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Giga571's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksNot even three puzzles in... Edit: Thirty six as well.Giga5712019-02-01 03:58:23
HacksGood looking sprites, not great for glitched speedrunsGiga5712018-04-29 07:04:24
HacksLow effort at its finest.Giga5712017-09-14 20:04:03
HacksOh god, my eyes!Giga5712017-09-14 20:02:32
HacksNot quite a boss "rush"...Giga5712016-08-08 01:41:36
HacksExactly what it says on the tin.Giga5712015-02-20 19:21:33
HacksI was a little disappointedGiga5712013-07-22 23:00:48