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Endymian's Reviews
TypeTitleSubmitted ByTime
HacksThis is an "Improvement, "not a "Complete" hackEndymian2017-10-23 09:47:43
HacksA more convenient way to re-experience LTTPEndymian2017-01-20 23:37:04
HacksMade me feel like I was playing for the first time all over again.Endymian2015-12-24 06:39:52
HacksFeels like a bad Mario Maker level the entire timeEndymian2015-12-14 05:25:23
HacksTerrible designEndymian2015-12-14 05:24:31
HacksPlay at your own peril!Endymian2015-02-25 18:20:40
HacksNot perfect, but still a blast.Endymian2015-02-25 18:20:25
HacksA Masterpiece.Endymian2015-01-09 06:57:31
HacksWorth a fair shakeEndymian2015-01-09 06:53:09
HacksKludgy, but deserves meritEndymian2015-01-09 06:50:47
Hacks[First Impression] : ImpressiveEndymian2014-01-16 17:59:44
TranslationsOutstanding!Endymian2012-08-09 15:26:53