsIf you like SNES RPGs--Play Thismagictrufflez2017-11-11 21:39:33
HacksIncreases the Difficulty in a (Mostly) Non-Cheap Waymagictrufflez2017-06-23 22:18:19
HacksPLAY THIS HACKmagictrufflez2017-02-01 08:03:33
HacksDoes What it Says!magictrufflez2016-12-29 09:49:17
HacksA must for anyone playing this game--for the first or the hundredth timemagictrufflez2016-07-10 21:41:17
HacksDefinitely Hard (in a mostly good way)magictrufflez2016-03-27 02:41:50
HacksGreat Idea in Theory....Pretty Terrible in Practicemagictrufflez2016-03-27 02:39:41
UtilitiesGreat if you want more of a challenge from DW1!magictrufflez2016-01-19 06:24:54
TranslationsAMAZINGmagictrufflez2015-11-10 10:02:09
TranslationsGreat Translation for a Decent Remakemagictrufflez2015-11-01 00:04:12
HacksA little Ridiculous, But Worth Your Timemagictrufflez2015-10-25 21:23:53
HacksThe Only Way to Play This Gamemagictrufflez2015-10-21 01:11:21
HacksThe Good and the Badmagictrufflez2015-10-21 01:10:52
HacksDecent Overall, but some Really Bad Design Decisionsmagictrufflez2015-10-06 04:24:34
HacksThe Only Way to Play DXOmagictrufflez2015-10-06 04:23:31
HacksThe best way to play this gamemagictrufflez2015-09-21 06:15:28
TranslationsA Good Translation for a Subpar Gamemagictrufflez2015-09-09 05:13:35
HacksA great hack to Change Things Up!magictrufflez2015-07-16 04:27:15
HacksShould be used by all FF3 Players!magictrufflez2015-06-09 04:05:50
HacksGreat Difficulty Hackmagictrufflez2015-05-27 19:49:08
HacksJust What Was Neededmagictrufflez2015-05-01 20:15:01
TranslationsAmazing!magictrufflez2015-05-01 20:14:17
HacksThe Good and the Badmagictrufflez2015-05-01 20:13:44
HacksA Definitive FF6 Hackmagictrufflez2015-05-01 20:12:42
HacksOnly Way to Ever Play Manamagictrufflez2015-05-01 20:11:24
HacksBrutal, Brutal, Brutalmagictrufflez2015-05-01 20:11:03