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    The screenshots change because they contain the modified sprites and add new screenshot. Fix language errors in the version information file inside zip file Sorry, I am an Arab, I am trying to learn English.
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    Added support for USA version of the game, now doesn't need to make any modifications and has its eboot.bin (where the translated credits are and which would be needed to be deleted for the USA version to work and not crash) and corrected some strings which translation was missing. Updated the installation process too.
Thirteen 1355's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksMatching its bigger N64 brothers in qualityThirteen 13552020-11-24 15:16:41
HacksDestroys the trail paletteThirteen 13552020-11-11 08:57:46
HacksReally cool, but sadly uses mostly songs from other gamesThirteen 13552020-11-10 14:34:10
TranslationsLots of small issues make this hard to recommendThirteen 13552020-10-19 08:53:41
TranslationsCool it's accessible to the English speaking, but I'd have preferred something simplerThirteen 13552020-10-18 05:40:43
HacksDoesn't really help you outThirteen 13552020-10-17 08:30:47
HacksMakes a masterpiece pretty much perfectThirteen 13552020-09-23 22:18:55
HacksEdgy as it should beThirteen 13552019-12-16 15:18:05
HacksNice looking!Thirteen 13552019-12-04 15:13:09
HacksWait whatThirteen 13552019-11-24 05:41:27
HacksRock... on?Thirteen 13552019-11-12 18:44:05
HacksOne new room, and they messed it upThirteen 13552019-10-20 21:43:17
HacksVery interestingThirteen 13552019-10-15 17:49:27
HacksMusic made bearable, and in some cases, goodThirteen 13552019-10-04 13:04:54
HacksDidn't fix the one thing that really should have been fixed...Thirteen 13552019-09-24 15:10:01
HacksAn obvious replacement marred by one major flawThirteen 13552019-09-22 16:44:45
HacksReally good, but could have done without the MM2 tracksThirteen 13552019-09-20 09:13:41
HacksDr... Willyy?Thirteen 13552019-09-13 08:37:28
HacksFaraway Island removed?!Thirteen 13552019-09-02 11:38:13
UtilitiesCustomization and options? Yes!Thirteen 13552019-07-15 17:40:10
HacksSimple but niceThirteen 13552019-06-22 09:36:34
HacksGreat, but...Thirteen 13552019-06-04 19:26:06
HacksRev. 1?Thirteen 13552019-05-25 17:32:15
HacksIncredibleThirteen 13552019-05-12 09:23:16
HacksA solid and expansive improvementThirteen 13552018-08-12 08:05:00
HacksMakes DoS playable on emulator.Thirteen 13552018-04-30 19:22:53
UtilitiesA bit rough start-up, but really convenient when you get goingThirteen 13552018-04-07 08:11:35
HacksWould be nice to have a guideThirteen 13552017-02-23 02:06:14
UtilitiesLooks really good!Thirteen 13552016-06-25 07:20:08
Hacks24 bucks for better music...Thirteen 13552016-02-18 06:18:21
HacksFew improvements, but improvements anywayThirteen 13552015-11-25 19:59:07